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July 1, 2006
Wow… one second into July and I already hear the buzz of cicadas. That’s gonna get annoying by the end of summer I’ll bet. Lyle was of course around, so I told him to set me up for a visit from Redd on Tuesday. Butch is gone, but no replacement yet. So it goes. The bank says I earned 33,070 Bells in interest this month. W00t and such, I suppose. Started off the day getting set up for the flea market (with no interruptions, thanks to opening my town gate), but even that took almost 20 minutes. Kody visited first. I remember he wasn’t too bad last time. And he continues that tradition, by paying considerably more than twice what each item is worth. On the minus side: he’s keeping it all to himself, based on the Lost and Found and Recycling Bin. Still, when it was all said and done, I made about 350,000 Bells, which was enough to put 7 million Bells in the bank account. Not bad, for me at least. The bulletin board says that all this rain will end around mid July. That’s something nice, at least. Punchy apparently thinks it’s tacky to sell things you got as gifts at the flea market. Hey, it’s a better profit margin than selling them back to Nook. But there really wasn’t much around to get. Eh, that’s not really why I look forward to flea markets anyway. And yes, Punchy: I’m aware that you weren’t intending to sell that doghouse to Camofrog for 5,000 Bells by any stretch of the imagination. Consider the cash my gift to you… and think aboot getting me your pic soon. You dun really wanna know what happened to the neighbor that tried to con me and refused to give me a personalized pic. It’s not a pleasant story. On the plus side, Benedict finally saw the light. Apparently only out of a rivalry with Pierce, but I’ll take what I can get.
Finished the day by requesting Café K.K. from Slider. Seemed pleasant enough, though a bit uninteresting. Back to top
July 2, 2006
“Mom” is still stalking me, this time complaining that the air condition is too noisy. Hey: at least you’ve got one. Still no new neighbor, but no biggie. So red turnips are worth 16,000 Bells on Sunday… good to know. Can’t believe it took me this long to find out though. 106 Bells a turnip from Joan this week. Eh, could be worse.
Blathers claims that walker cicadas have different dialects. I’d make a joke about the ones with a Southern drawl, but it prolly wouldn’t make sense anyway. Apparently nutritional information for either pills or vitamins is now sent through bottle mail. How very… efficient? Wow… banded dragonfly on the second day of July. Jewel beetle too. Not bad, if I do say so myself. And look, another black rose! Aboot time. Back to top
July 3, 2006
Redd’s password for tomorrow is “is often empty”… didn’t he do that one already? La-Di-Day is on Saturday. They might as well call it Whoop-De-Freakin’-Do Day, since that’s what it means to me. Meanwhile, the Message of the Week is that smiles are free, but they’re worth a lot. Brought to you by the advertising council that thinks people will stop acting like jerks if you advertise to them correctly. The rain kind of put a damper on any bug hunting today (though at least it shuts the cicadas up), so instead I went and tried to set up my house to be more feng shui efficient, since it was still a bit empty after the flea market anyway. My conclusion: I need more red items. So: red tulips for everyone! Cheap, yet effective, and 2x bonus too.
Ah… so nice to find all three fossils right away. On the minus side: my inability to get a yellow butterfly in the rain depresses Punchy. Have patience… it is only a matter of time. Back to top
July 4, 2006
W00t with the Independence Day and such. Betcha we don’t get jack from Nintendo though, let alone any of the exclusive Mario set. Geez… Kody really filled up his house with my bugs and fossils. Well, if that’s how he likes to decorate, who am I to complain? Well, what do you know: animals still get upset when you push them around enough. Apparently, Maelle thought I was being “sneaky”. Well, whatever, I need to test this rock for Bells and you’re in my way, so shoo. Yup, it’s full of it… good thing I got rid of her. Really Nibbles: when someone is wearing a gold crown and golden, royal robes, it’s best to assume that they’re not “dirt poor”. But I thank you for your detour arrow anyway, and I shall surely sell it to Nook for a few Bells. Because I’m greedy like that. Actually… it could help with feng shui, come to think of it. Back to top
July 5, 2006
Not just raining today, but actual thunder and lightning. Which is interesting I suppose, but I can’t believe they didn’t have any fireworks yesterday. They could have made a generic, worldwide fireworks festival in the game if they had to. Anyway, I donated a puffer fish to Blathers, who claims they’d be all the rage with the kiddies if you served them fully inflated. Yes… and do make sure you leave their spines in while you’re at it. They’ll love that. Punchy’s still holding out on me when it comes to pics, and of course I couldn’t get him a yellow butterfly today. But I did get Nibbles a catfish, which seemed to please her well enough. Speaking of which, new neighbor today, a red squirrel with giant eyes named Caroline. Seems nice enough, though… wouldn’t want her staring at me for long periods of time. I do wonder though… where is that swordfish thingy? Marlin? And am I still fishing up a lot of junk because I need more feng shui, or because it doesn’t affect that?
Phyllis was at the coffee shop, just as surly as ever. Depending on what she was drinking, at least she had an excuse this time. She complained aboot having to start her shift soon, that I was always silent when talking to her (like I have a choice), and says that Pete’s still stalking her. I really gotta meet that guy. Back to top
July 6, 2006
Now really: how am I supposed to go bug hunting with all this rain? It’d better clear up by evening. Dang it Pascal! Don’t scare me like that! I thought I had missed Gulliver! He claims that there’s a little bit of platypus in all of us. Honestly: just because you have the same tail as them doesn’t make that true, buddy. I got a keg from him, so now I’m all ready to throw a personal kegger. Won’t my visitors be pleased? Nevermind that the whiskey is about 200 years old now.
Oh Caroline… please don’t get into how the rain is somehow all your fault. I get enough of that outside the video game world already. Back to top
July 7, 2006
Saharah visited today, and I finally got myself a lunar surface, Should go good with that room full of space junk I’ve got methinks, even if it doesn’t boost my Feng Shui rating anyway. Also finally got a yellow butterfly for Punchy. No pics from anyone yet, but I guess he seemed sufficiently pleased. Hopefully he asks for a cicada next or something. Nibbles is meanwhile asking for a sea bass. I should have her send me off to catch one tomorrow. Obviously, sea bass will be nowhere to be found, making catching a marlin that much easier. Ha!
Benedict’s moving out. Actually… I was just thinking that it was high time he did so. There’s a danger I might get Stitches back in his place though… lousy non pic giving bear! Eh, but I should prolly be focusing more on catching rare species of insects anyway. Eventually, anyway. Back to top
July 8, 2006
Well, the animals tried their darndest, but none of the La-Di-Day proposed songs made the cut. No big deal though: at least Nook was buying turnips for nearly 200 Bells, meaning I don’t have to put them on my table. New neighbor today, named Nan. It’s a goat which says it’s from another town, but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t look like it’s wearing one of my shirt designs. Oh well though. Nibbles decided that she now wants an octopus instead of a sea bass, ruining my plans to get a marlin. Bummer, that. Meanwhile, Punchy is nowhere to be found, but that was always like him. Or maybe I’m thinking of Pierce. Or any animal that has annoyed me by not giving me his or her pic fast enough. Hard to say. But then he showed up and gave me his pic, so now he’s my new best bud forever/until he moves out. Blue border, orange background, and tells me to turn the other cheek. Pacifist Hippie Carpenter… but a best bud nonetheless.
Caroline’s birthday is on the 15th. I guess we July birthdays have to stick together, or something. Difference is, I get a lucky cake and she gets jack squat. Unless I’m feeling particularly generous/am trying to win over her friendship and subsequent pic. Requested K.K. Bossa from Slider this week. Cheerful tune, though reminds me a lot of the original Sims really. You know that song that plays while you’re building or redecorating the house? Yup, very derivative. Sounds like it even moreso inside my house. Back to top
July 9, 2006
I tell you, selling that red turnip sure helps when it comes to buying new red and white ones. Nibbles was avoiding talking to me all day. I’m not sure if that’s a bad sign or just the opposite. Maybe she knows as soon as she sees me, the chances of her uncontrollably shoving a pic in my face are high. Who knows. Still no new bugs or fish today, though I did manage to catch one of those gars. Between them, the eels, and the red snappers, getting some extra cash has been relatively easy as of late. Still getting a lot of junk though… eh, I suppose I could try boosting my feng shui rating a bit more. You know, just to see what happens. Got some bottle mail, telling me that no matter how many people I send the letter on to, nothing good will happen to me. Story of my life. Back to top
July 10, 2006
Another bug tournament this Sunday… better find me another birdwing I suppose. Can’t very well do that if it’s going to rain all the freakin’ time, but at least I got some emperor and agrias butterflies to sell to Nook. Also a bunch of red snappers and an ocean sunfish, so maybe my luck is looking up. In the game, I mean. The Message of the Week is to stop picking fruit all day. Am I being stalked, or do the game designers know dang well that that’s the only way to make any money in this town? Got a classic vanity from Redd, which I guess is rare enough. Overpriced of course, but I can make up for it. Caroline was trying to leave town before her birthday, but reconsidered quickly. I guess all she needed was to know that I cared. To get her pic, I mean.
Kapp'n was in the coffee shop. He claims that he only sings while on his boat (I thought he sold that old thing in exchange the toy model), and tried his darndest to remain in the closet, telling me that he was only rehearsing before picking up chicks when he asked me if I had a crush and if I liked cucumbers. Poor guy.
Random thought: is Nan a guy or a girl, and if it’s a girl, why does it have that beard? Back to top
July 11, 2006
You know, I didn’t notice this before, but I think Caroline also used to be one of the island animals in the original AC. She’s missing the flower on her head too though. Just thought it was odd that I have two of them in my town now… and I wish Flash was one of the animals included in the new game. Oh well… we shall meet again some day, of that I am confident. Did I mention that the animals have had an obsession with me changing their greetings or catchphrases as of late? I wonder if it’s somehow feng shui related. Then agin, I wonder whether most things are somehow feng shui related as of late. Got an evening cicada at last… mostly because I was playing during the time that they were out for prolly the first time this month. Also finally got that blue marlin. It’s a shame, ‘twas a good excuse to fish in the ocean. At least the gars and eels are still good money though. Blathers empathizes with their need to defend themselves, saying that if he was kidnapped by me, I’d likely be pecked to death. I’ll bet he’s all hoot and no peck though.
Nibbles: I know very well that your pear dresser wasn’t “CRAZY expensive”. After all, I’m the one who gave it to you. For free. Made a deposit in the bank today, bringing me up to 8 million Bells. Yup, I’m on my way. At least until Nook decides to sell that throne. Back to top
July 12, 2006
I guess the game is making the best use out of its rain while it still can. At least, that’s the best explanation that I can come up with. Looks like Nibbles’ birthday is on the 19th. Hopefully I’ll have her pic by then, but if not, there’s another way to win her over I suppose. “Mom” claims to miss the sound of me eating fruit, so she sent me a pear. Whoop de doo.
Geez… seems like Nook’s turnip prices have been steadily declining since the beginning of the week. They’d better bounce back soon. Hmmm… why’s everyone decided to stay indoors today? The rain even stopped, and they don’t seem to be trying to move away either. Unless… they’re waiting to put things in boxes just to screw with me! That scum! Came back to try to catch that arapaima thingy. It sure is disappointing when you think you’ve nabbed one but you only got yourself a 6,000 Bell gar. Yup. Pierce wants to move out, and I have no objections. Just as long as no one asks too many questions about his Sheikah shirt. But Pierce? Are you sure birds even have pectoral muscles? Just a thought. Apparently Blathers isn’t afraid to squish insects beneath his feet. Odd… most people with fear of spiders ask others to kill it for them. Back to top
July 13, 2006
Great. Got a storm going on to distract me, and Booker doesn’t know of any visitors. Well, guess I’d better run to the beach then. Nope, nothing there. Curse that Gulliver, making me waste so much time. And crushing my bed of roses agin, of course. Nibbles apparently wants to live under the sea. I’d make a Spongebob reference, but frankly, it wouldn’t be all that amusing.
My God: that’s a lot of wilted Jacob’s Ladders. And it rained yesterday, too. Hmmm. Blathers regaled me with tales of his hometown in the big city. I still think that’d be a great concept for the next game. Animal Crossing: The Big City. You could share an apartment building with 20 other online users! Anyway, apparently Blathers’ professor tricked him into taking a job as a museum curator rather than finishing his doctorate. And now he’s stuck with all of us country bumpkins. No one from the Farway Museum would take the position (I wonder if what they do now that all the museum curators have learned to identify fossils themselves)… bunch of snobs. Ummmm… Gulliver? Chocolates aren’t an alien artifact of incredible rarity and value. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Metroid, I would assume that you just went around this planet stealing items from museums. But I thank you anyway. Hmmm… didn’t know you could step on them. That’s kinda gross really. Back to top
July 14, 2006
Another day closer to the 15th, another insane thunderstorm. Eh, I guess it’s best for the game to get it out of its system now. “Mom” wrote me to insult my supposed biking prowess. Honestly, doesn’t that stalker have anything better to do? And what if that limping pigeon was just one of Brewster’s hungover buddies? Should have helped the poor thing, I say.
Dang it, Nibbles: don’t make up a fishing contest if you’re going to cry if you lose! Accept that you can never defeat me and work around it! Wasn’t that good a fishing day overall… good day for getting trash, but that’s about it. Well, at least if I play things right, the Bug-Off will be my opportunity to get some extra yellow feng shui. Back to top
July 15, 2006
Finally got Nibbles’ pic. Guess that means Caroline’s next. Nibbles helped me out in that endeavor by giving me a cloud floor, which I promptly regifted to Caroline for her birthday and got a red car. Yup, adding that to my house should help my feng shui bonus. Camofrog was there too, which is odd, since I didn’t think they had event met. Caught a new fish, the arapaima. Blathers says they look unappealing, but actually are quite tasty. Sadly, this means I have no more excuses to fish, since that was the last new fish this month. I could still bug hunt, but that tends to get me less cash.
Speaking of which, got myself a walkingstick, which are quite hard to see in the dark, so kudos to me. Then I got a second, so I’ll use it or the robust cicada for the Bug-Off.
Got K.K. Safari from Slideer. It’s exciting, has a fast beat, but doesn’t necessarily sound like the sort of music for… you know, a safari. Almost too fast a beat, you know? Maybe I’m going on the wrong safaris though. It sounds almost Aztec at home. New neighbor today, named Monique. She’s a snobby white cat with blond hair, and her catchphrase is “pfffft”. Frankly… I’m not sure I’m comfortable having her in my town. I certainly won’t have her tearing down visitors just to build up her own psychotically damaged ego. Back to top
July 16, 2006
Caroline wants fossils. Great. I complained to her in aletter, but eventually relented and gave her an ammonite. I figure they’re cheap anyway. I just better get a pic from her before she demands a T-Rex skull. Monique apparently uses breakups as an excuse to redecorate. I tell you, those writers they have over at NOA… they sure know how to make you hate a character. Anyway, she apparently wears a grape shirt, which I thought for sure was a Gracie exclusive. I’d say something here aboot trying to get that shirt off of her, but that would be wrong and in poor taste.
At least it’s sunny for once for the Bug-Off… so far. It is after the 15th though, so hopefully this’ll keep up. The walkingstick was 101 mm (cm?) in length, easily beating out the robust cicada and all other challengers.
Nan was sick, and Caroline tried to move away. Typical that as soon as I set my eyes on her for a pic, she up and tries to leave. Though really: I didn’t think my character has stalker eyes. They look more like an innocent, dumbfounded puppy’s if you ask me. I caught a dynastid beetle and donated it. Blathers comments that their larva is even more vile. For a guy who utterly hates bugs, he sure knows a lot of little tidbits aboot them. How peculiar. Back to top
July 17, 2006
Caroline now wants shirts. I wish she’d make up her mind, but at least it’s cheaper. I gave her a paw shirt in exchange for a purple knit hat she couldn’t possibly wear. Such sacrifice on her part. Caught a giant beetle, donated it to the museum. Blathers said he doesn’t see the difference between them and a giant cockroach. I take back everything I said aboot admiring his knowledge in the field of insects. Anyway, his fear of insects was apparently partially influenced by getting in trouble when working at the library. Book lice ate some of the pages of a book (or so he claims) and they ripped out of his hands when he was putting one away. Sure, blame it all on the bugs. You know as well as I do that you’re supposed to hold them by the cover only. Especially aged reference books. Dr. Shrunk taught me how to clap like an idiotic seal. Does anyone else think we should be able to emote all we want from the beginning of the game?
Oh, and I won the Bug-Off. Thank goodness for that walkingstick. New trophy means more yellow feng shui, and I can’t complain aboot that. I can, however, complain aboot the Yay Day on Sunday. Oh, utter joy.
The Message of the Week is that the author’s brain hurts when he or she tries to think, so the author doesn’t. I wonder how many other people have that problem. It’d explain a lot aboot the world. Back to top
July 18, 2006
Thought it was someone’s birthday today, but apparently not. Caroline’s still clothes crazy, since she thinks it’s the only way she’ll look cute. I suppose this was where I was supposed to swoop in and build up her ego with compliments, but I was busy. Yes. That’s it.
Should it still be storming this late in the month? Bought a green wardrobe from Redd and used it, a red boombox, and cactus in redecoaring my house with feng shui goodness. I’m hoping one of those colors controls how much trash I fish up. I still do fish, but only when I see something that looks promising. Camofrog wants to move out, so I let him. At least he’ll bring my shirt to another town.
Did a late night fish and bug hunting run,which landed me some decent cash. It’s nice to not have to donate allt hose beetles to Blathers. I also got Caroline’s pic while I was at it. That didn’t take too long. The photo, like Maelle’s, is of her GameCube version’s appearance, since she still has the flower in her hair. Should I go after Nan next, or start the long, strange journey to getting Monique’s pic? Back to top
July 19, 2006
Got Maelle’s pic… agin. Eh, guess I can’t complain aboot that. Decided to go after Moniqu next, if she’s hiding in her house today. She wants pink furniture, and that’s easy enough. It’s Nibbles’ birthday today. Pelly wished her a happy one (the animals actually go into the Town Hall? Who knew?) and Kody visited her for it. I wonder if Phyllis ever wishes the neighbors with a grumpy personality a happy birthday. Or if anyone but me ever gets cake for it, for that matter.
It’s raining, as always. The Bulletin Board lies to me I think. No gyroids around though. Odd.
Did some more bug and fish catching, allowing me to deposit 200,000 total into my account, giving me 9 million total. I wonder why I keep nabbing rare beetles. Did the game designers not expect me to plant that many coconut trees? On the minus side, I’ve almost filled the recycling bin with trash. Also got an oak silk moth, which I’m saving for the next Bug-Off. Back to top
July 20, 2006
Got a suicide note in a bottle today. Either that, or “too late for me” means that the author was being eaten by a giant whale. Found a new black rose, which will hopefully increase the chances of me crossbreeding a blue one. It better, at least. Turnip prices have been over 100 Bells for awhile now, but always under 150.
Blathers told m aboot when he had to proctor a college entrance exam, and having a fly in the room made his jaw lock up with stress. My character finally told him to shut up already with all these lame stories. Too bad really. Monique gave me a checkered tile in a letter, assuring me that it would fit me. Why would she need to reassure me of that with a rug, unless-HEY! Phyllis, meanwhile, teased me by claiming my bank account was 50 million Bells. I wonder if she still does that to the freaks who, you know, actually accumulate that much in their bank account. It’s not like it’s impossible, and I think you get a prize for that anyway. Made a deposit of 200,000 total, thanks to fish and bug hunting. Maybe that feng shui is working out okay after all. Or not. Back to top
July 21, 2006
Bah, a useless Wendell visit. I have a new neighbor named Rocco, but he’s sleeping in. I caught an arowana and 2 gars in the morning, so I made a 100,000 deposit in the bank a bit earlier than usual. Unfortunately, that killed my motivation to come back at night. Monique’s still demanding pink furniture, so I ordered a pink box from Nook. I’m sure she’ll still be making demands when I finally get it. I will say one thing aboot all this rain: at least you don’t have to worry aboot never getting another opportunity to catch a coelacanth. Not that I’ve been reeling them in regularly, mind you. Back to top
July 22, 2006
Turns out Rocco is a hippo. Neat, never had one of those before. Hope he sticks around. His catchphrase is “hippie”, which is prolly a play on the word hippo, but reminds me of Eric Cartman nonetheless. Also, he gets upset rather easily, and I didn’t even call him fat. Excellent. Monique, meanwhile, is still her snobby self, unwilling to sell me a shirt because I won’t haggle for it. On the bright side, the night was good for blue marlin hunting for some reason. I guess the additional green furniture I put in the room is helping, or something.
Caroline wanted to move. At first, I was gonna let her, since I already got her pic… but dang it, I’ve grown to like her too much for that! Besides, I’ve had enough new neighbors already and she’s unique because she used to be an islander. Not that she was my islander, mind you, but still. The message on the Bulletin Board says that Katrina says the pelican is the symbol for savings. Odd… I would have predicted camel. And the tanuki would of course be the symbol of oppression. Or worse.
Wait… that plant in the coffee shop… isn’t that one I’ve got? Interesting, though ultimately useless trivia. Anyway, requested K.K. Waltz from Slider. Seemed slow pace, but catchy. Back to top
July 23, 2006
Ah… so good to still see Caroline walking around my title screen. But really: the line “it’s yours if you don’t ask any questions” doesn’t really connect to “I couldn’t find a use for it at all.” Just who did she have to stab to get that carpet? Ah yes, it’s the joys of Yay Day agin. Or lack thereof. Well, as long as it doesn’t get in the way too much. Redd’s password this week is Redd Bells. Well… that’s a new one at least. I wonder if that’s a condition related to blue b-well, nevermind.
More gossip on Tom Nook from Sable. Good thing I decided to talk to her today. She claims, with hesitation, to have only thought of him as her big brother. Yeah right. Anyway, she says he’s still hung up on the past. What, you mean his FAILURE and subsequent vengeance upon the world through exploitation of the INNOCENT and NAÏVE?
Phyllis complained aboot having to work on a Sunday when I met her in the coffee shop. Eh, Tortimer always did seem like a godless heathen to me. Bill’s apparently still stalking her too. Such a sad tale, those three. I thought my fishing and bug hunting didn’t go as well as usual, and I didn’t manage to nab that scorpion or scarab. But, I did manage to make a 200,000 deposit in my bank by keeping at it, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I’ve attempted to make Roscoe resemble Cartman more and more with his greeting and catchphrase, but honestly: without the little hat and “Beefcake” shirt, it’s just not the same. Sigh. Back to top
July 24, 2006
I never could decide whether I found the regular rainstorms or the cicadas when it’s not raining more annoying. The Message of the Week is that while Fate has a fickle finger, the author has a pickle finger. Get back to work, Shaun, and leave the AC localization team alone. Dang pickle innuendo everywhere, in front of the children even.
Spent a good deal of time rearranging my items in the drawers, including putting my neighbor pics into my saved mail, in order to make room for my new Mario-themed items and more feng shui stuff. Didn’t come up with quite as much room as I had hoped, but it’s an improvement at least. The new Mario-themed stuff is remarkably different from the GCN ones by the way. The green pipe now has a piranha plant bobbing out of it, the 1-up mushroom makes a 1-up sign float into the air every time you touch it, and the fire bar travels through objects as Bowser’s Castle music plays. On the minus side, only the starman flashes colors when you touch it, rather than you doing so. Bummer.
Nothing good from Redd today. That’s become far too regular an occurrence. Rocco claims to enjoy having fleas, what with the itchy feeling and whatnot. Right. I’m sure. No one seems to be trying to move out today. That’s refreshing, I guess. Back to top
July 25, 2006
“Mom” was reminded of the walks we supposedly used to take when she saw a woman walking with her child. I’m sure “she” looks at a random pebble on the sidewalk and gets all misty-eyed too. Freak.
Not only is it not raining, but the skies are clear. Not a cloud in the sky… that won’t last. Dang it Nan! What does “old school furniture” even mean? Kitschy stuff?! Errr… Punchy? I didn’t give you the catchphrase “mrmpht”. You’re starting to freak me out here man. Well, it’s not fleas. Wait… is Nintendo censoring me over Wi Fi now?!? That scum!! Punchy had a perfectly acceptable catchphrase for a pussycat! How dare you insinuate that I meant anything other than that! Gah… stifling of creativity really ruffles my feathers.
Wait... "mrmpht" is his default catchphrase. Ummm... forget I said anything.
Looks like Maelle’s moving. She may be an islander too, but I see no reason to keep her around. Toodles, you old quack.
Step One: Find out that Monique still wants pink furniture
Step Two: Find the pink box you gave Monique the last time she wanted pink furniture in the recycling bin. Take it
Step Three: Give the pink box back to Monique and rejoice!
Speaking of Monique, she claims that the furniture I got her has turned her life around completely. Which is why I found it in the recycling bin. Back to top
July 26, 2006
Monique apparently wants to rant to me aboot her boyfriend. If he’s a mouse or a dog, I can pretty much tell her right off the bat what’s going wrong in their relationship. Gracie was visiting, and I got a melon shirt from her. Huzzah and such. At least it’s new, right? New neighbor today, named Champ… the monkey? Ah, Nintendo, you sly dogs… it works on people who have all their neighbors after all. Says he’s from Nintendo, that he’s full of beans and his catchphrase is “choo CHOO!” Oh, so he’s supposed to be Porter with a memory wipe, or something. That or the fact that he’s full of beans creates its own propulsion system.
Nook’s buying turnips for 154 a turnip… yup, that’s my cue. Though it was a day late, this gave me enough cash to reach the 10 million Bells milestone. Excellent. Now I just wait for my piggy bank to come in, start buying up feathers, and then… ummmm… oh! I know! I’ll buy out Nook until I get the next discount and store model! Guess I’ll be giving out a lot of Arwings and Triforces, or something. Oh, and finish catching those last few bugs. Might as well focus on that now.
I gave Monique a pink flamingo, and she said that she liked this side of me. I’m sure she’s just using me though. That scum. Oh look, Rocco’s sick. Poor guy, he mus-hey! That Lucky K.K. is a catchy tune! I think I’ll get it on Saturday. Found myself a scarab finally very late at night. I’m thinking the times listed in the guide are wrong. Anyhoo, Blathers says that their worth their weight in platinum. What, because they give you a lucky bonus? Or do the Egyptians sell them to idiotic tourists who think they’re magical somehow? Found Harriett in the coffee shop, apparently kept up by her split ends. Yup, it’s a very thin line between those who are deeply devoted to their careers and people who are locked in the nuthouse. Apparently they didn’t get the hint that she had crossed over when she tried to re-create the “rich, dark hue of coffee” on someone’s head. That really had to scald the poor customer’s scalp. Back to top
July 27, 2006
Hmmm… is the DS supposed to beep differently like that?
Awwww… Kody’s here to present my birthday present, chipped in by everyone. Except Champ. That jerk. He says we’ll always be the burliest buds. I wonder what his previous neighbor thinks aboot that. Yup, gots me a birthday cake, just another fine thing to add to my rare item collection. And there’s my piggy bank too. Praps this will be a decent day after all. Except that “Mom” claims that I smashed cake in my hair for my first birthday. Even if she’s right that I’d be pleased with myself if I did so, that still doesn’t make “her” anything more than a crazy stalker. Nibbles claims that on her birthday, she wants two presents. Sorry, Nibbler, but I already had your pic by that point. Besides: my birthday is hardly the time to end a conversation with “Yaaay me!” Kody thinks I’m an adult now, and therefore have huge muscles. Yeah, ummm… he’s a bear. There’s nothing to be jealous aboot. Oh, and Monique insulted my weight agin. I really need to get her banished from my town already.
Oh… and it’s either a Gulliver or Pascal day. I’m not sure how I feel aboot that. Oh good, it’s just Pascal. He wonders who will win in fins versus tentacles. Well… if the fins belong to a mermaid, and she happens to be an Anime character… the tentacles will win. Definitely. I’m not going to elaborate aboot that.
Note to self: when putting things away in one’s saved mail area, be sure not to put one’s golden tools there too. Bah.
Sable update: Since they were little, both her and Nook told each other their dreams and aspirations. Nook dreamed of building the biggest store in the world… psychopath. Sable, meanwhile, dreams of filling the town with “the cutest clothes EVER!” I’m guessing she came up with that one when she was 3. In human years, I mean. Donated 10,000 Bells to Boondox. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to get the next feather. Yes, let them upgrade their adobe houses and such. Wait… I thought “The Boondocks” were an area of suburbia. Why would they hav-eh, it’s not the rest of the game makes any sense either. Yup… the piggy bank still makes 1 Bell go away every time you touch it. Scary, that. Monique: when I gave you the greeting, “You’ll die alone”, I didn’t expect you to use variations on the neighbors. Poor Champ.
Came back for some bug hunting late at night. Didn’t manage to catch that scorpion, but I did learn a thing or two from a tarantula that may come in handy. When I have no net out, it quickly scurries away into the darkness. Yet when I do have my net out, it comes back, staring at me, daring me to attempt to catch it so that it can put me out of my misery. Yet if I were to instead wait and sneak up behind it… more data is needed. Back to top
July 28, 2006
The Boondox tells me that they’ve upgraded from day old donuts to croissants. You mean I could have saved that 10,000 and bought croissants? Oh wait, there’s a feather. Neat. Anyway, I gave the next donation, and now Pelly says they’re building a well, which means mud baths for all. I dunno, when I think of building a well, my first priority in using it is HAVING DRINKING WATER SO I DON’T DIE. Nook and his spawn were selling lots of green furniture today for some reason. Well, more feng shui for me I guess.
Message of the Week: “Things that are hard to do are even harder when done to samba music. Try it!” Thank you, Dr. Stupid. Hmmm… no one seems to be saying hi to me today. Odd, that. Tanning… too quickly! Ze shades, zey do nothink! Maybe I need a bigger hat. Champ says he likes the color pink. I have no idea what that has to do with having a golden watering can, but meh. Whatever delusions make him happy.
Huh… doesn’t anyone want to move out anymore? Back to top
July 29, 2006
Another day, another gift from the Boondox. This time, I learn that 200,000 Bells is just enough to buy medicine for a pet turtle. What did that turtle have, cancer?! Made the next donation, which will allow the newlywed couples in Boondox to throw honey at the happy couples. My God… what have I wrought upon those poor people?! They’re not supposed to be covered in sticky fluids until the hone-and besides that, what’s so wrong with rice? Huh… first Monique sends me a rug saying that it “should fit”, now she does the same with a scarecrow. Is she trying to say I went too far in the other direction? Or just that I dress like a redneck? Frankly, I think my rainbow shirt looks rather dignified.
Those poor, deluded neighbors. They declare the opposite gender to be “icky” and then cure loneliness by talking to mops. Though granted: Moppina is a very fine conversationalist.
Nibbles is moving out. Nice squirrel, but I guess it was just her time. Shoot… I thought for sure that Champ would have some neat items in his house that I could steal, but nope. It is very well-organized though. Astrocon Industries’ Bottle Mail Horoscope tells me that during the lunar eclipse, I’ll run around like a shovel-wielding maniac, and that I should wear a hockey mask while doing so. Yeah, that sounds like me all right. Maybe I’ll replace the shovel with an ax though, just to see what happens. Nan gave me her pic. Well, it’s progress at least. But honestly… what kind of animal writes “Nanny-nanny boo-boo!” on the back of their photo?! It’s just disturbing. Meanwhile, Rocco got better and didn’t bother to tell me. Typical.
Requested Lucky K.K. from the Slidemeister. ‘Twas just as catchy as I had hoped. Later that night, Punchy upset Nan by having a dream where he had dinner with all these famous actors and all she did in it was cook. She thinks he’s being sexist, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in fact being species-ist. After all, goats are known for liking (and trying) to eat anything and everything. Back to top
July 30, 2006
Looks like it still rains on occasion. Eh, no big deal. Huh… got a letter from the Boondox, but no feather. That’s disturbing. They say they built a bread factory this time, so at least it’s not a total waste. Hmmm… I’ll donate another 10,000, see what happens. No… 40,001. If I remember correctly, I might have only donated 250,000 yesterday, so that should put me over the top. Speaking of getting a little over, I decided to get 410 turnips today. Still need to add ants to my insect collection, so now seems like an opportune time. Redd comes tomorrow, and his password is “find something”. Yeah… I’d better.
More news from Sable: she laments that she was too busy taking care of the shop and her younger sister to follow Nook in pursuing his dreams. She prolly blames herself, or circumstances, but it’s that Rodent Jerk who decided that getting rich was more important than her. Makes me feel sick just thinking aboot it.
Came back, got bitten by some tarantulas, that’s aboot all I have to report. It turns out that Phyllis mocked me by saying I had 50 billion Bells, not million, so it shall always be a joke after all. Oh, and Monique won’t accept the same gift twice. Frankly, she’s been even more snobby than usual as of late, and it’s starting to annoy me. But I’m annoyed by a lot of things. For instance: Champ, I honestly dunno how much weight lifting you did yesterday. Just give me a gift for trying or shut up already. Back to top
July 31, 2006
Caught Wishy for the first time in awhile yesterday night. Maybe my rearrangements of my house are finally paying off. Unfortunately, all I got was an extra lovely kitchen. Eh… guess I’ll give it to Monique. Even if she is being a bit… of a pain in the butt. Oh, nevermind… thank you for your pic, Monique. That was very thoughtful of you. So… onto Champ then? The Message of the Week is that it takes strength to fail, making the author the strongest evar. I think he means that it takes strength to fail gracefully. Anyone can pop their professor in the face because they didn’t get the grade they wanted on an exam, but a person of character accepts their own limitations… and then gets the professor fired for giving an unfair exam that was graded in a biased fashion. Also, fireworks show on Saturday. I wonder if we get any more of those streamers.
As usual, Redd didn’t have anything I needed. Bah and such. No new neighbor yet, but on the bright side, I think my tan is going away. Guess the rain is still good for something. Nothing new from the Boondox yet. Bah, now I’m all confused and bothered. Back to top
August 1, 2006
Wow… almost 50,000 in interest this month. Still nothing from the Boondox, so I went ahead and donated another 100,000. Pelly says they want an orchestra to visit them, so my gift will become a “beautiful melody heard by all!” Does that assume that the orchestra will be any good? With the Boondox’s general tastes, I have my doubts. Let’s see, it’s August, so this month I have to look out for the long locust, two types of mantises on flowers, and I’m still missing the grasshopper. Unless the guide’s wrong and it first appears in August. Doesn’t sound too bad either way. Oh, and jellyfish during the second half. And here’s the locust right now. Blathers, being an equal opportunity bigot, thinks that both males and females of the species are vile and wretched, even if the female is larger. Yes Champ: it would be nice if it didn’t rain tomorrow. But that’s why it’s definitely going to happen.
New neighbor today, another squirrel named Peanut. She looks familiar, but her name’s not in my diary anywhere. I guess because she’s on the cover of the game, or something. Anyway, seems nice enough. Oh, and Kody’s already using her in threats of what he’ll do with merchandise I’m unwilling to buy. Figures. Back to top
August 2, 2006
Well, the good news is that I finally got the red feather from the Boondox. The bad news is that they utterly skipped the yellow one. Bah, stupid town. Oh, and someone’s sister got the wedding of their dreams. What, am I supposed to just feel good aboot helping these people?! Ha! But eh, I suppose the rainbow one was my ultimate goal anyway. Just cataloging the yellow will be enough for me, if I find someone kind enough to let me do so. Anyway, time to upgrade. I like purple. Yes, you guys go ahead and build a cake shop with my cash. Then fling the cake at people at a wedding, or something.
The star gave me a kiddie stereo… I forget if I had that, but seems kewl enough. Oh! Sahara’s here. Heh heh… I knew I forgot to check something. Dang it! I knew I should have gone for the music room wall! Why does she always have to put me on the spot aboot which I need? Hmmm… why is it when villagers rant to me aboot Mabel, it means Sable has something to say? And furthermore, why is it they never need me to send each other kewl stuff, like GameBoys and Pokémon Pikachus? Did too many gamers get jealous or demand to know how they could get their own in the game? Anyway, Sable update: so Tom Nook leaves Shi’tton for the city, chasing his dreams and leaving the only animal that truly loved him behind. He returns after a few years, at which point Sable had lost track of time due to the daily drudgery of raising Mabel. But Nook’s pride kept him from telling anyone at all what happened. Finally, he started complaining aboot how “Dreams are nothing in the face of money”. He is mistaken, of course. The real lesson is that “Dreams of making lots and lots of money are eliminated by those who already have lots and lots of money.” Good thing Nook never figured that one out, too, or I’d still be paying off some loan or another. But, Sable pities all the supposed mental scarring he’s been put through, rather than, you know, hating him for selfishly abandoning her in the first place. Oh, and now Mabel’s talking apparently. That would explain it. Anyway, she understands the real story as well as I do, and wants her sister to finally go off on the ol’ Coon. Hear hear!
No, Punchy: it does not make sense to me that you compare my face to a warm, frothy, cappuccino. In fact, it does not make sense to anyone. And I pray it doesn’t make sense to you either. Peanut wants to come over later today… hope she likes admiring trophies. Oh, and I should get this K.K. Salsa she’s playing. If I haven’t already. I can never keep track of anything. Rocco was trying to leave, but with a little persistence I managed to get him to reconsider. Oh, and Caroline’s sick. That would explain why she’s not skipping around town like a loon.
All right, just what exactly is a “disco nap”, anyway? Or do I even want to know? Pinky visited me in the evening, bringing her gossip of what the other neighbors were doing, and rating my house with a three out of five. Apparently, she thinks my obsession with Feng Shui is frightening. But I can feel it work, dang it! Silly Phyllis: of course the coffee you ordered is bitter. You have to EARN that pigeon milk! Apparently. Heh heh… Monique thinks poetry is stupid. Dang straight. Back to top
August 3, 2006
Boondox writes that they finally have an arcade in town. It only has Donkey Kong, but it’s still a lot of fun apparently. I’m quite glad they finally put my generous donations to some good use. Now… if only I had known that if I spent enough, I could get an arcade in this town too. Who needs NES games when you can have the arcade originals?! Bah! Well, whatever. My feather is purple and I am joyous. Anyway, time for another. Apparently, now each household has two cars. While we have none in Shi’tton. But ummm… feathers! Yes! Katrina was visiting today. I got the DAWN SUN symbol, in its natural state. Meaning that… the Sun will rise tomorrow! That’ll be 100 Bells please! Oh, and a flattering otter is pouring red liquid into a blue bottle, making what appears to be a purple beverage that one should drink if one wants to work for 24 hours straight. Hmmm… Red Bull? Blood? The blood of a red bull? Also asked her compatibility… got aboot what I expected. Oh well, I guess.
Things I learned from Animal Crossing: If someone asks you whether they’d make a better action or romantic comedy star, mumble something incoherent and they’ll interpret it the way you want them to. And then give you a new dresser. Back to top
August 4, 2006
Update from the Boondox today, along with my white feather. Apparently, the author’s cousin Thomas bought a mansion, a towering three-bedroom with a view of the water. Well… I could make mine three bedroom if I wanted. And I guess I can sorta see the water. Almost. But Rocco, being the friend that he is, warned me of the time he donated some Bells, and Tortimer walked by muttering “I’m having steak tonight!” Eh, it could have been a coincidence, and besides: I’m just in it for the feathers. The next part of their supposed use of my cash is to undertake a massive reconstruction project. I wonder if they’ll rename the town ‘Metropolis’ or something. No wait… Boondopolis, apparently. Dang, looks like the game programmers are as witty as me. That’s depressing. And, with my final donation, it appears that Pelly thinks they should be sending donations to us instead. Ha… she’s so optimistic sometimes, it’s adorable.
The Message Board’s author says that pine trees are his favorite plants, since pinecones fall from them, but aren’t fruit. This is what happens when you force your children to eat fruits they don’t like, I guess. Still getting crap for turnips. Yet another reason to complain aboot Nook, I guess. But I think the thing I hate most aboot him is that high-pitched, annoying little voice he has. Well… him and half of Shi’tton. Huh. Grasshoppers act almost exactly like long locusts outside. Eh, at least I caught one. Blathers apparently is frightened most of all by their plump bellies. He’s one to talk.
Dang it Peanut! It’s too soon for you to move out! Was it something I said? Or many things I did involving a net and some pitfall seeds? Back to top
August 5, 2006
And so, the saga of Boondox was completed. The author claims to have been studying day and night ofr the Lake University entrance exams. So I’m now sending people off to college with my donations… I guess I feel good aboot that. I just hope that if I ever have any kids, they don’t hear of me doing this. Then agin, human-squirrel hybrids should basically be guaranteed a scholarship. Speaking of which, Peanut wanted an evening cicada from me. However, even her curse to destroy my chances of competing wouldn’t make those annoying, chirping suckers go away. Which, in this case, is a good thing I guess.
With this rainbow feather, rainbow shirt, surfer shades, and deep tan, I really have a unique look for myself. It looks almost… well, nevermind.
The Fireworks Show… was impressive, really. Nice colors, great reflections on the ground, and the music’s nice too. Got a sparkler and a Roman candle from Tortimer, and for some reason he thinks he can read my fortune too. Geez, why don’t they just make a Fortunetelling day and get it over with? I’m sure Katrina would be happy. Or maybe that’s precisely why Tortimer doesn’t make it official. Anyway, he says that my head should prioritize something or other, while my heart should make a decision (forget you, you old turtle), and he detects a cold in my bellow. All in all, fortune favors the brave. I guess it applied to me better than the fortune cookie I ate earlier in the evening. Anyway… I wonder how much it costs to make a fireworks show last this long. No wonder we aren’t called Shi’ttropolis yet.
Got K.K. Soul from Slider. Good beat, but I mostly got it because it’s one of the songs I don’t have yet. I think that’s going to be par for the course from now on. Fun fact: K.K. lets you request another song if your pockets are full. Though it was very stupid of me not to check beforehand. Back to top
August 6, 2006
Redd’s password for tomorrow is “on my side”. Bah, another repeat. Mom blames her inability to sleep on a “jam session with frogs, dad snoring on bass, and bugs on percussion”. Yeah, well try sleeping when it’s perfectly quiet. And dark. And cold. And you’re in that big bed of yours all alone. As you have always been. I swear, some people get so spoiled. Speaking of which, the turnips I left outside went spoiled without a hitch, while the ones I left on the table upstairs are fine. Excellent. Oh, and there’s those ants I was looking for. Blaters doesn’t want to know how they leave a stench so they can make their way back to the nest. I swear, no wonder he never became a full researcher.
Dang it, now Peanut’s sick. I swear, it’d be better if we could just find a cure for this stupid disease. Then agin, that’d take a grant and a whole lot of researchers… and I think I kinda gave the grant money away to Boondox/Boondopolis. Nuts.
Well, I finally caught that dang scorpion, but I didn’t see any of those coconut beetles tonight. That’s… worrisome. Blathers claims that scorpions can be poisoned by their own poison, which is odd to me. I mean… why doesn’t their tail swell up or something? Oh, and Champ apparently has decided the gift of choice is a refrigerator, since he gave me two tonight. I wouldn’t mind so much, except Nook gives you jack for it if you sell it back. Also, all the food I have to store is fruit, and it seems to do fine without going bad in my sock drawer. Back to top
August 7, 2006
“Mom” claims that Agnes has been stealing her fruit for pie business. She just got that name from The Simpsons. Also, I don’t care if there is no way she could in fact be my mom. I’m not commenting on the phrase “I like pie, too!” The Message of the Week says that picking up pennies off the ground is a waste of time. Somehow, I doubt either Nook or Redd wrote that one. Found myself one of those orchid mantises, leaving me with one insect left to worry about for this month. Quite nice, that.
Eh, I suppose it’s time to start building up points with Nook, much as the idea seems revolting to me. On second thought… maybe I’ll just order expensive things from the catalog. Screws up visitors to my town less, you know?
Random conspiracy thought: Before Nook stocked medicine in his store, no one got sick. Now, it seems like as soon as one is cured, another becomes ill. Hmmm…
Came back, and finally completed the painting collection after some trading. Blathers was most pleased, and gave me a round of wing applause… except I think his wings were just slapping against his belly. Oh well. Back to top
August 8, 2006
Looks like Nan’s gone. Eh, easy come, easy go. She was replaced by Tammi, antoehr Monkey… but her head seems different than Champ’s. Odd, that. I think she’s supposed to be a snob. Or insane. Hard to tell at this point. But eh, more rare pics for me hopefully. Hmmm… I think that the white katana may be even better than the moon and Triforce in terms of racking up points from Nook quickly. Not that I understand why it’s so expensive… maybe it’s the only blade that can truly kill vampire raccoons, or something. Dang it Champ… why you always gotta be hiding in yo’ home? Afraid the sunlight will turn you to dust? How aboot being afraid that I’ll beat your bones to dust if you don’t come out soon? Heh heh… “fish philosopher”. Good one. Back to top
August 9, 2006
You know… Tammi’s kinda freakishly ugly, now that I’m paying more attention. Just thought I’d mention that. Stupid Gulliver. Stop wasting my time and just give me free items. Everyone else does. He claims his suit is genuine Cassiopeian couture and cost more than his ship. That’s funny… could have sworn I saw the same thing for 500 Bells at the Ables. Anyway, I got a tribal mask from him, which is new, so w00t. Oh, but Gulliver? Don’t tell the natives that you have a pet monkey. Some of them might get a bit testy. Huh… two pink cosmos sprung up in separate areas today. Neat, I guess. Now if only that blue rose was anywhere in sight. Pink tulip, too. Maybe the game’s trying to tell me something. No, there’s a purple pansy… I dunno what I did with my feng shui, but I’m not going to change it anytime soon. Back to top
August 10, 2006
Gracie’s here today. Huh… I did everything right, didn’t I? I got my fashionnista badge by pretending to be a snob, gave her 5,001 Bells… why’d I only get a big star shirt? Did she start charging more for her outfits? Eh, maybe she didn’t like the pattern I was wearing. I’ll try something else next time. “Mom” says I used to only drink coffee. If she’s saying aboot me what I think she’s saying aboot me, she can stuff it. You know… I remember the days when Nook actually bought turnips for decent cash. Seems like so long ago now… Huh. The spawn are selling a lucky cat. That’s a new one. Dang it, Peanut! Stop trying to move out! I’ll get around to paying attention to you soon enough, just have patience! Back to top
August 11, 2006
Rocco’s birthday is on the 18th. I suppose, considering he’s the only hippo neighbor out there, that I should at least attend. I knew catching that moth last night would come in handy. Thanks for the cash, Tammi. Looks like there’s another fireworks show tomorrow night. Eh, at least I don’t have to collect these sparklers anymore. Nook’s finally buying turnips for a decent price, so that’s my cue. Say… whatever happened to my spoiled turnip, anyway? Not that I need it now. So I’ve been spending some time replacing extra apple trees with regular saplings in preparation for the acorn festival. Just noticed today that Nook’s ratio between pine and non-pine saplings changes from day to day. Kinda pointless, but eh. Back to top
August 12, 2006
Apparently, “Mom” admits she can’t make a bundt cake. Amazingly, my opinion of her has not changed one iota with this new information. Oh great. Nook has more to tell me. He claims he was a “raccoon of action” in the city. I swear… his complete lack of remorse for what he did to Sable really burns me up. But he instead complains aboot the hardships he had to go through in the city, and the actions he was forced to take.. Wow… I didn’t think Nintendo would let a game allude to male prostitution like that. I wonder though… maybe the spawn aren’t Sable’s?
Sorry Rocco, but I don’t think Nook sells giant lawn gnomes. I have to settle for a bunch of the regular types. And yes, I am an “instigator”. And a hippie. I guess those sorta go hand in hand, huh? Finally got a peek at Tammy’s house. Moon, baby carriage… I want that scarab.
Apparently Tortimer likes Fireworks, smelt, and power. Too bad, I dun think you can get that second thing in Shi’tton’s rivers.
Let’s see… K.K. Mambo. Yup, it took awhile, but I think I found a K.K. song I don’t have yet. Catchy tune of course, though sounds a bit too… tropical? Back to top
August 13, 2006
Redd tomorrow, password is “so is Redd”. I’d be very surprised if he had anything of note to bring to me at this point. The HRA says I have perfect feng shui. Oh good, I can stop trying now, I guess. And it would explain the two rare butterflies in a row. Move along now, Rocco. I’ve gotta try this money rock and… all right, I’ll just push you out of the way. How do you like that? Oh good, another black rose… aboot freakin’ time! And two fossils next to each other… I think that’s the second time that’s happened, but it makes me feel lucky. Porter-I mean Champ-claims that certain shirts cause a little man in his head to command him to do sit-ups. Better not give him this flame shirt, I suppose, or we might have a disaster of Ralph Wiggum proportions.
Caroline was trying to move out agin. I swear, just a few days ago she was thanking me for being such a good friend. I don’t understand this at all. Back to top
August 14, 2006
Yup, just junk from Redd. Though I could have used that dice stereo a few weeks ago. Peanut was apparently doing something outside that I didn’t see, but doesn’t want me to tell anyone aboot. Peanut, we all get those urges, but… it’s best to just ignore them until you’re in a more private setting. Anyway, she says that the best way to find true love is to stop looking. Well, that’s convenient at least. Bug-Off’s on Sunday. Aboot time I got rid of that stupid moth I guess. Champ’s been asking me to change his greetings and catchphrases… and then acting all delighted when I give him the same exact ones. I swear, he’s far too polite sometimes. I really should have gotten a new pic from someone at this point though… maybe they dun like me cutting down trees. Back to top
August 15, 2006
Oh good. Turnip prices are climbing again. And I’m finally almost at the point where I get a point upgrade at Nook’s. I could prolly do some regular shopping and get it at this point. Yay! Rainstorm! Missed these things I did… almost. The Message of the Week writer has his dad waking him up at 6 am just to make his coffee. A bit ironic I suppose, but what else are kids good for? Nah, I’m kidding. You guys are great. Now make me a sandwich. I’m getting closer to getting Champ to give me his pic. I can feel it… maybe. Back to top
August 16, 2006
Finally got upgraded to a Gold Member at Nook’s. I think I’m just going to ignore the Platinum membership, for now at least. Speaking of Nook, he’s still ranting on aboot money this and dog-eat-dog world that. Actually, Nook, I do know what it’s like being in the work world, having to give up your dreams in the face of The Man and all his money. As I remember it… you were the one that showed me the light. Jerk. Dr. Shrunk was here today, and he showed me how to nod in agreement or acknowledgment. That’s really the only nonverbal gesture I need, if you think aboot it. I’m sure it’s all he uses with his clients. With Peanut’s help, I have discovered that the best way to compliment a woman on her features is to rate her somewhere between normal and in dire need of a sandwich. Or, at least that works with female squirrels. Found a jellyfish, donated it. “In a jam”, ha ha… ha. Blathers, as usual, went over how some people do actually eat them. But… what’s there to eat? Back to top
August 17, 2006
Oh good. Nookway model at last! Yaaaay discounts! Now… where to store the letter? There we are. Champ claims Rocco is an expert on flowers. Either that’s true or he’s trying to get me beaten severely. 159 Bells for turnips… eh, good enough.
There’s your stupid pill bug, Tammi. Now leave me alone! My trees seem to be having a 100% success rate by planting them where apple trees used to be… they’d better.
Kody: “From here on out, I hope you and I are… crud, come on brain!”
Me: “Best buds with muscles to match?”
Kody: “YES!! …how’d you know?”
Me: “Uhhh, lucky guess?”
Punchy was huddled in the corner of his house, shuddering uncontrollably. Isn’t he… supposed to get better over time? Heh heh, Champ’s asking me to write him a letter… WHAT DO YOU THINK I’VE BEEN DOING THIS PAST MONTH, HMM?!?
Huh… it’s been awhile since I deposited 200,000 Bells in one day. Guess those white katanas really took a chunk out of my daily earnings. Back to top
August 18, 2006
Hello, Wendell. Goodbye, Wendell. Rocco’s birthday today. Better find some junk to give him. Oh wait… he’s still asleep. Figures. The person that talks to him/herself was a loser in middle school on the volleyball team. Yup, I expected that. Except I figured the person was on the flag team. Bug-Off Sunday, Fireworks tomorrow. Joy. Dang it neighbors: stop crowding me in front of the post office! Punchy’s finally not sick agin. Too bad I already got a pic from him.
Rocco, don’t you dare tell me that I’m late and you’ve been waiting. YOU WERE ASLEEP. I gave Champ Porter’s old catchphrase of “eek eek”, but it doesn’t seem to have triggered total recall… yet. Peanut… no matter how many times you try, you’re not moving out. Just give up, ok? Thank you. Back to top
August 19, 2006
So many events in August. Fireworks show today, Bug-Off tomorrow, yet I don’t particularly care aboot either. Maybe I’m just jaded. Speaking of which, Nook was ranting agin. Same basic stuff: “oh woe is me the city ate me alive and took everything so I was forced to come back here but now I’m successful due to the challenges I faced so ha”. Gets quite redundant really.
Peanut tells me that Champ and Rocco have the kind of friendship that only guys can have, where they solve arguments with their fists. It’s not so much that girls don’t solve arguments with their fists so much as that Society usually forces them to declare each other enemies afterwards. Oh, and they’re a bit more likely to use their nails instead. But Rocco covered for Champ, who hid in his house all evening, by giving me his pic. Eh, I suppose it’s a start. Not that I’ll ever let him off the hook, mind you.
Great. Now Monique’s sick. Well, I suppose a disease that even spreads among different species would be more dangerous anyway. Requested K.K. Faire from Slider this week. Sounds… odd, but enjoyable nevertheless. I think it was one of my favorites in the old game. Back to top
August 20, 2006
Redd asks yet agin why one should buy the cow, and insists instead that one must “get milk here”. I swear… that fox just disturbs me sometimes. Got another orchid mantis, but still no sign of the regular type. Looks purple in my inventory, oddly enough. Dang it, Peanut! What do you mean pink isn’t really you?! Look at yourself! Stupid neighbors with their identity crises. Oh… apparently the person writing “Talking to Myself” is Pelly, as she says she wants an instruction booklet for Phyllis and aboot five for Pete. Poor Pelly. You will never understand why guys are so enamored with stuck-up scum like Phyllis. At least… not until you take up mountain climbing for awhile.
Random thought: if Nintendo does in fact make a massive sequel to Animal Crossing called Animal Crossing: The Big City, will pirate ninjas be involved?
Oh right. Bug-Off today. Guess I’ll get rid of this oak silk moth finally. Back to top
August 21, 2006
Well of course my oak silk moth gave you the “heebie-jeebies”, Tortimer. It even freaks me out. But thank you for the trophy. Apparently my victory incites Tammi to further competition, but… meh, I wasn’t really in the mood. Nothing new from Redd agin. Bummer. 134 Bells for turnips already… nice start there, Nook. Yay for reaching 6 million in my bank account… agin! The Message of the Week is that if one wants wealth, one should try saving. I swear… I dunno what I would do without these nuggets of wisdom. Surely, I could never possibly come to these conclusions myself.
Looks like Rocco’s moving out. The timing couldn’t be better! See you, you ugly ol’ hippo! Back to top
August 22, 2006
Nook’s ranting on agin. This time, he tells me that he came back from the city with his tail between his legs and was a real jerk to everyone who tried to console him. By “everyone”, he of course means Sable, whose heart he broke by telling her that dreams are nothing in the face of money. Apparently he regrets that to this day, but is too much of a coward to walk all of 10 feet and apologize to her. So we’re left with a mute who thinks her best friend is dead inside and a grump who puts new visitors to the town through Heck so they can feel the pain he felt as a younger lad. Great. Katrina was around too, but just told me about Tommy and Timmy playing for hours on end. The fortune didn’t seem to do much for me. Champ was out and aboot, but of course no picture from him. Bah. On the bright side, I did get Peanut’s when I came back in the evening, so I suppose it’s not a total loss.
I really ought to figure out what hat I still need in my catalog and find someone who has it. That’s kinda annoying. Back to top
August 23, 2006
See you around, Rocco. It’s been… fun and stuff. Twiggy?! Who said you could come back?! Gah. Champ let me help him pick his victory catchphrase, so we went with “Burning Champ!” Yeah… I don’t think I’ll actually be hearing that from him anytime soon. Caroline… I’m a pretty progressive guy and all, but I’m not exactly flattered when you give me a nurse’s uniform. Even if it didn’t cause me to question my masculinity when I wear it, it’s like giving a gun rack to someone who doesn’t own any guns. I wonder… why can you only throw out letters when you’re outside? Does my character just roll them into a ball, toss them into the river, and then complain when he fishes up a shoe? Hypocrite.
…don’t mess with me, Monique. You and I both know that even in your most delirious states, I look like a demon. I will not stand by and be insulted with insinuations to the contrary!
Twiggy, two things: 1. Don’t tell me that you’re pleased to “meet” me when you’re wearing the very same shirt you were wearing when you left, which, by the way, is MY design. 2. There’s no French way to pronounce Twiggy that’s all that different from the English way. Back to top
August 24, 2006
Stupid Gulliver. How I utterly loathe him. Wastes my time waiting for him to come by, wastes more of my time trying to wake him up, and then I have to find his stupid parts. It’s just not worth it sometimes. Also, he needs to shut up more. At least the matryoshka is new though. So when I pick flowers, then dig a hole and plant them agin… why do they turn back into seeds? How is that even possible, for that matter? Huh. Champ gave Tammi the catchphrase of “eek eek”. Strange coincidence, that. Speaking of which… if he doesn’t give me his pic in a very short amount of time, that golden axe is coming down on his head. Btw: first Tammi wanted to do a bug contest with me. Then she gets me to trade my rare agrias butterfly for her regal carpet. Anyone else see a problem here? Back to top
August 25, 2006
Cleared up some space in my inventory by getting rid of my toilet collection. It’s a painful loss, but I’m sure I’ll need the room to store more pictures and Gulliver stuff. Maybe a throne at some point. But dang it… where is my stupid blue rose?! At least the tree planting is going well I guess.
See you around, Punchy. Hope you end up going to a better place and such. Just… don’t bring back someone I already have a pic of in your place, ok? I wrote Champ a death threat since he won’t give me his pic, and attached a gift to it. It seemed like the right combination at the time. Back to top
August 26, 2006
You know what I hate? The days where the fruit on the top third of the town’s trees sprout. There’s just so dang many of them. And Lyle: for the last time, shoo already. Punchy’s gone, but left me no letter since my mailbox was full of catalog items. Sad, that. Ah, there it is. Sure bud, I’ll always remember you. You reminded me of my own cat back home, after all. Twiggy apparently wants to wear matching outfits now… I hate it when they come crawling back. It’s just… pathetic, you know? Huh. More rain. Meaning… more gyroids, I guess. “Mom” complains that she has too many leftovers that she has to keep. What, was she born during the Depression or something?
Is this the last fireworks show then? Eh, life goes on. 137 for turnips… not great, but it’s Saturday night, so might as well. Requested K.K. Ragtime from Slider, and remembered why it took me so long to request in the first place. Yawn and such. I suppose this is also my cue to make an inappropriate comment aboot the word “ragtime”, but I’m not really in the mood. Back to top
August 27, 2006
Redd’s password is “bean curd”… agin. Geez, even he’s become routine. Pelly says on the bulletin board that when she sees her sister talking to Pete, it makes her feel strange, but attributes that to something she ate. I swear, those pelicans are so utterly oblivious. I have no idea how they manage to survive into the next generation. Champ’s hiding himself again. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the death threats I’ve been sending him. No Sir. Back to top
August 28, 2006
New neighbor today, a blue pig named Hugh who talks out of the side of his mouth. Doesn’t particularly interest me, but I suppose one new pic is as good as any. Speaking of which, Champ still insists on trying to give me a new nickname, insuring that he has all the more reason to hate me and not give me his pick when I tell him no. I swear, they get more and more crafty with each new neighbor. Nothing new from Redd of course, but it looks like the flea market’s on Sunday. Eh, I’m sure I can pick up a few extra sharks, if I find time.
Well, no sharks, but I did at least finally give Tammi a rarer insect that she could come up with. Hopefully her pic isn’t far away now. Back to top
August 29, 2006
Saharah visited today. I checked my drawers beforehand, so I managed to get a new desert vista. Also managed to nab an arapaima that I saw swimming upstream, so it wasn’t a bad day overall. Plus some insects that were worth less, and of course I saved the fossils and the arapaima for the flea market on Sunday. I rescinded on my personal rule not to store things outside though, since… well, I’m out of room.
Nothing new out of Champ or Tammi, but Hugh seems friendly enough. I suppose there’s a comment to be made here aboot kindness in relation to attractiveness, but let’s be realistic: Champ has the face of a chimp and Tammi looks like a spider monkey. I suppose they could be less aware of it though.
Looks like Monique’s leaving. Eh, hopefully she doesn’t freak out her new neighbors too much. Managed to grab a blue marlin, so looks like my luck with insects and fish is still pretty high. Guess I’ll prolly ruin it once the flea market begins though. Back to top
August 30, 2006
The bulletin board says that exercise is a good stress-reliever, but that there is no exercise reliever. Actually, not many people know this, but there is, in fact, a way to relieve the effects of exercise. It’s called “sitting down”. Champ apparently got all of my other neighbors into the act of trying to change my nickname. Well too bad: I shall be Sugar L forevermore. Unless, you know, I get bored with it or something. Apple trees are getting rarer and rarer as the days go on… not sure how I feel aboot that. I think I’m more concerned with trying to figure out new places to store items. Eh, I’ll figure something out though. Back to top
August 31, 2006
Dr. Shrunk visited, and taught me the true meaning of Fear… or at least, how to express it. I dunno if I’m just losing my mind, but I swear that Caroline was whistling Imperial March as she walked by. Monique left, and her left proved that she was still quite stuck-up and such. I guess it fits her species, even if the proper term for it technically describes a canine. Also, Champ’s still hiding in his house. He’s a tricky one, I’ll give him that.
Tammi wants a dynastid beetle now… HA! YOU WISH! But then I gave it to her. Mostly to… you know, flaunt my wealth. Back to top
September 1, 2006 Champ: You know as well as I do that the recycling bin will take anything that’s not alive. But I’ll forgive you for trying to deceive me if you give me your pic already. Bet you didn’t see that demand coming! Also: stop telling me I think. You knew before you asked that there was no way you’d get me to change my nickname.
I suppose it’s good that only Blanca visited today. I prolly didn’t have time for Gulliver, in all honesty. Oh right, it’s September. That would explain this monarch butterfly. Blathers says they’re named after the king of England, aka William of Orange. I honestly can’t tell when he’s talking out of his rear end sometimes. Also, he doesn’t give migratory locusts enough credit to admit that they migrate with a purpose. Nintendo says that Labor Day is the perfect time to visit another town. I thought it was just good for, you know… working. Oh yay, a kayak.
I think the game is designed to make sure that you can never make any progress with the females in the game. That’s prolly for the best, but reminds me too much of… actually, that’s prolly for the best too.
Pointless information: Champ’s abdominals are known as Joe, Tony, Bug, Ted, Rod and Negative Juan. I’m not going to ask.
New neighbor is Mallary. Eh, I’ve always liked ducks. Dunno why. Huh: I think I’m out of apple trees. Mega bummer, though… I do still have some apples, if I want to start anew after the acorn fest.
“I caught a salmon! Welcome back!” I sorta get it… it’s just not all that funny. Compared to the others, Blathers’ ideas for cooking it were rather mundane too. Then I caught a king salmon, meaning… I’ve caught every kind of fish. Well, that was quick. Still, I feel proud. Now to finish off those dang bugs… if I can stop scaring them off the flowers as I walk by, I mean. Blathers was pleased too, after telling me how fat king salmon truly are. Dang… I thought fish was supposed to be healthy for you. Anyway, he was so excited that he promptly fell asleep afterwards.
Back to top
September 2, 2006
Tortimer, two things: 1. The Fireworks Show is over. Stop calling me your little “firecracker”. 2. Don’t joke aboot giving me an engagement ring. Now I’ll be in a depressive funk all day. Thanks a lot! Yes yes, still plenty ahead of me in life. Like ummmm… collecting mush furniture. Tortimer anticipates that those who see me with the golden fishing rod will either lose control of their bowels, lose control of their bladder, or ummmm… get very excited, and spasm accordingly. Hopefully not all three at the same time though.
Champ: “Future champ, Champ” is a terrible slogan to sign your letters with. Just so you know. There you are. Stupid mantis. Oh… that’s the last of ‘em, huh? Well, things are looking on the up and up I guess. I’ll never have to worry aboot scaring off an insect agin! At least… not until AC Wii. Huh… didn’t think Blathers would be willing to talk aboot the whole “mating” stuff involving mantises. I figured he’d just tell me that when two mantises are friendly with each other, an egg magically appears. And then it hatches if you carry it around with you for 800 steps or something. Anyway, he magically clapped his feathers against his belly in joy to learn that Shi’tton now has the perfect museum. He says congratulations to everyone involved, which would include… me?
Huh, a mini dingloid… when did it rain yesterday? Also, I wonder if there’s a point like in the original where you see whole swarms of red dragonflies. I always thought that was sorta neat.
Hmmmm… no visitors when Tortimer’s handing out gifts. Guess that means no Joan this week too. Bummer. Huh… doesn’t look like Champs’s involved in the flea market at all this month. Bummer, that. I wonder if that’s true of all monkey neighbors. Or maybe… it’s too early? Unless… DANG IT TORTIMER!! I was really looking forward to that extra cash, you dolt! Go home! Well… maybe next month, I guess. I… think I can store some things until then. Maybe.
Note to self: Bonk Peanut straight to Heck the next time you see her. She knows why. Requested Mr. K.K. from Slider. Seems like a nice enough tune. Not sure he should use it as his English theme song, but eh. I do wonder why there’s Mr. K.K. and Senor K.K., but no Totakeke-San though. Back to top
September 3, 2006
Tortimer calls me a “brave warrior”, but tells me as well that it is the “net of love” that “captures our hearts”. I honestly think that part of him is genuinely trying to hit on me. Sad, really. Clearly it can’t be a coincidence that he complained aboot his “hip” acting up right afterwards. Feeling stiff down there, eh? He told me to treat it as I would him, so I gave him a few practice bonkings. Much nicer than the one in the original game: this one has golden netting too, not just the rim (which is purple this time).
Redd’s password for tomorrow is “money makes it”. He prolly means it makes the world go ‘round, but who knows. Blathers gratefully sends me a museum model. Huzzah and such. Why is it when Champ says “I guarantee it”, I imagine him suddenly having a heavy Cajun accent? Saturday’s La-Di-Day. Joy. “Mom” compares life to fighting with an umbrella during a rainstorm. I suppose some managed to hold onto the umbrella longer than others, but eventually we’re all drenched.
Yup, no Joan today. Figures. And yes, the stalk market is still closed regardless. Mallary is apparently very suggestible. Unless somehow a blue stripe shirt can be considered “goth”… but I dun see how. Blathers seems particularly proud and wordy now that all aspects of the museum are complete. Good for him, I suppose.
Champ: being a male does not disqualify you from knowing whether or not two girls are friends. And yes, you are perfectly capable of telling whether there’s something else going on there too.
Freaky: when a neighbor tells you that she’s been spending hours writing her wish that you’d come over on a piece of paper.
Psychotic: when that same neighbor also plans to move out that same day. Back to top
September 4, 2006
Honestly, Redd: I dunno how you can say that money makes things hot or cold… but maybe that’s the point of the password. And Champ: lightning quick responses to letters are only responsive if you actually answer every single one. Ya bum.
Kody: Of all the catchphrases to have others copy you with, “grah grah” has got to be the lamest. I mean… come on, man! That’s not even a good descriptor of the noises bears make!
Huh… months after months of playing, becoming a multimillionaire and getting some of the rarest items out there… and only today, after randomly glancing through the Wild World strategy guide, do I realize you can put flowers in your hair. Typical. At least I know where to put the blue rose, should I create one.
I’m not sure I should tell Mallary that I don’t believe there was a dance in the town she’s from, let alone that she was the belle of it, and got to wear a tiara. It might hurt her ego too much to know I jus think of her as an eccentric little duck. Back to top
September 5, 2006
Gulliver came around agin, but waiting for him wasn’t too bad this time. Also got the pieces to his ship pretty quickly, so it was fine, even if the item I got was a duplicate. It’s too bad migratory locusts aren’t worth what they once were. At least then I wouldn’t just see them as a minor inconvenience. Doesn’t look like any of my neighbors are any closer to giving me their pic, though Champ at least sent me on a delivery quest to earn points with him. I forget: are there any festivals this month? Bulletin board just tells me that you’re as old as you feel, and the author feels sick. Does that make the author legally deceased?
Came back at night to see if Wishy will come, but apparently not. He’s been around other nights though, so I’m not too worried that I screwed up my feng shui. Back to top
September 6, 2006
Katrina today. Hopefully she can boost my luck a little. Ah the forest symbol, in its inverted state… great. Now I’ll be falling into the sky all day. Thanks a lot, Katrina. Something aboot a faceless cat searching for something in a cave. I could have sworn Blanca still had her tree face on. Champ’s still holding out on me of course, but apparently the water pail he carries around isn’t just for the exercises. Apparently he doesn’t know what a tulip is though, so I guess he’s more of a botanist in training.
So long, Twiggy… agin.
Don’t come back. Back to top
September 7, 2006
Blanca’s hanging around my front door… that’d be creepy, if the last person who drew on her face was any good at making scary faces. Champ continues to depress himself, since he believes that every letter he gets is a chain letter. Dang his trickery… just be cheerful so I can your pic already! It’s raining agin, with thunder to boot. I’ve got no time to fish though, so I guess the coelacanth will have to wait.
No replacement for Twiggy has come yet. Hopefully she’ll make up her mind this time to stay away. I doubt it though. Back to top
September 8, 2006
Mallory: “What’s up with Hugh and Peanut? They’re always arguing and beating up on each other! That’s not a relationship! That’s more like a family!” Here here… though I’m sorry that duck families are exposed to that level of dysfunction too.
Blathers: why would I inspect exhibits? Are you stealing fossils and selling them on the black market?! I KNEW IT! Dang it, man! Don’t let your sister guilt you into buying her nice gifts like that! Encourage her to go outside more! Date boys! Put in a good word for me!
Oh right, La-Di-Day tomorrow. Should I even give the animals a chance to improve the town tune? Nah. No time. Back to top
September 9, 2006
“Mom” says summer’s over, since she can hear crickets and grasshoppers. You complain, but it got me my golden net after all. I’m starting to believe that Champ now notices whenever I use the word “jerk” in a letter to him. Meaning that yes, I’ve done it more than once. But he deserved it. Got a travel log in a bottle. Told me that someone’s coming to my town next. Good: we still need a replacement for Twiggy.
Got an arowana and a king salmon. That should help at the flea market some. Well… the arowana at least.
K.K. Jazz had a nice beat to it, and Slider showed a good amount of enthusiasm. That’s another one to cross off the list. Back to top
September 10, 2006
Yes yes Redd, “eye on prize”. I swear, for 3,000 Bells he should at least tell me what he’s going to be selling. “Mom” claims that corn plants bring happiness… and then gives me a dracaena. I honestly dunno why I bother with her sometimes. Finally got some turnips from Joan. It’s nice to get back into the schedule, I guess.
Mallary has decided to follow Monique’s example and just tease me aboot giving me her pic. I find that’s usually a good sign though. She apparently wants me to try on mustaches. Prolly so she can point and laugh behind my back. Though it is natural that she would envy them, considering… well, you can’t grow hair on a duckbill.
It’s amazing how many mantises are showing up this month. Almost sad, really.
Geez, Hugh: get better already. And Mallary: you and I both know that fleas are not this season’s “must-have accessory”. Though interesting that having them would change your catchphrase even when you’re asking me to give you a new one. Back to top
September 11, 2006
Well, Redd finally got me something worthwhile. Always wanted one of those red corners. Why it took him so long is another thing. It’s raining today, which makes everything a bit dreary of course, but at least the cicadas shut up. Speaking of which, Bug Off is this Sunday. I hope birdwing butterflies are still around. I should check my stash of bugs though, just in case. I think this is the longest time I’ve gone without getting a new neighbor. Then again, it’s also prolly the longest time I’ve gone without having someone visit through WiFi. Back to top
September 12, 2006
Message of the Week: Balls and windows don’t mix. There’s a voyeurism joke there, but I’m not going to try to figure it out. Tammi wants a roommate to help pay for clothes. I’d suggest Champ, but she’d prolly consider that scandalous. Champ, menhile, wants to visit my place so as to teach me a ‘workout regimen’. Eh, I’ll bite. It’ll be part of my larger goal to dedicate myself to getting his pic through as many interactions as possible. Random thought: gryoids, an annoyance or source of extra cash?
I found another black rose, but no sign of the blue rose yet. Maybe I should try to change around the feng shui around the house? Champ, manwhile, doesn’t understand what feng shui is, but knows that the HRA says his house doesn’t have it. Sadly, he’d prolly be a lot happier if they never told him that bit of information. Back to top
September 13, 2006
…and now it’s utterly pouring. Good thing I got the new insects when I did, I guess. Oh, sweet. Always wanted Gaston in my town agin. I missed the old French curmudgeon. He’s short on words, but that’ll change after the fifth time I bonk him on the head with my golden net.
Heh heh… Peanut looks quite adorable in her Twilight Princess Link outfit. Oh, and Champ’s upset because I didn’t keep my promise on visiting him. Eh, I’d give him excuses, but somehow telling him “I got high” prolly wouldn’t cut it. It’s not like we were on such good terms beforehand or anything.
Random thought: am I just a pessimist, or are rare flowers just that much more likely to start wilting? Back to top
September 14, 2006
So Tammi visits… and gossips. Also tells me how lucky I am, which is a good sign. Then she tells me to drink lots of lemonade before bed… which is a bad sign. Maybe she’s just jealous though. Kody’s moving out. Sad, but I think I have to let him go. Plus, I’m pretty sure I know where he’s going, and it's for the best. I was afraid he'd talk my ears off aboot his previous town otherwise. Sheesh. Back to top
September 15, 2006
On the message board, we find the following Talking to Self: The author’s sister made a bug-shaped cake, which apparently tasted terrible. Poor Celeste. She tries so hard to help Blathers work through his phobia, and he doesn’t even seem the slightest bit grateful. Gaston and Mallry upset each other. I guess opposities do attract, particularly when you’re a total jerk. Or maybe they’ll both just die alone. Also, Gaston’s lonely for a fossil hunter to room with him. I never saw that side of him in the first game. Tammi wants to visit at 9. What’s with the monkeys always acting alike?
Nook’s still not buying turnips for jack. Got a birdwing butterfly, which is going to be saved for the Bug-Off. Also picked upa dorado, so at least that aspect of my luck’s still good. Back to top
September 16, 2006
Yay! Greener trees! I guess autumn is upon us… eventually.
New Nook tale! …w00t. Apparently Timmy and Tommy are trying to trick the ol’ curmudgeon into confusing one for the other, when it comes to their paychecks. Wait… he actually pays them? Huh… I kinda just assumed they were slaves. But apparentlyt he one with the mole on his left wrist is Tommy. First off Nook… moles can be drawn on and smeared off. Second, how can you tell where a mole is under all that fur? Nook’s prices for turnips are his lowest yet this week, so it looks like we’re saving them for another week.
Well: at least Mallary gives me a present when SHE visits.
Middle of the week: Tammi gets offended because I tell her that I think she’s cute.
Saturday night: Tammi tells me that in her old town, everyone told her that she’s cute, so I should too.
Welcome to my world. Or a mental breakdown, depending.
Well, Champ, I’ve been waiting a long time to say this, so here goes: ABOOT FRICKIN’ TIME, YOU JERK. Now then… I think I’ll go after Gaston next. That should prove to be a frustratingly fruitless task. Anyway, his pic has a brown border, green background, and says “Youll never gget THIS monkey off your back!” I’m not sure if he’s trying to be a stalker or something far more unsettling.
Requested K.K. Salsa from Slider. It make me want to get up and dance, so I’d say I enjoyed it. Back to top
September 17, 2006
Redd’s using the “lax adulthood” password agin. Let’s hope he starts a streak of having things I actually want to buy. Started off my letter-writing campaign to Gaston, telling him that I wanted nothing in return, but… you know, a pic would be nice. Oh, and Peanut’s sick. Poor girl… hallucinates that things are crawling all over her. Prolly cockroaches with the head of Christina Aguilera. Not much else going on. Champ is hiding indoors, but I frankly dun care if I never see him agin.
So, yeah… Bug-Off. Tortimer refuses to compliment my nice, new, golden net. You know that when my competitors see it though, they just throw up their hands in surrender. As well they should. Back to top
September 18, 2006
Not a bad day, overall. Found all three fossils and the money rock pretty quickly. Got the Bug-Off trophy (of course), and my tan’s finally going away, so my big bro mustache doesn’t look ridiculous anymore. New neighbor, named Egbert. I thought I recognized him, but maybe that was another rooster. Anyway, I guess it means one more pic to get. Gaston knows my plans it seems, since he’s now taken to hiding indoors. And Champ and I dun talk much, but that’s all good. Yay Day on Sunday… well, I guess every week can’t be eventful. Maybe it could, but it would require more creativity on the programmer’s part.
Random thought: You know Animal Crossing has become a staple when not only does Tom Nook’s demonic face appear in an example of what a Wii Channel will look like, but an Animal Crossing fishing microgame appears in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. I’m guess it involves a jerking back motion on the Wiimote. I’m at the point where I’ve almost forgotten how ridiculous the name “Wii” is for a game console… but not quite. Back to top
September 19, 2006
Geez… Gaston’s already trying to move out? That was fast. I talked him out of it of course. Even if I had already gotten his pic… well, he’s Gaston. It's just not Animal Crossing without his angry, mustacheoed face screaming insults at me. Speaking of drooping things... stupid wilted plants everywhere. Back to top
September 20, 2006
Well, that’s a dramatic change all right. A week ago I looked Hispanic, now I look… like a vampire? Managed to get the Lost Kitten quest yesterday, and got a lovely phone as my reward. It advised me to watch my finances and hold off on getting that tiara. Huh… didn’t know the Ables sold one of those. I wonder if it’s any cheaper than the princess crown. You know what I like aboot Gaston and all the other grumps? You can tell them they stink to their face, and they give you a gift for it. Good times. And he still tries to compliment me, what with Yay Day coming up and such. By the way… where do you even come up with the concept of a grumpy French rabbit with a giant mustache?
Nook update: he’s addicted to a “lick” of honey before bed. I wonder what drug that’s a codeword for. He seems to think that Timmy and Tommy “ate” it all, rather than him using more than he anticipated in a drug-fueled stupor. So, in his rage, he broke a vase on the show floor. Which was utterly tragic, since, you know, he could have sold that. Anyway, Tommy and Timmy took the rap, but said they did it so they could become just like Mr. Nook some day… they ARE related, right?
Got Tammi’s picture. I was wondering how long that would take. Well, onwards then. I wonder though… can monkeys even get pimples? Back to top
September 21, 2006
Gulliver was quite the annoying little fly today. First, it took forever for him to arrive, then it took just as long to wake him up! But I got the pagoda from him, which is new, so at least that’s something. It’s a good thing I don’t have much fruit to collect today. I was going to give a dino track to Gaston, but now he appaernelty wants salmon. I gave him that, and he gave me guff for denying him the chance to give his ‘fishmaster’ speech when he won.
Mallary seems to be flirting with me in a passive way. Maybe it’s because I’m the only one who’s able to put up with her snobbish ways. That won’t last though. As soon as I get her pic, she’s going to find herself very alone in the world.
I found new black and purple roses today, but agin: nothing blue. Still, it should only be a matter of time now. My luck with insects is still strong at least, particularly butterflies. But the town’s becoming a bit of a mess with items, just so I can store all the rare ones. Egbert’s house is very techie. I like it, and maybe I’ll even rearrange my own place to fit that theme after the flea market. It would be nice to have two Metroids though, just so the room can have symmetry. Back to top
September 22, 2006
Gaston’s sleeping in again. Hugh keeps selling me stuff, but demands orange furtniure so he can do poses on top of them like in the movies. I’m not sure what he’s watching, but chances are he’s going to end up hurting himself. Nook’s turnip prices are junk agin, so good thing I sold when I did. When’s the flea markt again? Speaking of which, you’d think that buying neighbor’s junk would significantly boost friendship levels. Prolly not, but I’ll keep an eye on Hugh nevertheless. Back to top
September 23, 2006
I decided to tell Lyle I wanted Redd on Tuesday. At least he stopped hounding me as a result. Gaston apparently likes to stare at fish all day. I wonder if that gives him some sort of mystic experience like in Constantine where you stare at a cat’s eye. Meanwhile, Champ wants to move away… eh, I can’t selfishly hog him to myself forever. Just got to find someone to have visit so he’ll go to a good home. Nook reveals that the spawn are not, in actuality, his spawn. Rather, they are completely unrelated. What, there’s just some town out there filled with brown raccoons that all look alike? And where everyone’s name starts with a t? I wonder if Nak lives there. Anyway, he claims that he’s still a swinging bachelor, although his sigh shows there’s not much swinging going around. Dang it, Nook! She’s next door, right now! Stop trapping yourself in this cage and make amends already!
It’s not that I like him, mind you. I just like her and know she’s going to be an antisocial and lonely wreck until he’s back in her life agin. Back to top
September 24, 2006
“Mom” suggests I go on an all-fruit diet, since you can eat as much as you want and not gain weight. What she seems to be forgetting is why you lose so much weight eating only fruit, and… it’s not a pretty sight usually. The Message of the Week says something aboot imitating movies in shouting “DON’T DO IT, MAN!!” Bah. I remember when catchphrases were proper catchphrases rather than just something you’d prolly say at some point in your everyday life anyway.
It’s amazing how relatively consistent Joan’s turnip prices are. Then agin: it’s amazing how consistently low Nook’s prices are. Also: how is it that she always manages to only have one pack of red turnip seeds left when she reaches Shi’tton? Very suspicious, that. Ah, Yay Day. The day that lets your creativity in insul-I mean, complimenting your neighbors fully shine through. The one I gave Egbert the rooster was a bit too obvious though. Also, a play on the word “duck” was kind of a given in Mallary’s case.
Random thought: why don’t palm trees have leaves that change color in the fall? It’s not like they’re evergreens or anything. Peanut’s feeling better now, though… she still seems a bit oblivious to the innuendo being used around her. I think she was like that before, luckily. Back to top
September 25, 2006
Message of the Week: Clouds have silver linings. Why don’t they sink? Yeah… someone’s getting punched for that one. Graic was visiting, and so I learned that wearing Gracie shirts seems to affect your ability to get a new one. Depressing how long it took me to figure out that trend, but… that’s life I suppose. Anyway, I gave the night sky tee to Mallary. She seemed pleased enough. Geez, does that rain ever go away quickly. So long, Champ. I’ll think of you next time I-Nibbles?! Dang it, why do I always get the repeats?! And now Hugh thinks I already got his picture. Crap.
Redd’s password is “ask for change”. Yup, I think it’s pretty certain that he’s run out of new cathphrases.
“Mom” wants to see a UFO. Fool. The trick isn’t spotting one. The trick is to be in the town third of the town when it happens. There seems to be a flea infestation in Shi’tton right now… too bad they don’t sell for much.
Egbert: WALUIGI SHIRTS ARE NOT GEEK CHIC. …oh wait, yes they are. Apparently Gaston sneezes at people when he’s feeling particularly competitive. That’s gotta be a turn-off for most. Back to top
September 26, 2006
Nothing new from Redd. Depressing, that. Nothing aboot the flea market on the bulletin board either. Too soon? I hope Hugh moves out of town soon. He’s kinda just taking up space at this point. Hey, how’d Nibbles end up getting a melon shirt? I’d say something aboot how I have to get that shirt off of her, but that wouldn’t be right. Still, I do wonder how many squirrels I’ll end up having in this town.
Egbert apparently has an aversion to fish and chips after he ate so much that he got sick. Hopefully that doesn’t mean he switched to chicken sandwiches. Back to top
September 27, 2006
It rained yesterday, so there were gyroids to dig up today. I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t dug all of them up yet. Eh, guess that’s the luck of the draw. At least I’m not digging up the same five all the time or something. Gaston and Mallary make each other happy, but make Nibbles miserable. That sounds aboot right. Nook’s turnip prices are fluctuating agin, but just to spite me they remain under 150 Bells each. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! Egbert tried to leave, but he was easy to talk out of. I dunno why everyone’s in a rush to leave me…is it because my house has no bath to speak of? I caught a black bass for Gaston… I wonder what dastardly quest he’ll have for me next. Clip off some of Nook’s tail fur, perhaps? Maybe I’ll go ahead and do that in advance just in case. Back to top
September 29, 2006
The town’s apparently going through a fad where everyone wears my Twilight Princess Link shirt. It does look good on them, and shows quite a bit of support for the upcoming game release… and then later, the release of the game we’ve been promised since like 2003 for the GameCube. Then, however, Egbert and Mallary demanded a change in clothes. Egbert apparently wanted clothes… yeah, I can’t make this stuff up. Gaston, meanwhile, wanted another black bass. Are we regressing in the friendship meter or something?
So I put the game in sleep mode, apparently just as I caught a fish. I turn it back on… and I’m surrounded by four clapping neighbors. I shudder to think what they did to my character while I was gone.
Caroline is sick, but had the nerve to accuse me of looking a little pasty. Then again, considering how tan I looked before, this is prolly true. Back to top
September 30, 2006
The note in a bottle tells me that another town’s Nook shop is finally a convenience store. Wait… if there are other Nookways and other stores of that nature in other towns, does that mean… there’s a whole army of Nook clones?! How frightening, though it does make some sense. After all, maybe Tommy and Timmy are just clones who haven’t grown to maturity, and who are learning from a predecessor before opening up their own stores and enslaving their own new neighbors. Gaston claims that he’s looking for Caroline’s lost maraca… she really should play for the town one of these days. Or at least for me. He also laments his loneliness around the house… I’m not sure whether he says it to me because I’d understand his situation or if there’s something else going on there.
I requested Surfin’ K.K. this week. It almost sounds more like it’d be better for the intro to an action cartoon show or Anime rather than a surfing theme, but I liked the beat.
Looks like the turnips are sticking around another week. Dang it, Nook! One of you is far too many! Back to top
October 1, 2006
And now it seems the non-fruit trees are yellowish… I guess that’ll help with the acorn festival? At least the flea market’s only a week away. After that, the joys of the acorn festival. Got 43,000 in interest this month… not bad. Oh, and apparently October means mantises everywhere. Or something.
More pink pansies! Huzzah! Still not a single blue rose, but huzzah nonetheless! What do you mean the population of Shi’tton has gone up, Gaston? It was full up when you came here and you know it!
Hugh’s moving out… good. I was fearful that I’d be stuck with him forever. Mallary apparently wants a prism shirt. Such pickiness… I really shouldn’t support it, but I guess I care more aboot pics than my neighbors’ moral and maturational development. Back to top
October 2, 2006
Redd claims that “cash is freedom”. I think that’s a new one… not that that means anything to me. Hugh’s gone, but has no replacement as of yet. Gaston still seeks out a black bass, despite having me trade him one earlier. Oh, and he still sneezes whenever he wishes me luck… I wonder what a psychoanalyst would say aboot that. I know what Dr. Shrunk would say, but frankly… he’s a quack. Nibbles is still conflicted aboot whether she’s my sweetheart or just a stinky, icky boy. I’m a bit concerned that her most primary objection to dating me is that I’m male rather than the fact that I’m human. Eh, but she’ll survive the letdown of knowing that I’m not interested that way… somehow, anyway. Back to top
October 3, 2006
I got a Mama panda from Redd. Nice to know he’ll still offer me things I actually need from time to time. Egbert gave me a shirt, then wanted something to wear for baths (agin). So, I basically ended up holding his shirt for ransom for 720 Bells. Not a bad deal. The message board says that the flea market is this Satruday, and the Message of the Week prioritizes sleep, then housework, then homework. I’m guessing this isn’t someone with a doctoral degree talking.
I’ve got a new neighbor today named Ribbot. He has a ‘53’ on the back of his head for some reason… hopefully there’s not 52 others of his type running around somewhere. I say this because hes’ more machine now than frog. Twisted and evil. He does have some kewl space-themed wallpaper and carpet though. I checked with Pelly aboot the town’s condition, and learned that the town is seen as only average due to the amount of fossils I’ve got ont eh ground. Eh, I’ve already got enough Jacob’s Ladders to last a lifetime, so who cares? Back to top
October 4, 2006
Started clearing space around the yellow trees, since I assume they’re the ones that the acorns will drop from. One of the trees I planted is coming in green though, so who knows anymore. The bulletin board says that acorns are both mysterious and eerie. They look pretty much like any other seed to me though. Maybe ‘Cornimer’ is just referring to himself. Gaston is sick, and tossed out my black katana. I wonder if there’s a connection there. Well, the sooner he gets better, the soon her can give me his pic in gratitude. Why don’t any of my neighbors throw out any kewl stuff though, like a throne? Back to top
October 5, 2006
The green trees are becoming yellow, and the yellow trees now have fruit. Shoot, now there’s no reliable way to tell them from each other! It took up a lot of itme, but I made some real progress done on clearing the three spaces around each tree though The squirrels apparently can’t decide which one of them is my ‘sweetheart’, but all agree in the end that I’m just an icky, dirty boy. Can’t argue with that.
Ribbot’s advice: taking a walk works the body, while watching Natur works the Brian. You heard him. Also, he wants to buy a Glutenizer witht the money he’ll make at the fela market. I can’t decide which is harder to believe: that such a device exists or that Ribbot has glutes. The Message oft eh Week finds fishing boring and slow-paced. I always figured that was part of the point.
Ribbot’s house apparently has a nice space theme going on in addition to the carpet and wallpaper. Neato… plus I forget if I have the space shuttle yet or not, so maybe I should send him some gifts. Tammi’s moving out… it’ll kill a lot of my flowers, now that I’ve moved some of them, for a new neighbor to come in, but I can’t resist the possibility that it’ll be someone kewl like Bob. Plus, she can show off my Link shirt to the world! Back to top
October 6, 2006
Gulliver came around today, but it wasn’t too bad. Got that extra Metroid I wanted too, so now I can put together that mad scientist lab theme I always wanted. Tammi’s gone, with no replacement in sight. She thought the town was a dump, buth eh: I’ll have it cleaned up by tomorrow. I accidentally talked Blathers into starting to dig for fossils on his own. Too bad I already discovered all there is to discover… it’s a bit like The Truman Show, really. I cleared away the last of the spces around the trees, so I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. It’s nice that the pie fairy keeps telling my neighbors to give me gifts. I’d really like to meet her some day.
…hopefully it’s a she. Back to top
October 7, 2006
And so, the fateful day arrived. No, not the acorn festival. That comes later. Same ol’ story, just a lot more volume: my squirrel friends paid close to three times what everything was worth, while with mere acquaintances it was a bit over two times. All in all, I made aboot 900,000 Bells, which isn’t phenomenal, but pleases me nonetheless. Oh, and Gaston tended to pay close to three times what things were worth… I think that’s a good sign. On the minus side, Ribbot wouldn’t sell his space shuttle, even after I waited for him to go into his house. Maybe I need to start sending him gifts too. Only had a few flowers to clear out of the way of the trees’ path, which was nice I suppose. Still nothing in terms of new neighbors. Back to top
October 8, 2006
My new neighbor is a wolf named Wolfgang (cute), whose catchphrase is ‘snarrrl’ (not so cute). Angry dogs and wolves kinda freak me out). I turned on WiFi, and Nintendo sent me a letter reminding me aboot the flea market. Ummm… great? No incredibly rare item either. Guess I have to wait until the 20th. Joan was of little use, since I still have turnips from before to sell, but I got another red one. The dump was full of fossils from before… I prolly should have checked that yesterday. Eh, it’s still good cash today. I think I’ll compromise for next month’s flea market and just start saving up two weeks before. Dunno how many rare fish that’ll get me, but… eh.
I’m ready for you, Cornimer. Bring it on! Back to top
October 9, 2006
Yup, it’s that time at last. My current plan is to collect acorns as I go along watering flowers as well. You know, to save time. Speaking of which, I found another purple rose. I wonder why the black ones seem so much harder to come by. Cornimer gave me my fortune, which said I should look behind myself. I knew my neighbors were all planning against me! The stuff I ordered from Nook came in, so I redecorated. The room has a good, mad scientist/space pirate lab ambiance, but needs lower lighting. So, I ordered a pair of blue lava lamps. And industrial wall would help too, but I dun have that yet. I ended up with four mush items, the last one being the chair. Not a bad start, if I do say so myself.
Wolfgang appears to be a late riser too. Mallary says he can cry on command… I knew there was more to him than his tough exterior. Nook apparently buys rotten acorns at 2 Bells each. It’s better than nothing, I suppose. Also, Egbert stopped asking for a bodice. I guess he must finally be comfortable with his body image, or something.
Caroline’s sick agin. Maybe she’ just not meant to survive. And maybe I’m going to Heck for thinking that. Meanwhile, Gaston’s giving me advice aboot catching a crucian carp, but apparently doesn’t actually want one. Odd, that. Back to top
October 10, 2006
Got up to the mush dresser today in my acorn hunting. Gaston’s acting a bit odd. He tells met hat his childhood was all aboot hoarding acorns for some reason. You’d think the squirrels would be more into that. Then later, he tells me that bug catching isn’t really his thing… while holding a butterfly net. I do hope he’s okay.
Mallary is sad that despite all the neighbors we have in Shi’tton, she still hasn’t found “the one”. I’d invite her to drown her sorrows with me, but I don’t think Brewster serves alcohol. Pity. Egbert tried to get out of town, but was easily dissuaded.
The room looks much better with the lava lamps. The lab wall I ordered, however, was ugly, so I gave it to Gaston. Back to top
October 11, 2006
Those trees… some of them are really getting yellow. It’d be nice if some turned red too though. Apparently the “Talking to Myself”animal is rich. You’d think with that kind of money, he or she could either find a better place to post their thoughts or would be working too hard to bother with a bulletin board. Oh, and the Message of the Week was to always carry extra shorts. “Don’t get me started!”, it says. Eh, there are some cute animals out there of both genders, but none where I would consider encountering them to cause that much of a problem. Wolfgang’s acting pretty nicely for a grump. That is, if you count being compared to a snail as nice. Yes, Ribbot. Waters do run deep… whatever that means. And no, in acorn hunting, you never go quantity over quality. But I suppose it’s best if you didn’t know that. Speaking of which, lots of rotten acorns today. Also, a gyroid apparently prevented one from growing. That’s kinda upsetting, you know? Like, how was I supposed to prevent that? Still managed to get a mush stand… and almost promptly sold it to Nook in my negligence. I swear… someone really needs to smack me around one day, just to make sure I’m paying attention. FINE, Cornimer! Reveal the “secrets of the cosmos!” Just take my dang acorns already!
Wolfgang wonders why he’s always got to be the one who’s talking. I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t really my choice to basically be a mime, but ironically, I couldn’t. Back to top
October 12, 2006
It’s looking more and more like I won’t complete the mush set by Saturday, though at least I’m not finding quite as many rotten acrons today. Maybe someone will trade me the last two for some snowman furniture though. Mallary says that girls admire the close friendships boys have. I’m not sure what world she lives in, but I’d be interested in joining it. I finally received Egbert’s pic, since he was afraid Gaston had already given me his. That’s a laugh right there.
Caroline’s better finaly, but I’m sure someone new will be sick by tomorrow. Such high maintenance, these animals. Back to top
October 13, 2006
38 acorns left to go after today. It’s feasible, but would take a miracle. Turnip prices finally climbed to something reasonable (though still under 200 Bells), so I got rid of them at last. Cornimer still maintains that stabbing his hand with an acorn lets him see the future. I’m not sure if that mask is cutting off circulation to his brain or if he’s just senile. Possibly a little bit of both.
Added some more lab stuff to my house. It’d look better without al this feng shui stuff around, but where else could I put it? I’m thinking after this week, maybe I should just water the rare flowers and ignore the rest. I mean come on… it’s not like I don’t have enough regular flowers around town or anything. Back to top
October 14, 2006
Huh… I barely finished off the set of mush items after all. And had a few acorns to spare, so huzzah! I can show them off in spring and people will be all like, “Neat!” and such. Gaston and Wolfgang are still hiding indoors. Oh, and Gaston used a visit last night as an excuse to still try to move out, so I once agin had to talk him out of it. Apparently animals judge us on our deeds, and not our appearance, since my visitor was referred to by Wolfgang as a “festival freak”. What, did you want us to just ignore the whole festival entirely? When this is all said and done, I’ve really got to find some more storage room for myself. It’s getting ridiculous. The squirrels are still as perky as ever, and Nook is still selling me junk. Eh, but there are other ways to get furniture.
Requested Rockin’ K.K. from Slider. Is that the last one? Is that the last one? It’s gotta be close, in any case. Also have a throne now, so goals are being finished left and right it seems. Anyway, I rather enjoyed it. Very Elvis Presley reminiscent, or whoever did “Johnny Be Good”. I think it’s from the first game, but still a good one. Back to top
October 15, 2006
Wait… this Acorn Festival is still going on? Then hmmm… that’s a lot of extra acorns to have around. I wonder what Nook gives for them. 200 for large, 80 for regular, 100 for round, and 50 for small. Eh, could be worse. No Joan this week though. Bummer. Yup, Cornimer’s out of stuff, so might as well sell to him. “Mom” still insists on telling me aboot the meals she makes. I really need to find out this person’s address so I can finally tell “her” that I don’t care. Egbert’s birthday today. And he shall celebrate it by… walking around? Oh, maybe that was yesterday. Whoops. And here’s Gaston’s pic! Yup, things are looking on the up and up! Ribbot next I think. Kills two birds with one stone, what with the space shuttle I still need out of him. Mallary describes acorns as “those little guys in those cute little hats”. Reminds me of the time Dogbert sold Dilbert acorn commemorative plates… and then Frenchman commemorative plates… and then Russian with a beret commemorative plates. Oh, and she’s also anti-fashion. Good for her… my shirt certainly isn’t a good fashion statement anyway. A random letter writer informed me of the major difference between the stock and stalk market: in the stock market, you’re rarely tempted to eat your own assets. I wonder if Wendell used to be an investor. Back to top
October 16, 2006
First day back from the Acorn Festival, and my new visitor to town is… Blanca. Sigh. Her design is apparently “Sleepy eyes”. Eh, could be worse. Redd tomorrow though, who says that I will “be charged”. Well yeah, I didn’t really expect him to just give anything away. I wonder though… should I plant some apple trees agin? In the meantime, fruit collecting is easier now that I have three clear spaces around every tree right from the start. Oh, neat. Another four-leafed clover! I should give it to someone I care aboot. Like myself.
So many bugs around… so little cash from selling any of them. Sigh. On the other hand: as of now, Egbert will start calling me My Lord whenever he sees me. We’re still working on the bowing part. Fishing tourney’s this Sunday… I forget what big fish are still around, so I should check that. Also, the Message of the Week advises that if you lose something big, pretend pirates took it. No wonder pirates get such a bad rap these days. Ribbot’s sick… I wonder if medicine works with a computer virus. Might as well try, at least. Well, he claims to feel a little better, but that might just be a placebo effect. Random thought: I wonder what’s written above the recycling bin. Is that what tells me when the recycling bin will be cleaned out? Back to top
October 17, 2006
Redd’s got nothing new. He does have a rocket and a snowboard though, both good for feng shui. But… eh. Blathers apparently found the time capsule of Nook and Sable when digging for fossils one day. Apparently, back then Nook wanted a store with a giant selection so he could stock whatever he wanted. Sable meanwhile, just wanted a store that was pretty. I shudder to think that I might have inadvertently helped that scumbag fulfill his dreams. Yes, I’m talking aboot Nook. Sable’s okay, just sets herself up to be the victim more often than she should.
Ribbot’s computer virus makes him laugh at inappropriate times. Also, when I gave him his daily dose of medicine, he explained, “I LIVE AGAIN!” I’m sure that could somehow be interpreted as an Iron Man reference, but whether it’s intentional or not is hard to say. Caroline was trying to move out yet agin, but I stopped her. I wonder what that “family emergency” she keeps alluding to is though. And why it never seems to pass so she can’t use it as an excuse anymore. Back to top
October 18, 2006
Gracie came around today. Made sure not to wear any of her shirts (or the rainbow feather, just in case), and got a Crossing shirt this time. Good enough for me. Ribbot is neither getting better nor giving up his space shuttle, but I know it’s only a matter of time. At least… it’d better be. It’s quite nice not to have to worry aboot acorns anymore. Almost makes the game less of a hassle. Almost. I guess my big thing to do now is to see what stuff I can trade with other people to finish off my furniture collection. Except for that post office model, since… well, somehow I don’t see me getting that one anytime soon. Though maybe I can still sucker-I mean, convince someone to trade me one, if they’ve been a much more effective curmudgeon than I have. Back to top
October 19, 2006
Okay, so I guess Sable is now sad agin. Which means Blathers isn’t. Or something. And no, Sable. Nook doesn’t just wear that apron around. He now has a nicely pressed suit. You must be thinking of your fantasies at night. And that… that’s when she stopped talking to me. Up to 11 million Bells now. Not sure why I’m noting that. Dang Ribbot… get rid of that stinky old space shuttle already! I’m sure that’s why you’re still sick! Nibbles fell into a pitfall today… it’s been awhile since I’ve seen that happen. Somewhat amusing, really. Back to top
October 20, 2006
Ribbot’s healthy agin. So of course, he’s back to doing crunches. He’s still holding onto that space shuttle for dear life though. Gulliver came by, and I got Manekin Pis from him. Neat. Apparently the sound of the ‘fountain” cancels out the sound of the firebar from the Mario series for some reason. Though… come to think of it, that almost makes sense. Peanut’s moving out. I always thought she was cute, but… let’s be honest: we have enough squirrels. Best not to be greedy and such.
Both Gaston and Wolfgang are apparently being stalked by a vacuum salesman. But only Wolfgang is looking for fossils. Hopefully he’ll move on to wanting fish soon enough. Much cheaper. Speaking of which though, Gaston thinks I’ve already won the fishing contest with a 16 inch fish. I dunno how he could possibly be that delusional. I’ve never come close to entering something so pathetically small. At least not in a fishing contest, I mean. Back to top
October 21, 2006
And so, the trees turn another shade, this time more red. I was right: it does make everything look a lot richer and more colorful. I caught up with Ribbot, who couldn’t wait to give me his picture. But he’s still hoarding that space shuttle, which, if nothing else, is quite annoying. Peanut’s gone, but was quickly replaced by a new neighbor named Patty, who is a brown cow. Oh, I get it… ew. Seems nice enough though, and it’s been awhile since I had a cow in Shi’tton. The bulletin board says that if you’re ever in a new, uncomfortable situation, the best thing you can do is pretend to be an old lady. I’d try to understand the logic behind such a statement, but I’m afraid of going into epileptic shock from the strain.
Fishing tourney tomorrow… there’s still some sea bass around, right?
I never did get to hear a live performance of K.K. Aria, so I decided to fix that. It had a nice, melancholy ring to it, even when sung by the high-pitched, nasally tone of a dog with giant eyebrows. Apparently I still need to get the Two Days Ago song though, so I’ll have to do that next week. After that, it should be smooth sailing. Back to top
October 22, 2006
Oh wait… does Fishing Tourney mean no Joan? Bummers then. Oh wait… doesn’t start until noon. I knew that! Mallary informs me that in order to remain beautiful, one must be surrounded by it, and that that goes for people as well as flowers. I’m pretty sure there’s a game tip there, but I can’t see what it would be. Don’t let your town get filled with weeds maybe? Oh, but apparently she wants a golden watering can. Yeah… she can get her own. Or not. Anyway, I think I’m going to try for her pic now. I’ve waited and she’s teased long enough, after all.
Ah, Tortimer! Good to see you back. I didn’t see you napping in Town Hall during the Acorn Festival and got worried! Or something. Patty claims she can catch three fish with one piece of bait… if she’s cutting that poor little worm into thirds, I’m gonna be upset. At least, I would be, if I knew whether I even used bait when fishing. Finally decided to replenish some of my apple trees. Apparently some of my friends still need fruit. Back to top
October 23, 2006
Sable apparently was quite worried the last time that Nook caught a cold, thinking that he really should wear something warmer than his little apron. Nook, though, in typical Nietzsche fashion (or so I understand after watching Little Miss Sunshine), declared that he shall not upgrade his wardrobe until his dream of owning a massive department store comes true. Which it later does, so she really shouldn’t be all that concerned at this point. But I guess Nook will always be playing with Sable’s heartstrings, while at the same time denying that Tommy and Timmy have any relation to him. Yeah right.
I managed to declare victory yet agin in the fishing contest, despite my pathetic little sea bass. I swear, it’s like my neighbors aren’t even trying anymore. Not that I blame them. Nibbles is moving out… guess the squirrels need somewhere new to store their nuts for the winter, or something. Well, I’ll still keep Caroline around, regardless. Mallary isn’t forthcoming with her picture, but I did just start with her, after all. I can’t believe how hard it is to find fossils since the ground’s turned all reddish brown. I know I could find them all eventually, but I just don’t have that kind of time, man! Maybe I need to get myself some more barred knifejaws or something. Who knows. Back to top
October 24, 2006
So long, Nibbles, and hello… Cube? You’re on the wrong console, buddy! Apparently, he wants to see Aquarius in the sky upside down. Crazy hippie. A candle, a painting, and a cube clock. Wow, Redd, you really went all out this time. You must really respect me as a customer! Jerk. Ummm, Caroline? I’m pretty sure Mallary’s head isn’t stapled on to her body. Unless you know something I don’t. Ribbot threatens me with his plans to move. Eh, he’ll never get the chance. Also: robots don’t get cowlicks, Ribbot. I gave him a lunar lander, hoping that its pure size (and the fact that it goes with his space theme) will force him to throw the space shuttle out. Unlikely, but still worth a try. Wolfgang is apparently being stalked in letters. That’s gotta be weird for him.
Dang it, Patty! This is a new outfit and you know it! Stop accusing me of being a slob. Besides… it’s not like I could wash my Death Ninja outfit if I wanted to. Back to top
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