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December 7, 2005
So it begins... again. You may wonder why I did not start this diary on say, December 5th, the day that Animal Crossing: Wild World came out. Well, all I can say is that I was unfortunate enough to have reserved my game from a place that shall remain nameless so as to avoid incrimination, but one that did not get their copies in until today. Obviously, this sets everything completely out of whack for me and for you, the reader. Having not played the first few days that the game was available in the United States completely ruins the entire Animal Crossing experience, and so I have no choice but to close down the site, throw away the game, and drink myself to death in order to drown my sorrows lamenting what could have been.
Or not.
So, the official icon of the Animal Crossing, Wild World cartridge is... a leaf with a hole in it. Personally, I was hoping for K.K., but I suppose the symbol is at least somewhat removed from that symbol of the merging of the Bourgeoisie with that of the Trickster. After all, it could be an item that fell from the tree and thus wasn't sold in his Sweatshop of Blood and Tears.
Ooh, stereo 'Nintendo'. And Ducky can hold a fishing rod! How wonderful for him! All jokes aside, quite a pleasant intro melody. Better than the first game I'd say. The peaches look about the same though. Oh, so Ducky's going to talk to me while walking around aimlessly like a ninny. So be it. And no, I didn't come to play. I came to sit and look at the pretty drawing of the night sky for hours on end!
Need to buy a note in a bottle before tag mode. Bah, details.
Ah, poor, poor Kapp'n. How sad it is when a character who was obviously born to ride the waves of the sea (hence his bloody name!) is reduced to shuttling people around and replace that freak Rover. Then again, I guess all characters related to the failed Connectivity Era of the GameCube and GBA's life have to find new ways to make do. Look at Purple Link, after all, now serving as a tourist around Lake Hylia. Or Tingle, trying to get people to care about his upcoming DS title from a single screenshot alone. Good luck with that one, pal.
All right, I give them credit. Making the tune on the radio in Kapp'n's car that of his stupid songs while he takes you from place to place was a work of brilliance. Aw, and there's a little Kapp'n on his boat bobblehead doll too. How adorable. And he's afraid of a little water that falls from the sky. How the mighty have fallen.
And so, the game kept the exact same limitations on Name length. And verily, the name given unto the Liberator of The Village of Shitton would forever be that of LuWigi. And we saw that it was meh. At least it does seem a bit faster to use the stylus to type things in.
...yer dang censors are worse than those landlubbers at Nsider, Kapp'n! How am I supposed to live anywhere but the town that has been my home for years, that which is ummmm... Swedish? for Shy Town!
Not being one to censor myself if I could avoid it, the town was changed to Shi'tton. If Tortimer doesn't like it, he can make something of it when I get there. Or better yet, chase Kapp'n out of town forever.
Told Kapp'n to butt out of course. Said something about not being a sea rube. Not sure what it means, but if he thinks it's a disparaging term, then I'm sure it applies to him. What do I like aboot Shi'tton? Well geez, I never thought about that one. I decided, however, that I like the border. In that I can run for it at any time. He called it boy-logic, which for some reason gave me a frightening picture of Kapp'n in drag. I quickly attempted to clean it out of my mind with a q-tip. Bah, should have told him that I had the money to pay off my house. At least I could wait for him to call my bluff. But now, my responses have turned me into a brunette whose eyes make him seem as though he was stoned out of his bloody gourd. They're blue eyes though, so I'm happy. And I don't even get to control my character once I reach town. And my shirt is a stupid animal print. Sigh. At least it looks like Tortimer has been relegated to helping Pelly sort mail, or something.
He knows. The Capitalist Disease-Carrying Filthy Rodent already knows I'm here! Of course. He must have been sitting, planning, waiting to once again have me under his control. It must have been him who got Nintendo to create a DS sequel! ?well, maybe I don't so much have a grudge about that. But ummmm... it must have been him who didn't want Nintendo to provide a dial-up option for the Wi Fi connection! Yes, that's it.
Nook, in a giving mood, huh? As I remember it, the only times he's like that is when Redd's around to steal away his customers. I suppose a preference for Redd over Nook depends whether you go for the philosophy 'the grass is greener on the other side of the pasture? or ?I'd rather be with the Devil I know than the one I don't?. Personally, I?m undecided. Both want to rob me blind, Redd just hasn't had an opportunity to work me to the bone too. And I have? all of four neighbors? Is that normal? Let's see? Rasher, Portia, and Dotty. Portia sounds familiar. Also sounds like a female pig, like Sue E. If so, ugh.
Getting a map from Pelly? Heresy! See what happens when you get too full of yourself, Booker? The important things you used to do are neglected and eventually taken by unworthy geese creatures! Finally, get to move around. Not all that counterintuitive, really. Told Pelly that her mother was a cat, but she seemed to ignore it. Bah. Recycling pickup? How very? envrironmental.
Posted a note on the bulletin board to future visitors on where to find my house if they're looking to worship me and offer me free presents. Should come in handy soon. Picked up my first 100 Bells by shaking a tree. Glad that still works. Still have to drag it to my wallet though. What a ummm? drag?
Dotty is a black and white bunny thing with no nose. Her fur coloration sort of reminds me of one of my cats, so she may continue to live in my town. For now.
'she called me ?wee one?. Remembering who else use to say that one, I quickly changed my mind and decided on my first goal: get a net. Copper and Booker won't open up yet. Figures.
I must say, Shi'tton is quite lucky. In that there's no snow on the ground there and my character can go around in short-sleeves without dying from frostbite. Quite lucky indeed. The official town fruit is apparently apples. Oh good, I like those. Where's my personal gyroid assistant though? I know I don't want to walk back to my house any time I have to save, but surely they could save some function for it.
Entered my house, managed to light the candle by putting it away and take it back out again. I hope that's not the only way to do it. Nope, just did that by accident. I also hope there's no way to burn my own house down with that. Other houses, on the other hand, I would be fine with.
Upstairs has my bed, and apparently a supposedly very restful song. I hope I can shut that off.
So, who is this mysterious cat that the phone's talking about? Is it Blanca agin? Anyway, I of course allowed all.
As I assumed would happen, the Nookie one sought me out once I checked out my house. At least the roof's green. I didn't order anything, you manipulative scum! And the house is a dump and you know it! 19,800 Bells, huh? How oddly exact, though I remember it being the same the last time too. I just realized: how am I going to make any real money fast without the island? Hmmmm? I?ve got it! Manipulate other users into giving me their hard-earned Bell! Brilliant! I mean uhhh? hey you! Reader! Come on down to Beautiful Shi'tton! Enjoy our unique, sights, sounds, and rare items at exorbita-at reasonable prices! Open whenever I have time to get to a Hot-spot!
I hope flowers aren't as easy to kill in this game as the last one.
Ah yes, Portia, the dalmatian, who apparently wants a present. Meh, have an apple and shut it. Told Portia my birthday instead when she talked to me next. My real one, thought finding out what they give out on that day by setting it for tomorrow was tempting. Most important trait? well, beauty kinda doesn't matter so much when you're surrounded by alligator and hippo-faced furries, so I went with charisma. I?m sure most people did, as it's so very capslocked. Talked to Blathers, flirted with Celeste. She though I was just teasing, but really, who wouldn't want cute little owl children that can turn their necks all the way around and fly around the house for short distances? Tried out constellation designer. Had some trouble making the Universe flip the Earth the bird, so I settled with a side profile of Luigi's hat and nose. Apparently, next time it'll be seen is on January 19th at 6 pm. Best get to spreading the news then.
Cross-breed flowers, huh? That's a new one. Now if only I particularly cared?
Rasher appears to be a big with some stitch-patterned scars. Interesting. He's got a television with some Pac-Man-type thing running. How odd. He gives me a death glare and says we should drink green tea together. How? unconventional. It's like kicking someone in the groin while professing your undying love for them. He also has a doll that looks like one of the Wario Brothers? relatives. Possibly Booster. This new control method? could make pitfalls a problem.
Nook's Cranny is apparently right next to the Able Sister's. Is that normal? What will he do when he needs to expand? Oh, and I'll probably have to pay each time I want to create a pattern now. Great. Started to socialize with Sable so she won't be so boring. Big bro mustache is already available? gah! All right, you win Nook! I'll do your dang chores! Yeah, that Nook? he's not nearly as friendly in private. But I figured as much.
Job one: plant trees and flowers around Nook's shop. Sure, like he'll notice where I plant them. Errr? isn't there some way to both move and plant/drop things? If not, that's going to be a hassle. There now, spruced up the area around my house quite nicely I'd say! Won't Nook be proud of me? Nope, he hates that I?ve changed back into my work clothes? but accepts it. About time he pulled the rod out of his furry button.
Job two: introduce myself to people. The town layout's pretty plain, now that I look at it. River down the center, one bridge in the center, that's it. Tortimer wants to know who I respect most: chief, mayor, mail clerk, or CEO. I guess mail clerk: at least he has a somewhat humble role in society. This of course chilled him to the bone, but I thought it was best to explain the circumstances of our relationship right from the get-go.
Circumstances in that I respect him about as much as I respect a bit of lint I find in my ear when I wake up. Apparently he's taking part-time work as a stalker now. Guess I should keep that in mind.
Job three: deliver furniture to Rasher. Straight there, straight back. Tsch. Yeah right. I wasn't too surprised that I couldn't put the delivery in my house instead, but it was worth a try at least. Rasher calls me swine. Which I suppose is a sort of insult? or would be, if it weren't coming from a pig. Maybe he's a warthog and racist though, who knows. He realizes as well as anyone else that I?m nothing but Nook's little servant, helplessly carrying out his nefarious deeds while I wait for the Proletariat Revolution to begin at last. His tv changed. Now something about space I think, very hard to tell. Cheerful music though.
Job four: write a letter to Portia. Anyone who's been following us up to this point knows that the letter will not be thanking her for her patronage or talking about any sales. Unfortunately, I had to keep it short and to the point, but I think I said the important parts:
Portia baby,
I know we?ve only just
met, but my love for you
blossoms like a never-
ending fountain of urine.
     Forever yours, LuWigi.
Odd that you still have to go back to change the signature or what to call the addressee. Job five: Carpet to Dotty: No chitchat along the way. Frankly Nook, I don't particularly care to talk to any of these neighbors anyway. So your reverse psychology isn't going to stop me from being a hermit. And of course, I have to go and search out the stupid dog myself, since she's not home. Bah. And someone's already planted a pitfall. GIVE ME MY NET OR GIVE ME DEATH!! ?better yet, give them death! Dotty says something about ?YAAY, NUMBERS?, thus explaining her name. Her valley girl speak confirms this. New carpet, yay. She then goes into a cheerleading routine. I GET THE POINT, OKAY?! That's what the game's missing: a way to just pop your neighbor with a quick jab to the chin.
Job six: deliver watering can to Portia. Nook warns me against using it myself, but of course I can't. And yes, I can run over flowers until they're dead. Hooray. Gave Portia the watering can, and she asked about my letter. I tell you, that Pete works fast. Of course, she couldn't understand it. Hey, Nintendo? Ever heard of computer programs that can recognize the meaning behind writing? Might want to look into that.
Job seven: post on the bulletin board. I swear, this tutorial is so very unnecessary. But, I made the most of it:
Written by LuWigi:
Thought of the day:
They call him Nook, but he
sure pays a lot for
mushrooms? have you
ever met Mrs. Nook?
And so, I was done. And Nook, completely frank about it, laid me off and only paid me 1,400 Bells. I get the feeling that he realizes we all know he's Evil Incarnate and is no longer trying to hide it at all. My character was quite happy to be ?FREE!? Really, bud: this is only the beginning. Went back to sell seashells far from the seashore, found out there's still a turnip market. Well, I guess I could give that a try as a get rich quick scheme. And the machine has explained the point system to me. More expensive stuff means more points, more points causes a store reduction. Typical capitalist scheme to create consumer loyalty, but hopefully in a year's time I'll have the system working to my advantage. So, you can save at the pause screen or while in your bed. Interesting. And apparently putting a pattern as your hat gives males horn heads. How? peculiar. Anyway, I sold all that I thought I reasonably could (the fruit I?m figuring might be useful in trades and such), and outfitted myself with a security shirt, big bro's mustache, and police cap, thus making me look? like a carbon copy of one of the Village People. Yeah? at least my eyes go well with the cap. But, by then I realized how much time I had wasted on the game and decided to go quit already. There'll be plenty of time for everything else tomorrow, right?
?is saving supposed to take this long?
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December 8, 2005
Bright and early, it's time to game agin! Oh good, the trees are growing. No new mail though. How odd. And weeds already. Bah, that's going to be a pain. Apparently a new neighbor moved in though, named Stitches. Sounds like a better name for Lucky the mummified dog if you ask me. Nice house though. Looks to be two story, but of course isn't. Nope, Stitches has a toy room montage with boxes all around, and appears to a badly-stitched together stuffed bear. You know, like one of those 'rejects? at Neopets. (LouWeeJee's AC site has nothing to do with Neopets, nor does it encourage you to have anything to do with it.) His catchphrase? 'stuffin??. Yeah, we're going to have to fix that one. He says something about wanting to walk around naked, and I notice he's not wearing any pants. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a conversation, and thus cannot run out of his house screaming. Nook mentioned the Happy Room Academy. I figure I'll do it. After all, I?m sure you still can get something out of them. Bought a net, fishing rod, and some paper from Nook. Slavedriving scum or not, I'll need some proper supplies to start my little revolution. The Able Sisters were selling a hat and mustache combo and a hardhat. I swear, it's like the store is designed to fit the needs of the Village People and no one else. Apparently I can send a letter? to my future self? But I stuck with Portia for now:
Portia baby,
Here is the fruit you
wanted. Like this apple,
you are both juicy and
	Let me have a taste! (heart)
Obviously, I sent her the apple she wanted along with it.
What? Crazy Redd's is password protected now? How is he supposed to rip people off with that attitude? Apparently, the correct answer to ?No flowers? is not, oddly enough, ?Only Bells!?
Pelly says our town environment is passable. Yeah yeah, more flowers and trees, I get the picture. Also, Boondox apparently needs donations so that they don't eat dirt all day. Well, I suppose they have provided me with a few hours of laughs so far. Hopefully more when I have time to watch Adult Swim agin. But? later. And apparently Pelly can fake crying rather easily.
Oh good, someone built another stone bridge already. They could at least ask me though. Had some trouble getting the hang of fishing. Found the controller worked better than the stylus for setting up my shot. Eventually got a sea bass though. Guess I should donate before I start selling, eh? Sea butterfly, that's a new one.
Blathers, as usual, was asleep. Figures. And is still obsessed with eating every fish he finds. Sashimi, I should try that. This sea butterly is apparently some sort of mollusk. Such an? utterly unfitting name. I think Portia scared away one of the fish I was hunting. Well, it sure wasn't my fault!
Carpe carp? Geez, and I thought the puns in the original game were lame. And Blathers? jokes about the perch were even worse.
Dotty wanted to tell me about her new nickname for me, but I wasn't taking the bait. I figure if the fish are much smarter at avoiding my techniques, then I should be too. Rasher's house looks oddly different today.
Finally, when I had enough money, I made an update to the GameCube version of Shitton's most popular shirt, which of course had my name on it. I titled it 'servitude?. 'twas a bit hard to see though. Oh well, I'll tweak it later. Right now, it's time to call it a day.
Oh great. Snowflakes. I guess it was inevitable though. Back to top
December 9, 2005
So, it turns out that the problem with Wi Fi might be due to the router I?m using, and not the game. While I can't fix it yet, at least I know that I might be able to keep Shi'tton. Oh great. ?mom? stalks me yet agin! Who are you, person, and why must you follow me through consoles like this?! Apparently 'she? tried my shirt on but couldn't breathe. Which means 'she's both a. Fatter than me, and b. even stranger than I originally thought. Anyway, the stretched, formerly used shirt is a Spanish shirt, which is? a black tank top on a pink shirt. Yeah? I?m not wearing that. Portia, meanwhile, is calling herself ?Princess? (which I guess is more flattering to her than ?Portia baby?), and complains about being too busy to read my letters. What a? well, never mind. I?m sure I made that joke already before. Anyway, she gave me a chic wall. I love how the items of furniture think enough of themselves to call themselves chic, cool and the like. Hmmm? where's Resetti? New neighbor today, named Kitt. Kitt is a kangaroo, and also has boxes in her house. Maybe that's just a first day thing? She calls me ?child?. I'd be upset by this, but I?ve heard so much worse. Yeah, she says tomorrow she'll be all cleaned up. Guess I'll check in then. Dotty plans to move away forever, apparently to get some sort of 'star? in this town. I guess that's a ranking, maybe when you pay off all your loans. Bah, and I thought fishing would be hard without the rumble feature. This game isn't compatible with the Metroid Prime Pinball pack, right?
Awwww? Portia's wearing my shirt. How? oddly ironic, though at least I know she still cares. And wants to serve my every whim, apparently. What? The same tools as yesterday, huh? Thanks a lot, Nook. Okay, so a dab is apparently an olive flounder. And now there's a button to show off your catch. I guess that's cool for multiplayer or something. The upside of fishing variety? More things to catch and look for and thus longer periods of fun. The downside? I just want to catch something I already have before so I can sell it instead of donating.
Note to self: when finding a beehive, it's not a particular good idea to accidentally hit start. Speaking of which, Village People Mario looks particularly pathetic with a swollen eye. Just thought I'd point that out.
Rasher showed me a letter from his secret admirer. Somethjing about his elbows like macaroni cooked in a celestial kitchen. What do you want to bet if I wrote him that same exact letter, he wouldn't recognize a single of those words? He warned me to look for subterreanen pirate lairs with weird markings on the ground. I didn't know Resetti was a pirate. I should send him this hat in the Able Sisters? store so he'll be more recognizable. Blathers wants to try out octopus ink pasta. And here I thought at one point that the idea of salmon jerky was novel.
I sent Portia the Spanish shirt from mom, since she keeps talking about new clothes. Made sure to sign it ?Hope you like sweat stains!? Dotty asked me a pop quiz, and pretended I got it right the first time with ?five pickles?. I figure Nintendo and pickles will always be interconnected. Them or frog boys. And so she gave me a security shirt. Wow? duplicates already. When am I going to get a job though? Went on a bit of a shopping spree after fishing, since the clothesline pole strangely caught my eye. It's amazing, you know, how an old boot can gyrate and move in such a way so as to resemble a very alive and active fish. Looks like the weather service on the bulletin board is absolutely certain that there will be a snowstorm tomorrow, and they tell the boy who is forever trapped in short sleeves and shorts to dress warmly when he goes out. Ummmm? right. Hmmm? white knight and a wide-screen tv in the recycling bin. Such very? unjunklike items. Oh well, guess it's not the time to complain. The widescreen tv had news and weather. It made me feel very? peaceful. I may not have an electric lamp, and I may not have enough room in my hut to stretch my legs, but at least I have television.
Oookay? only in Animal Crossing can you buy a shirt from someone for 460 Bells, talk to that person again, offer to sell them that same shirt, and get 500 Bells for your troubles. Oh, that's the joke. A dab apparently looks like an olive flounder, or something. And thanks to the modern technology of a smooth scrolling world, you can actually see more than one fish in the same acre! Wow! And apparently adding a koi to the museum is the equivalent of the Second Coming, according to Blathers. Nutball. And now I?m bored, so I'll wait until tomorrow to worry about paying off my loan and upgrading already. Back to top
December 10, 2005
So today, I was visited by the dreaded creature known as Lyle. I guess I answered his questions too pessimistically, since he forced his ?insurance policy? onto me. Normally, this would traumatize most gamers, but I figure 3,000 Bells is nothing in the scheme of things. I did forget to make sure he has his own policy by beating him into a bloody pulp with the net though. Maybe next time. I did find K.K. in his spot in the diner though. Apparently he comes in around 7 or so and does a sound check until 8. I guess it's more realistic that way, but? bah. Bought a Festive Tree from Nook, since I figured this would be my only chance. It seemed very? familiar for Nintendo's decision to make the holidays in the game non-culturally specific. Still no shovel to be found in his shop, but I did get watering can thingy. Didn't particularly care to try it out, but maybe it'll come in handy later.
You know? this town sure has a lot of apple trees. I?m sure I'll find room for other fruit later though. Oh, and I?ve got a new neighbor today. His name's Genji, and, since he's far more Asian than the rest of us foreign devils, he's nice and friendly as can be. He calls me otaku though, which chills me to my bone. I think I'll lock him in his house just in case. Rasher complains that neither of us should live alone. Ah, but he does not understand the legend of the Deer Woman. Nor shall he ever, hopefully.
Kitt told me that according to my personality test, I most resemble Phyllis: a selfish snob who only looks out for him/herself. Yup, that fits aboot right, though personally I think I?m a better Phyllis than Phyllis will ever be.
It finally got to be 8, so I requested 'steep Hill? from K.K. I figured I might as well start with something new, after all. Good tune really. Hint of sinisterness to the tune, but would make a good RPG ending theme. I swear, with all the game credits I?ve seen, I should probably be able to recognize every single Japanese name out there in the world. I should see next week if I can have anyone else listen with me.
Now, there's the whole explanation of why K.K.'s the good guy and Nook's the bad guy right there. This guy could probably charge 10,000 Bells for each of his songs, and gamers would find a way to collect them all. So what does he do? He gets us a bootleg of his own song, free of charge. Class act all the way, I tell you what. Fight the power! Fight those fat cats! 'someone should tell him they also come in fat ?coon and fat fox varieties though. The wide screen had some sort of soap opera involving a mustachioed Latin man. Perhaps one day, that story will be mine? And I shall live happily ever after, with my crime-against-Nature dog-human children. Ah, to dream?
Geez, Rasher is desperate for a girl. He even works it into his conversations for fossils. Poor guy, having to walk around with a face like that, as if being a warthog wasn't bad enough.
Or is that projection on my part?
Gave Portia a new shirt. I wish she'd just, you know, settle on something and wear it. But maybe that's just my male mind thinking. My male, human, giant-headed mind. Or something. Designed and put up a new flag pattern, but I don't think it'd be appropriate to show you. Let's just say that Luigi and his flipping bird will be there for all visitors to see. Oh, Nook's is expanding already. Guess I had better try to keep up.
Also changed the town tune to the same as in the GCN version. I'll tinker with it a bit later.
Blathers, you just made up octo-potpie and you know it. And since when is potpie one word?
Stitches says that snow days make him want to eat sponge cake. Which of course proves that the writers were just randomly putting together clauses by this point. Also, he showed me a letter about how he should pluck the weeds from his yard already, and claimed to not understand it at all. How? convenient for him.
Portia really wanted my night sky t-shirt, but I told her I wasn't selling, and she gave up. Stupid animals with their inability to understand the concept of bartering.
Blathers invited me to try a fish taco. If he thinks that went above my head, he's sadly mistaken. Jerk.
Apparently Nook's store music changes at 10 minutes to close. Weird. Maybe he's already converting the place? I can't say I like it, honestly. Heh, and he told me to come back tomorrow. Yeah right.
Anyway, I finally paid off my loan to Nook and called it a night. Victory dance. W00t. Back to top
December 11, 2005
And so, the town is finally covered in snow. I used to have a theory of when and why that would happen, didn't I? Geez. Lots of mail today. 8,600 points from the HRA Academy. It's a start, considering three of the items in my room include an open can, a worn-out boot, and an old tire. Lyle? sent me money? for getting stung by bees. If he does that every time that happens? I?m RICH!! Heh heh? sucker.
Hello Joan? so there's white and red turnips now? Bah, too many choices! I just want money! Apparently the red ones I have to care for myself. It's? a nice idea, but it's winter, and I'd like to focus on some things other than watering turnips for awhile. Some random animal on the bulletin boards claims that it always wanted to have picnics by itself, until it got lonely. You know, Nintendo, just because they look like animals doesn't mean you have to make them completely idiotic. Saw a present in the sky today. Stupid lack of slingshot. The Able Sisters? were open, which is quite convenient. Except they only buy back items of clothing. Bah. I think Sable's finally opening up to me. That wasn't so hard really. Bought a post-op eye patch and a Mohawk wig. I must say I?m a bit disappointed that you don't have to go to the hair stylist and get a Mohawk as a permanent change.
A friend of Blathers claims that freshwater goby taste good on a pizza, so he considers him a loon. Oh really, Mr. ?Octo-potpie??
Apparently the snowman activity is alive and well, and he says ?Fooooore!?, so apparently I?ve still got the knack. Furniture for me, huzzah! Hopefully. Not much else to do on without Nook around though, ironically. Not that I need the guy, it's just K.K.'s not around either and I can't go online to sell my wares. Got a phonograph and ebony piano from the Recycling Center. I tell you these guys have no idea what's junk around here.
Snowman got me a snowman tv. At least he knows what I like. It seems very? quiet though, or maybe it's just this program. Genji wanted to have a contest with me over who can catch a dung beetle first. My guess is he knows perfectly well that I have no shovel. Also a new neighbor today, named Ruby. She's an albino white rabbit, obviously bred to have horrible experiments conducted on her. Also, she has a moon theme for wallpaper and flooring, she she's kewl so far. She calls me ?li?l ears?, thus enforcing the trend of nicknames used to put me on a lower level than the animal talking to me. They shall learn true fear? eventually.
Portia's apparently shivering to death in her own house, causing lipstick to run all over her face. Unless her lipstick is gray and tends to appear in giant spots, I don't see it. Anyway, this can only be fixed by medicine in Tom Nook's shop. So, we know two things:
1. The idea of animals having diseases to be cured with things bought in Nook's shop has carried over from AC E+
2. Nook wants Portia to die.
3. Apparently the shirts Portia accumulates stay in her house. I wonder if she'll be stuck in there if I keep giving her new ones. Back to top
December 12, 2005
I started off the by getting a letter from ?mom?, in which 'she? compared me with a rock. I think today would be a good day to test out the true effectiveness of my net. Apparenlty there's a fishing tourney this Sunday. Sounds like fun I guess. And the words of wisdom for this week were: ?Winners never quit. Quitters occasionally win.? Story of my life, I guess. Kitt still wants red furniture. Hold your horses already. Or joeys, depending. Dotty called me cheap and stingy. Yay! Justification! Yup, that net riled her up. Dunno why I have to use the stylus to hit her though. Nook ?n go looks more tacky than the first game, but at least they're selling axes, shovels, and timers. Rasher asked if I wanted his birch flooring, and then apparently I had to respond based on a scale of some sort. I was kinda apathetic, so I got it for free. Hmmmm?
Spent awhile mixing it up between digging and watering the flowers. Not sure why about the second part. After all, it's winter, and I don't particularly care to perfect the town's appearance anytime soon in any case. Also found the money rock, but only got it up to 400 I think. Looks like that's another activity that's best without the stylus for now. Bah, still need a slingshot though. It's nice that the gyroids are identified by name now at least.
Ah, Nook finally noticed aboot me repaying my loan. And of course he forced me into a larger home, but that was to be expected.
Finally gave Portia some medicine. Can't be expected to carry on a sham of a courting relationship with someone who's dead. She says I?m the only friend in the world that she has. As long as it's not implying ?just friends?, I think I?m ok.
Apparently Blathers got the power to identify fossils through a correspondence course. You know? that doesn't make me feel very good aboot his inherent talents. You do have to hand it to the writers though: they do seem to know a thing or two aboot paleontology. The shark tooth's a new one, but I think the rest I donated were in the old game too. Oh, and he still hates pill bugs.
Stitches, it's aboot dang time. Top dog is Redd's password, huh? Well, I guess at least the guy was loyal enough to tell me. So, I told him our hearts were nearly joined as one when he asked. He didn't seem to like that at all. Homphobe. And yet later, he mentions something aboot a movie with a guy shampooing his hair with milk. I tell you, that bear has issues. Anyway, Redd is apparently afraid of the cops. Kinda surprising really, considering they're both stuck as bloody guards outside the main gate all day. I wonder if my costume worries him though. Anyway, I gave in and signed up for his establishment, meaning I'll get a password later. And he's selling a raccoon figurine. How? ironic. That music though? are they stereotyping gypsies or something?
Wow, a shooting star. So ummm? what happens when I shoot it down?
What's that, Dotty? Deliver something to Genji?! ABOUT FREAKIN? TIME!! He gets a green gift, which holds? a laced shirt! Oh Dotty? you are such a tramp. Of course, I got no tip for insulting Genji's masculinity.
Got a perfect painting from Redd. I hope Blathers appreciates all that I paid for it. Then went with the ?coon. It won't fit in my house, but I couldn't resist.
Blathers? seriously man. E for Everyone. Football fish descriptions do not fit into that. The praying mantis is ok, since the parts eaten have little to do with what happened before the death. Back to top
December 13, 2005
New neighbor today, named Kid Cat. Looks like one of those Power Ranger/Masked Rider/Viewtiful Joe types. I wonder what evil, dark, incredibly incompetent power he's trying to battle in order to save the Universe.
Yup, the house is bigger. All the better to fill it with junk I guess. Upstairs looks aboot the same though. Ah, 120,000 Bells? sure, no problem. Finally got a slingshot at least. Apparently it only aims directly upwards, but I can work with that. Nook says ?Oh yes!? in a way that reminds me either of the PC game Enemy Territory or a bad You're the Man Now Dog site thing with the Mario Bros. as Nazis. Don't ask.
I still need practice with the money rock. Maybe surround myself with potholes next time. Bought some triangle shades from the Able Sisters. Huzzah, now I can look like Squirtle. It does accent the cop look though, in a strangely? Germanic sort of way. Also covers up bee stings quite well.
?mom? gave me a baby bear, said it reminded ?her? of someone. Sorry buddy, but I don't suddenly become your bestest little cuddle buddy just because you wish for it hard enough. Lots of nice things in the dump today though. I can almost feel my catalog growing? does that sound sick to you too?
Seismo tail? Like seismosaurus? Hmmm? that's pretty obscure. Not bad, Nintendo. Not bad. Back to top
December 14, 2005
?mom? wrote me a letter aboot ?jumping the puddle?. I?m not sure what that's symbolic for exactly, but I am sure that I don't particularly want to know. On the bright side, I managed to shoot down a present on my second try. It was a mixer. Missed the second one though. Guess I need practice, but I did learn a valuable lesson about running forward to get closer to it.
Seriously, Kid Cat? what kind of catchphrase is ?psst?? It could at least be 'tsch?, or something slightly intelligible. Apparently he's obsessed with his muscles, or utter lack thereof.
Sable's completely opened up to me now, chatting about how she wants another pair of paws around here so she can make me coffee. Foreshadowing, perhaps? What's with this town's obsession with caffeinated drinks, though? Don't they realize that drinking too much caffeine can stunt your growth so that your appearance remains child-like with very small bodies in proportion to your he? oh. Well, I tried my strategy of digging potholes behind me before attacking the money rock, but only got a max of 2,000 Bells before it stopped giving out. I?m sure not if that's really it's upper limit or if it was because my body was angled slightly. Still, could be worse.
No new neighbors today. Guess the town is maxed out for the moment. Genji tried to insult my weight, but I managed to just get him riled up. I guess I?ve still got it. Put together my snowman for the day. While doing this activity, you notice two things:
1. How nice it would be to be able to control the camera angle while outside, so that the trees don't hide where the snowballs are.
2. How annoying it is having your neighbors wander in and out of your path aimlessly while you're trying to roll said snowballs.
But, I managed to restrain myself, and no one was bonked. Yet. Ruby appears to be wearing my shirt. Excellent.
Nook was selling turnips for 134 Bells each, so I decided to sell. We'll see if I end up regretting it.
Oh good, you can still get furniture by shaking trees. I guess just because it doesn't make any sense at all doesn't mean it can't be incorporated into the sequel. Though I?m guessing the leaf that transforms into furniture has something to do with the Japanese Tanuki legend.
Hullo? Pascal? He told me not to slap an octopus and gave me a ship cannon. Ummmm? thank you? I think I like Gulliver better. At least I can order duplicates from Nook. I? did it? I caught a bee? Well, that didn't take long! Huzzah for me! Huzzah! ?and yet I feel strangely empty. As a bonus, Kitt asked me for a new slang. So now, whenever she greets anyone, it shall be with ?Y helo thar?. Brilliant. Oh, and Blathers still hates insects. Odd how his bird relatives would find them to be a delicious delicacy? and prolly would hate the sight of fish. Or something. Back to top
December 15, 2005
Awww? Stitches has moved out? and given me this nice Super Mario Bros. 3-inspired stationary. Well, you win some, you lose some. No replacement though? maybe I bonked him too many times. I shall have to do some more bonking to experiment and find out. Yes yes, Kitt. Red furniture. I got it. Geez, enough demands on me. What have you ever done for me, except be my soul source of income and item acquisition outside of fish, insects and seashells? Genji has some sort of giant pole in his house. Insert comment aboot compensation here. Hmmmm? doesn't look like Nook reorders snowman stuff. Too bad, apparently I could make a pretty penny on them. Guess I'll have to wait until I get some duplicates. Looks like they?ve got Toad parasols now too. I don't get it though: Toad's hat thing was always the opposite colored pattern. Also got a dressing that makes me look like a mummy. Should be good for Halloween and possibly bee stings. Apparently its icon is a helmet rather than a hat, since it takes up both the hat and glasses slots I guess. Mabel says that Sable's become obsessed with me. It's just my luck, isn't it? The one female to become truly infatuated with me in the town is covered in prickly spines. Huzzah. I have managed to discover 'dino droppings?. Oh sure, I'd love to take them back, Blathers, now that I know what it is. Yes yes, you can tell what they ate by looking into them. Just lovely. I did get a duplicate ptera right wing though. Beat Kid Cat in Rock, Scissors, Paper. He thinks finger flexes help you win such a game, so I can draw no satisfaction from the victory. Apparently Portia still needs medicine. Bah, stupid animals and their non-instantaneous recoveries. Oh well, at least the price for medicine isn't realistic, at least not for the United States. Ruby's newest catchphrase is 'slapnuts?. She is no doubt quite proud. Did my first experiment with trying to get a snowball across the bridge today. I thought I ended up giving the guy too large a head, but he seems to like himself. And that's a healthy attitude to take, really. Though he is acting like he's full of hot air. Specifically the head. I do wonder though: what does the fact that we create snowmen rather than snowwomen say aboot our society? Prolly something more than that little boys shouldn't be creating, and in the process fondling, snow breasts. Or little girls, for that matter.
Came back around the night, and it was snowing agin. I guess that's not too unexpected. Kitt says her clothes were designed by Sass in Treehut. I?m not sure if they're just trying to entice me to go online with the game or whether I can actually interact with Treehut villagers given enough donations. Speaking of going online though: I figured out how to do it through the resources available here. Apparently I temporarily forgot that the DS does have a MAC address. But, I now have a friend code, and thus am open to the new possibilities for interaction with other people! Huzzah! In celebration, I sent away a message in a bottle with my town name, character name, Friend code, and e-mail address. Just barely fit it all in, and then went to try out tag mode. So that's where Rover's been hiding himself? he looks more gray than usual.
Town: Shi'tton
Player: LuWigi
Friend Code: 2835-2904-2203
Back to top
December 16, 2005
Hmmm? no mail today. I tell you, this constant accumulation of snow without any sign of it clearing up reminds me of? well, the outside world around me. Ah, hullo Katrina? apparently all the visitors stop in front of town hall nowadays. I'd say that's pretty much preferable, since now I don't have to search them out. I wasn't able to go back far enough to see the Triforce symbols in the back though. How disappointing. And she's jacked up her price to 100 Bells too. Figures. She refers to the world as 'the land of crossing paths?? crossing paths of animals, obviously. Ooh, and tarot cards this time too. She's really refined her craft. Or something. My compatibility with Portia shows a JEWEL (not sure why it needs to be capitalized) symbol in its inverted state. This means that a hedgehog stands in front of a bicycle with broken brakes, thinking? should she break her promise and just be late or risk falling on the bike? Long story short, she ends up choosing nothing and just thinks. This apparently means regret, brief happiness, and missed chance. Neither of those sound very appealing. But basically, she tells me it could mean anything, which some would consider to be quite a rip off. Yet to me, the meaning is clear. Clearly:
A. My conversations with Sable have gone too far and now she is forever obsessed with me, thus incapable of doing anything but think about me and will soon be fired by her sister
B. Sonic Riders is going to be a crappy game. But you already knew that.
I wonder if Lyle covers bad fortunes. Caught Rasher in the middle of a conversation with Dotty. What? A tropical island? STOP TEASING ME, NINTENDO! Apparently Dotty's heart is shattered. I?m surprised she's even cognizant of this fact. To mend this, she must stare longingly into the sea, and of course eat chocolate. Oh, Flash, you bad, bad man-errr, bird. You have surely stolen away this poor rabbit's heart, given her the night of her life, and then left her as if nothing happened. Nicely done. Truly, @$$clown. Oh wait. Rasher says she just got that from a song. No doubt written by one of Flash's real conquests. Then Rasher mentions a Dr. Shrunk. What, is he from Treehut too? Apparently they gave Genji the athletic personality. It doesn't fit his appearance at all, but maybe that's the point. The inherent masochistic fervor that he has in regards to exercise does though. For the last time, man, I?m not going to help you chase down dung beetles! I mean? ick! He's apparently got an obsession with Dotty, though who knows if she reciprocates or not. Oh, and the Able Sisters are apparently starving themselves to offer prices so low. You know, coming out of their mouths, it's almost believable. Coming out of Nook's mouth, it doesn't even approach believability. And of course with Redd it's laughable, but in a good way. Awww man, they have afro wigs too? I tell you, whatever that haircut place ends up being is going to be a gip at this rate. Ah, but how could I resist buying another pineapple bed? Truly, it is destiny to own one. And Portia's still sick, of course. Yup, I?m feeling the regret all right.
Apparently they store gyroids in the dump now. Interesting. Well, nuts. Nook's buying for 165 Bells per turnip today. I guess I took the safer path though. Anonymous tells Kitt that a horrible raccoon forced him/her into a life of indentured servitude, and warns her to watch out for herself. Sounds like me in a former life, but I'd never use such ugly stationary. It gave her a case of the warm fuzzies though, demonstrating that she's a sadistic psychopath. Let me go grab my net. A seismo hip, eh Blathers? Just how many pieces does the completed skeleton have? And why do I keep getting ptera right wings? New record with the money rock! 4,000 Bells! Not too shabby really. Then again, that was another 4,500 Bells right there, bringing my total on hand to 50,000. Maybe paying off that house won't be so hard after all.
Looks like Kid Cat already has the Nintendo bench. Lucky guy.
Bah, first I have to cross a bridge and the snowball falls into the lake. Then I make something far more aesthetically pleasing than yesterday's mess and the snowman is unhappy with it. I suppose that's the problem with snowman-building competitions: no one can agree what makes a ?good? snowman. Be that as it may, let me just say that Nintendo's standards are wrong, town full of giant headed animal freaks or not. But, I want furniture, so we'll do it their freakish way. Giant heads, only slightly larger bodies. Back to top
December 17, 2005
?mom? thinks that people wear smaller clothes in the city, and says that bigger is better. You know, for a crazy stalker with strange, unnatural obsessions and thoughts, you sure don't seem qualified to complain aboot city folks? lack of morality. Ah yes, fishing tourney tomorrow. I must succeed!
Someone apparently threw away the moon today. Look, I know it may sometimes be hard to sleep with moonlight shining through your window, but don't you think this is a bit excessive? At least maybe I'll be able to get duplicates from Nook. 4,000 Bells from the money rock today. I'll bet I can go higher though? maybe using the stylus and not button mashing? Silly Ruby. Cockroaches are NEVER out of season? you're just too much of a neat freak to attract them. Oh? Nook ?n go is closed for remodeling? already. I didn't think I was helping the guy out THAT much. Bought a white veil from the Able Sisters. I would sing aboot feeling pretty now, but I?m not really in the mood. Apparently it pulls my hair back though. Weird. I then verified that the palettes in Wild World were in fact the same as the original game. Phew. Since I was there, also decided to put in my Waluigi from Super Mario Strikers pattern. You should find it under patterns by the time you read this. Note: I thought the final product was a bit too green, so you might want to experiment with replacing some of that green with yellow or orange. Then I let K.K. take me 'to the Edge?. I?ve heard this one before though? alternate name in the original? Anyway, it's nice little rock tune. Catchy, but perhaps not as deep as some of the others. On my radio, it sounds like the sort of jazzy tune you'd hear in a smoky bar. Oh, looks like the slime was involved in localization of this game. I wonder how he's doing. I tried to donate a fossil to Blathers, but then he went on in a rant aboot bugs. Hmmmm? odd. He mentioned his sister, but she didn't say anything new. Nor did she accept my advances. Too bad really, but perhaps it is my lot in life. And apparently, I can only find parts of a sabretoothed cat or pteronodon, but I can find an entire Peking man just by digging in the right spot. Fair enough.Lots of pitfall seeds around as of late? I wonder if that says anything aboot my relationship with my neighbors. Kid Cat and Genji tried to flex each other to death. My guess is they'll be going steady within a week. Finished off the day by making a perfect snowman. He still looks like a freak to me though, and no reference to me as 'the Snowmaster? will fix that. Apparently I need to buy a new note and release it in a bottle to activate tag mode agin. I wonder? is that because the DS ran out of juice, or did someone actually receive my letter? Back to top
December 18, 2005
Redd claims to be ?on the way?, and says the password is ?or win it big?. Yes. He told me not to tell you, but since when have I had any particular loyalty to him? Also, Ruby's having a party on the 25th. To be honest, I never really saw her as any sort of Messianic figure bringing the town salvation, but hey, if bringing her a gift will get me a bit part in a book that's read all across the world, so be it. Nookway is now open. I swear, each store name seems more and more sexual somehow, all the way up to Nookington's. So yeah? Nook does reorder the moon? for all of 32,000 Bells. I think I?m going to keep that one. Maybe, you know, use it as a bargaining chip later on. Went ahead and bought a lunar lander and satellite to add to my space collection. Also bought some medicine for Portia, but she was asleep. I guess it's best to have some extras around anyway.
Got a new message in a bottle. Talked to Sable, who ranted on aboot the first pair of gloves she ever made. I dunno, I think I liked her better when she didn't talk much at all. Found an iguanodon torso today. I hope Blathers assembles the bones the proper way. No thumbnails used for horns on its nose, got it?
Joan was selling turnips for 97 Bells. Sounds reasonable enough. I went with 10 this time. It seemed conservative enough. Apparently I?m not the only one. Dotty is being stalked in letters by some creature that refers to itself as 'dad?, who warns her aboot the dangers of a fever. She's not sure what it means, so obviously it couldn't be her real father. Now where the heck is that other snowball? Or the fishing tourney, for that matter?
Apparently releasing a note in a bottle scares the heck out of fishes. Good to know. And I managed to properly complete a snowman after saving and quitting.
Came back a little after 1, and the fishing tourney was already underway, so I figure it must start at noon. Unfortunately, my early lead was quickly defeated by Ruby's increasing improbable catches of 38 and 46 inch sea bass. She was of course bonked to heck, but I think that only gave her more incentive. I must admit? seeing that fishing pole go right through her head while she walks certainly demonstrates her conviction. Oddly enough, the DS fishing tourney does not limit you to bass, and while everyone walks around with fishing poles, no one's wearing any gender-specific life preservers. How sad. Also, the tournament is judged by Tortimer, not Fishin? Chip, and there's no specific stand to turn the fish in at. You don't even get to see Tortimer eat the fish! What a gip. Of course, the guy's still too dense to react when attacked with nets. Typical. At least the tourney itself spurred me on to catching (and donating) a red snapper. And a tuna, though I'll bet it would have spelled an instant victory. Blathers claims they're not very tasty at all, which goes against the teachings of Kuni and is thus pure heresy. Changed two greetings upon request: Kid Cat now greets everyone with ?Henshin a go go!? (obvious, but necessary), whereas Dotty now uses a phrase found in Conker's Bad Fur Day, often used by Birdie the scarecrow. I'll leave that one to your imagination.
Apparently you can kick in holes without the shovel. Sounds useful.
Is it just me, or does Nookway's music sound more like a Sonic or Bubsy Casino level than a grocery store?
New neighbor today, named Lucky. I remember him! He said he came to Shi'tton because of the smell. While this may seem odd to the rest of us, keep in mind:
1. His sense of smell may have been damaged in whatever accident made him covered in bandages
2. He's a dog. I don't care how many times you entice me with presents, Rasher. You stink, and I?m not going to say otherwise until you fix that. Preferably through some sort of pigedectomy. Kitt's decided to give me marriage advice involving the four somethings? is there a new feature to this game that I haven't heard aboot yet?
Honestly, Blathers, I?m not sure why cockroaches are part of the museum exhibit either. I mean, why get them donated when you can just leave some food around for long enough and they'll naturally appear?
It's a good thing that the dump gets picked up tomorrow. Stupid litter in our oceans. I blame Treehut. Apparently I?m now Kitt's best friend, since we're both sadistic when it comes to playing with the emotions of others. You talk a tough fight, Kitt, but can you bring it?
Don't ask me how long it took, nor how many got away in the split second between biting the lure and running away, but I finally got that tuna. 98.0 inches. Eat that, you freak of a Power Ranger Kid Cat! I win, you lose! Also, my efforts, combined with selling the fish that didn't have a chance of winning, put me up to over 100,000 Bells, at which point I learned you can still only carry 99,999 Bells in your pocket. Nook was nice enough to put the rest in bags agin though. I?m sure he has his reasons. His selfish, manipulative reasons. Back to top
December 19, 2005
I realize that yesterday was a long, confusing sort of entry, so here's a quick summary of all you need to know:
Tuna fish = fishing tourney victory!
Tuna fish = annoying difficult to catch and rare creatures
Making Kid Cat sound like Viewtiful Joe doesn't make him any less of a pest
So I went outside earlier today, heard the noise of a cricket? and felt a strange compulsion to pull out a net and chase it down. Yeah, it looks like this game has gotten into my very soul agin. Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for my lovely fishing trophy. Now let us never waste that much time on fishing agin. Ze apples? please, someone make zhem go away! I tire of trying to sell them all! Finally got Kitt to take my red sofa. Now if only I could get her to shut up about it too. Then she and Dotty had a deep, meaningful conversation aboot what sort of cake they would be if they had to choose. And I thought it was my life that was full of triviality and pointlessness while children are starving in Africa.
Message of the Week: Don't make mountains out of molehills. It leads to angry moles.
Ah, so that's the other way to get Resetti to come out. I guess.
Redd came into town today. I wish he wouldn't complain aboot cops while I?m in costume. Bought a red ribbon and a pacifier from the Able Sisters. Not that I'd be caught dead wearing either of them. Sable pointed out the hedgehogs in the photographs behind her. And yes, she reminded me: she's still single. Coming on a little strong, aren't you? Apparently she's 10 years older than Mabel, who she describes as tomboyish. Look, maybe I haven't encountered a male hedgehog in the game yet, but I don't see it. Anyway, Mabel got upset, and Sable started dripping sweat for another hour or so. Creepy.
Donated an ammonite to Blathers. If he trains it well, it could evolve into an ammostar! ?I?m sorry. So wait? if the only parts that have been properly preserved are shells? how do you know they're related to squid and octopi? Saw a black dot running across the ground, but I think I ran over it before I could catch it. The more I get into this game, the more I realize how lacking my bug collection is. Dotty is getting letters from crazy stalkers that want to eat her shins in a peanut butter sandwich. At least they don't claim to be her parents. Thanks to my help, Ruby's new goldfish is now named Mittens. I?m sure he's very proud back at home to have dinner named after him.
Got a basic painting from Redd. It meant I couldn't get the Pantheon column, so I hope Blathers is happy. Not that I would have gotten it anyway, but? you know. Oh, what the heck. I can pay off the rest of my loan tomorrow.
Actually, snowman, I don't remember seeing any bald, round quadriplegics in the Pantheon of Greek gods. Sorry.
Okay, so maybe I'll pay off my loan today after all. Managed to beat Lucky in a word association game involving food. Or something. No prize though. Does that mean I secretly lost but the game's just trying to be nice about it?
Wow, 7,000 Bells for a tuna. I hope there's not another fishing tourney for awhile. Since meantime? I?m FREE AND OUT OF DEBT!! FOR ALL OF 5 HOURS!! Just some general advice, Kid Cat: Never call a guy with a large, metal net ?lame?. Back to top
December 20, 2005
Well, the house is wider, and has bricks around it now. Still only two stories though, so I feel a bit gipped.. Found out that that dot thing I saw before was a pill bug by catching it. Oh, Blathers is going to just LOVE this donation.
Honestly Booker.. if you can't connect after 10 minutes, why keep trying? Persistent little bugger. Oh well, at least Resetti apparently understands. Or has given up on ever trying to correct my ways? nah. Okay, so now they're throwing out pyramids. I guess it pales in comparison to the moon, but still. Kitt's happy aboot her new furniture apparently. Great for her?
So? Dr. Shrunk I presume. They apparently depict psychriatrists in this game as seamonkeys or some other horrible creation that is an offense against God. He's also a stand-up comic though, so at least we have a lot in common. He wants to change my ability to express emotions, and I want to change his sense of humor and ability to tell jokes. Then again, when looking into the mirror every day reminds you of the cruel joke your Creator has played on you, the development of your own sense of humor may be stunted. Anyway, I decided to undergo psychotherapy. Maybe if I do, I can figure out why Portia keeps developing these psychosomatic symptoms. Oh great. I know shyness. My life is now complete. Stupid psychotherapy and its 20 year span of progress. You'd think the guy would at least start me off with, I dunno? happiness?! Really though: I should write a book that depicts video game designers as highly psychologically disturbed individuals who sit in cubicles all day picking their noses and snorting at the latest Dilbert comic. That would show them. Or not.
Oh? tomorrow, huh Nook? Then? why does my house look different today? Maybe it just hasn't been long enough since the last time I upgraded. I know I should prolly save my money for when I get the figure on how much the expansion is, but? that bird! It's drinking the water! Truly this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen since I bought one in the original game. And obviously, a urinal will make the HRA just swoon, so I?ve gotta get that too. And heck, might as well get the piano while I?m here. Got the new Nintendo Power yesterday too, so I bought an extra shovel. I?m not sure I like all the spoilers in there, but they're there, so might as well use them. And pray that the Able Sisters don't sell that one crown until I can actually afford the dang thing. I?m going to miss the shiny spot though. It just doesn't seem the same to give every spot that same quality. Wow? 9 points from reaching member status. I?m honestly not sure how I feel aboot that. Bought a space helmet from the Able Sisters too. So very? Olimar-ish. You know? I didn't realize that hedgehogs could even get pimples on their nose. And yeah? I?ve gotten to the point where I?m getting their life story now. Wonderful. Though it's not that badly written really.
Apparently Blathers confuses pill bugs for wood louses. Honestly, I don't see why that would even matter.
I?m wondering? maybe I should stock up on medicine for a few days and give it all to Portia at once.
Dotty told me how she uses nets to scare off sexual predators before they can kiss her. I then bonked her, at which point she got all huffy over my nerve in hitting ?A GIRL!!!?
Sexist pig. Back to top
December 21, 2005
So, the new house has gone from brick back to wood. Now it has an upstairs window though, so that's something. Maybe. Rasher's gone. I suppose I?m a bit sad that his ?momporker? bit won't traverse the AC Universe, but hey, that's video gaming life sometimes. Finally got one of those annoying little mole crickets. I wonder how much they sell for? Dotty apparently doesn't know how to spell my name. Really, is it so hard to read the dialogue bubbles at the bottom of the screen? So Dotty sent me to deliver a letter to Lucky. Apparently you can open such letters and read them, but I haven't gotten a decent job in awhile, so I didn't risk it. Maybe next time. Lucky, meanwhile, is all unpacked, and apparently has the legendary Master Sword. Like everyone else, or at least in the old game. I forget if it made the same sound when you touched it in the last game (the ?find something in a treasure chest? sound).
298,000 Bells for the new house. Meh, no problem. Looks like Nintendo Power was right, as I have now dug up the golden shovel. With matching golden carrying case, no less. Now to wait until Sunday and get a red turnip from Joan. Bought a combat helmet from the Able Sisters. So very? Conker-ish? Sable says my eyes are like the shiny reflection of marbles that were denied to her by her late Father. It's too bad she never gets out of work. I really ought to take her out for some coffee and a K.K. Slider performance. Truly, anyone who can match the corniness of my own pickup lines is something special.
Blathers is working on desensitizing himself to bugs by running his talon (what? On his foot?) over images in his insect dictionary. You're trying to desensitize yourself, bud, not give yourself a fetish. He's still retching, but only a bit, so maybe it is working a bit.
Well I'll be? the sea washed up a coconut. Guess I'd better plant it. Oh shoot? you're not actually supposed to plant those on the sand, are you? Well, that just ruins my day royally. At least I got the snowman right, after a number of tries.
Decided to test out creating a money tree with 1,000 Bells. If it works consistently, maybe I can try it with larger amounts.
No, Nintendo localization writers. The pale chub could use some sun AND some diet, remember?
So it started to snow around noon. I wonder if that means no more floating presents today. Got an Ionian post last time? I wonder how many types of posts are in this game? In either case, it got really dark for some reason. I wonder if I'll see any lightning. Back to top
December 22, 2005
Lucky really camouflages well with the snow, I tell you what. It's Dotty's theory that cute girls might not be able to see mole crickets. I swear, I?m not sure whether to blame her for being a complete moron or Animal Society for raising her as such. Still, quite sad either way.
Apples?! I thought I sold you guys yesterday! Bah, now I miss Shitton's old groves of peaches. All stuck in one place, and me with too much money to bother to harvest them. Good times.
Oh good, my money tree's still growing. Hopefully I don't have to worry about running it over now, though I?m thinking? next time, I'll plant it somewhere I never bother to run through anyway. Behind my house, maybe.
Geez Nook, duplicates already? Though admittedly, everyone must go and get themselves a drinking bird at some point. Hmmm? apparently I?m already a member of Tom Nook's club and am working my way up towards Silver Status. What, no fanfare? No confetti and celebratory dance? What a gip.
Sable apparently likes a soap opera called ?Pointed Love?, aboot porcupines in romantic relationships. Wait? porcupines?! Wow, now I feel all embarrassed. Then agin, maybe they just watch porcupine soaps since there are no hedgehog soaps, and it's as close to one as they can get? Prolly not.
Genji claims that hiccups are great for one's abdominals. The sad thing is: in a world where people inject toxins into their face to get rid of wrinkles, I'll bet he could get a whole country to follow his regimen. And shoot? a present floated by in the middle of the conversation. Guess that puts me back at zero for the golden slingshot. I really wish there was more going on, you know, near the top of the town map.
?what's this? ANOTHER COCONUT?!? Truly, the great Turtle in the Sky has blessed our fair town. Well, this one shall not be wasted! To the area between the sand and the grass, where you properly belong! At least? I think that's right.
Lucky shall now refer to others as ?leghumper?. He's welcome.
Bah, Nook is so stingy on turnips this week. Still, I ought to at least hold out until he's over 100 Bells. Or until Saturday, depending.
I finally relented and let Dotty give me a nickname. I am now 'sugar L?. You know? it fits my brand of t-shirt quite well.
Another day, another pitfall seed. Hey, remember when people used to think these things were valuable?
Wow? the game tells you when your battery is running low. A decision by Mr. Resetti, no doubt, but I suppose it comes in handy for me as well. Back to top
December 23, 2005
Oh, I do get something for becoming a member after all: a model of Nook's Cranny in the mail. Not sure what I'll do with it, but I guess it's better than nothing.
Well, it's a good thing Nintendo Power warned me aboot that one, since I would have missed it otherwise. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made first contact with an alien race by shooting down an unidentified flying object as it traveled over space. I?m sure this will greatly improve the relations between Shi'tton and the rest of the Universe. And then I got a neutral corner from another floating present. Oh good, I can recreate that boxing ring and challenge Nook to battle agin. Missed the next one, though, so back to zero I go.
Oh my God, so THAT's where he's been! Oh Gulliver, you poor, simple traveler! How many probes did they put inside you before you stole their spacecraft!! Oh, and nice space helmet. Reminds me of? my own. What? They tortured him through feeding? Tell me the book they used wasn't called 'to Serve Animal?. And now they?ve got him thinking he's one of them, too. Terrific. At least they let him keep his cell phone. With text messaging capabilities too. Hmmm? a device that lets you communicate across the country with text and voice. It'd be even better if you could send crude drawings to each other, say, through the internet? Are you listening, Nintendo?!? Anyway, Gulliver got a message that said, 'don't look back?? Guess he was being chased. Who's he calling big-headed though? Large-beaked freak. Gulliver's ship is called the Porpoise 5000, a reference to both Pikmin and the fact that I shot it down ?on porpoise!? You know where to send the rotten vegetables. And so, it's now my job to recover the parts of his spaceship? if something starts spewing fire at me and gobbling up my neighbors, I am SO out of there.
I told Dotty she was nearly anorexic, which, as predicted, she took as a compliment. Dotty: reminding us that feminism still has a long way to go in our society.
Hmmm? should my money tree still be that small? And bah, Nook isn't even giving me an offer in regards to selling alien technology! What is he, stupid?!
So, my character was at least smart enough to ask what Sable was doing tomorrow. A question she completely misinterpreted, saying she'll mostly be sewing and embroidering, and thus shocking my character into not continuing that line of thought. Then again: maybe she has a thing for Shadow the Hedgehog now. Curse those bad boys with their rugged good looks and outcries of angst! Does she really want to have a boyfriend who screams out ?mARIIIIIAAAAA!!? at inopportune times?
Thr-thr-three hundred and fifty bells a turnip?! MUST SELL NOW!! And that puts me well on my way to paying off my next house. Now if only Nook bought pitfalls? stupid things are everywhere. Got my third bag of medicine and collected them for Portia. So, of course, she only asks for one. Meh, the rest'll come in handy eventually. Perhaps on myself, as I relax in this nice, comfy, queen-sized bed.
Gulliver was going to repair his ship's manipulator, but then questioned whether that wasn't exactly what it wanted him to do. Such are the challenges one faces as an astronaut, I guess. When I finally got the rest of the parts to him, he revealed that he was planning to leave tomorrow morning, and asked that I be there for the send-off. Wake up early on Christmas Eve? What do I look like, someone who still needs to shop for gifts? He then asked if my brain was full of vegetable matter, and said that he would love to see the flowers that would bloom from my ?head-bulb?. Yeah. Pikmin. I get it. He also mentions a bounty hunter that rolls into a ball and a smallish fox who flies a fighter. What? No lovin? for Captain Falcon? At least I got a compass out of the ordeal. Yes, a compass is truly a strange and incredibly rare alien artifact. Or something. Got a new neighbor today, named Hopper. Oh. Hopper. Such an original name for? a penguin? Oh, the Tazz penguin. I remember him. And I do like the 'slushie? nickname. Good drinks, those.
You know, snowman, I?m getting real tired of your lip. Especially considering you're behind a tree and I can't even see what you're complaining about. Believe me though: if I could take it all back with a few whacks of my axe, I would. At least my palm tree's growing, hopefully starting a chain reaction that will make me rich. Rich, I tell you! Kitt apparently still claps at my fishing victories. Go away, I?m in a bad mood. And making Genji greet everyone with 'death to Nook!? isn't helping.
Later this same day, I finally got around to it: I visited someone else's town on Nintendo's Wi Fi connection. There were some initial difficulties with my connection, so actually being able to do it was quite a surprise. I gave the poor, unfortunate lad who just started the game my old, non-golden shovel, took some oranges from a tree of his (his other friend already gave him apples), bought some stuff from his stores (a wizard's hat, and a carpet so he could eventually get Nookington's), and talked to his recently moved in neighbor: Bob the cat! Unfortunately, he had to eat dinner, and so I didn't have time to woo him over to my town through a letter.
What's this? Communication has ended and the game will reset? You may lose some progress since the last save?!? DO SOMETHING RESETTI!! No, I don't mean yell at me!! Oh, so you're a card carrying member of the Reset Intervention Bureau. How do I get involved in that? And yup, saying ?I(heart)2Reset!? still causes him an aneurism. As does everything else. Bah? like not getting to carry my oranges back or get Bob to come back with me doesn't make me feel bad enough. It was probably a fault on the other person's end anyway. Yes, I shall blame him! Denying responsibility is the American way, after all. Things we do learn from this experience, however:
Resetti wears pink boxers
He once wanted to be a dentist. With chompers like that, I can see where he got the motivation. Wait a sec? he stopped yapping and? W00T! WE HAVE ORANGES!! Geez, what was he even complaining aboot? Never did find the hidden entrance to his house though. Maybe I need to re-review that tip. Back to top
December 24, 2005
Interestingly enough, I have been informed that Rasher has moved to the town I visited yesterday. Odd thing is that he moved out of Shi'tton a few days before I had even visited. The town I visited apparently also got my message in a bottle, so I guess I had better prepare another.
Oh, hullo Lyle! Let me just dump all my cash indoors and I'll be right with you! Hmmm? day for Redd to visit. Mondays are usually good. And something about insurance for damaged goods. Bah, certainly not worth 6,000 Bells. I was also dismayed to learn that Lyle has no reaction when I attack him with a net. Zut alors.
?mom? called, and mentioned the holidays. I thought we wren't going to reference those in this game. Also, 'she? says my hamster's dead. Such a nice sentiment. But I got a Corinthian post out of the letter, and I guess that's something.
Well, hey there Bob! Writing me about peach nectar, huh? Sure, I'll teach you aboot whatever next time I see you! Though, you know? it'd be much easier if you were closer by. Two out of three orange trees seem to be growing. Not bad really. Apparently, in the town of Shi'tton, complaining aboot jelly rolls counts for poetry. Uncultured swine. No, I don't mean that a pig moved in. Hopper's upset that I haven't donated to the other town yet. All in good time, my friend. I don't have to be ?ok?, as you say, before I am willing to help others out, but I at least need to have the freedom to make my own decisions, and thus, free from the wrath of Nook. It's really quite elementary.
I fear my money tree looks a bit mutated today.
Hmmmm? apparently you can wear cow skulls as hats now. I should keep it around, in case I ever have a bovine-related neighbor I don't like.
Blathers apparently passed out the last time he was with his bug book. You really would think that a guy whose relatives eat insects for sustenance wouldn't be so creeped out by them. Anyway, it reminded him of the time a giant insect came in the museum and he hid in the coffee shop. So, the animals do use that place from time to time after all. Caught a stringfish. Apparently this means I completely ?rock?. Whatever.
Wow? snowballs are so much easier to control when they're larger. You can even push them across bridges! Yet, I had to physically push Dotty away so it didn't end up back across the bridge, and then it oddly disappeared. What makes matters worse is that the larger snowball is moving on its ow-oh. So, that's how you catch a dung beetle. Good to know. Kitt's getting letters about how the only thing stopping them from taking over the world is opposable thumbs. She says it gave her 'the warm fuzzies?. Yeah? better watch that one.
So, I had that friend from yesterday visit again (he needed to sell things since Nook was remodeling), and I learned the following further online information:
Snowballs don't appear while your town gate is open
Nook doesn't let you order from his catalog
Blathers doesn't accept donations
Celeste doesn't let you make new constellations
You can get constellations from another player just by being in the same town as them, even if it's not either of yours (I got a ?monkey? constellation from a third party)
K.K. won't perform while the gate's open
Yeah? I feel a bit gipped, though it's certainly better than nothing.
Requested Forest Life from K.K. when I got back. I swear I?ve heard this one too. Where though? The first game? It's very soothing inside my house though. Wait? I know it! It's one of the songs played on the hour! Now which hour was it agin? Also decided to finally get a cup of coffee while I was there? though I apparently was forced to drink it then and there. How very? pointless.
Random bit of trivia: ?mike? is actually a nickname for Mr. Fukuda. I forget what his original name was though.
Used my grow before travel maneuver to make myself a proper snowman, and called it a night at last. Back to top
December 25, 2005
Oh good, Redd's coming on Monday. And? apparently people are throwing out Nintendo benches today. Have they no sense of taste?! Well, Nook sells it for 120 Bells, so that might have something to do with it. At least Portia's finally healthy. My money's fully grown, but hasn't sprouted yet.
Oh wow? I just bought a few items from Nook, but apparently that and the guy visiting was enough to make him expand yet again? I hope I don't have to deal with those brats agin.
The Able Sisters were selling a 'regent wig? It looks? a bit Kuwabara-ish. I should prolly just stop bothering to pick up these darn apples? but that seems so wasteful. Found Joan. First, got some red turnip seeds from her. So it begins! Now to make sure I don't run over the darn things.Then, got 300 white turnips, since they were under 100 Bells each. Still lost a lot of money, but I?m pretty confident I'll get it back.
Wrote Ruby a letter and attached a birthday present (a sabretooth cat skull. What? I didn't have any pink furniture!). Kept it simple and used a lot of key words in the hope that she might actually understand the darn thing. I doubt it though.
You have to wonder: is it really a good idea to water plants in the winter? Particularly when it's clearly below freezing?
Bah: I?m really getting sick of this 50% success rate with snowmen. So now you're telling me his head's too big, huh? Make up yer dang mind!
Ruby's apparently holding a party at her place? which is exclusive to humans and bunnies, since only Dotty, her and I were there. Well, a drunken party with rabbits could get? interesting. And she's got a whole moonscape background with some lovely loveseats, also some buckets that seem to be holding some sort of white liquid. Okay? maybe that last part is a bit too weird for me. Apparently she wanted a gift in person, so I gave her? an apple. And apparently she liked it well enough to give me a gift back. Weird. I mean, come on, you can't walk five feet in this town without bumping into an apple tree!
Random thought: should it really take a game that's on a cartridge, thus without memory card, this long to save and load?
Hmmm? so presents can appear during a snowstorm. Rats.
Well, Nikki in NYC, sorry to disappoint, but Blanca is mine to mess with now! It wasn't a bad Grinch though, I must say. Apparently the new game takes the whole square texture area into the pattern, so I'll post a modified version of Twilight Link with my next update. I think it looks good, but man, did it ever take awhile. Also got some cherries from a friend online, so I went ahead and planted them. Also got a new constellation, an abstract one called ?Bob?. Hmmmm? the 11 o?clock song is rather soothing really.
Apparently Booker tells you when you open the town gate if any of your friends? towns are open. Seems useful to me. Back to top
December 26, 2005
Well, Genji's moved away. He'll prolly be better appreciated in the other town, so I think I can deal with that. Looks like only one of the cherry trees is growing. Meh, could be worse. The message of the week is that the high life is stressful, and so one should relax a little. No way, man! I?ve gotta pay off this house, move into a bigger one, and fill it with rare items now now now!!! And then and only then will my life have any meaning to it but I?ve still gotta keep working because-ack? my heart.
Bought a flowery painting from Redd, as well as a Robo Lamp. Sure, I?m farther away from my goal of paying off my house, but Blathers will be pleased.
Kitt says Pete has a dark side to him. Hmmmm? I guess it would explain the attraction to Phyllis. Where is that ol? bird, anyway? Apparently Kitt thinks he's cute, anyway. Yeah? that's a couple I'd rather not think too much aboot.
Blathers claims? the painting I got from Redd was a counterfeit. Well, that's a new feature, and explains what Lyle was yapping on about. But, meh, even having a chance to expand the museum collection is worth it I'd say. And I can still display it and call the museum stingy. I must ask though: would Nintendo have gone there if Redd was still selling NES games? ?What we have here is a Power 64 console! Completely legitimate, friend! Plays 187 games, and you can have it for just 1999 Bells! Crazy Redd must be CRAAAZY to give away a deal like this!! Oh crap, it's Nintendo! See you around! *flee*? On the bright side, the pteranodon is finally complete. Blathers said a lot, but the most interesting was that it had the wingspan of a small airplane, which apparently deeply intimidates Blathers, even after all these years. I take it he had a lot of trouble with owl bullies back in his day.
Schweet, the coconut tree has sprouted! Guess that means it's time to plant some more! I mean, even if I thought it was smart to sell either of them so soon, Nook's closed today.
Hopper asked me whether I'd prefer to be a pirate ninja or a zombie Sasquatch. I said pirate ninja, and so I?ve been labeled as ?one of them?. Yay! I have another completely insane individual in my town! I?m gonna try to keep this one methinks. So I wrote him a nice letter, which went as follows:
Oh Hopper?
We're coming for you, boy!
There will be no escape
This time! BEWARE!! (heart) (heart)
The Pirate Ninjas

I also attached a cow skull hat so he'd get the general idea.
Tried to confront Redd aboot the painting, but he wouldn't acknowledge it now that it's been labeled counterfeit. Typical.
Apparently my friends left the tv on when they visited. So thoughtless.
The Able Sisters were selling a halo. It doesn't fit me at all, but how could I refuse?
Built a snowman, shook some trees, then took a break.
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December 27, 2005
You know, if this snow had any effect on my gameplay whatsoever other than more gyroids, I might be upset that it seems pretty much constant these days. Well, Nookington's looks like a big, fancy department store as per usual. The thought of that ?coon having cash to throw around just makes me shudder.
So, the poodle's name is Harriet. Good to know. Heh, Shampoodle. That's cute. I guess. Harriet wants to call me LuWigi-kins. Come outside where I can pull out my net and say that to me. I went with the ?confident-type?/Bishy 'do. Anyway, that's when Harriet chose to suck out my brains. I knew she was up to something.
And, upstairs, we have? oh God. You know how the thought of Nook having cash disturbs me? Well, seeing the Nook spawn also disturbs me greatly, as I also have to picture Nook having rela-anyhoo, I bought a Kwanzaa flag. And an anatomical model, because I?m weird like that.
The way they talk together like that? so unsettling. Like a hive mind or something. Well, at least I have the option of painting my house now. Or something. Portia's apparently wearing my Waluigi print now. Eh, whatever floats her boat. Apparently Blathers is trying to overcome his fear of insects in order to take Celeste out camping. Well, you know, old sport, if you're having trouble with that I could always do it? eh wot? At least this stuff is keeping him up in the daytime. Or something. Celeste, meanwhile, is upstairs taking naps.
Ok, so now I can use a texture as a ground pattern? but still not as a sign. Hmmm.
Yay! The orange trees have sprouted! Time to plant some more!
Found Saharah for the first time in this game. She needed help making deliveries apparently? that's new.
Honestly, Tortimer? sleeping on the job? For shame! That is? assuming you even have a place to go at night. I?m not really sure, though I haven't seen any place marked 'tortimer's house?.
Ah, so Saharah gives out carpet AND wallpaper for jobs well done. Okay? what's Wendell do then? Looks like Nook's still not reordering the rare ones though. Shoot.
The Animal Crossing team wrote me a note in a bottle, telling me to avoid excess heat, avoid excess cold, and avoid excess boredom by playing one hour of Animal Crossing a day. Well, thanks guys, I?m glad you care enough aboot us to write us letters. But I think I preferred your attitude in the first game, where those letters CAME WITH FREE NES GAMES. Stingy scum.
I wonder? could the hint that presents only come at a time that ends with a 5 be true? Well, I got two within 10 minutes of each other, so maybe I'll keep that pattern in mind.
Got a regal dresser from Ruby. Wow? these dressers sure hold a lot more items than in the first game (looks like 90 items as compared to? 3 in the first one.) So, I tidied up my house, though I also learned that you can't store turnips in there. I guess due to the week-long thing.
Ah, good. Aboot time I had two ?perfect? snowmen in a row.
So I visited another town for a second before having to leave, and found while away from my computer later on that Blanca had come for a return visit. I forget who did the original face, but it was someone different, and rather plain, and titled simply ?face?. So, I quickly put together a Luigi face from scratch, which I think came out ok. I'll try to recreate it later on. Also have a new neighbor named Roscoe, though he didn't mention being from any other town. He's a crazy red-eyed horse who likes checker patterns around his house and has the catchphrase ?nay?. How? original?
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December 28, 2005
?mom? claims that now that I?m gone, 'she? only gets to say ?How was your day?? once a day. I wonder if 'dad? is filling in the gap for me by mumbling incoherently, avoiding eye contact and walking away.
Looks like there's going to be some events on December 31st. You know, it'd be nice if they updated already so that we'd know in advance. Well, at least I?ve still got that Nintendo Power calendar stashed somewhere.
Hmmm? still no snowman item duplicates. I guess that's a good thing.
I think I may have upset Dotty by telling her that I didn't necessarily like her just because she's 'super cute?. Then agin, I'd really rather not try to figure out what's going on in her head.
Sorry, Sable, but I?m still not convinced that they call Wednesday ?hump day? because it's in the center of the week. So why don't you come off it and take a lunch break already?
Bought a Kwanzaa? ummmm? the non menorah thing that looks like one? candelabra? from the Spawn. Meanwhile, outside, Roscoe flirted with Dotty, but only ended up depressing her and upsetting himself. Heh heh? that's so life. I think he's also hitting on Portia though, which is'discouraging. Still, he didn't nurse her back to health, now did he?! Meanwhile, she's giving me unrealistic quizzes to discover my ?inner self?. Hey? you're insulting psychology agin, aren't you Nintendo? Enough already!
Geez, they're giving out these Nintendo benches like they were going out of style! First the dump, now in a floating present!
Three snowmen in a row! Feels good to say, really. Just wish these darn apples would stop coming back. Although? I do have an axe. And no, I?m not hoarding them to myself. I always keep three in my house for visitors. Back to top
December 29, 2005
Got some nice letters today. One was from Mike, a visitor of mine. That was sweet of him. Another was from Elmer, who lives in another town, knew Redd's password there, and? has Luigi's clothes in one of his dressers. Look, Animal Crossing writers: I don't know what you're insinuating aboot the Eternal Understudy, the Younger Plumber, Captain of Team Sidekicks, and Player 2, but you just shut your mouths right now!
One of the cherry trees sprouted, so it was back to planting. Ah, so Gracie has finally decided to grace ol? Hicksville. For the record, I think her new car is ugly. Got a giant dharma from a floating present, which is apparently that freaky, Wario-looking round doll thing I saw before. Looks like Nook is selling some pink items finally. Maybe that'll shut those animals? traps. Bought a ski mask from the Able Sisters, though it looks more like a ninja hood to me.
Apparently Gracie wants to give me an official Fashionista License? is that anything like a badge? If so, then we dun nee-eh, you know the rest. Anyway, she didn't like my responses to her quiz. And I didn't like the questions. It was a mutually strong relationship. Got a subdued print out of the deal, which I?m pretty sure is regular. But, I can trade it to my neighbors at least. And I got a motocross helmet in return, so hey, not bad. It looks? strangely Darth Vader-ish. Thus, I like it. Oh, and Ruby's? moving out. Bah, after all I did for her too. There's the birthday gifts, and ummmm? the time I paid enough attention to her to whack her on the head with my net, and uhhhh? yeah, see you Ruby. Portia, meanwhile, remains loyal, and refers to visitor Nick as a ?nerd?. It's funny though: I modeled most of my bad pick-up lines after him.
Hey, remember when stationary rained down from the heavens due to the neighbors not wanting to get you anything better for your work? Yeah? now you have to buy it yourself. Some would call this an improvement, but it just annoys me. Anyway, I shot down a few more presents, put together a snowman, and called it a day. I think that's one of the few days where I lost more money than I gained. Stupid 8,000 Bell beard. Came back to open up my town to others, and made some money back catching another tuna. Also managed to get some peach trees, so w00t and such. I?m running out of room around my house to plant the dang things though. Back to top
December 30, 2005
Well, nice knowing you Ruby, I suppose. Doesn't look like any of the peach trees survived throughout the night, but hopefully it won't be too hard to get more. And I?ve got more oranges to take their place for now. Hopefully watering them will lead to a higher rate of success.
So, Blanca visited agin, apparently this time having just been at John's place in ?Home?. Ummm? great idea for a town name there, John! Very creative. Anyway, I think he was going for a woman's face, but I know we can do better than that. So I whipped up a quick face inspired by Gregg the Grim Reaper from the Conker series. I doubt it's worth posting as a pattern. Meanwhile, someone threw out a gold stereo. Honestly people, this is getting ridiculous. I mean, it has GOLD written right in its name! Apparently one of my visitors chopped down a tree in my town? so, I made lemonade out of these lemons of betrayal and dubbed it the official Shi'tton chopping block for town executions. Guess who gets to try it first?
Celeste managed to convince Blathers that his irrational phobias are what makes him him. She? does realize how much this phobia would hamper the job of someone who works at a museum, yes? Anyway, I completed the iguanodon fossil. Blathers identifies it, though no one knows for sure, as the first dinosaur ever found. After all, the concept of dragons had to come from somewhere. Also finished up the stegosaurus. Guess today's just the day to do that sorta thing.
Well, it took awhile, but I no longer have to worry aboot those stupid floating presents agin: I?ve got the golden slingshot! Guess I'll focus on the axe next. Now where is Wendell? Back to top
December 31, 2005
When you wake up with strange 3d glasses over your face and a depiction of your friend's decapitated head as a hat, you know it's been a long night. At least I got some pears out of the ordeal though.
Oh yay, New Years celebration. Although? why would they bother to cover the pine trees with colored lights now? Look, Nintendo, just go ahead and admit it: the animals in Animal Crossing accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior, despite him being of a completely different species, and celebrate his virgin birth during the winter solistice because that was the best way to attract pagan converts back during the time of Paul and his disciples, neither of which were ducks or horses. It's ok, really. We accept that other people, other cultures have holidays that we ourselves don't actually celebrate. So stop with this Toy Day and Christmas lights on New Years nonsense already. Besides, not everyone follows the Roman calendar either. Might want to throw in a few holidays for Buddha and the Hindu gods though, just in case.
Finally took a risk and dug up my red turnip. Seems to be in working order. Tortimer gave me some party poppers. Apparently they're one-time use only, but he has extras that he gives out, even if you?ve just hidden your old one in your dresser. W00t! 14 hours to go and counting! Can't you just feel the excitement?!
Oh, hullo Walker. You're a funny-faced dog, aren't you? He likes hockey though, so maybe he's drawn by Canadian animators. Who knows.
Most of my trees seem to be growing, so I guess that watering does help after all. And, I?ve got more oranges. Decided to just plant three this time and sell the rest. Okay, maybe four.
Bah, Nook ripped me off on turnips. But, he was doing it all week, so at least I have no regrets. Plus, even after buying everything from the Spawn (including the kitchen sink), I can still make another 100,000 Bell deposit into my account.
The Able Sisters were selling the same construction helmet as before, plus something they called an HMD. It looks like a mix between a Virtual Boy and Geordi's visor thing from Star Trek. Meh, good enough for me.
Well, there goes my snowman building record. I knew the bottom part should have been irrationally larger. On the bright side, I got a very strange little vision tester. I think the characters are either Japanese or some universal language, as I see a smiley face in one part. It also lights up? man, why can't my Lenscrafters get any fancy items like that?
Kid Cat's resolution is to stop wasting all his time either exercising or sleeping? by cutting out the sleeping part. Sadly, I think I know people like that.
Requested ?Pondering? from the K. Dawg. Hmmm? I look like such a mini-Mario up close. I?m not sure I?m comfortable with that. Anyway, K.K.'s song is sorta mellow, not sure how else to describe it. It sounds like a certain genre of music, but I can't put my finger on it. Somewhere between classic rock and Blues praps? Either way, it's got a nice beat at my place. Something you'd work to I think. Wait a sec? his paws aren't even touching where the strings of his guitar are! What a gip! Well, I can at least pretend to care, can't I? Looks like the Luigi constellation is coming into view. I wonder how many towns have that one now?
Went to a friend's town for the end of the countdown. The sign changed to saying ?Happy New Year!?, there were fireworks, and Tortimer said many stupid things. Unfortunately, I could not shoot down any of the fireworks with my slingshot. Meh, I was kinda underwhelmed. I also witnessed my own town's New Years, so I got to hear even more of Tortimer's nonsense. He said something aboot fish at one point I believe. Back to top
January 1, 2006
Tortimer gave me my fortune. It had his shell logo on it (so that's what that flag was), and said I'd be lucky, have a 50-50 chance of my dreams coming true, will find love, and then have a cold. In the end, he says that ?love favors the foolish?. I think na?ve is a better explanation, as I?m only one of the two.
Portia wrote me a letter, saying she'll spend New Year's with me, since her boyfriend is busy. And she thus laments that ?love is hard?. You're telling me, sister. I have to deal with Dalmatians that don't tell me whether or not they're already dating until I?ve already invested way too much time into winning them over. I think I'll go bonk her now. At least ?mom? seems to be trying to buy my love with 10,000 Bell bags of money. If you're listening: it hasn't worked yet, but maybe after a few more 'tries? we can start talking. Oh, and Rasher from Arcadia sent me a rug after I visited him yesterday. I was pretty sure it was a different Rasher, but this attempt at bribing me to make me feel better aboot his betrayal says otherwise. Dotty, meanwhile, is still afraid of Y2K. Yeah? I?m not going to try to explain that one to her.
Looks like in my post New Years/just generally screwed up body chemistry sleeping-in, I missed Joan. Well, I can still pay off my house this week I'll bet. Hopefully, anyway. Tom Nook's celebrating the new year by posting on the bulletin board. ?Humble shop? my rear end.
Bought a gas mask from the Able's. Hopefully I can convince my neighbors of the impending nuclear holocaust with it.
Did a perfect snowman, perhaps demonstrating that I can, in fact, do some things right? nah.
Planted some more cherries and coconuts. Seems like this is working out pretty well so far. Just need to get some more peaches and I should be good.
You know? this town needs more cats. We already have three dogs. Well, two and a half. I?m not sure what parts Lucky was wrapped together with exactly. Back to top
January 2, 2006
Walker claims to dream aboot fish during the day, and recommends it, since it might help me catch a giant sea bass. Yeah? I?m going to assume he doesn't know much aboot fishing if that's the most rare and spectacular fish he can come up with. He also thinks there's a midget inside Nook's point balance machine. I wouldn't put it past the old ?coon. The message of the week is ?put tight pants on slowly. Trust me on this one.? Well, I of course offer my condolences to the recently neutered male who found out this information on the behalf of all mankind, but frankly? most of us knew that by intuition. Got a solemn painting and mama panda from Redd. Not sure why the mama panda was almost? reasonably priced, but meh, no reason to complain yet. Planted some more orange trees, then sold the rest. Did a fishing competition to see who could catch a dab first with Walker that lasted all of five minutes, the majority of which was spent trying to find him agin. Looks like I?ve got enough coconuts now to basically cover most of the coast if I plant them all? so I did that, and had some left over. I think I'll keep a few in my house for guests.
Hmmmm? the Able Sisters are selling the Mario hat for the second day in a row.
Sometimes I think they just like to screw with my head. Found out that even the golden slingshot has to be pretty close to even hit a floating present. Bah, hardly seems worth it then, other than to show off to others. Which is mostly what I?ve used it for anyway, so? maybe I shouldn't complain.
Blathers says the other painting Redd sold me is a counterfeit too. Bah, how am I supposed to complete this painting collection when this sort of thing always happens? At least the fossils I found should offset the cost. Managed to at least complete the sabertooth tiger too. Blathers seemed particularly upset by the fact that it ate ancient humans. Frankly, I thought that was my job. Back to top
January 3, 2006
Roscoe left me. Said something aboot ?Free at last?. Hey man? you didn't HAVE to wear the t-shirt you know. In his place, I have Angus. How very? delicious? Well, he moved from a friend's town, and.. is prolly the ugliest heifer I?ve ever seen. I really need to reorder that cow skull hat to send him a message. The orange and pear trees sprouted today. I think I told someone I'd keep some of the latter around, and I planted a few of each, but I still ended up making some good cash with the extra.
Now how do I keep good relations with Harriet if all she wants to talk aboot is doing my hair? Well, if it's 3,000 Bells a pop, maybe I should make friends with the bartender first. Dang, the cash register sure is expensive at Nook's. How very ironic. Bought a kaffiyeh from the Able Sister's. I'd say something aboot it being the perfect accessory for when you're visiting towns to chop down trees and generally cause destruction and mayhem, but that would be very politically correct of me. And besides, the ski mask is more obvious.
You know? Hopper's two gyroids do make a nice drum beat together, for what it's worth. Judging by how he decorates the floor though, I don't think he's going to be friends with Angus anytime soon.
Katrina was in town today. The cat, I mean. Though sometimes, I think with her mind, if she was made out of wind and rain she'd be just as destructive. Anyway, I just asked for my regular fortune today. It was the waterfall symbol in its inverted state. Oh great, so she is going to try to flood my town. But wait! ?An ever-responsible and dependable raccoon stands before a mirror?? Who is this Bizarro Nook that actually has positive qualities? Intently rehearsing his smile? It must be Redd! Somehow. Maybe. Anyway, she got 'treachery?, ?pride?, and 'selfishness? out of it. Sounds like me all right? and maybe the real Nook too. She said it might mean nothing at all? but then I tripped on my way to the museum. Stupid Katrina! But, Lyle offered me 100 Bells for each time I tripped. I guess I might earn it all back after all.
Hmmmm? now why would Nook refuse to reorder the halo? I mean, besides the obvious possibility that it burns his skin whenever he gets near it. Well, that stuff makes me uncomfortable too anyway.
Gah. I think I?m just plain getting sick of snowmen at this point. No matter what I do, it never seems to look right consistently. On the bright side, I did manage to pay off the rest of my loan today, thanks to the new fruit. Oh, and Portia? gave me a picture of herself? STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEART, YOU CRUEL JEZEBEL!! Well, I put it in my room, anyway, and if I have to fight off a giant pitbull with a high degree of jealousy because of it, so be it. I'll blame Katrina and move on with my life.
One of my friends gave me a li?l bro's hat they found in their town, so I must say that was inspiring. Truly, I can now walk around with pride, wearing the green L logo that has inspired me for so many years. Or something. Also got a kewl little pinball table that makes noise while visiting Nook at another town. On the negative/disturbing side, a fish I was hunting disappeared through the ground later on. Got a letter from Nan asking why I didn't visit her more often when I got back? even though I had just met her for the first time on that visit. Back to top
January 4, 2006
I was in a rush today, but I surprisingly got a lot done, and even managed a perfect snowman. I found my new house to be pretty much the same as the old one, except of course with the extra floor. Nook's charging me 598,000 Bells this time, and while that may seem like a lot, I?m not too worried. Between the fossils, fishing, and new fruit, I think I can get that paid off in a reasonable amount of time. I put my red turnip and a new mahjong table there for now, the latter of which I purchased today to match the pinball table I got yesterday. There were more cherries, oranges, and coconuts around today, so I planted a few cherries to even it out and sold the rest. Pelly, however, tells me that she thinks the town has too many trees now. Not sure if that means I should try evening it out by chopping down on the top acres and planting on the bottom, or just chopping down in general. One thing's for sure though: the pine trees are going way before the rest. And, if I am going to go on a chopping orgy, it would help to have a golden, unbreakable axe around. Dang it Wendell? show up already! Guess I won't be rushing into that anytime soon, anyway.
The sign at the front said ?If you want to make my sister mad, just cut her bread really thin. She hates that!? So wait a minute? you animals don't even have pre-sliced bread?! Wow? I?ve heard of backwoods, but this is ridiculous. No wonder Gracie hates us. January 5, 2006
Blanca's visiting today. She has a sort of KISS-style cat face, as designed by Keely in Gotham. Let's see if we can do a bit better though, shall we? She asked nicely not to be made to look like a freak? so I went against her wishes and drew a Tom Nook face. Bah, why are the animals sharing their own catchphrases but not mine? Is it so much to ask to have them teach the new neighbors the proper way to say ?caulkbiter??
Bought a nice hammock and metal guitar from the Spawn, put them on the second floor. At least now it doesn't look so empty, plus I have a place to take a nap without saving. Neither of the cherry trees I planted yesterday are growing. Maybe I'll try below the river. Then again, sure are a lot of cherries sprouting today already.
Hmmm? it looks like whenever new fashions are added to the Able Sisters? gallery, all of the shirts become trendy with the animals, even the old ones. A friend added to it yesterday, but now all they're wearing is my shirt.
Completed the Apatosaurus today at the museum. Yes, I know it was once called a brontosaur. Come on Blathers, you're usually so much more informative than this. Ah? well there's something. It can't make it's neck vertical? which is why it's rarely drawn as doing so in various paintings, I guess. I wonder if brachiosaur is an exception though. Didn't I hear once something about hearts in its neck? Lyle is sending me mail in a bottle, advertising his services. I swear, if I wasn't ripping that guy off by being reckless, I would so sock him one. Put together another snowman? Walker helped a bit this time when I was having a hard time getting to it, so bonus points for him. Back to top
January 6, 2006
Man, I?ve really gotta try to be more on my toes. That's the second day I?ve missed out on getting that last 4,000 Bell bag from the money rock. Lucky is bugging me aboot hunting dung beetles and still drinking random drinks in order to look like a cowboy. Not even sure what that last one is. But, I still don't know of a reliable way to get such a beetle, so I depressed him. Meh, like he hasn't had time to get used to the hardships of life. Kitt left, which is a bit surprising, since I thought we talked often enough. But hey, I never particularly liked her anyway.
Ah, a visitor! And it's a cat! Kaitlin? such a pretty name. Also has an apron like Nook's. Ah, but she already has a kitten. Dommage. Says they got separated in a friend's town. Guess that means I?m traveling? What's she carrying around, anyway? Doesn't look like your typical shovel. Hmmm? half pads of stationary dun look like stationary when you drop them. Not sure why I bothered to bring that up.
Nothing of particular interest in the shops or dump today. How disappointing. Now really Kid Cat? did you have to say ?groin cramp?? I?m not even sure the ESRB would approve of you saying the G word. Looks like at least one more cherry tree is growing. Not bad. Decided to plant a few pear trees. You know, just to even things out. Yes, I am obsessive and leading to my own ruin when it comes to the golden watering can. Donated a dinosaur track to Blathers, who says it looks like one of a T-Rex. I dunno, looks kinda small to me.
Dotty complains that I have no hobbies, other than a friend of mine, who she refers to as a 'total nerd?. Errr? I guess she has a thing for nerds? Then she complained that Kid Cat, who on the one hand, is too obsessed with exercise to be a nerd, but on the other, wears a superhero helmet, was stalking her. They got into a screaming contest, which left Dotty angry and Kid Cat sad. They didn't ask for my advice, but if they did I would have told them the following:
Dotty, there is more to the men in the world around you than a bunch of rapists who are after your innocent, fuzzy rabbit body. Praps not much else, but it is there. And all of us do NOT like football helmets! Though I didn't have this particular helmet in my collection, so I thank you.
Kid Cat, don't let the stupidity of other people ruin your buzz from getting high on life, or you'll find your entire existence is full of buzzkills. Trust me on that one.
Dang it Booker? why didn't you tell me aboot the Lost and Found before?! Well, hopefully I didn't lose out on anything. It's not like I need 8 more pitfalls or something. Still, there was all that free stationary I was looking for. Great, Angus still has Kitt's catchphrase. She'll haunt me to my death, I just know it.
New online discovery! People in sleep mode in your town actually have their characters take a snooze. Unfortunately, I can't seem to push them into a pitfall.
Dotty wrote back to me and gave me exotic lamp. But better yet, she called me her buddy! That photograph is so close, I can taste it. Maybe I'll create an unhealthy hobby and try to grab the photographs of all female visitors to Shi'tton. Meanwhile, I kept up my fishing competition with Walker, beating out is black bass for my sea butterfly in the rarity department. I must say, this is much better than bug hunting, at least in the winter.
There were a lot of interruptions, and took most of the day therefore, but I sold Nook the lot of my apples and more exotic fruit, and it was enough to let me make my first 100,000 Bell payment on my house. Not bad really. Back to top
January 7, 2006
There's Lyle agin? time to dump out my wallet! Looks like he's still trying to sell counterfeit insurance. You know? I might actually be able to make a buck or two off of him that way. Oh yeah. I forgot. 6,000 Bells. Ha! Is Nook's nose longer than usual today, or does he usually clip right through my face? His store, meanwhile, was full of boring items and duplicates. That's not like him at all.
Oh great, Nintendo. Just switch where you put the circular design, and suddenly a motocross helmet is now a racing helmet! Brilliant.
New neighbor today, named Lucy, who has already left her house. She's apparently a native of a town of a visitor of mine, and seems to be wearing a custom pattern. I guess it adds a bit of variety at least. On the minus side though, my neighbors are losing the catchphrases I gave them left and right. I hate it when this happens.
Apparently, despite the amount of trees I?ve already planted, I?m still getting coconuts washing ashore. Meh, at least it's a quick 500 Bells, if nothing else. The recycling center had four items, but none of them looked particularly rare. Meanwhile, I managed to con Kid Cat out of a suit of armor. Praps things are looking up. Also haggled with Lucky for a red boombox, which I promptly gave to Kid Cat. Didn't get a picture from him yet, but I guess an arched window will do. I'll give it back to him through a letter, see if he notices. Wow? Hopper actually put his net away while I was watching. That's a first. There's also apparently a limit on how many items you can put in your room before ?your floor caves in?. Bummer.
There wasn't much fruit to sell today, but I managed to catch and sell a stringfish, and so my wallet now has 50,000 Bells in it. I wonder if I can keep up this rate of accumulation. I also decided to fill my second floor with snowman stuff, as a way to both keep track of them and see how it affects my HRA rating. Looks like I?m still missing some, but I?ve also got a good amount of duplicates. Back to top
January 8, 2006
Well, the HRA still hasn't put me above 30,000 points. Everyone's a critic, I swear. Dotty tells me she hates hunting bugs due to their inherent grossness. You know, Dotty, just because a stereotype is created aboot your gender doesn't mean you have to follow it to a tee. Apparently this Saturday is officially Animal Crossing's ?La-Di-Day?, where one's ability to sing is celebrated. Wow? you think all of their fake holidays are this lame? At least it'll give me a chance to talk to Tortimer I guess. Hopefully. Found a spaceman in the town dump. I know we?ve kinda devalued our space programs as of late, but this is a bit ridiculous, don't you think? Oh wait? they mean a man FROM outer space. Hmmm? seems like a nice thing to keep around the house. Joan was selling turnips for 103 Bells. I decided to be a bit conservative, and only buy 300 or so. Though if I can travel from town to town to sell them, finding a decent price for them shouldn't be too bad. Also got some red turnip seeds as a backup. Dotty gave me her picture. Well, that wasn't too hard. Then she complained aboot her splotchy face. Sigh. Anyway, her picture frame is pink, and she apparently chose to be photographed with her fishing rod. Weird. And Kid Cat also gave me a pic. Well, at least getting a good collection shouldn't be too bad. Dunno why he has a pink frame too though.
Oh, I see how it is. First you give me your picture, Portia, then you decide to move away. Now you're blackmailing me into getting you more visitors?! Fine then, just go! Leave me! Just? don't turn around. Or truly, you shall see my heart breaking.
Now why is it that Angus never leaves the house? Is he some sort of hermit? Apparently he thinks that Shi'tton fashions have no class whatsoever. Ah, so there's the explanation. He doesn't want to get bonked. Meanwhile, the rest of my neighbors keep trying to change my nickname. Guess they finally figured out what it means to me. Back to top
January 9, 2006
?mom? is asking me for advice aboot what to do after turning 'dad's? socks pink. It's a sad situation when a kid who just moved into his first home less than a month ago is sought out for advice on chores around the house, even if it is by a stalker who most likely is living in some jail or institution somewhere. Looks like there's another fishing tourney this Sunday. Guess I'll be saying goodbye to my pet tuna for now. Also, the message of the week is that a little learning can't hurt, except at Pain State. Well, at least we know one thing: there's a reason why some comedy writers go on to write sitcoms and movies while the others get stuck doing localization jobs for Nintendo. Redd supposedly had a rare painting on sale? I?m trying to figure out if all his counterfeits are more brown than the originals or something, because this one was the brownest of them all. Still, it would be nice to show off in my house, so I went ahead and bought it. And you know what? It turned out to be legit. They say that whether Redd makes that thought bubble expression when you ask its price is the key to determining whether it is or not, but I?m not convinced. Anyway, Blathers didn't say much aboot it when it was donated. I guess art isn't really his thing.
Wow? I think Kid Cat gave me an arched window in exchange for my arched window. Apparently he understands the art of re-gifting as well as I do. Portia, meanwhile, claims that ?Fate brought us together?. Weren't you planning to move away? Anyway, she gave me a robo-bed. Nook is buying turnips for 131 Bells. Hmmm? it is tempting. Eh, I could at least see what he's selling for at the other towns. 10,000 Bells for a miniature car?! Well, I guess status usually comes at a price. Especially for items you used to be able to only get from Tortimer I guess. Or was that the reindeer guy? I planted a few pear trees to add some more color to the town. Also because I?m a greedy, greedy man who is constantly looking for more money. And then I found out that shooting down presents over water tends not to be a good idea. I guess before I shot that one down, I figured that it would just magically float to safety. It also shocked my character apparently. Donated an archaeopteryx to Blathers. He was apparently depressed to learn that there is no direct lineage between archaeopteryx and modern birds. Not sure why you'd want to be descended from an ugly lizard thing, but go figure. Bought a spacesuit from the Able Sisters. They were also selling the helmet, so I wonder if there's any correlation in theme each day. Portia says if you don't find fossils on the first day they appear, they won't be there tomorrow. What a rip.
Well, what do you know. Yesterday I read about cross-breeding flowers, and today I find a blue pansy. I'll still need a golden watering can before I can start making the big bucks though. Angus has finally left the house. Maybe the suit of armor I gave him has boosted his confidence. But then he got upset at Portia for insulting hobos, people with good personalities, and me. Yeah? I?m pretty sure I don't fit those first two categories at all, so maybe Portia just puts down everybody who's not her.
You know: I really ought to hire someone to harvest these fruit trees for me. I just don't really know how to convince my workers to get paid a miserable wage, work long, thankless hours without any breaks, and not keep any of the merchandise for themselves, no matter how hungry or thirsty they are. Maybe I should ask Welch's?
Went out fishing at night, but shooting stars kept going by while I had my fishing rod out. Bah, why would anyone just walk around without a tool in their hand? Even the animals stopped doing that! It's just common sense to carry one, just in case. Still, I played their little game, and my character prayed when one came over. Not sure who he's praying to exactly? is this Wishy supposed to be some sort of god? Caught a sea bass that seemed unusually large to me. Tuna-sized, even. I wonder if Tortimer will agree about its size if I keep it. Is it just me, or does Hopper have to slap his belly just to clap properly? Back to top
January 10, 2006
Apparently, the star only grants one wish a night. Well, I guess that makes things less annoying. I supposedly wished for a lucky gold cat. Yeah, that sounds aboot right for me. Kind of an ugly cat though. Looks Hindu. Looks like Walker is sick. Serves him right for living around all these fish, I guess. Good thing I have some backup medicine from before. He claimed that once treatment was enough for him, but he's still shaking, so I think he's full of it.
Bought a Geisha wig from the Able Sisters. It should come in handy for formal events, and it goes particularly well with my big bro mustache. Doesn't look like there's too much fruit to harvest today, which makes for a nice break. Plus the pear trees I planted south of the river sprouted.
Looks like Kaitlin, the mother cat, is back. I?ve really got to reunite her with her kitten and get her the heck out of my hair already.
Look, Portia and Lucky: wait for me to complete the museum, THEN ask me for fossils. Is that so hard to understand? Besides, if I had listened to you, the ankylosaur wouldn't have been completed. Apparently when you complete each fossil, it tells you its length and what period the dinosaur lived in. Blathers says it'd be hard to find a more perfectly protected body than something with spikes all over it. What, no corny Bowser joke? On the bright side, Portia unpacked, and now has her queen-sized bed in a more convenient location. Got a letter in a bottle from Hayseed Hilda, requesting apples. So what, you want me to just throw an apple into the sea and hope for the best?! Angus is muttering nonsense aboot the difference between people and snails. You know? maybe we should have kept him locked indoors after all.
Lucky gave me a bow in exchange for an extra fossil I have. Interesting how this game emphasizes that much more having weapons in your house. I guess it's good insurance should Nook decide that you're not paying your mortgage fast enough and try to repossess your home. Kid Cat, meanwhile, is trying to make me feel jealous by asking why I don't make patterns like the ones a visitor to my town displayed at the Able Sisters. Well yes, Kid Cat, I don't make patterns like those. I make better ones, ones that remind you of how much better I am than you will ever be. Now get out of my face before I send Captain Blue to kick your tail! Back to top
January 11, 2006
Bah, stupid cat. How am I supposed to find Wendell if you keep hanging around? Hmmm? interesting. The red turnip I dug up today isn't nearly as fat as the one I set in the ground a week. I wonder if that has anything to do with what items you get from who? As predicted, Walker is still sick. I?ve really got to convince him to get rid of these darn fish already. Well, here's something new: Sable is spacing out instead of having her normal chit-chats with me (which have been the same for each day of the week for awhile now), and seems depressed. Is it the conflict between her commitment to her job and her heart's longing for Yours Truly that drives her to the depths of sorrow, or could it be that she had a bad bean casserole last night? We shall have to see I suppose.
So, is it just me, or is there a certain time of day when all the animals are just dying to talk to me? Today, most of them keep reminding me that I have their photos. Yeah, I took your photo and put it on display. As such, I owe you aboot as much as a hunter owes its stuffed prey. So, if you need to be dusted off every year or so, just give me a holler, mmmkay?
Bah, seems like all the fossils I?m getting lately are sh-I mean, dino droppings. Lucy had a letter from someone named Eirika wishing her a happy new year. Hmmm? seems almost too conventional to have been generated by the localization team. Even has little hearts below it. Lucy also claims not to understand it, but it made her happy, so that's another sign. Honestly people? if you're going to take the time to write your animal friends, at least make the letters interesting in case they show it to someone else 5 years later. It's really just common sense. Bah, I keep imagining that I see a bug hanging from a tree, but there's nothing there. I blame the brown color of the leaves, and the fact that I played the original game far too much. Also, I still can't tell the difference between the shadow of a carp and one of a stringfish. Quite annoying really. Portia keeps giving me stuff. Good thing I didn't let her flee the town. For now, she will NEVER escape. Unless, you know, she decides to move to another town. Not much I can do aboot that after all. Back to top
January 12, 2006
Well, that was sudden. See you Hopper, I guess. Well, he's not Angus or Lucy, but I guess he was never my favorite either. Fossils apparently deeply please Lucky. I guess old, dead things must just generally have an affinity for each other, or something. Portia, meanwhile, seems to think that Walker and Dotty have something going on. Wow? poor Walker. Then agin, maybe if we're lucky, Dotty will catch whatever disease he has and I can promptly ignore her. Oh wow? the Able Sisters were selling a sailor suit outfit. Now I just need to get myself some pigtails, and I can get some extra Bells by hanging around town entrances, asking visitors if they're looking for ?a good time?. Or not. Hmmm?
Sable's back to her old self. Still, I'll keep monitoring her. Not exactly sure what she was working on today either, looks kinda like an alien of some sort.
Hmmm? maybe it's a spatula. What the mother cat carries around, I mean. It would match her apron I guess, no matter how stereotypical that combination is. Oh, and the AC programmers do realize that most countries do not have snow constantly on the ground from December through February, yes? I mean, yes, it gives you an excuse to have snowmen around, but give me a break.
Well, thanks a lot, Nintendo. No mention of events at, not a word of it at, the other news sites aren't saying anything? not all of us can stand to browse through all the junk posts and nonsense at Nsider you know! But, Animal Crossing Ahead, and more importantly, a friend of mine (who, coincidentally, made the Knuckles pattern that Lucy is currently sporting) let me in on the fact that Nintendo has started its series of downloadable items through Wi-Fi with the Super Mario Bros. coin, sent through a letter by Satoru Iwata himself (as I remember it, the items you got through memory card with Animal Forest + were supposedly sent by Yamauchi. Good trivia question I guess). Luckily, all I needed to do was open and close my gate, so the fact that my connection currently sucks wasn't too much of a problem at all. My condolences if you missed out due to Nintendo's laziness on updating their websites. That and Nook's trickery. I?m sure that was somehow involved. Back to top
January 13, 2006
?mom? informs me that 'dad? is now doing aerobics. If 'she? is looking for me to pretend to care, she's got another thing coming. Whatever that means. Ah. So La-Di-Day involves creating a new town tune. And what, may I ask, is so bad aboot the current one? Hmmm? Walker is out and aboot today, so I guess that means he's healthy. Funny, I thought it'd take longer. Also, he correctly points out that it's an advantage in the fishing tourney to have opposable thumbs. Never mind of course that my hands look like balls of flesh attached to fleshy sticks.Maybe it's because I opened my town gate yesterday? And they said that fresh air therapies were bogus. You know? Them. So yeah, Lucy gave me a vertigo shirt (for free, of course, since I?m a cheapskate), then Dotty right next to her said she just happened to want one of those. Yeah right. Anyway, I got a pretty blue ribbon to put in my hair out of the deal. Oh, and there aren't many fruit trees that have sprouted today, but a surprising number of them are pear trees in the lower half of town. Guess I should switch back to cherries to spice things up.
Note to self: don't try to pick up wilted flowers agin. Apparently, my character would just prefer to stomp them dead. Though? I guess that is pretty much a reflection of me, yes. Found Blanca, who had last visited Raptor in Jurassic. Cute. His face looked a bit like traditional Japanese drawings, particularly with the hair. But it turns out that's just how it was warped to fit Blanca's features. Anyway, I was inspired that day to make Blanca a face that best resembled the Samus doll featured in one issue of Nintendo's Mario vs. Wario series. I thought it came out pretty good, so I'll demonstrate it during my next update. Palette 7. Meanwhile, Lucky now greets everyone with ?OMGHI2U?. I still need a picture out of that guy. And his Master Sword, of course. So, letter writing time! Off to falsely claim someone else's stationary from a dog that's too dense and shy to question it! I hope he likes cradles. Now why does the surf seem particularly loud today? Am I imagining things? Made another deposit on the house today. Hmmm? really wish I could find a decent price to sell turnips at, but it's nice that's not the only way I can get this thing paid off. Finished the dimetrodon at the museum. Apparently, it's ability to control its own body temperature using its back fin makes it not a dinosaur, but a mammalian reptile. I frankly don't see why, but okay then. Back to top
January 14, 2006
Well, it's La-Di-Day, and you all know what that means, right? Yeah, me neither. Why is Nook writing notes on the bulletin board aboot having the blue dresser in stock? What's so bloody special aboot that? Oh, and there was some nonsense there about apples too. I didn't get it. I mean? we only have one type in the game, why tease us talking about red and golden delicious? Apparently Blanca's here agin, this time with a Strongbad design from Jeff in Oakley. How? original? In execution though, it ummmm? well, could be worse. Maybe. But, it's been too soon since the last time I drew on Blanca, so I slapped together a Kirby face. Quick, dirty, but effective. New neighbor today, named Victoria. I?m pretty sure I saw her in a town I visited, but I dunno if it's the same one or not. No distinguishing shirts or catchphrases to tell me either way. Bought a toilet from the Spawn. Obviously, I must put it across from the urinal, and then truly my house will finally be a home. Or something. Bah, the Able Sisters were only selling the big bro mustache agin. Where is the li?l bro mustache that I am destined purchase? At least the knight's helmet makes me feel somewhat better. Portia suggested I talk to Dotty aboot getting a new town tune? but of course she's busy being sick. I swear, this town needs vaccinations. Apparently she's hallucinating too? yeah, that's not a good sign. Walker has apparently been living with fish too much, as he now empathizes with their plight during the fishing tourneys. Families ripped apart, dozens of lives lost, just to feed the gaping maw of Tortimer? schweet. Well, at the turn of the hour, I finally got Walker to give me a town tune. It sucked, but at least he tried. Donated some amber to Blathers. He of course delights in thinking aboot the shocked expression on the faces of the bugs trapped inside of it.
Kid Cat helped me find a pill bug by staring at a rock. I was wondering if they still did that? Requested Neapolitan from K.K. Yes, I remembered this time. Seemed like a cheerful, sort of a mix between a traveling and credits tune. Reminded me a bit of the biking tune in Pok?mon. Then it sorta got sad. I still want to know how K.K. whistles with dog lips. You know? I think Victoria built her stupid house right on my blue pansies! Looks like it's time to get bonking.
So yeah? anyone else sorta disappointed in La-Di-Day? I mean? no free furniture! At least Yay Day sounds like it'll help me stretch my creativity. I?ve got ?compliments? galore, I tell you, all thanks to Saturday Night Live's Celebrity Jeopardy! Back to top
January 15, 2006
The weather bulletin says that low temperatures will keep the lake from freezing. Well, that's a surprise, now isn't it? Honestly, would it be so hard to program in an iced lake that you can skate on? ?mom? writes me aboot the pleasures of sleeping on a cold winter morning. Oh really, no need to disturb that great feeling by writing to me. In fact: why don't you stop writing to me altogether, mmmkay? Got my first house model from the HRA. I figured those snowmen items and photos would come in handy eventually. Bah, but its roof is red. I wanted green! The Able Sisters were selling a moon hairpin? just the thing to go with my sailor outfit! Maybe once I find a magical staff and get my hair dyed blond I can wear it for next Halloween.
?what?! Sable and Tom Nook?! She looked up to him as her older brother? certainly don't like where this is going. Well, she didn't come out and say it, but the truth shines through. It's odd though: Tommy and Timmy don't really look part porcupine at all. Still, say what you want aboot Redd, but he's too obsessed with money to ever let himself take advantage of someone's trust for any other reason. Yes, Lucy. The reason I don't want to hear your new nickname is because you are, in fact, a freak. Now shut up and leave me alone. Why does Dotty have to get these possessed, demonic eyes every time she's surprised? It's just so? chill-inspiring. And stop calling me an angel, you ditzy little freak! So ummm? how is it that the observatory's telescope can see the stars on an overcast morning? And just where does it point out of on the museum's interior? Joan was still selling turnips for around 100 Bells each, so I went with my normal amount. Still managed to make a deposit on my house loan though, thanks to the fruit and fossils and gyroids and such. Couldn't find Lucky around anywhere, so of course he's trying to move away. Guess he doesn't like greeting people with ?OMGHI2U? after all. Still, I must do what I can to win him back! You know, as long as it doesn't take too much effort. Came back, fishing tournament was on, so I talked to Tortimer. He apparently thought I was lacking a fishing rod and gave me a new one. Guess he couldn't see that I had stuffed it in a letter? Anyway, gave him my extra tuna, had him measure it at 107 inches, and got a purple lava lamp. I? guess I like the color, at least. I would be highly surprised if the animals are able to beat me, so I sold some seashells and left soon afterwards.
Random thought: does anyone else think that 'tall dingloid? is an odd name for a gyroid? Back to top
January 16, 2006
Well, Lucky ignored my pleas and left. I guess in this wild, wild world, the only person (or animal) you can really count on is yourself. When I find out where he went though, make no mistake: he shall pay. Preferrably in Master Swords. Anyway, I decided to take this opportunity to write a letter and remind Walker, the dog that stayed behind, just how much I appreciate his friendship and demand a picture from him already. Speaking of letters: why have I not seen Pete around anywhere? Got another fish trophy from the mayor. Maybe I can trade it to someone. ?mom? wanted me to comment on ?her? sense of style, and so she sent me a big dot shirt. So, you're giving me the same sort of shirt that I currently have as a background? yeah, I would call that a pretty stagnant style all right. Looks like Sunday is Yay Day. So as to not be too predictable, I react to this news by saying the following: huzzah! The message of the week, meanwhile is that it's better to watch two birds than kill them with one stone. Obviously the author will never know the joys of hearing their dying shrieks as they both spiral to the ground in a display of feathers and blood. Too bad for him. Redd sold me a forged strange painting, and didn't do his supposed thought bubble thing that is supposed to tell you that it's forged. Well, that theory's out. Still, it looks nice, so I'll put it in my house. Victoria wants to visit my house, and asked for a time when. Ummm? kewl? Dotty seems to be doing a bit better. Not that I care, mind you.
So now I?m arranging play dates with fictional NPCs to come visit my imaginary house? how did things get this bad? I mean honestly? In my waiting time, however, I did figure out that each photograph I get from a neighbor has something written on the back? now I feel even worse when neighbors moved out. So many missed opportunities, you know?
So yeah, Victoria came in, claimed to be my bestest friend ever, and then went aboot critiquing my house. She gave me a rating of two stars for the amount of items in my house, then left without giving me anything. Bah, at least the HRA appreciates me? though I can't believe I?m saying that. But, she claimed she had fun, so that's what really matters. Wait a sec? no it's not. Where's my free stuff?! Back to top
January 17, 2006
Well, Victoria gave me a ranch couch in exchange for her visit. Meh, could be worse. I wonder what the four and five star people get though. For the last time, Walker: I?m not going to try to catch a freshwater goby until nightfall hits. Duh. Dotty's feeling better, so she rewarded me with wallpaper. Agin, I guess it's better than nothing. Then Walker gave me the same wallpaper, claiming it was from Booker. Ummm? yeah. Apparently they send people the results of their physical through notes in a bottle. Whoever's it is is a short little chubby guy (couldn't be me. I?m not that tall). Lucy claims that listening to reggae improves her cooking. She claimed she was baking apple dumplings though, not special brownies. Shoot. Missed the UFO! No wonder Booker wouldn't tell me what's going on. It better fly over again. If he doesn't? well, that just ruins my day. What am I supposed to do, carry around my slingshot all day and be paranoid of traveling to the lower half of the town?! Though, I guess it's my own damn fault for having the sound off. Yeah, a present floated by afterwards, so I?m pretty sure I?m screwed. Bought a Spaceman Sam from the Spawn. He seems to have a reflection of Earth on his helmet, which I guess is a nice touch. The Able Sisters agin proved they were good at matching sets by having an Indian warbonnet and matching uncommon shirt.
Completed the mammoth at the museum. Apparently, or so Blathers says, it used its large tusks to scrape ice and snow away and feed on plants. Makes it seem kinda useless to have tusks in a tropical climate, if you ask me. I helped cure Portia's loneliness by giving her the bones of an animal that's been dead for millions of years. Yeah, I dunno why that works either. Hmmm? apparently flowers can grow in sand. Odd, that. Back to top
January 18, 2006
I suppose I should be happy not to be barraged with spam in my mailbox all day, but it's kinda sad to not get any mail on a daily basis except from the snowman. Maybe I should write my neighbors more. Not that they ever have anything interesting to say. Tom Nook's apparently clinging to ancient history, according to Sable? a custody battle? She won't go into detail though. Well, hopefully she'll be ready one day.
You know? it's amazing how quickly these beaches fill up with seashells. And they're really not that bad for making a few extra Bells on the side. And I?m beginning to think it's not so much what time it is as how long you?ve been playing this session that facilitates whether the animals are just dying to talk to you or not. I?m beginning to wonder though: is it even worth it really to pick the apple trees? How much cash would I really lose out on? Anyway, I managed to make another deposit on the house. One more until an upgrade? and yeah, I could use the extra space.
Meh, so I accidentally screwed up your entire three day existence when I moved the large snowball too close to the unformed one, Mr. Snowman. It doesn't mean you have to be a jerk aboot it. Do I curse my Creator just because I was never given gorgeous, flowing blond hair? Well? you never mind that. Back to top
January 19, 2006
Dang it Booker. Stop apologizing and tell me who's visiting when! New neighbor today, named Kabuki. Well, at least he can replace Genji in adding some much needed culture to Shi'tton. Also, he's a cat, and makes a nice beat when he walks. Maybe I'll keep him. Apparently Walker gets a magazine called Chillin?, for his chillin? lifestyle. I guess that makes aboot as much sense as a video game magazine, yes. Oh, and Nook's birthday is on the 28th. Truly, it shall be a day of mourning, whether you are one of his indebted servants, the mother of his spawn, or just his poor, na?ve parents. Speaking of which, if Nook doesn't start raising the prices he's willing to pay for turnips soon, heads are gonna roll. Hmmm? apparently the Able Sisters buy back flowers too. Weird. And Portia's sick agin. I knew giving her that fossil was trouble. Or maybe they're just allergic to me? On the bright side, the game clearly recognizes that the best way to compliment many females in this day and age is to call them slightly anorexic. It really takes a brave mind to be able to come to that conclusion without bursting into tears or taking up heavy drinking. Bah, why isn't Walker opening his heart to me yet? How much junk do I have to give this guy? It couldn't just be that he senses I?m using him to expand my collection, could it? Angus and Dotty, meanwhile, apparently depress each other due to knowledge of each other's general cluelessness. Frankly, I?m not too surprised. And apparently, the town's flag design was created by Tortimer himself. But now it's a shirt. I wonder how he feels aboot that?
Completed the T-rex in the evening. Apparently Blathers thinks they were fast. Ha! The clumsy part does ring true a bit, though why evolution would create a clumsy carnivore out of less clumsy ones over the course of millions of years of refinement is beyond me. Back to top
January 20, 2006
?mom? complains aboot always having to wash dishes. Listen, dude: you suck at sounding like a woman, so stop trying already! Anyway, it's snowing agin today, which I guess means more gyroids and is therefore a good thing. Dr. Shrunk came today, and taught me how to love agin. In therapy, I mean. Which I?m pretty sure means that I don't have to worry about any weird half-human, half-animal kids that look all screwed up and? kinda like him. Yeah? I?m thinking the guy needs to analyze his own childhood a bit, since the chances of his parents getting along are next to nil. Either way, maybe I should have learned to express rage first. But that would be too suspicious. Someone posted on the bulletin board that a neighbor's face makes them crave spicy curry? personally, I know some faces in the town that would drive me to drinking, but that's aboot it. I practiced my Yay Day complimenting abilities by sending Walker a letter involving me, his mother, and some actions the night before. I doubt he'll understand a word of it, but it amuses me nevertheless. Also sent him a tea table I found in the dump, so he'll know exactly where these actions took place.
The Able Sisters were selling? oh my God. Can they honestly get away with selling something like that? I mean yeah, Charlie Chaplin did wear the same mustache, but? meh, might as well run with it. I think I?ve got the proper hairdo, just wish I could get it dyed black. And the uniform is just the matter of screwing around with a new pattern? no, I?m not posting it on my site. Sorry.
Anyway, Portia seems to be doing a bit better at least. And Victoria doesn't want a fish named Mittens either. Typical. Dr. Shrunk brings up a good point: just why is it that we have octopi as our neighbors but see no problem in feasting on fish? Then agin? last I remember it, Tortimer wanted to eat Franklin too. Maybe he's just a monster in general, along the lines of Dahmer or Lecter. Kabuki has K.K. Folk playing in his house. I think I'll request it tomorrow. I should prolly try to take that katana from him too eventually. Shoot? I think I missed out on getting a picture from Walker since I had too much stuff. He'd better offer agin soon. Then Angus pissed him off too much to accept the fish I caught from him, so Angus got whacked good.
Great, I thought this might happen: Kid Cat's planning to leave. I guess I should do what I can to prevent it, but really, it's all a matter of chance. On the bright side, I did at least finally pay off the house. Hit-I mean, LuWigi was very much delighted by this fact, as he will be for all of a day, upon which time he will be sucked back into debt.
Let Dotty come over and visit the house later. She seemed to like my new Mrs. Flamingo, since it has long legs like her (?right), but decided my house needed more necessities of life. Ummm? hello? Urinal to the north, toilet to the right, and tuna when I get hungry! What else could I possibly need?! Well, I guess three stars is still better than two. And she did have the common courtesy to wait 'til I was off the john before coming in. Back to top
January 21, 2006
Geez, Lyle. Buzz off already. Hmmm? he actually gave me a choice to fill out this questionnaire. Interesting. Anyway, I took the bait. Told him I wanted Redd to visit on Tuesday this week, as a change of pace. At least I have a nice, shiny new room? time to start filling it with stuff! Awww? but it's so small. At least it's only 728,000 to pay off. No sweat. Dotty gave me an ivy wall for being allowed to visit. Meh. And Kid Cat? is still here?! Yup, he's unpacked and everything! Woo-hoo! Guess going online helped out after all. Somehow.
Bought a ukulele and Diver Dan from the spawn. Okay, and Sable says that while she and Nook were both born in Shi'tton, the town wasn't big enough for his visions. So he wanted to go to the city? and then she got a letter from him. Something aboot being cold? sounds like him all right. She ended it on a high note, how he endured his great loneliness to pursue his dream? but of course failed to mention the Terrible Twins she was stuck with until he finally had his dreams crushed and came back here to enact his revenge upon the Wild World by tormenting each and every visitor who comes through, forcing them into debt and hard work so they can start to feel a fraction of the pain he had to go through just to-sorry, I was ranting. Did I mention I hate Nook?
Heh heh? nice try, Walker. First he challenges me to a contest to get the most rare fish. Then he asks if he can trade my tuna for his tartan rug, just so he can claim to be the better fisherman! I?ve gotta write that one down. Heh. BUT WHERE IS YOUR STUPID PIC ALREADY?!? He still ripped me off, but at least I feel like the better? animal? Heard K.K. Folk from Slider this evening. Oldy, but goody really. Back to top
January 22, 2006
Huzzah for Yay Day. Started off talking aboot Kid Cat's mother, of course. He seemed to take it well. Let's see? Victoria was a Horsefaced Kerry, Walker was a Dirty Fishlover, Angus was a Big ugly heifer, Kabuki a Foreign Devil, and Lucy a Ganondork. Bought an eye mask from the Able Sisters. Not sure why I'd want to wander around blind, but I guess some people like the thrill of it all? Still, I guess I could put it on before I save & quit or before my DS goes into away mode while I have visitors. Walker tells me that in the town where he grew up, there was a kewl little train station with a monkey who worked there. Ah, Porter? how I miss thee. We never talked, and you seemed to have no personality whatsoever, but? well, you were a monkey. Put up a complete replica of a T-rex through the ground floor of my house. It may not get many HRA points, but it should impress visitors at least. Lucy is upset that she's not more like Dotty? who is apparently moving out. Well, on the one hand, it would help protect her ego a bit. On the other? frankly, I never cared much aboot Lucy. But yes, Dotty: I do think you're that flighty. Made my first deposit on my home, turned on the Wi-Fi Connection for a sec to see if it would help with Dotty, then called it a day. Back to top
January 23, 2006
?mom? claims to win a lot of raffles. With ?her? character, I'll bet they're all rigged. Gracie came by today, so I decided to go and Aryan myself up. She thought my custom shirt smelled a bit though. It was prolly the smell of innocent blood that she mistook for cow manure. Anyway, she said I was beyond fabulous, and so she had to pay her respects to me, the true fashionista. Schweet. And of course, for having such a fine sense of fashion, I received? jack squat?! I gave her car a few dents with my shovel and left in a huff. You know, in an Austrian sort of way. Ah good, Dotty's still here. Mission accomplished I suppose. And Dotty: you don't even have a 'tush?. Walker gave me a flying saucer through the mail. He's so sweet sometimes. But he also keeps saying the same things in his letters, which means it's high time I got his picture! Also, he's apparently horrible at relationship counseling, as he saw the relationship to the bossiness of Victoria's love interest in brushing one's teeth with cocoa. Anyway, I put it with my moon, spaceman, and telescope. Thought it'd make a good combination.
Kid Cat gave Dotty a letter, which said something aboot having Blues as their victory theme. How? ironic? And it's weird: no matter whether I say I?m dirt poor, filthy rich, or kinda in the middle, Victoria gives me stuff. I guess she's just generous all around? OR TRYING TO POISON ME SOMEHOW. Well, I sell my junk to Nook, so ha to her! Got a lucky cat from a floating present, but apparently the golden one's worth more. Apparently, my silence to the question of where Walker went last week insinuated that he was a pervert? though knowing me, he's prolly right. Anyway, he didn't take that too well. Kid Cat is apparently oblivious to the writings of his own father. Yeah? that's gotta be rough on the family for sure. Back to top
January 24, 2006
So is ?here's your share? just Walker's catchphrase or something? I swear, he puts it on every letter he writes me. I thought I gave him a better catchphrase than that? certainly ?bonerbiter? rolls off the tongue much more smoothly. Someone wrote a message aboot shedding blood, sweat, and tears on the message board. Frankly, I?m not even sure Nintendo would allow them to do the first one.
Sable update: Got her first letter from him after he left Shi'tton around January. Some sort of call to arms in it, 'dreams before money!? Well, what aboot OTHER PEOPLE's DREAMS, huh?! Jerk. And Kid Cat is right: wanting to become the greatest Hero in the world certainly ?rocks the socks off? of that dream. Of course, Sable still worships the ground he walks on, calling him too pure for this world. It's said how enduring that false belief can be, know what I mean? Anyway, she apparently prayed on his behalf too, hoping that the Big, Scary Apathy in the Big City wouldn't come to take his soul, or something. Well, whether or not you had reason to believe in him before, Sable, all I can say is: I?m sure his soul is long gone now. And someone really needs to rewrite whatever bedtime stories she was hearing as a kid. Something along the lines of, ?And the princess realized that she didn't really need any prince in shining armor to rescue her, caught the evil witch by surprise, fled the ugly, confining castle that had trapped her for so long, and lived a happy, fulfilling, self-sufficient life out in the woods working for the local forest preserve. The End.? Lucy completely messed up my run at the money rock today by getting all up in my face, so I bonked her straight to Heck until my hand got tired. Which, as you can imagine, took awhile. I think I'll do it tomorrow too. Lousy, jealous hog who doesn't realize that I work not to become rich, but to one day enjoy FREEDOM. Or something.
Decided to finally forego collecting apples today. Too much work for not enough cash, I figure. Redd was around today? 20,000 Bells for a Triforce? Well, there goes my chances of putting a deposit down on the house. Maybe I can catch a stringfish tonight to make up for it. Was it really worth it though? Aww yeah. So very? mesmerizing. Also got a counterfeit quaint painting from him, so I'll put it in my collection. Got a complex machine from a floating present. Frankly, I?m not even sure what it does. Lucky asked me to get him another tuna, but I got sick of fishing, so I gave him the one at the house. I'll replace it? eventually. Well, at least Walker has finally agreed to retire. Aboot time he realized that he can't compete with Yours Truly. Back to top
January 25, 2006
I came back in the evening last night to do more fishing, and that's when Walker asked if he could visit my house. So we did that first thing in the morning. I even cleaned up the place a bit for him. He seemed impressed, though didn't understand why I would have a men's toilet out in the open. I demonstrated the usefulness of that to him, but then he questioned the raccoon figurine. Doesn't he understand irony? Finally got a Spaceman Sam from the dump. Should compliment my space set quite nicely. Got a Hero's mask from the Able Sisters. I know it's supposed to look Zorro-ish, but it reminds me far more of Nook? which, if Sable designed it, was prolly her intention. Sigh. Anyway, looks like my cross-breeding efforts ended up giving me orange pansies. Despite the name, I think that's a good thing.
Bah, I really need to pay more attention to the bugs on the trees. Winter isn't going to last forever, after all. I really shouldn't have given Dotty that Spanish shirt. It's just so damn hideous? though maybe that's the point. Saharah visited today, so I helped her out and got some ringside seating. That's the nice thing aboot a Japanese company like Nintendo: they have no worries aboot portraying a strange, foreign creature from the Middle East in a positive light. Walker's getting letters from neighbors that claim that they're not fat, they're ?fluffy?. Wouldn't it be nice if we too could use that excuse? Well? my dad's side of the family and I might be able to. Portia wants another fossil. Never mind of course that her last one seems to have torn a hole through her wall. Anyway, I finished up the morning by looking for furniture in trees, then sent it to Walker. Hamburger paper? who the heck thought up that one? Kabuki complains about the lack of pirate ninjas in a small town setting. I hear ya, buddy. I hear ya. Hullo Blanca. Victor in Rockers, eh? Interesting town name. I suppose it's a decent Cyclops? maybe. Ah, but no time to really screw around with you today. Come back tomorrow, ok? Back to top
January 26, 2006
Angus is gone. I prolly should have checked up on him and made sure that he wasn't trying to leave, but then agin: if someone had to leave, he was my top choice. In his place is Moe. Heh heh? Moe is their leader. And he's a cat too! Huzzah! Oh, looks like it's one of my friends? old neighbors. I hope they are too pissed off aboot that. Such big, sad, mesmerizing eyes... You know, it's almost like coconuts are washing up shore a bit too often. Are they trying to tell me something? If so, what? Sigh. Well, the royal crown has finally showed up in the Able Sister's shop, and all I can do is try it on. Well? so it's shown up once before. Maybe it'll show up again when I have a decent bank account. You know, it's kinda nice that only three fossils show up a day. Keeps me from feeling like I could be doing more to complete that wing of the museum.
Portia lectured me on the difference between boys and girls in terms of what they can get away with. Such a poor, deluded little puppy she is. Walker, meanwhile, apparently thought that the hamburger stationary I used meant I was hungry, and describes himself as ?a hammer?. Look, if that means you're going to commit acts of guerilla warfare to overthrow Nook and reclaim Nookington's in the name of the rest of the animal villagers, that's great, but until then, keep your mouth shut. Kid Cat seems to think that jokes aboot bingo are somehow chain letters. Yeah, that sounds like him all right.
I had time to fool around with Blanca, so I gave her a quick little Mew face that I think turned out ok. Lucy's best friend is apparently a mop. Frankly, I think that she doesn't quite match up to the tradition set by Stanley Spidowski and Captain Murphy. I should prolly keep in mind though that Lucy and Victoria can somehow stand each other. I?m sure I'll have a pop quiz on it later. Anyway, I fished until it was time to make another deposit on the house. Dang tuna? quit running away so I can put you in captivity the rest of your miserable existence! Ah, there we go. I think I shall call you 'slowpoke?.
Nook was buying turnips for 138 Bells in the evening, so I decided to go ahead and sell. Also visited someone else's town for a short while, and stole the items that Redd was selling, including a lefty lucky cat. Just how many of these lucky cats are there, anyway? Back to top
January 27, 2006
Walker thought my house was damp, and so gave me a space heater. Meh, I know his heart's in the right place at least. Also got a letter from Alfonso, who's an alligator that says ?it's-a-me?. You'd prolly assume that I preferred to have Louie in my town. You'd be wrong, though. So very, very wrong. It was snowing at 10, but by 11, it had all cleared up. Weird? and then it started up again around noon. And, Nook's buying for 173 Bells a turnip today. Well, that's just how it goes sometimes, you know? Bought a shower and stroller from the spawn. The first one doesn't seem to work though, which is a disappointment to say the least. How am I supposed to listen to Resetti's advice to take a bath if I have no way of getting clean?! Not sure why they keep selling the toy car day after day. Maybe they just need to get rid of extras. The Ables, meanwhile, were selling a wrestler shirt. I suppose it looks a bit like Hogan meets Rawk Hawk, or something.
Sable update: Nook sent her letters quite frequently at first, much like The Waterboy's dad. But she did show her a sign of ultimate affection: buying her a pair of scissors for her birthday. I suppose one nonsensical freak deserves another, you know? The flowery painting I bought from Redd yesterday turned out to be legitimate, so I gave it to Blathers. His response was short, but he generally seemed pleased. Bah, and now Kabuki wants to visit my house. Maybe I should switch some things around, see if it improves my points? next time, I mean.
Apparently Wikidude in Nekotown has just a bit of talent at drawing cat faces. Who knew? But I replaced with a Spawn face, since I felt the slight inclination to. And, I tried to give it at least some detail, so it didn't just look like some white on black. Walker just referenced that ?just like Sable, I, too, have a box with a treasure inside!? ?just how many animals does she tell this crap to? At least he seems to be making fun of her. Heh heh, hose. Kid Cat knows too apparently? is something supposed to happen soon? Completed the parasaur at the museum. Blathers did me the honor of imitating what it must have sounded like when parasaurs blew through their horn things. W00t and such. And yes, you would tend to accidentally spit at people more often if you had no pair of lips to speak of. Back to top
January 28, 2006
Annabelle, who I visited in another town, wants to ?go nuts again!? Yeah, ummmm? I don't remember drinking quite THAT much. Dug up my fourth red turnip. I forget? is that enough for all possible things that could happen once I start the chain with Wendell? The spawn were selling a lot of plants today, not quite sure why. Moe's complaining that the paparazzi never talk to him? he's been hanging out with Dotty, hasn't he? The daily horoscope came in through a bottle,a nd said that I should wear big shoes and do the chicken dance repeatedly. Bah, first they insult psychotherapy, now astrology. IS NOTHING SACRED?! Made a pattern of Samus? face from Zero Mission, then put it in my house as a painting. I think it adds some character really. It came out a bit of a different shade than Anicro Desapro anticipated, but still good.
The night was clear as the stars started to come out, so I made a wish. Hope I get something good tomorrow. Kabuki says I don't understand him at all? frankly, that doesn't really bother me. Can't say the same aboot him though. Caught a tuna, which makes my efforts to do so a few days earlier seem like a joke. But, that's probability for you. And at least it helped me put another payment down on my house. Bah. Looks like Kid Cat's trying to escape agin. I swear, it's almost like he doesn't like me and the repeated bonkings I?ve given him? nah. He's just finicky. Anyway, I did the usual routine of bribery/Wi Fi confusion, and sent Walker a cute elephant shirt while I was at it. Dotty, meanwhile, is sick agin. Figures. For the last time, Lucy: I don't have any brown furniture!! And Walker: yes, I will treat your ivy wall the same way I would treat you. Now excuse me while I go sell it to someone else.
Requested Marine Song 2001 from Slider. I don't really hear any connection to either type of marines, but whatever. More like a western theme really. Still a good tune though, and sounds almost like something you'd hear in a Chinese restaurant back at my place.. Is it just me by the way, or do K.K.'s howls seem a bit forced? Back to top
January 29, 2006 Well, I guess I could only delay him for so long. See you around, Kid Cat? hopefully. Dotty's all better though, so I guess that's something. Maybe. ?mom?, meanwhile, claims to be unwilling to leave ?her? bed due to the fresh, clean sheets found there. Hey, that's fine with me, as long as there isn't some system in place for ?her? to get letters to me from there. Wishy gave me a kiddie stereo, which if you ask me is nothing special. Joan was selling turnips for aboot her usual asking price, so I bought the usual amount. Lucy and Dotty's friendship seems to be bringing me down even more. And Walker won't come out of his house to talk to me. So I did the usual fruit collecting, then a bit of seashell collecting and fishing. I may not be happy, but at least I'll have a larger house soon.
I visited some people online at night, and look who pops up on my doorstep? No, not Kid Cat, but that ugly, stupid, traitorous pig Rasher. And he has the nerve to claim that I had abandoned him for six weeks!! Still, I am a man of fairness and integrity. So I told him he could stay in Shi'tton if he wears the baby bonnet I sent him. You may now applaud my ability to turn the other cheek. At least he still says ?Rasher smash!? Walker, meanwhile, tells me that we're still a long ways away from being friends. Dang it, pup, what else do I have to do?!
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January 30, 2006
Flea market on Saturday. Neato? If only Lucky were still around to steal the Master Sword from. The Message of the Week is that while history is written by the winners, Message boards are written by the losers. Well, at least that animal is aware of his or her status. Also, some of my peach trees are finally growing, so that completes my fruit collection. Got them yesterday while visiting other towns. And even better: Wendell's finally here! What's he carrying around anyway? A map? Got a turban from him in exchange for a red turnip. If nothing else, that should at least expand my catalog. Next step: Saharah. Apparently he'll only eat one at a time, so that's it for now. I should keep buying red turnips though: this turban might be nice to wear every now and then if I get an extra. And of course, Nook won't reorder.
Apparently Sable and Nook invented the need for an observatory by climbing up on the roof (of the museum?) and looking at the stars. Sable, being the single-minded drone that she is, made a t-shirt constellation. I dunno what her parents did to her, but I?m sure it must be illegal in some way. And of course, Nook made a market constellation. Because he's a capitalism-obsessed freak. Also, Dotty keeps asking for a leather jerkin, and the Able Sisters were selling it today. I guess it's just destiny? that she look like crap?
Kabuki claims to be a fine player of the banjo. That's it, Kabuki! Fight those stereotypes! Or something. Bah. The letters the animals show me really need more variety. The duplicates just waste my precious, precious time.
Between the gyroids, fossils, and variety of fruit on the trees, I was able to put down another payment on the house pretty easily. Back to top
January 31, 2006
Bob claims that his town has a thing for cheesecake. Funny: I can never find cake of any sort around here. Maybe they have a female cow neighbor and another who built his floor with sugar cane? Now why is Redd selling two tabletop games? I'd understand if they were actually two different games, but they're not. The spawn were selling a white bishop. Funny, I thought Nintendo wasn't allowed to use the religious imagery of a cross anymore in its games.
Tsch, yeah Walker. 'don't have to rush, I?m not going anywhere soon.? I CAN SEE THE DANG BOXES, YOU JERK! Well? he acts like I talked him out of it, but who knows. On the bright side, I did get Victoria's picture. I guess I don't particularly hate her. Back to top
February 1, 2006
W00t! Walker's still here! And Moe apparently drools. I think in cats, that's a sign of sickness. Booker says nothing's going on yet? better ready the slingshot. Nook's buying turnips for 129 Bells each. That's good enough for me. Bah. Stupid lack of li?l bro mustaches. Surely such a thing must exist, right? Apparently on Monday, ?Bright Nights? will start. And I nearly had a heart attack when Gulliver's ship appeared while I was reading that. He's down for the count now though, so? ha! Anyway, I?m guessing that has something to do with constellations. I doubt I'll get anything good out of the ordeal either way though.
Quote from a delirious Gulliver: 'the president what? ?How much debt? 'that monster..? Boy, when the writers in Animal Crossing seek to step on toes, they REALLY step on toes. First K.K.'s comment, now? oh. Pikmin 2. Right. Gulliver apparently lives in a completely different world than we do, if his secret to long life is 'taste terrible?. For one thing, most of my neighbors are too stupid to know what tastes terrible. Wendell would likely shove an old boot down his throat if you let him. Apparently I?m getting someone else's work notes through bottle mail. Ummm? yay. Rasher apparently gets uncomfortable when I talk aboot my ?rump?. I think I'll do it more often around him. It was a bit of a hassle, but I finally got Gulliver all his parts, and? I GOT THE METROID!! Oh, happy day! Now I can add it to my collection and-wait a minute. Alien artifact, he says. Gulliver: YOU STOLE A METROID?! Do you realize how much heat this is going to bring down on my little town of Shi'tton?! If the space pirates and Ridley don't lay waste to our beautiful flower gardens and fruit groves, surely the Space Police and that dang, maniacal bounty hunter will!! That chick's nuts, man! And even if she has the body of someone who hasn't done more than a light jog in her whole life, she's got that crazy Chozo suit! How am I supposed to deal with that?! I hope you're happy, you dumb bird. Now excuse me while I hide this weapon of incredible destruction and mayhem in my house, where hopefully no one will ever find it. Except everyone who visits. Awww? it does the cute little music to Super Metroid when I click it, and doesn't look half bad, either. Hopefully the ones in Metroid Prime: Hunters will look at least as good. What is it with all the references to SNES game intros though? First the Triforce, now the Metroid. Aren't the other games in the series good too?
I managed to cheer up Walker by buying his shirt without complaint. Maybe getting his pic isn't too far away now after all. Put another payment down on the house, and with the turnips sold too, shouldn't be too long now before I can pay off the wholet hing Back to top
February 2, 2006
?mom? wrote me to insult my snowman skills as a child, saying the originals were mostly dirt. After creating so many supposedly ?perfect? snowmen that I don't even know what to do with the furniture, frankly, I think 'she? is just jealous. Though it also makes me wonder just how she knows all this information, and thus chills me to the core. The peach trees finally sprouted. I planted most of them, then put the others in my collection for a rainy day. Sable, meanwhile is still ranting aboot that darn porcupine soap opera. How many times does she really think she can repeat herself before I lose interest? And where's my pic already?!
Blanca came around today. That's not a bad Wario face, Mr. Doug in ummm? ?Heck?? I suppose my town name is no better though. Anyway, I followed his lead and made a Waluigi face. The top came out wrong, but it was overall pretty much ok. And apparently Blanca says I look like 'such a little brother?. Yes. You noticed the hat. Great for you. Now shut up. Moe's trying to leave. He's a cat though, so I must do what I can to make him stay. Then gloat aboot it to the people who lost him in the first place, of course. As predicted, I was able to make another payment on the house. So very close to that next upgrade? I wonder what I'll put in the extra room?
Came back to do some fishing and finish up some other unfinished business. Apparently the individuals at are not appreciative enough of my creative talent to post my many wonderful Blanca faces. Then agin, if they're anything like any of the other schlubs at NOA, I?m not surprised. My ego is just crushed. Dotty got upset that I wanted to call her fish ?Gillboy?. Hey, considering ?Fillet? was one of the options, she should be ecstatic! Walker, meanwhile, put me through a test by asking if I had anyone else's picture? and apparently honesty is the best policy for him. That, and he wanted to make sure Kabuki wasn't putting one over on him, so? I got his pic! Finally! It's got a boring brown frame, but at least he's smiling and whatnot. Its backside claims that he runs around at night pretending to be ?Fashion Lad?? I?m sure Gracie just loves him. So: who should my next target be? I know! Kabuki!
I swear: Rasher has the goofiest grin of all the neighbors I?ve met so far. So, thanks to a last minute catch of a tuna, I managed to pay off the rest of my debt. It's a nice feeling really. Great Nook: just tell me that it's ridiculously expensive. It's almost as if I don't have any choice either-oh yeah. Well, still, at least there's not many more payments left now. Unless, I, you know, actually wanted a bank account. Or a statue, if they still do that. Will it have my hat and 'stache? Back to top
February 3, 2006
Well, the new house looks nice from the outside at least. I put all my gaming-related stuff in the extra room, then rearranged the center room to give me more room. That's really all I ask for. Booker says nothing's going on today? that's suspicious. And no Pascal on the beach either. Gulliver can't visit twice a week, can he?
Nook says 858,000 for the next house upgrade. Meh. Wait a sec? that's not just any pinball machine. It's hard to see, but I?m pretty sure that's the Super Mario Bros. pinball machine. The artwork that you can vaguely see at the top looks sort of like this European box art.

Hmmm? gold armor suit. Now THERE is a true outfit for a king. I wonder if there's a matching helmet though. Oh good, Moe's still around.
Cow skull: now in non-hat form! Brought to you by floating red present. Kabuki likes to pop popcorn before watching people's miserable lives play out. Yeah? he's definitely my next best friend. Plus Rasher hates him, so? bonus. Back to top
February 4, 2006
No, Lyle. Just shut up and go away. Well? make a note that I want to see Redd on Tuesday, THEN go away. Oh, Kabuki? did I invite you for a visit? Oh right, the garage sale thingy. Ummmm? no, you can't have my Victoria picture. But I'll keep in mind how obsessed you are with her. And how can you have a bloody flea market if no one else wants to hang around at home?
Is it just me, or do the trees seem more? blue than usual today? I suppose it is February already. Hope I didn't miss any winter-exclusive fish or bugs. Got a skeleton from Moe. It just tickled my fancy? whatever that means. 15,000 for a lousy T-Rex skull? oh Walker. I had hoped that your haggling skills were a bit better than at Neopets. Oh well. Wherever you got all that cash, I sure hope you have more of it. And then 12,500 for a tuna. Isn't that your third now? And now? now you want to haggle for Walker's pic. BAD PUPPY!! STOP EATING NOOK's SPECIAL MUSHROOMS! Bah, no wonder convenience store clerks stock their shelves full of shiny items.
Looks like Lucy's sick. Too bad, I wanted that owl clock thing. Oh well. Walker's letter suggested bonking anyone I don't like talking to with a net. It sounded like good advice, so I tested it out on him. Yes, I know you saw that coming.
With Walker's assistance/total ignorance, I was able to put down my first payment on the new house. Then I reordered some space items to put in my house. Wanted to see how the HRA took it, and all. Feng Shui be darned though. Now where are those other two fossils? Oh good, a black rose. Now all I need is a gold watering can, and we're in business.
Came back and requested K.K. Ska, since I wasn't able to access my larger list of songs to request and for some reason, Slider didn't recognize ?Go K.K. Rider?. Maybe it needs an exclamation point, I dunno. On the bright side, requesting the wrong song seems to let you listen to as many random tunes as you want each night. I think that was in the first game too though. Finally completed that dang seismosaurus at the museum. Blathers claims that it was the longest dinosaur, but not all that heavy for its length. There's an inappropriate joke to be made there, but I?m not in the mood.
Lessons from the flea market: it's best to try to sell things that are tough to find, but not necessarily one of a kind, i.e. rare fossils and fish. The selling price might also depend on the neighbor's personality. Back to top
February 5, 2006
Hmmm? HRA score of 94,000 points for my place. I'll bet I could get the next house model by next week. Or I could have this week, if I didn't focus so much on selling my stuff. But? meh. ?mom? says that 'she?, like 'dad?, refuses to get out of bed once she gets in. There's prolly some innuendo there, but she's too dense to get it. Bright Nights is apparently tomorrow, which has something to do with decorating houses? eh? I should check up on what they mean by that. Bought a modern bed from the spawn to put in my house. Should boost the HRA rating to have such a necessity, and besides: it's king-sized, and therefore good for? company. Yes. Then I Frenched myself up at the Able's with a beret. Yes, I am aware that that sounds a bit wrong. Joan was selling turnips for 94 Bells, so I bought my usual amount. Had to sell fruit just to have enough cash to buy though. Hopefully I can sell them soon.
Finished the pachycephalosaur at the museum. Two days in a row, how ?bout that? Anyway, Blathers said they were brainless head smashers, but then again, most of the larger dinosaurs are thought to be. Well, that leaves the triceratops and the plesiosaur in that wing of the museum. After that, it's all cash.
It's almost scary how much Rasher's catchphrase ?Rasher Smash!? fits him. He so went on to complain aboot me making him mad? apparently that's Kabuki's thing too. Guess I need to get him to greet everyone with ?KABUKI STRONGEST ONE OF ALL!!? Nah? too long. Back to top
February 6, 2006
Well, apparently the animals have lights up around their houses, but there's nothing I can do for the same effect on my own house. A Festival of Lights in February? meh, I suppose at least it replaces Valentine's Day. No need to have imaginary animal neighbors reminding me of the emptiness that consumes my soul, after all. Well, Portia's gone. I suppose I should be sad, but I was getting a bit sick of her. Plus, in the end, I do already have her picture. Yes, I?m heartless. Sue me. You know who I do miss, though? Stitches. Now THERE was an interesting little bear. They let the mayor out of his desk of Eternal Nappingness for this event. I told him I liked Moe's house best, though I haven't seen it yet. Maybe I'll change my vote to Kabuki tomorrow. Message of the Week needs to learn the proper use of an ellipsis already. It should be ?Home is there the heart is? the rib cage.? Everyone knows that. My new neighbor is Jitters? yeah, I need to stop stealing guys from that town. He's an interesting looking bird, I guess, though I still prefer Twiggy. Dang it, Recycling Bin! You used to have neat stuff! Now? is nothing going on this week, according to Booker, because the mayor's out, or? should I get out my slingshot? Bah, I hate not knowing aboot these things. And if the festival is going on all week, does that mean? no visitors until next Monday?! But I want my golden axe!! Came back in the evening, made a deposit on the house. Then I heard a buzzing, and managed to catch a fly. Blathers of course complained when I donated it aboot its filthy fly toes. Ummm? yeah, I forget what those things are called, but they're not toes. Moe, meanwhile, has admitted his love for me. Well? it's weird, but at least I might get a pic out of it. Tortimer seems to think I love him too? well, at least Nintendo isn't avoiding the issue of homosexuality completely. I guess. Back to top
February 7, 2006
Yes, Tortimer. My winter spirit and heart are both indeed frozen. Now go away so Redd can visit. Looks like I?ve got two black roses now. W00t and such. Bought a range and a black bishop from the spawn. Not sure why I feel inclined to complete the chess set, but? eh. Wish I knew why so many weeds are popping up lately. Maybe I?ve just been playing too long.
Did he just? yes, I think Moe did in fact just regift the lovely chair I gave him through the mail! What a stingy, sly dog of a cat? clearly, I have chosen the right neighbor to become friends with. So Jitters apparently modeled his house after a surburban lawn? in the middle of a toxic waste dump. Well, it's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't end up living there very long regardless.
Lessons We Learn From Animal Crossing: Wild World: If you ever end up disappointing a female by, say, not being willing to help her change her greeting or catchphrase, just tell her that it's not about all that. The important thing is how pretty she is. Also, you can get away with hitting her on the head twice with a net before she'll start to get upset. Back to top
February 8, 2006
I wonder: is the Jingle set lost and gone forever? What aboot Franklin? Because really, the new holidays sorta suck by comparison. And, more importantly, they're getting in the way of my daily business. Gave Moe a cute li?l elephant shirt, and reminded him in my letter that I owned him. I think it's best to balance out compliments and gifts so that the neighbors don't get too full of themselves.
Note to self: black roses may turn into red after a period of time. Continue to monitor situation.
I didn't think I'd be able to achieve it without a lot of extra fishing, but I did at least put down another payment on the house. On the negative side though: stupid tuna! Get back here! Bah? these days can really get dull without any visitors to look forward to. Maybe I need to get online. Back to top
February 9, 2006
?mom? complains that 'dad? only knows how to cook spaghetti, but insists on doing it night after night. Trying to emphasize the natural inferiority of male cooking skills? How? differentially feminist. Or anti-feminist, depending on how you look at it. Moe demands that I dance for my gifts, but says he's not weird. Oh, believe me buddy, you are. And that's why I like you, you giant-eyed freak. He got me a robo floor, which makes a cold, metallic noise when you step on it. Joy? I seem to have pissed off Jitters by proving how much of a spaced-out idiot he is. Sorry man, but that just tends to be my thing. Oh. The black rose wasn't gone yesterday, just dried up. I think I might have three now. Geez, gyroids everywhere on the lower acres. I guess they're preparing for their bloody, violent uprising that will surely lead to the deaths of myself and all of my neighbors. That or it snowed yesterday. Hey, just where do the Able Sisters sleep at tehe end of the day? Does the cash register flip over into a bed or something? I know Nook sleeps in his store, or at least did in Animal Forest-E+. Still dunno why more parts of that game weren't implemented into Wild World.
I managed to find a good price for turnips yesterday by visiting other people's towns, so I was able to make yet another payment on the house. That last room will soon be mine, I can feel it. Now if only I knew what to do with it. Apparently Dotty would consider me and her to be Shi'tton's sweethearts, if I weren't a 'stinky boy?. You know, she's pretty freakin? large for a rabbit who hasn't hit puberty yet. Also, for something that leaves little pellet-sized droppings everywhere, she has no room to complain aboot smell.
Hmmm? you know you're in a rut when you send a letter to a neighbor that's just random quotes from the Flash masterpiece Here Comes Dr. Tran! Also, what a sad state of affairs it is when it's less annoying to fall into a pitfall than to pick up a pitfall seed. Back to top
February 10, 2006
Well, Walker's gone. To be honest, I knew he was leaving and sent him off. Call me heartless, but I figured the benefits of having room for a new neighbor outweighed the costs of keeping him around for old time's sake. We'll have to see though, since he hasn't been replaced yet.
Why is Tortimer calling me a ?guppy?? Doesn't he eat those things? At least the Bright Nights are almost over, so we can all move on with our lives. Moe had better give me something good for all the time this has wasted. The Ables were selling a Tyrolean hat. Looks? German, but at least it's green. Where am I going to find lederhosen during this time of year though? Jitters apparently likes the phrase ?Greenhead pecker?. Just a little advice between neighbors: it took me awhile to figure this out to, but you really shouldn't talk about such parts of your body in public settings like that. And Moe: I'll have to try that recipe. Cocoa + turnip casserole = chocolate pudding? but where am I going to find turnips during-oh yeah. I wonder what Wendell would give me for that concoction. Back to top
February 11, 2006
Hmmmm.. new neighbor is Friga. She's a penguin, won't say where she's from, so she might be new. Seems nice enough though. Jitters is apparently obsessed with picking scabs. Sick? and very much like me. Apparently he has a Kid Cat personality, and met Lyle. Poor guy. Bought an automatic washer from the spawn. Not that I'll use it. I kept the tiki torch though, because? well, come on, it's a tiki torch. And oh good, I finally got a backup halo. And a clown nose! I?m not sure why that excites me, but it does. Also finally replaced my tuna, so it's turning out to be a good night. And a stringfish! I guess I did something right with my feng shui? I put them both in my game room, since I could make another deposit without them. Another house model is prolly more valuable in the long run anyway.
Great Rasher. A letter involving that overused conundrum of the person who says everything he says is a lie. At least Moe mentioned the paradox of doctors who try to get their patients to feel better but not so much that they won't be their patients anymore. Infinitely more interesting if you ask me. UI can't tell? is the tv showing a parody of Resident Evill, James Bond, or Dragonball Z? Maybe it's a new Anime that combines all three, who knows. Finally got a pic from Moe. He of course only did it because he thought Rasher gave me one first. Heh heh? I?ve got to keep the fires burning on these rivalries if I want more where that came from. It's got a brown frame, and on the back, simply says, ?Whoa?? Well I'll be. I?ve had Keanu Reeves as a neighbor for weeks and didn't even know it. Anyway, time to work on Kabuki. I'll start by giving him this regal carpet from Victoria. Back to top
February 12, 2006
Dang it, the Bright Nights should be over by now! I hope that doesn't mean Joan isn't dropping by. Nope, Booker doesn't see her. And apparently the Lost and Found tends to not get replenished after 10 items get in there. So yeah, I think I'll empty it of pitfalls and toss them. But Nook, of course, still refuses to buy turnips. Scumbag. Okay, so? apparently my HRA rating went down. Yeah, I guess I need to put in some feng shui work if I want to boost it at this point. Better start ordering some colorful items and lucky cats. Oh, and ?mom? think 'she? is an artist, and drew a star to demonstrate. Well, I guess it's aboot as insane as everything else she says to me.
Yup, all went according to plan, and Moe is the Bright Nights winner. And? apparently he still holds a grudge against his old neighbor for not visiting him. Isn't that more my fault though? I mean? he can't go through a gate that's not open, right? And hey: where's my present for supporting you for this entire week, Moe?! Lousy ingrate.
Apparently I have a Jacob's Ladders now. But? I don't have a perfect down rating yet, do I? Apparently I do. But? what aboot all the trees?! I just planted some more yesterday! They're crowding next to each other and everything! I wonder if it's a glitch related to the time I? did nothing at all! Heh heh? Still: I guess I should hold off on planting more until I see where this takes me. Maybe the amount of rare flowers outweighs the tree problem. A golden watering can would be nice, after all.
?now NOOK is opening his heart to me?! Just what sort of can of worms have I opened up here?! And yes, you little scum, I do think that all you think aboot is money and how to make more of it. Unless you just happen to like enslaving people to make them suffer! Yup, he admits that he thinks it's his job to make others miserable, though I think that upsets me even more. Look bud: just because you took off and wasted your life in pursuit of money when you had a beautiful young hedgehog waiting for you at home, not yet fully absorbed into the responsibilities of running a clothing shop is NOT my fault. Well, Victoria's leaving. I should make sure she has a chance to return to her old town, but other than that, I?m not too concerned. Still: who will tend to the flowers in her absence? She has like what, 20 just around her house?
Hmmm? that's really too many trees with fruit on them for one day. Yeah? I think time traveling back just to see K.K. was a bad idea after all. Well, too late now, but I should keep that in mind. And I shall mourn my poor decision-making skills all the way to the bank.
Looks like Rasher's sick. Yup, I?ve completely thrown everything into chaos. And the sushi ninjas are after his stash? we're going to assume that his hallucinations are caused by the disease, and the stash he's referring to is actually a fake mustache. Yes. So Friga is calling me fat. In the world of psychology, we call that ?projection?. Back to top
February 13, 2006
Well, it's nice to not have the announcement aboot the Bright Nights festival, but on my first day in a week to get a visitor, I would have hoped it'd be someone other than Blanca. Oh well.Revlin from Tranza gave her a 'shadow? face. It did, admittedly, look pretty menacing. But a went with a more pleasing NOA Alan face. Not sure if I got the hat down right, but the face is easy enough to do. Looks like some trees still have fruit on them, so I?ve got something to do today at least. And it looks like the town still has a perfect rating, but I'll go ahead and water of course. I was right aboot the Lost and Found, but it seems my new item today is? another pitfall seed. Sigh. And I honestly don't get why my character suddenly feels the need to turn around after I find the money rock. Is he just being a traitorous scumbag or what?! Hmmm? first Moe gives me a present for identifying his negative relationship with Rasher, then Rasher apologizes for all those names he gave me behind my back. I think I?m being pulled into their little feud. Well, Lucy gave me her pic out of the blue. Can't really complain aboot that. It has a pink border, and the back says 'this picture entitles you to one free smile!? Wow. If you only knew how lucky I feel right now. Oh, and I didn't make a perfect snowman today. Oh, how awful. Now I only have 200 snowman items instead of 201. Or something along those lines. Back to top
February 14, 2006
Okay, so maybe the lack of inclusion of real holidays into AC isn't so bad after all. Meanwhile, Nintendo is spamming up by bulletin board, mentioning something aboot their dog eating their hw. I wonder if this means the glitch thing has been repaired. Looks like Rasher is better now. All the easier to get me a pic then I suppose. Kabuki changed his floor? why? Did I send him that carpet? Apparently the fruit I picked on Sunday was today's batch, so I found some other ways to accumulate cash. Maybe I'll sell apples in another town tonight or something. But there were a few exceptions, at least. Continued my bribery of Kabuki by pretending to be Lyle for a bit. At least, I think having an ugly face is covered under his insurance policy. Oh, and Moe's now wearing my shirt. Quite fitting, really. Wow? I just happen to tell Friga that I honestly don't know if I have any siblings (?mom? never mentioned any, but then agin who trusts ?her??), and told her ?you go, girl? when she acted mysterious aboot an item she had? and a second later I have a picture of her. That was easy. It has a blue frame, and the back mentioned something aboot a fortune cookie. Ummmm? I guess Antartica is kinda close to Asia? Came back in the evening. The sky was clear, so I made a wish. Also, new neighbor today: named Tabby, and admits that my name totally pwns his. Dang right. He's got kinda an ugly face, but? dang it, he's a cat, so I?m happy. Also, he has kewl illusion walls and flooring. Also bought a ranch chair from Redd. Prolly coulda gotten cheaper if I had waited, but? meh.
Traveled to another town, met Hopper. He still says finkrat, so I almost forgive the ugly pink shirt they?ve got him wearing. Plus, he still remembers my nickname. Came back to find a bottle mail from my conscience, which is apparently far, far away. That would explain a lot. And yeah, Rasher: I dunno why it's called Googlebonker either. February 15, 2006
Geez? that's a lot of letters. Got a dracaena from the star, a green lava lamp from Kabuki, a chair from the snowman, a modern wall from Bob, and a rug from Hopper. Looks like Blanca's back. Woo hoo. Dear Bulletin Board Person: please stop ranting on aboot your sister. It's? creepy.
Bought a lab chair from the spawn. Looks ummm? interesting, to say the least, and an electric current runs through it when you sit on it. Fun! Tabby didn't want Kabuki's kimono. Uncultured swine cat.
Awww? look a rainbow! What a perfect backdrop for my solution to what to do with all these pitfalls: trap a neighbor using holes, then bury a pitfall in one and watch the fun ensue! I got a new hairdo yesterday while visiting another town as a joke, and decided to compliment it by donning a halo and making myself a Vegeta's gi outfit. It's too bad my giant head gets in the way of most of the detail though. I thought the rippling muscles came out well. Anyway, I went fruit hunting, sent Kabuki a letter (quoting Irrational Exuberance, the Animutation to end all Animutations. We'll see how he likes it), and took a break.
Came back agin in the evening. Hmmm? either I missed some oranges, or they just sprouted fruit. Oh yeah, Blanca? almost forgot aboot you. Jamie in Rustboro, eh? What's nyahnyah, anyway? I went with the theme of golden-haired warriors, and made her a face of, you guessed it: Super Sonic the Hedgehog. I wonder: will I be able to pay off my house agin tomorrow? And what should I stuff in the extra room? Back to top
February 16, 2006
?mom? apparently wrote me to tell me that 'she? is eating salsa. How? exotic and exciting? Looks like Wendell's here. Well, either I get another turban to wear myself or something else. That's not bad really. Yup, extra turban. I guess it doesn't matter how big a red turnip you give Wendell. Good to know. Looks like Nook's depressed agin. He says he made a bunch of terrible mistakes in his youth. Yeah, I heard. Of course you lost a friend, you money-obsessed, single-minded capitalist pig! At least he's got the kids to take care of now as punishment. And yes, I know easy moneymaking schemes are never easy. Now excuse me while I go plant 30,000 Bells in the ground. Hmmm? you know, I think I see a picture of a young Nook and the Able Sisters at their shop. How? disturbing. For the last time, Lucy: I don't care that your friend Eirika wished you a happy new year! Now shoo! I see no need to tolerate you anymore now that I?ve got your picture. Speaking of which: I wonder how Kabuki is doing! Got a sphinx from a floating present. Neato. I gave it to Kabuki as a gift. I figure Africa, Asia, it's all the same, right? 'dang it Kabuki, you're not leaving and that's final!! Gah, I swear, they do this just to get on my nerves! Friga entertains us with lame break-up excuses: ?I?ve grown weary of keeping you to myself.? Personally, I think it'd be a better excuse to initiate a m?nage ? trois, but that's just me. ?haz-mat barrels should NOT be ?all the rage with kids?. It's just common sense.
Paid off the last of my loan, as predicted. I think the dark green roof looked good, so I went with it agin. Came back in the evening to find Phyllis hanging out at the coffee shop at the museum, being a bi-a female of a completely different species, as per usual. She's also racist, since she judges pigeons to be flying rats and not birds. I guess Pelly is covering for her. Poor Pelly. And geez: Blanc agin? Haus in Boscobel, eh? I wonder if that's from another country. It's not a bad face though. Very symmetrical. Looks like a cat version of K.K. So, I decided to just edit it. Hopefully he doesn't hate me for that. Ummm? Friga, I already have your pic? don't I? Well, whatever makes you happy. I guess. Back to top
February 17, 2006
Kabuki's walking around at my start-up screen, so that's a good sign. Dang? that's a pretty looking mansion I?ve got here. ?mom?, meanwhile, is apparently sending me a letter just so 'she? can try out some new stationary. Huzzah. The back room seems roomy enough, though I?m sure we can fix that soon enough. I made it my artsy room, to show off my forged paintings and custom patterns. Dunno what the HRA will think though. Oh no? not the kitten. Not agin. Dang it Booker, why'd you let her in?! And she just had to have THAT name, didn't she? Bah, angst. Well, at least the town she needs to go to is usually open at night. And apparently Katrina gave it bad luck, since it's tripping all the time. Sweet. That's not funny, Nook. You know dang well it's not 9,480 Bells. That's better. Yeah, I'll pay it off. But only so I can stop dealing with you as anything more than someone I buy stuff from and who buys my fruit. You got that, slavedriver?! And then, truly, it shall be LuWigi's Mansion. Ha. I?m here all week.
Bought a hearth from the spawn. It's so? tall? Let's see: almost no fruit to collect today, so I guess I'll focus on finding out who's trying to move. Geez, neighbors, stop trying to give me stuff! Do you really like the flower gardens that much?! I was just getting ready to beat you all at the flower festival thing. Jitters asked me whose back I had to rub to get my mansion. I think we both know he didn't mean just a backrub? but he'll never understand what I?ve had to go through. Never! Found Rover at the coffee shop. Apparently he thinks all I do is shop. Poppycock! All I do is sell, actually. He still rants on aboot Blanca, just like the other game. Weird. I wonder if he knows more aboot just how Blanca lost her face than he's letting on? maybe they're related! Nah.Back to top
February 18, 2006
Well, the leaves have turned back to green. I guess this means that soon, there won't be any snowmen to make. So? w00t! ?mom? killed the tree in our (well, her) backyard, and gave me an orange to commemorate it like a kidnapper would send a finger. That's frightening though: that if it weren't for Wi Fi, I might not have gotten any exotic fruit other than coconuts until now. Dang it, kitten: I have enough problems with my friends not knowing how to spell when they write me letters! I don't need it from you! And YOU're WELCOME!! Gah. I got a portrait from her, so I guess it's going with the rest. Yeah, better do some final rearrangements if I want to get that house upgrade tomorrow. Wait? this isn't a portrait. It's a hideous monstrosity of some poor, unfortunate human who has lost their nose! Just what are you trying to say, you evil creature?! Anyway, speaking of hideous monstrosities, I found Blanca agin, who had a face from Chris in Salem. It was pretty basic, to be honest. Anyway, I replace with an unrecognizable character of a man I have only the greatest respect for. It actually didn't come out too bad though, despite the lack of giant ears to include. Oh good, a club shirt. This should come in handy around March or so. Now I just need to set my clock forward about 20 years. Or not. Tom from Hilsboro? I dun remember ever having him visit, Jitters. Hmmm? what a strange, extended network of friends I?m a part of. Awww? Kabuki is using the items I gave him. How sweet. He's even showing off his new stuff to Tabby! He still won't give up that black katana though. Hmmm.
I made my first payment on the last house mortgage. Ah, how nice it'll be to finally be rid of that. Bah, this rearranging my house takes too long. I'd better get that new house model for all of this. And as soon as I do, I?m rearranging the house to look the way I want it to. At least for a little bit, until I feel the inclination to try for the final house model, I mean. Back to top
February 19, 2006
Yes! Got the new house model! Aboot time, too. But why does it always have to have a red roof? Yes yes, Nook, I hear you. The town isn't nearly as laid back as you'd think though. Not when everyone is just a bit on edge, a bit nervous, carefully watching out for? THE NET. But boo-hoo to you for having to deal with the big, scary city anyway. People who won't give you the time of day unless you have money, huh? Hmmmm? where have I met someone like that before? So they didn't give you a loan. You WERE a little raccoon creature in an apron, were you not? Come on, would you trust yourself if you were in their shoes? You took the branch manager out? I don't care if that involves a sniper rifle or a condom, that is so not right. And your tirade ruined it all, huh? I knew you had something in common with Resetti other than general evalness. Lucy also wonders what sort of dark secrets he's hiding. I hope the final revelation is bigger than just Tommy and Timmy. Because? come on, that's an obvious one. 105 Bells per turnip today. Meh, it could be worse I suppose, and I?m not going another week without turnips to sell. I suppose you're right, Tabby. You do have a smile that just won't quit? and it scares the heck out of me. Hmmm? so who's trying to move away today? Awww? not Moe! I know I got his pic, but? dang it, he's grown on me too much to let him leave! And you know dang well that you are going somewhere soon, Moe! Or at least trying to. Random thought: Could Rasher and Joan be related? Back to top
February 20, 2006
?mom? apparently gets the urge to fish at random when she intends to do other things. Well, if 'she? was actually related to me, I might have some idea of where my own personal tendency comes from. But since she's not, it means nothing. Looks like there's another fishing tourney this Sunday. Guess I'd better go catch another tuna. Yes, hello Dr. Shrunk. Go ahead: diagnose me with amnesia on sight. Drag our fine profession through the mud some more, you quack. Anyway, he taught me shock, so now I can get all bug-eyed and scare the Heck out of myself in a mirror. And then hopefully banish myself far, far away from my friends out of fear and spite. Or something. Hardly any fruit trees sprouted today, as I should have expected. Maybe I'll sell apples in another town tonight. Looks like Moe's still around. Excellent. Now to ?persuade? someone who I actually want to move to go away. Preferably with a net. Nintendique, huh Friga? I wouldn't think Nintendo would bother going into makeup, unless? their traditional areas of business weren't working out too well. Does she know something I don't? Back to top
February 21, 2006
Wow? still snowing. I would have thought we'd nearly be in spring by now. At least, that's what my new strategy guide said. Of course, it also said that I should see Pete flying overhead, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of him. It would be nice to be able to take out my frustrations on my neighbors using both the net and the slingshot. So it goes, however. Looks like a lot of fruit collecting to do today. Bah, and I?m in a rush too. Well, it looks like the Ables are finally selling that crown. Yeah? when I have a million Bells to just throw around on impulse buys, I'll get back to you. Of course by then, you'll just have crap, won't you? OH, CRUEL FATE! Eh, at least it's not a li?l bro's shirt. Finally got a replacement T-Rex skull. Yup, my house is finally complete agin. Rasher can apparently play random town tunes on command without an instrument. Yeah? I?m not going to delve too deeply into that one. I'll prolly just bring a clothespin the next time I visit.
Lessons we learn from Animal Crossing: Wild World: In the political world, be a moderate. It gets you more presents.
Okay, can someone tell me why Tortimer is giving me a top hat? I mean, he mentioned something aboot not running for President yet, bu-oh. Real smooth, Nintendo. But I thought the holidays were supposed to be universal. Japan isn't going to understand this at all! Okay, so maybe most will, but that's not the point! Back to top
February 22, 2006
I swear, every day I forget that I switched outfits the night before and don't recognize myself. It's a bit disorienting really, like waking up in an unfamiliar place after a night out.
Nook's story continues: he suggests that if you're going into business (prolly not, unless it's the business of kicking his ugly brown tail), one must do a little of everything. A little bribery, a little extortion, and a little of just aboot every other black market activity, eh? But of course, you do have to keep track of it. After all, you never know when you're hired assassin might get a better deal to go kill you instead. Which reminds me: I?ve really gotta find where those raccoon goons keep their headquarters already. And yes, Nook: you can't trust anyone at all. Now go tell Sable that you don't trust her agin and watch her break down into tears. Invite the neighbors, so everyone can see the show! Scumbag.
Well, it cost a lot, but I got myself a King Tut wig. I think I'll still be able to make another deposit on the house today though, so no worries. And maybe Lyle will actually be of some use to me for once. You have to wonder though: just how do the Able Sisters get their hands on a cursed Egyptian artifact?
Not now, Blanca. Shoo. I swear: can't you ever find a face you like? And dang it, Kabuki: we're out of green furniture! Now take this kiddie bookcase and shut up already! I mean? please shut up already, friend? Meh, I'll just send him it in a letter.
Looks like Lyle's only going to give me 100 Bells a day for either falling down or getting stung by bees. Cheapskate. I'll make my investment back all right though? it'll just take awhile. And be full of pain and agony, but that's for my character to worry aboot! I gave Blanca an Amy Rose face? it wasn't sprite rip quality by any means, but I thought it came out okay.
Friga thinks that saying ?yarf? to your neighbor's dog is bad karma. Hold on a sec here: since when do animals have the ability to sell dogs into slavery? Is there something in Animal Crossing dogma that makes dogs inherently inferior to other animals? I know they treat fish and other sea creatures as lunch, but this is ridiculous. That reminds me: is that Octopus neighbor still around? I want to eat an octopus I caught right in front of him one of these days if so. Back to top
February 23, 2006
Well, looks like Jitters has flown the coop. I really should have tried to stop him, since I don't have his photo yet, but frankly: he and I just never hit it off. His replacement is apparently? Twiggy?! I?m not sure whether to jump for joy or be weirded out. I mean? it has been awhile since we last met, you know, and it wasn't necessarily on great terms. She was at least happy to see me, but then decided I was impatient for asking her what's up. Yup: same ol? Twiggy. For better or worse. I?m beginning to notice a trend: it seems like the first rock I try always seems to be the money rock. I prolly noticed that last game too though, so I?m sure it's just random chance screwing with my head.
You know what, Blanca? I?m just going to ignore you until you let a neighbor that's more worth my time come along. What do you think of that?! Oh come now, don't give me that face? after all, you prolly need it more. Caught a tuna today, so I should be good for Sunday. At least? I can only hope.
It was another one of those days where there was no fruit left to collect (I'll fix that as soon as I get that golden pail. Prolly), but that was good, because I, as usual, was kinda time-constrained anyway. Nook was buying turnips for 140 Bells, so I decided not to risk it and sell. It's still a pretty nice profit overall. Back to top
February 24, 2006
Apparently nothing going on today, according to Booker. Taking out slingshot? oh, nevermind. It's just Pascal. Hullo! Sorry, no scallop for you today, but maybe soon, ok? And yes, I too want to see more peanut butter fish. It goes terrible with chicken, but has anyone tried lox? He gave me a barrel. Ummmm? wow? Ah, nuts. 177 Bells per turnip today. Well, could have been worse.
Dear Mr. Bulletin Board Writer: Who says Pelly isn't a nickname? Hmmm?
Dang it, Nook's spawn: I don't need any more ring barricades! Now stop selling them! Anyway, I bought a bear pole from them, which reminds me: whatever happened to those female figurines that were sort of in the shape of? well, you know? I suppose it's not a big mystery as to why they were taken out, eh? Rasher's apparently getting letters from people who want to see backless suits? sounds like a King from King of Fighters fan to me. Looks like I?ve got a black cosmos now. Do those turn golden too? Honestly, Moe: I couldn't care less whether or not you like sparkling cider. Unless it entails me getting a gift or something. In that case, please rant away. Back to top
February 25, 2006
Looks like the world is green agin (well, for the first time since I purchased this game, anyway). And oh, what a glorious green it is! So long, Mr. Snowman! Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Seriously though: everything looks so? different. This'll prolly mean all new bugs and fish to collect though. Which is a hassle, but maybe they'll be worth more cash too.Yes, hullo Lyle. No, you cannot have any more of my money. Go away now. Looks like my last snowman gift this winter will be? a snowman bed. I'll toss it with the rest of the pile.
Nook's autobiography: Why Friends Become Enemies: over money, of course. Specifically borrowing money. Because, clearly, losing money to a friend is the most horrible thing that could possibly happen to you, right Nook? Superficial scumbag. ?get away from my front door, Lyle. You're not going to trick me into talking to you until I make this deposit, got it? Honestly, animals these days. But sign me up for having Redd rob me blind on Tuesday, mmmkay? Friga's sick, so I bought some medicine to fix her up. Maybe she'll give me yet another picture in return. W00t? So, by my calculations, I should get the golden watering can tomorrow. I wonder who gives it to me and how exactly? oh wait. That's Monday. Nevermind. Back to top
February 26, 2006
Ah, I knew I forgot to do something yesterday. Well Dotty, you will be missed, but hopefully you're going to a better place. Then agin: with my friends, that's pretty unlikely. Started off the day by putting some snowman furniture in storage at the post office. I figure I'll need the room soon enough, and besides: what good is a game room if you can't reach the games?
W00t! Got the golden watering can! I turns out that Pelly hands it out after asking aboot the environment. Finally, after all the waiting and hard work, I can finally say it: from now on, my flowers are getting nothing but golden showers! Okay, so it was lame. Sue me. Anyway, this filled my character with irrational exuberance. Good for him! Now to steal all the rare flowers and plant them around my house. Then plant trees where my neighbors will surely run into them. Huzzah! Oh, and HRA: Apples are NOT junk. I just happen to be growing a mold colony right now. Bought a powdered wig from the Ables. Oooh, rock me Amadeus indeed. Also bought a one-way tee? but frankly, it doesn't look like an arrow to me. It actually looks more like a blue Catholic priest's garment. Oh, and apparently the Able Sisters buy flowers too. Good to know. Joan was selling turnips for aboot the usual price, so I went ahead and bought my usual amount too.
Makeup? You mean? Tabby's a female?! Huh, who would?ve thought? What? Catch a dung beetle? How the bloody Heck am I supposed to do that without any snowballs around?! Wow? it's really been awhile since I was able to donate a new fossil to the museum. Anyway, the triceratops is now complete, so w00t. Hmmm? so they think the collar was there to help train the neck to be more powerful, causing it to be a better biter? It's an interesting theory? not sure if I follow it, but quite elegant really. So that just leaves the plesiosaur head? where is that bloody thing?!
?A person's abilities are best displayed when defending, not attacking.? Okay, who inserted the Kung Fu movie philosophy into my Animal Crossing game?
Friga's still sick, so I gave her some more medicine. She was also shivering: there's a joke to be made here aboot shivering penguins, but I?m not quite sure what it is. Came back for the fishing tourney, and of course senile ol? Tortimer gave me YET ANOTHER fishing rod. Eh, but I guess I can't really complain aboot more free stuff. Unless it's pitfall seeds. Anyway, I murdered Rasher's record of 6.4 inches with my tuna, so Tortimer of course gave me my prize: a pyramid. I gave it to Kabuki, since it'll go well with his sphinx. Not that he'd have any idea that they're of the same theme, mind you. Instead, he's ranting on to me aboot how he loves sushi. Honestly Nintendo: what's the point of stereotyping your own employees? Do you see US publishers depicting the United States as full of rich, fat cowboys who bomb any country that displeases them/ Well yes, there were those few, but still. Back to top
February 27, 2006
Yup, I won the fishing tourney all right. Dunno why I was worried. Ooh, and the flea market's on Saturday. That Kabuki had better be around for me to haggle with already. I?ve waited long enough! Message of the week: ?make hay while you can? nobody likes overtime.? So, what you're saying is? if I can string together random phrases, I too can work for Nintendo's localization team? Schweet! And yay! I get to see rain for the first time! It's so? drippy. Awww, and the animals have their little umbrellas out too. And I?ve got golden roses! All mine! Time to start hoarding.
So I was told I could wave to my neighbors by tapping my character? guess I have to pretty exact for that? Oh? maybe just have to tap the neighbor itself. Good to know. Watering flowers in the rain? what the Heck am I doing?!
Planted some more trees for the first time in awhile. I figured now that I?m not striving for a perfect town rating anymore, I might as well maximize my profit. Also keep around some weeds, just in case I eventually get a four-leafed clover. Wouldn't that make a great St. Patrick's Day? Assuming, of course, that Nintendo doesn't give everyone one of those through the mail. Nah, knowing the cheapskates that they are, it'll prolly just be a club shirt. Looks like Friga's feeling healthy. Good, that saves me some cash? except now Twiggy's sick. Dagnabbit! So, Tabby's a pie-eater. Considering how I thought she was a guy anyway, that's not too surprising. Maybe I?m getting better at these pop quizzes though. No, prolly not. You know, you really have to be quite forceful with your neighbors when it comes to having them not distract you while searching for the money rock. Good thing they're relatively easy to push around. And dang it Lucy: do I look like a cooking connoisseur to you? I don't even know what al dente means! By the teeth? I made another deposit on the house and called it a day. Maybe I should starting hunting for a coelacanth soon though. Back to top
February 28, 2006
Got a black tulip today. Truly, my emo garden party is on its way to completion. Well I'll be? I go ranting on yesterday aboot wanting a black katana, and look what shows up in the local dump! Such wasteful neighbors, I swear? I'd be upset if it didn't benefit me so often. I mean, apparently this thing is worth 12,000 Bells alone. And apparently Kabuki is now missing his, so maybe he threw it out? New neighbor today, named Frobert. Been having some problems going online as of late, so I think he's not from anywhere in particular. He's a green and black frog? looks poisonous.
Nook story update: apparently he still wants to move back to the city, leaving us all behind? I'll pay for his train ticket. And pack his luggage. Come on, Nook, dreams like this simply should not be ignored! Of course what really matters is money, and there's a heck of a lot of it to be found in the city! Just give it another shot! No, don't end the conversation! Look, I'll starting packing your bags right now! All you have to do is-ah nuts.
Bought a hockey mask from the Ables, which only serves to remind me that I still need that golden axe. Until a chainsaw becomes available, I mean. Two of the trees I planted yesterday survived, so I planted some more. I guess I should have expected that the golden watering can wouldn't be any more effective. Oh well.
Okay, I'll admit: Mountain Song is starting to get pretty dang annoying back at my place. Back to top
March 1, 2006
Well, welcome to March I suppose. I guess a whole new month should mean whole new things to do? right? And if not, I can still work on becoming a multimillionaire. Oh wait, there's a butterfly. And there's a honeybee. Well, they all decided to wake up rather quickly, wouldn't you say? Still the same sort of fish around it seems, oddly enough. But I managed to donate three types of butterflies, a ladybug and a honeybee to Blathers? dun get why these type of bees should be so common and the other type should be so hard to catch. Still, overall it's a good start. Let's see: he gets frightened by the idea that honeybees disembowel themselves whenever they sting, fears for a world where cute is connected to being sprayed with a vile yellow liquid (I didn't have the heart to tell him), gets itchy when thinking aboot butterfly scales (specifically, he says it makes his eyebrows itch? but frankly, I don't see any other than those weird horn things), likes to use the word ?ostentatious?, and complains aboot how common butterflies eat all the cabbage. Better them than you, Blathers. Katrina stopped by today. She showed me a lake, in its natural state. Actually, we just call it the pond. Anyway, she says that a turtle is trying to dig a hole in a rocky mountain? Tortimer is strip mining? That fiend! His silver spoon is protected by conviction? which I guess means that he doesn't have the rich, aristocratic family history that he claims to. He prolly got the glasses out of a Cracker Jack box. Anyway, considering the amount of junk I?m fishing up today, I?m thinking it was bad luck. Between her greeting and catchphrase of ?n00b?, I believe I have made Tabby into the ultimate AOL slang user? I?m going to hate myself in the morning. Looks like only two of my fruit trees survived agin. Maybe I should start only planting two at a time? Nah? even if two was the rule, I?m greedy. And besides: more likely, if I planted two only one would survive.
At least the lack of fruit around today gave me some time to search for insects. Hopefully that keeps up. And I still managed to make another deposit on the house, so it's all good. Twiggy's apparently healthy, so I bought this medicine for nothing. Bah. On the bright side, I did get Rasher's pic. He gave it to me to have it watch and follow me always. Funny? usually it's the stalker who receives (or takes her/his own) pics, not the one giving them out. Then agin, I suppose Rasher has to always feel like he's in control. It's got a brown border, and the message on the back says to stop looking at him with those hungry eyes, as he is not a porkchop. Yup? he's definitely into this stalking thing. And Tabby is apparently just randomly handing out miniature cars. Doesn't he realize how much these things cost?
Come now, Nintendo: how can you have a loach in Animal Crossing without making some reference to it being Hylian? No jokes aboot loach smoothies or it rhyming with roach could possibly replace that classic line. Back to top
March 2, 2006
Oh good, Saharah's finally here. She got me a massage chair? that goes to Tortimer, right? When am I supposed to see him agin? Fishing tourney? ?crap in a hat. Might as well give it a test run though. Oooh? magic hands. I?m pretty sure Tortimer's not going to be using this for his arthritis. On the bright side, I also got Saharah's desert. More rain today, so hopefully more chances to catch a coelacanth. Wow? looks like the beach table comes with a giant margarita or something like that? shouldn't Nintendo have a problem with that?
Well? at least with the frequency that the crowns appear in the Ables? shop, I should have no trouble finding one once I?ve got the money. Planted more pear trees to even things out a bit. I forget how many peach trees I have now, but meh. Wait a sec? why is Lucy still here? I thought I wished her well and told her to GET OUT! Gah? now someone I like is gonna try to leave.
Awww... the sun's out already? Stupid rapidly swimming fish-shaped old-tires that fight with my line so fish-like. Well, hopefully I'll get another chance soon. On the bright side, Moe helped me catch a spider! Good kitty! Apparently Blathers is more obsessed with the fact that spider's webs are tough to get off, rather than that they catch and eat all the other insects he hates so much.
Dear Creature Who Keeps Writing Kabuki: Stop stealing ideas from coffee commercials. Having your own pep squad around you wherever you go is a terrible idea. Trust me on that one.
TV Shi'tton? We have one of those? Where do they keep the broadcasting station? In Resetti's secret underground lair? And why can I never catch professional wrestling on my tv? And there's a Shi'tton channel too, eh? Geez? I?m really out of the loop And I wish I knew why peacock butterflies keep hanging around my house. Are they attracted to a specific type of flower, or just wealth in general? Back to top
March 3, 2006
Oh, so now Lucy is leaving? Well.. okay then, take care. ?mom? apparently has trouble telling the difference between snow and bird feces when it comes to landing on ?her? head. I suppose such larger paranoia is to be expected in someone who is so mentally disturbed as to stalk me. Hmmmm? I think Kabuki threw out my ruby econo-chair. All the better to give it back to him in yet another letter! Dang it? I swear this is a Blanca face repeat. But I took pity and I gave her a semi-realistic cat face that I called Unamused. Stare at your cat long enough and you'll know what I mean. Twiggy gave me a microwave today, but warned me not to get chocolate ice cream on it. Because, as we all know, there's nothing worse than having a microwave stained with food products. Rather than that being, you know, par for the course? Also, she thinks I?m stingy. Hey, that pineapple bed wasn't exactly cheap! All right, maybe it was, but it was still high quality! And apparently people are sending her letters that are mostly just a smiley face. No wonder these animals have lost their ability to understand simple English in written form. I decided to keep the gyroids and fossils I found today in preparation for the flea market. I?m keeping the T-rex skull this time though, so I'd better take it out of the main room. And put those fish I?ve got in instead. Is it odd to start itching just because you hear the sound of buzzing in a video game by the way? Not that I mind being odd, mind you.
I wonder? is it possible to water your trees too much and kill them off? Because, frankly, that would kinda suck. Back to top
March 4, 2006
Ugh, Lyle agin, and if I put money bags in my house, the animals might try to buy it off of me. Meh, maybe I'll take care of them first. I decided to have Redd come on Wednesday, just to mix things up a bit. Beforehand, I scammed Kabuki big time with the fish, but I forgot to hide the portraits. For the last time, I am NOT selling those! The fossils didn't do so well either. Apparently ?mom? is part of some Old Person's Softball Team. No wonder I turned out the way I did, with ?her? always neglecting me for sports and whatnot. Lots of dying flowers around today, not sure why. Seems like a waste of time to me though.
Apparently someone fired the guy who writes those fortune cookies, so he's now reduced to writing messages in a bottle. Something about kindness and oneness with one's universe as a key to enlightenment? yeah, I can see why he's out of work. Hmmm? Nook's buying prices for turnips has been going down all week. Guess I?m storing them on my table.
Apparently Tabby thinks ladybugs count as family heirlooms. Go figure. Oh, and I completely forgot to meet my new neighbor yesterday. His name's Teddy? I?m pretty sure I can guess what kind of animal he is. Seems like a nice enough guy though. Meanwhile, apparently a yellow butterfly has managed to flap its way onto the ocean. Yeah? not sure if that's supposed to happen or not. Anyway, I fished a bit more, brought back a few fossils, and while I didn't get as much as when I started, it was enough to reach my goal: finally paying off my house once and for all! Oh, happy day! Yes, dance, my little mustachioed persona, for there is nothing to rain on your parade now! Hmmm, now what to do with the rest of my time. I?m thinking: Step 1: Make 10 million Bells. Step 2: Get piggy bank. Step 3: Withdraw 6 million Bells. Step 4: Donate them to Boondox. Yeah? I?m gonna need to plant more fruit trees. And yes Nook, I?m aware there's no social security in Shi'tton. Stop trying to erase this irrational exuberance!
Requested Agent K.K. from Slide Money. Sounded a bit like a 007 song, but then got all Western or Adventure film mixed in. I suppose that's to be expected though, if Totakeke watches too many Animes.
Wild World Lesson of the Day: Cities are evil, strange places that one should stay away from. And not just because the raccoon had a bad experience there either. Then, I started Step One of financial freedom? wasting money on coffee. Eh, I'll get a picture out of it eventually? hopefully. Dunno why my character is trying to market the taste of coffee to me though? maybe Japan is worried that its kids aren't having their growth stunted enough. No Tabby? I?m done selling things. Please go away. Thanks. Back to top
March 5, 2006
Well, I?m up to nearly 120,000 points from the HRA. Good to know I?m progressing at least. Hmmmm? exactly 100 Bells for turnips. You just don't like to fluctuate a lot, do you Joan? Anyway, since I already had 300, I bought only an extra 100 today. Oh, and Joan says the bigger the red turnips are, the more Nook will pay for them. I guess that explains why Wendell doesn't care either way. Looks like next Saturday is La-Di-Day. Mmmmm? APATHY! Got another coffee from Brewster? so nice to have my own cash to waste on useless things. Also got a new, more proper haircut while I was at it. Man? I just don't get why my animal neighbors are so obsessed with just pieces of fossil. Really: how can an ankylosaurus tail enhance a house any? More butterflies in the ocean? if it's a glitch, the game testers certainly must have noticed it.
Dang it Twiggy! It's too soon to move out! What aboot everything we?ve shared together! Doesn't that mea-yeah, you're right. It was just too weird. But I still need your pic, so you're staying! Wish I knew why my success rate on planting fruit trees is so variable. I think only one survived today. I suppose that's in the acceptable limits of random chance though. Got another note in a bottle, from some 3rd grader telling me aboot her summer vacation planting peach trees. Sadly, I do believe we are at an age where our most exciting adventures occur solely in the virtual world. I'd complain, but? I?ve got fruit to sell. Yes Tabby: you do have a smile that just won't quit. And that scares the heck out of me. What are you, The Joker? Back to top
March 6, 2006
Ah? so nice to have brown hair agin. I'll prolly get another haircut today though, so I guess I shouldn't get too used to it. Meanwhile, I wonder: can golden roses ever wither? Never heard much either way, and I guess I could see reasons for why they couldn't, being metallic and all. Message of the Week: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and make sure everyone's wearing lots of deodorant. Bah, stupid neatfreaks. It's like they would refuse intimacy or to be part of a war because they might get sweaty or something. And I would ask, 'do you want an ice cream?? and both of them-nevermind, that's something else. Kabuki? where did you get the catchphrase ?creepy? and ?eeyack?? Are you feeling all right dude? Oh, that reminds me: Twiggy's still here. W00t! Yet at the same time: Gah! Stop the stupid buzzing! Moe gave me a bodice today. Someone really needs to tell him that that's not the sort of gift that one dude gives to another. Made my first deposit into my bank account today. Hopefully there'll be plenty more where that came from. Hmmm? why am I having such problems finding fossils as of late? Too many trees in the way? My character today describes coffee as 'so bitter? and ?like a banshee, screaming at my taste buds?. Hmmmm? maybe Nintendo is on an anti-coffee rant after all. Or maybe I?m just supposed to ask for cream and sugar next time. Back to top
March 7, 2006
Oh good, rain agin. Hopefully it stays that way. Nope? there it goes. Stupid fickle hourly weather that's not representative of most parts of the world. Gah? maybe I should just do another stupid Blanca face so she'll go away already. On the bright side, it looks like Kabuki's waking up earlier these days. He still doesn't want to talk to me though. Yeah, I?m really starting to suspect now: too many trees=no fossils. I really need to get that golden axe already.
Came back to find out that Friga's still sick (I swear, it's almost like she's psychosomatic) and that Tabby was trying to leave. Luckily, I put a stop to that, scary grinning cat face or no. And why is Nook so stingy on turnips as of late? Back to top
March 8, 2006
Looks like Kabuki's throwing out a lot of my old stuff. Is he redecorating? Brewster is still giving me the cold shoulder, but at least he says ?coo?, or something. Friga is finally healthy agin? and looking for love. Geez, penguin, one step at a time! Also, she's obsessed with food, but so is Moe. Prolly for different reasons altogether though. And Tabby: I?m pretty sure you don't have to worry aboot secretly being a magic flower goddess. Now matter how you feel after hanging around Moe's house and breathing in the air long enough. Bought a lucky black cat from Redd, thus completing the collection. Awww, they're so? obsessed with coins, apparently. No wonder he has one. And no, Frobert: a love letter does NOT mean you have to send a letter to five different people. I?m not even going to start on how wrong that assumption is. Made another deposit into my bank account. I hope those crown things don't show up at the Ables until I have enough cash for them. I?m thinking I'll stop planting trees after today, and then cut some down as soon as I get the golden ax. I?m pretty much certain at this point that they're connected to the lack of fossils I?m finding.
I came back to do some fishing, got a barred knifejaw. Blathers seemed impressed for some reason. I remember them being pretty common in the last game. Back to top
March 9, 2006
No mail? awww, no one loves me. Looks like Wendell's here agin. It's not Tortimer or Saharah, but it's something at least. Got yet another turban from him? eh, I guess I expected it. And I?m sure I can still trade it for something kewl whenever Saharah comes by. Nook's finally buying turnips for above their asking price too, so looks like it's finally time to sell. By the way, Harriet: my eyes sparkle because you?ve basically fried my brain with that giant stylist device of doom, not because of the haircut itself. Just so you know.
Well dang it, surely one of you has to be trying to move away, right? Which one is it? Teddy and Rasher appear to hate each other. With their grating personalities, I?m not surprised.
Yeah, Blathers: the fact that charring a char doesn't make it taste good breaks my heart too. But you're welcome. Back to top
March 10, 2006
Booker says nothing's going on today, so I guess that's my cue to get out my slingshot agin. Oh good, it's only Pascal. He tells me that Pelicans never bite off more than they can chew. I dunno man? have you seen how Pete and Phyllis are? If you ask me, Pete's decision to pursue her is the very definition of biting off more than you can chew. Anyway, he gave me a nice ship flooring. Decided to check what Nook was selling turnips for today, just on a whim? sonofa@&$%! Eh, I should leave my town open in case anyone happens to want to visit. I mean, 514 Bells? dang. Oh, and the spawn were selling a cardboard box for some reason. Apparently we're too stupid to just reorder one or something.
Gah, he's stubborn! Kabuki was trying to move out YET AGAIN, but fortunately, after about 20 or so tries to reason with him, I think I got him to reconsider. I just shudder to think how much effort it'll take the next time he decides he wants to move. Teddy asked me for a catchphrase. I was feeling a bit lacking on the creativity side, so I just had him say ?gyuh-HAH!? and hoped someone got the reference. He really does look good in my Buu Saga Vegeta shirt though. Very ripped. Honestly Brewster? coffee is all you serve in your shop? No wonder it's so hard to catch anyone visiting. Back to top
March 11, 2006
Okay, so it's La-Di Day agin. W00t? On the bright side, it's raining agin, so maybe I have a chance at the coelacanth.
All right, that should be the final hairdo I needed from Harriet. I guess that makes tomorrow the moment of truth, or something.
Dang it Friga? I dunno what you're doing that's making you sick all the time, but deal with it yourself this time! On the bright side, Brewster seems to be opening up to me. He even told me the name of his shop: The Roost. It's? cute, I guess. And yes it's the best cup of coffee in town? it's the only cup of coffee in town!
Wow? Rasher actually took my town tune and managed to improve on its ending. I didn't know what else to do, so I let him change it. That couldn't have been just a random coincidence though? could it? Well, it wasn't exactly the same as a remix, so I tweaked the top a bit. I didn't notice before though: apparently the sound of opening and closing doors is also determined by one's town tune. Interesting. Kabuki regifted my Diver Dan agin? you know buddy, sometimes I think you just don't like me.
I wonder? if I turn out the lights in my house in the center room but leave the rest on, what will it look like outside? I?m guessing dark, but you never know. Back to top
March 12, 2006
126,000 from the HRA today. Maybe next week I should try for the full 150,000. A few more rare items and I should be set, right? ?mom? is apparently upset at ?herself? for sleeping in and missing seeing 'dad? off. Wow, how very? old-fashioned. Message of the Week: 'really small things are called mobile, right? So what about mobile homes? That's kind of weird.? Yeah? I wouldn't quit your localization job to do comedy if I were you. Even Gallagher wasn't that funny with his wordplay. ?why is there an apato torso in the dump? Oh? must have been something I gave to a neighbor. Well, now's as good a time as any to sell it. And Kabuki of course threw out my red tie-dye too. I really gotta get his pic already so I can kick his grumpy tail out of here already. Errr? yes Friga. Thank you for your picture. Again. You sure you don't want to go out and see the world sometime? At least she's no longer sick though. Maybe the medicine I gave her was only encouraging her in a psychosomatic sort of way. Oh kewl, a dandelion puff. Not sure if it's considered a rare flower or not? at least I can pick it up, so it's going next to my house with the rest. Bought a dartboard from the spawn. Think I'll put it in my game room. Hmmmm?
Harriet didn't give me the option for a female 'do. Maybe I'll give it a few more tries to see if I messed on one. Bought a chef's hat from the Ables. Nothing special, but at least it's in my collection now. Lots of floating presents today, not sure why. Maybe it's my Karma or something.
Hmmmm? 110 Bells is a bit high for turnips, but meh, at least I know how to sit on them until they turn a profit. I bought 400: the maximum amount I can store on my snowman table. Well I'll be darned? a fossil! And I certainly didn't cut down any trees? bah, this game confuses me. Well, it looks like Moe's going to try to leave this time. Eh? I think I'll let him. I like him and all, but really, it's time to send him home. Assuming I can find his home town online tonight.
Well? I?ve got to hand it to Tabby. Not only did she cheer Kabuki up to the point where he was finally willing to give me his pic (though he of course used the excuse that he'd use it to stalk me), but she also got him to wear my shirt. Truly, it must be love? I guess two cats with such butt-ugly faces are made for each other. Anyway, Kabuki's pic border is pink (figures), has him looking up all high and mighty, and has his catchphrase as ?Hoo-ha konnichiwa!? Kinda like the greeting I gave him, but less Dave Chappelle. After that long journey... I think I'll go after Tabby herself next. Back to top
March 13, 2006
Not much to do today, since there's little fruit to collect. Got a wobblina from the spawn. Booker informed me that no one had passed by his gates, and I saw neither hide nor hair of Pascal, so I spent a lot of time waiting around the top half of the town. But, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had my sound turned off for part of it, so? I might have missed Gulliver. At least he's not integral to the red turnip trading game though. Yeah, there's a floating present, so I guess he's gone. On the bright side, I found two fossils today, so things are looking up that way. Still haven't gotten any new ones, but that's to be expected. Harriet still isn't giving me girl cuts, but I'll keep trying. After all, getting to know your hair stylist takes time. Or something. Anyway, I went with the pink Mirai No Trunks look. I think it turned out well. Tabby apparently hates the outfit I 'designed? (actually the default green clothing outline thingy). Eh, I suppose most of my journeys to get a neighbor's pic should start with them hating my guts. On the bright side, Twiggy's wearing my Luigi overalls. And Kabuki's still sporting my shirt, which is? weird, to say the least. Oh, and I?m now a half-millionaire, which, while not granting me any additional buying power or rewards, is worth noting anyway I suppose.
Random thought: how am I supposed to tell when my neighbors have fleas, anyway? Can the octopi get them too? Frogs? Back to top
March 14, 2006
Hmmm. Redd is coming, and I didn't even talk to Lyle on Saturday. I guess I don't need the ol? scumbag after all. Another fishing tourney on Sunday? should be a good opportunity to give Tortimer that massage chair at least, but I guess I should try for a tuna in the meantime. The message of the week asks how many cherry tomatoes are too much. Unless there's some sort of double entendre there I?m missing, I?m not sure why they bother to ask. Never noticed hw the fireplace comes with its own reflection before. Neat, I guess. Harriet claims that my hairstyle is such that no one will be able to say no to me. That's? that's a dangerous power you?ve granted me there, poodle. I aleady sent you a note, Tabby. Stop being so dang demanding! Finally got a new blend from Brewster. My character didn't react any differently though. Apparently Rasher and Kabuki make up the neighborhood watch in Shi'tton. They think they can stop my reign of terror? ha! My new neighbor is Kiki the cat. Apparently her catchphrase is ?kitty cat?? I'd be annoyed by the lack of creativity, but hey: at least it's a cat. Oh wow? Tabby's pic already. Well, that checks her off. It has a blue frame, purplish background, and has the caption 'this is my new headshot!? 'she's a sniper? Back to top
March 15, 2006
Apparently cherry blossoms are coming on April 1st. But? I need the cherry fruits themselves to make cash. And besides: I don't really have that many cherry trees. ?mom? says I should give myself a break for not being perfect. Somehow, I sense a sinister connotation to that suggestion. I really need to find this stalker and mess him up good. Prolly with my net. Got a washer/dryer combo from a floating present today. Apparently that's a lucky item, so I guess I'll keep it around. It also makes weird noises and has a flap that opens up. I wonder if I can dump clothes into it. It's quite nice to have some fossils back, but I wish I knew why they disappeared in the first place? assuming they did. You know? maybe I should only pick fruit from one section of town each day, like divide it into thirds. Sure, I'd lose money in the short-term, but in the long term I'd get about the same amount of fruit total and take less time. Worth considering at least.
Lessons we learn from Animal Crossing: Wild World: The sound of banshees screaming at one's taste buds is apparently ?PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!? Back to top
March 16, 2006
Wow? even through the mail, Twiggy sounds like a ditz. Portia, meanwhile, says hi from her new town. I think she's in good hands, though the amount of weeds that are accumulating there is a bit of a concern. Then agin: nature knows what it's doing. Hopefully. Oh good, Dr. Shrunk is here. I?ve mentioned that someone who hasn't progressed past the larva stage of his existence has no right to be a psychoanalyst, right? It's the blind leading the blind, I tell you what. But Freud did always have a thing for cigars, after all. Anyway, he taught me the most important and fundamental emotion of all: blind, fuming, irrationally violent rage. Or maybe that was contentment, I forget. Anyway, Shrunk apparently hates paisley muumuu's. I would be more embarrassed for her sake than enraged? unless paisley is the axolotl's version of a bull's red? Except that with bulls, they charge not becau-oh forget it. Anyway, he also suggests not wearing socks. Weirdo. How does anyone know that the cherry blossoms are going to bloom on exactly April 1st, anyway? Oh good: the Ables are selling another halo. I know someone who wanted a spare. Just wish Nook would restock those. Just because they make his skin burn to be anywhere near them doesn't mean he couldn't hire a third party supplier to bring them to my mailbox. Sent Twiggy a radiator I got in a floating present, claimed it was because she simply radiated pure joy. Yes, thank you, I am a comedic genius all right.
Dear my own character: You say ?It has a rich, earthy scent that warms the entire body?, and I say ?Hey! This coffee tastes like mud!? But I feel we share a common bond anyway. Well, Kiki catches on fast. Already she realizes that if I don't immediately let her give me a nickname, it means I think she's a freak. Hopefully her quick wit will keep her out of the path of my net.
Geez Twiggy: I send you a nice letter, and suddenly you want to leave? Come on, the joke wasn't THAT bad. Apparently it was though, since she was as stubborn as Kabuki. Praps moreso. Rasher wants to form a metalhead band, since they're "not going to take it anymore". Ummmm? I think you're getting yourself into some legal hot water there, buddy.
Well, I?ve got to hand it to you, Roboto in Snu Snu: that is a very fine Zaku Blanca face. Hats off to you.
Heh heh? snu snu. Back to top
March 17, 2006
Started off early? and found myself in the middle of a rainstorm. Thunder and lightning even. Quite impressive. Then, I went ahead and gave Blanca a new face. Not that I thought my talents were better, mind you, but I wanted her to go away. My Dark Link from Four Swords Adventures actually turned out ok, so I'll go ahead and post it with my next update. Also, I learned that the town greets you at 6 am. How? utterly pointless, but a good piece of trivia. Gulliver came by today, though it was a real pain to try to find all his parts without the snow to make them stand out and trees everywhere. Got a mermaid statue for my efforts though, so at least that should help my HRA rating. I wonder if I can really see him off in the morning though? maybe 6 am? I tried out some of
Brewster's ?pigeon milk? in my coffee today. Wait a sec? pigeons don't give birth to live young. Ugh, the things I do just to complete my picture collection.
I?m not ignoring your stench, Kabuki. It's just: Nintendo gave up on the smell pak accessory after initial experimentation with the Earthbound strategy guide. Apparently Friga and Teddy are getting along quite well. It must be what they have in common, like that they both 'dance? like complete idiots. And they got Twiggy to go along too? such a bad influence, those two. Oh, and Twiggy wants to munch on Friga's legs. I tell you? this dialogue is a pervert's goldmine. Frobert is apparently sick. Eh, the better to get a pic out of him.
Darn flowers! I order you to stop wilting! It's worth a try at least. Kiki bought my red snapper from me for 700 more than Nook would pay, which is nice, but also reminds me how my neighbors in the original AC kept trying to buy my one-of-a-kind items off of me. How I loathed that. That had better not happen in this game too! Got my tuna today, so I?m set for the fishing tourney. Huzzah! Back to top
March 18, 2006
All right Lyle, what are you offering me this week? Yeah, send Redd to me on Tuesday. That usually works out ok. And wow: there is a series of answers to get him to not force you into buying insurance after all. Who'd have thunk?
Apparently I can drink coffee through a surgical mask. I suppose drinking it through a bushy mustache that covered over my mouth made aboot as much sense (or as little), but still. Looks like Kabuki's been busy with gardening. Good for him? but my place is still better. And geez: as soon as Frobert gets better, Rasher's sick. Couldn't one of you just be infested with fleas so I can catch one of those? Kiki apparently wished for me to come visit her. Yeah? that's a bit worrisome, to be honest. Even wrote it down obsessively. I told K.K. that I loved him later on, and he honored me with a song. It's not his picture, but it's not bad at the same time. Maybe he's afraid of commitment, I dunno. Hmmmm? apparently you can leave after making a song request. Nice to know that the game gives you a pointless degree of freedom, though I dunno why it's not also true for the hair salon. Maybe Slider is a free spirit and Harriet isn't. She is, after all, in cahoots with Nook. Back to top
March 19, 2006
Well, the HRA gave me 147,000 points for my house this week. So very close? oh well. I'll have to rededicate myself next week. The message on the bulletin board describes the joys of having puppy patterns on your toilet paper. Frankly, considering what happens to those poor puppies, I don't really see the appeal. The spawn really have to stop restocking the same ol? things. After all, I?m their biggest customer, and I don't happen to buy things the first time I see them around for a reason, you know?
Yay! Finally got a girl's haircut option from Harriet! Won't my friends be so jealous?! Don't answer that. I didn't buy any white turnips from Joan today, since I wouldn't have anywhere to put them if they don't sell this week. But, I did at least get my weekly red turnip. You know Kabuki, that's a great way to advertise our town! ?Come to Shi'tton? not a pirate ninja in sight.? You're so smart sometimes. I guess I should prolly take off this ninja hood when they actually come to visit though. And this eyepatch too. Ah, Frobert: it's too early for you to leave. Give me your pic first, and I'll even help you pack. Until then: you're staying, and that's final. Twiggy's asking aboot my blood type? yeah, I think I'd better avoid her. The thing aboot organ harvesters is, they rarely pay you upfront.
I thought Tortimer liked my new hairdo a bit too much, but apparently he was saying ?Well hello there, darling!? to my massage chair instead. I got a scallop from him, so it looks like I?m almost to my golden ax. W00t! It's much larger than the white type, and isn't the sort of furniture item you can just walk over. He's still complaining aboot his back though. I got you a freakin? massage chair, dude! What more do you want?! Back to top
March 20, 2006
Rain today. Maybe I'll do some fishing, earn some extra cash. Wendell's here agin, so at least I have a chance of getting? whatever it is he gives me that isn't a turban. Yup, got a country guitar. Guess I'll fiddle around with it until Saturday. Plays a nice tune, kinda like a banjo. Oh, and I won the fishing tourney, as expected. Friga got in the way of my money rock today, so I bonked someone with my net for the first time in awhile. Felt good, really. And then she has the gall to ask me for advice on boy trouble! At least the new outfit is convincing enough though, apparently.
The Message of the Week suggests eating rotten turnips as a way of saving money. Thank you, for that. Actually, I have a bit of advice to give right back to you: to save money on washing your clothes, trying taking a long walk off of a short bridge sometime. Looks like Sunday's Yay Day agin. Somehow, that doesn't fill me with the desire to say the phrase that the day is named after. How odd. Back to top
March 21, 2006
Rain agin today. Seems like it's keeping a lot of my neighbors indoors. Water-fearing cowards that they are. Though maybe they just don't like how the others smell when wet. The spawn were very plant oriented today when it came to selling stuff. Not sure why exactly. Teddy claims that the Vegeta shirt I designed apparently consists of space-aged polymers and a parachute to make his workouts harder. Yeah? I guess I wouldn't put that past Bulma. Kabuki actually stopped to thank me for all he's learned from me. You know those moments when the local jerk starts acting nice for no apparent reason? I think this is one of those. I decided to back away before he does something else to show his emotional instability, like stabbing me in the face. Bought two items from Redd, including an opulent painting, which was actually legitimate for once. Hope Blathers appreciates the effort I?m putting into these things. Rasher thinks my house is infected with cockroaches. Eh, I wouldn't be surprised. It was Nook who built it, after all.
Could it be? Yup, I?m finally a millionaire! Huzzah and w00t! Hootie hoo, if you will. Now then: only 200,000 more and I can waste my money on a crown I'll prolly only wear once. I can't wait! Back to top
March 22, 2006
Well, I got my first letter from town hall, and that means new stationary. Even better, I now have a box of tissues! Huzzah! Now I can wipe my triangle-shaped, nostril-less nose! You know? most people complain aboot having too many weeds in their town, but I think I?m entitled to complain aboot having too many flowers. And not enough rare ones to go with them! Okay, so maybe I?m just being spoiled. I really do want a purple flower though.
Geez? Kabuki's house has really changed a lot since when he first moved in. I almost feel bad that it's become so? mundane. Bah, yesterday night Nook buys turnips for 114 Bells, today 108. I was really hoping he'd at least push past 120 this week. Friga claims I?m the only one to have been given her picture. Yes? all three of them. I wonder? why do the people on television look so much more? normal than me? Even the weather lady has a body that's far larger than her head. Teddy wants to move out. I don't got his picture yet, so that's not gonna happen. Plus, I just like his look in my muscle shirt too much to let him go. Tabby is having trouble dealing with her true feelings for me, most likely because she's just barely hit puberty. Or when she says I?m a 'stinky boy?, does she more emphasize that I?m a human rather than a feline or some other sort of animal? I tell you, this game really delves into the topic of bestiality too often for my tastes. Yeah, Twiggy, I wish I Nook sold magical boomerangs too. I suppose we should be happy to get Legendary Blades of Light and Goodness, though. I don't particularly remember seeing a giant-headed bird in Ocarina of Time though? besides the owl, I mean.
Things we learn from Animal Crossing: Wild World. Being a zombie sasquatch gets you presents. Being a pirate ninja does not. Back to top
March 23, 2006
Now then? is it another Gulliver day, or another Pascal? Guess I should get my scallop AND slingshot out. But I?m already getting floating presents, so I guess it's not Gulliver. And I don't see Pascal? maybe it's just that no one's going to visit today. I haven't sent Blanca away with her new Mooninite face, after all. Heh heh? moonrock spankings. Hmmmm? does Nook go by trends of increasing and decreasing turnip prices over a period of time, or am I agin just seeing a pattern that's not there among the randomness? Brewster's words of wisdom: you see a lot of pigeons milling around in the streets of the city, but no one can figure out where they go to roost. Is he saying he has a whole family of other pigeons behind that door in the back? Is that legal? Kabuki insists that the best way to relax is on the beach. Personally, I?ve never found sand chafing my skin and getting sunburned all that relaxing, but maybe that's just me. At least the latter is no longer a concern, now that I can't visit the island. Friga's sick agin. Eh? I think this is proof enough that her immune system wasn't made for this world. Best not to get in the way of the natural course of Nature. Made another deposit in my bank account today, which means I have enough for the larger crown too. Now if only one would appear? Back to top
March 24, 2006
Looks like Gracie's visiting. Can't remember the last time she did that. Awww? she called me cute. I wonder if she even realizes? prolly. She called me a chitchatter, but seemed to enjoy my ability to answer all her questions like a total snob would. Anyway, I paid her off with 1,200 Bells ('twas all I had on me), and she made me into the peachy chainsaw murderer. Schweet. I decided I liked crazy psychopath Sailor Moon better though. Twiggy regifted my claw-foot tub back to me. I take it she isn't gonna give me her pic any time soon, is she? Well, Brewster isn't exactly worshipping the ground I walk on, but I think we're making headway. Replaced my bed upstairs with a robot bed on a whim. Mmmmm? so cold and metallic, with the big, green, lifeless eyes staring down at me. Back to top
March 25, 2006
Or? maybe Lyle just doesn't try to sell me insurance because I?ve bought all there is to buy. Could be. Mom likes having fevers, since it gives you neat dreams. Yeah? I tend to not like anything that indicates potential brain damage. Oh right, it's Yay Day. Now if only I oculd think of a reason to care. Someone threw out a claw foot tub? wait, didn't Twiggy already regift that back to me?
Well I'll be: there's that cursed crown. Should I or shouldn't I? Eh, it's a foregone conclusion. Off to the bank I go! It's so very? well, dinky. But a symbol of my ability to waste cash nonetheless! Truly, it is only a matter of time until all the girls of Shi'tton are upon me like ummmm? moths on fire? Awww, Tabby, don't be ridiculous: you're not just a girl with a pretty face and no talent. Interpret that as you will. Kiki wanted to move out today, but it was pretty easy to talk her out of it.
Requested DJ K.K. from Slider. I?ve heard it before, but I can't pin down where. Maybe the arcade machine? No, that's not it? one of the shows on tv? Oh! I know! Kid Cat's house! Dang, I miss that guy. Anyway, it's a pretty catchy tune. He accepted my country guitar from me afterwards? I think it's the first time I?ve heard a country guitar described as an ?axe?. Got a pic of K.K. from it, which isn't bad in my opinion. He's got a light blue border, and the back reads that his music wants to be free. Geez, you just don't let up on getting Nintendo in trouble with the music industry, do you K.K? I?m sure they still love you though. Brewster apparently thinks I?ve got a timer on now. Weird. Back to top
March 26, 2006
Or? maybe today is Yay Day. Eh, same difference. Ah shoot. Forgot about the HRA. I?m sure if I had cleaned up those turnips, I would have had 150,000. Well? a week's not that long to wait, is it? Geez, Twiggy is throwing out my gifts left and right. She's so picky? I hope I get her picture soon so I can ditch her. Honestly Brewster? I?m not sure I want coffee made from 'the finest springwater?. Do you know how much junk they leave in that river?! He seemed surprise when I drank it though? maybe because it was the ?legendary Brewster's blend?? Joan was selling turnips for 101 Bells, so I bought 400. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before I profit from them. I decided to actually compliment the animals this Yay Day. Oddly though, they responded to my complimenting their fine, feminine figures and insinuating what I'd like to do to them the same way as when I insulted them. Go figure. Back to top
March 27, 2006
Almost getting time for some new fish and insects. I know I?ve got all year, but I should prolly try to get that popeyed goldfish soon. Yup, there he is. Blathers said that they're not called that for their affinity for spinach, but for their ability to literally pop their eyes out. No idea what purpose that would serve, but? freaky. Twiggy says my last letter sounded very stuffy. I forget if that was the one where I screamed at her to take a bath or what. The Bulletin Board jokes that I might find a flea at the flea market. Actually? I think that'd be more useful than whatever my neighbors would actually sell me. Guess I should save up some fossils and fish anyway though. Frobert says that the flower fest is coming up soon. Good thing I found that blue pansy today. Apparently his soil is bad because of the amount of ?ab-bombs? he does around there. Yeah? I?m not even gonna ask. Finally got Twiggy's picture. Sweet. It's got a green background, and asks on the back if I want her autograph too. Eh, if it'll get me more HRA points, why not? Guess I'll move on to? Frobert? Maybe Kiki. Yeah. Kiki's neat. Got a good start on my journey by managing to depress her during normal conversation. Huzzah!
Tabby apparently does not understand the necessity of working out one's ?guns? in a public setting like Frobert does. Reminds me of Anchorman, really. Got all three fossils today for the first time in awhile. If this keeps up, it will be a very profitable flea market indeed. Rasher apparently wants to leave, so? I sent him off. He's had a good stay here at Shi'tton, and who knows: maybe he'll come back some day. Back to top
March 28, 2006
Redd's coming tomorrow. His password is ?lax adulthood?. Yeah? can't imagine what the prompt would be for that. Well, I learned something today: apparently Gulliver can go over even when you?ve seen presents floating overhead earlier that hour. Gah, stupid Booker. Why can't he get someone to monitor the skies too?! Apparently Rasher's taking his sweet time with moving. Not sure why: maybe because I opened my town gates last night? At least Friga stopped with her sickness nonsense. Not sure why I?ve got so many cosmos, but at least I seem to be getting hybrid ones pretty regularly.
First plesiosaur fossil found 35 years ago by a high schooler? a day of shame that the field of Paleontology has yet to recover from I?m sure. And hey! My entire wing of the museum is filled! Blathers sings with joy! And flowers shoot out of his head? or something. He also claps, but by comparison that's a bit anti-climatic. Not sure how you can clap with feathered wings, but meh. Back to top
March 29, 2006
Dang it Rasher! Just because I have pretty pink hair and a cute little crown doesn't mean I'm going to burst into tears just because I hear you're gone! You and your stereotypes. Anyway, no replacements yet. The Flower Fest is apparently next Monday. Guess it's aboot time for me to sabotage everyone else's flower gardens, no? The game seems to be increasing the amount of hybrid flowers that are spawning each day, so that's nice at least. Also found all three fossils today, so it's like the game is helping me out or something. Unlikely though: we?ve always had an adversarial relationship, and there's no reason it would change that now. Rough childhood, lax adulthood? what does that have to do with the pursuit of money, Redd? Does it describe your life somehow? Anyway, I got a dainty painting from him. Luckily, it was legit. Good thing I got that black katana from the dump: Redd's trying to charge 24,000 Bells for it. But, that's Redd for you. Back to top
March 30, 2006
?mom? gave me an umbrella, I guess because April's coming up and the whole range of sayings aboot that month. Though frankly: in a world where it snows on one day in March and then is bright and sunny the next, I?m not sure such phrases apply anymore. At least 'she? didn't give me what she has: an umbrella that's also a hat. Just because old people can get away with looking like complete dorks doesn't mean they should try it, you know. Kiki, meanwhile, claims she can't swim. Can't, Kiki, or simply would rather not try? Hmmm? still no new neighbor. I should go online tonight. There's a few towns in particular I'd like to visit. Heh heh heh? Did I mention the letter aboot people's abilities being tested more when they're defending rather than attacking? Frankly, I think it depends on what RPG one is playing. Sometimes, you start off with a basic ability to defend and never get any upgrades at all. Nook's buying for 110 Bells a turnip today. Hmmmm? tempting, but isn't that aboot what I paid for them? Yeah, I?m gonna wait and check back this evening. Is it just me, or is the orange jumpsuit very? Kill Bill-ish? Brewster is opening up to me more. He remembers my name, and tells he how grateful he is to Blathers. Frankly, if I were him, I would have just turned the basement into a coffee shop while Blathers was standing at his post, sound asleep. I doubt he'd ever notice.
Dear amy in Ballet: The word is 'shades?, not 'shaaaaaaaads?. But it's a nice Blanca face nonetheless. Any, I replaced it with Mr. Sneering Angryface. Hee hee, and she's just walking around looking like that too.
Note: Any resemblance between LuWigi's Blanca faces and any celebrities or individuals, real or imagined, is completely coincidental.
Why Kabuki is so screwed up, as told by Kabuki: his father would always jump out of his closet wearing a hockey mask just as he was going to bed. At first, he would respond by chucking a brick into his closet before he goes to sleep. Now, he just checks verbal bricks at everyone. Frankly, I?m not sure why Nook bothers to stock wallpaper and flooring. I get all that I could ever need from my neighbors. Back to top
March 31, 2006
Rain today. Considering April is tomorrow, I guess I should get used to it. Finally got a new neighbor, named Derwin. Such an? inherently awesome name, that. Anyway, he's a geek of a blue duck. Eh, I?ve always liked ducks, dunno why. He's threatened to walk around naked. I'd be disturbed, but? frankly, that's how I find most animals. And he's not wearing any pants to begin with. Dr. Shrunk came by today. I swear, he has the strangest rendition of the town tune? it's beyond all comparison. Today, we learned how to express joy. Hmmm? you know, I could use a Dr. Shrunk in the real world if it were that easy. Apparently though, I can only hold four feelings at a time. Bummer. I got rid of shyness, since it was too hard to get across. You'd think Nintendo would let you emote as much as you want? bah, lazy bums. Frobert and Teddy wouldn't let me join in their three-way professional wrestling match of Doom? it's because I?m dressed like a girl, isn't it? But go ahead Teddy, do go practice your ?whirling powerbomb drop? on Tom Nook. Mike Haggar would be very proud of you, I?m sure. 202 Bells a turnip today? yup, it's time to sell. Dang, I turn around for one second and it's back down to 142. Stupid change of the hour. Well, I can still get some more on Sunday, so I guess it'll have to do.
Brewster's words of wisdom: the perfect temperature to bring out the flavor of coffee is exactly 176 degrees. Well? ouch. Oh, and apparently he had a little caf? in the city at one point. A pigeon living in the city? You must be joking! Apparently he went out of business because his coffee was as bitter as his black heart. Well then, why did I have to jump through so many hoops just to get some ?milk? added to it?!
I stocked my house to the brim with fossils, removing the pictures in the process so the animals don't try to bid on those. Oh, this is going to be schweet. Assuming the animals just don't act? you know, idiotic. I like that line, Friga. ?You?ve broken the gravy boat that is me?. It's so? deep. I finished off the day by fishing away my resentment for Nook. Apparently the game can only handle the sound channels of a mole cricket and the sound of rain, but not the sound of me pulling up a fish. Weird. Anyway, I caught a tuna, so I can add that to the list of things I'll be selling tomorrow. Back to top
April 1, 2006
I guess it's the start of the cherry tree festival, since some of the trees are pink. Hmmm? I wonder if it only applies to cherry trees in this game like it properly should. The original kinda screwed up that way. Nope? there are still green trees that have cherries spouted from their branches. Oh well, I guess I never expected this game to make much sense. Besides, I suppose those towns that simply don't have true cherry trees growing shouldn't be completely left out from the festivities. I started off my search for new fish and bugs with the killifish in the pond. Seems like it's gonna be a busy day, all in all. Blathers has apparently been slacking off though, and hasn't found out what sort of recipes go well with killifish. I swear, it's like he uses the fact that he's nocturnal as an excuse to be a lazy bum. Hmmm? so you do get interest from the bank. Weird. ?mom?'s April Fools Joke: The editor of Pie Monthly asked ?her? to be this month's cover model. If only 'she? realized what she was even saying there. Memories of Mrs. Cartman bring a shudder down my spine. Anyway, the flea market went about as expected. It looks like you can in fact get neighbors to pay a little more than twice what Nook will buy the fossil for, especially the pricier ones. Teddy seemed to have a dazed look in his eyes though, the kind that says, ?I just blew HOW MANY BELLS on this junk?!? Schweet. Tabby made fun of me agin for what she perceived as my level of poverty. I really shouldn't have given her the catchphrase ?Karl Rove?. Brewster won't tell me the secret of his ?pigeon milk?. I swear the entire localization team is made up of a bunch of horny male teenagers. So, you know, we communicate back and forth pretty easily. Looks like Twiggy wants to move out agin. Well, we?ve always been pretty close, but I think I have to respect her decision this time.
Dunno why Derwin won't sell me his tea kettle. Go figure. In fact, he'd hardly sell me anything. If they were rare items, I'd understand, but: a green bed?! Also, apparently having me in his house makes him nervous. Frankly? I?m not all that surprised. Kabuki's sick, so I guess I feel obligated to help him out. Maybe. Gah, Friga really looks terrible in that muscle shirt. What were you thinking, Teddy?! Between selling fruit and the flea market, I think I made over 200,000 Bells today. Not too shabby by any stretch of the imagination. It took awhile though, so I think I'll wait til tomorrow to get serious aboot fishing and bug hunting.
Got K.K. Song from Slider. You know, the song that Totakashi puts in most games he's involved in, most memorable from Mario Paint. I still maintain that it sounds like a dumbed-down version of ?I?m a little teapot?, but I had to get it sometime I guess. Back to top
April 2, 2006
Well, I remember to visit K.K., but I forget to restock my house for the HRA. To be fair though, I still had visitors coming in, so it wasn't like the game was going to make it easy on me. Eh, what's yet another week? ?mom? is being stalked by a tiger butterfly. May it rant on aboot ?nevermore? until it drives her insane. Twiggy was replaced by a neighbor named Pudge. He's an orange, nervous little bear who seems to want to threaten me with his catchphrase: ?or else?. Oh? he's from a friend's town. That would explain it. Cute though. Ah, finally, a short but sweet conversation: Frobert asks Friga if she wants a whiff of his man-fragrance, ?Eau de Gym Shorts?. Friga just stares at him blankly and walks away. The perfume would match her shirt though. 109 Bells per turnip today. How? predictable. Bought my usual. Brewster finally finished his story. Since no one can figure out where pigeons in the city roost, he made a place where everyone could go, a place of their own to escape the noise of one's life and just relax. So, he called it The Roost. Because, you know? Cheers was taken.
Blathers is depressed agin. Apparently, it's because he thinks Brewster is an idiot, because he falls for Redd's scams. Dunno why that's keeping him up all day, but? all the better for him to identify fossils, I guess. I spent some time visiting everyone's house today, just taking their flower gardens and moving them off their property in preparation for tomorrow. Ah, I suppose there are some advantages to being a total jerk. Not that I suggest you try it. At least? not around me.
I came back to do some fishing, and got all the new ones except the ocean sunfish and that one in the river. Also ended up making another deposit on the house with the cash I made selling the extras, making me a millionaire once agin! I doubt it'll last though. Back to top
April 3, 2006
?mom? informs me that 'she? can see my tonsils in an old pic. Is that normal? At least I got the clover stationary from her. Ah, Flower Fest today. Tortimer: I would continue to ?butter you up?, but frankly, I think you're probably too old and wrinkly to be a proper meal. Note to self: look up the word "arteriosclerosis". I think he's trying to diss you!
Ooh, pink rose. MINE! MUST PLANT IT BY MY HOUSE! NO ONE ELSE'S!! Hmmmm? if Tortimer's here every day, does that mean no visitors? Bought a trash can from the spawn. It's so... junk-filled! Kabuki's still sick. Guess I?' better fix that. Apparently my "birth flower" is the tulip, which stands for good luck. Oh wow.
Dear Pudge,
Please don't eat me
It's such a... deep, philosophical letter. Almost poetry, really. Friga tried to taunt me aboot her assured victory in the Flower Fest. I almost took pity on her for her obliviousness? but then she got in my way when I was doing the money rock. A few whacks with my net though, and I felt much better. Caught a guppy, and donated it to Blathers, to hear that he finds his sister to be quite dull. Well? I suppose that's a lot better than being, you know, enamored with her. I couldn't have encountered a snail yet, since all the bugs that run away from me do so by buzzing and flying. Or maybe? that's a bit too logical for Animal Crossing's standards. Back to top
April 4, 2006
Yeah, looks like Tortimer's here all week. Fun. It's really too bad, too: with the cherry blossoms on the non-fruit tree, it'd be easy to decide which trees are essential and which can be cut down and replaced. ?mom? is trying to be romantic by talking aboot the cherry blossoms and dreaming in the twilight. I know 'she? is just doing this to freak me out. And for the last time, Kiki: you don't HAVE a bath. What, did you drop my letter on your tongue? Repeatedly? And you know: regifting is one thing, but when you actually try to CHARGE ME for buying back the gifts I gave you? well, sometimes it makes me wonder whether I even want your pic. There. I said it. Frobert, however, felt kind enough to offer me his instead, which I accepted gladly. So there. His back says that he doesn't want to see any ?lily-livered jumping? and to ?always aim high!? I wonder where the term ?lily-livered? even comes from.
Yup, it doesn't look like you can wave at an angry neighbor. I guess I should have expected that. Like it's my fault Teddy got confused. Hasn't he ever heard of the phrase 'shooting fish in a barrel?? Hey, what happened? I thought Blathers was supposed to be depressed. I suppose it could have been a one-time thing, but that sort of seems like a waste to me. Wow, only a few days and Pudge is already sick. Must not have any immunity to whatever's going through town? which apparently can pass from hogs to penguins to cats, or something. Back to top
April 5, 2006
Oh, Tabby left. And I didn't even get to say goodbye? I guess at least I got her pic. Oh, you silly Message of the Week: girls can't drive! Now just ignore the driving giraffe coming through town and argue with Friga over makeup for awhile. Then agin: just because the message mentions getting one's license to drive one's boyfriend around doesn't mean it was written by a female. Dang stereotypes in my head keeping me from seeing the truth of the situation! Dunno why I seem to keep digging up T-rex skulls, but I guess I can't complain. Kiki, meanwhile, keeps up the practice of trying to sell me the shirts I gave her as gifts. Bah? couldn't that cat at least have the common decency of finding someone else to give it to? I mean come on: that's just rude. At least she finally "got the nerve" to give me her pic. I've only been begging for it for what, a month now? What did she have to be nervous aboot? Anyway, green frame, pink background, tells me to ?hang in there, kiddo?. I knew a Kiddo once. Geez, that was awhile ago now. Back when I was just starting the first diary, as I remember it. Well, anyway, I guess my next target will be Teddy? I'll just send him the same letter I sent Kiki, changing the addressee and whatnot. What, you think he's going to complain that it makes no sense anymore than he usually does?
Dang it, snail and ocean sunfish! Where are you?! Back to top
April 6, 2006
I started off the day by, of course, watering my flowers. It’s amazing how many of those can dry out in one day. Then, I decided to clean out the Lost and Found, since it seems like it gets replenished more when there’s less pitfall seeds taking up room. Dang it Pelly: if everyone’s so happy, where are the new Jacob’s Ladders, hmm? Oh. There’s one. Heh heh… nevermind! Apparently my new neighbor is Pinky. Gee, I wonder what color that one might be? Yup, a pink panda. Nice bamboo flooring, but what kind of catchphrase is “wah”? Kiki claims to have already started a relationship with her… despite the fact that she’s never left the house and is still unpacking. 120 Bells a turnip today… eh, I’ll wait and see how it is this evening. Between the hockey mask and the witch’s hat at the Ables, it’s a regular bloody Halloween over there. Just thought I’d point that out. Blathers now complains that he keeps the museum open 24/7. I wonder if his knees have fused together yet. Oh, but such scandal! Going for a cup of coffee and a break?! My word, Blathers, they should take that ability away from you right away, like in the first game! Or something. Brewster, meanwhile, teases me by saying my coffee is on the house after I’d already paid. Isn’t it ironic? Well… no, actually, that doesn’t really fit the definition of irony at all. You know, the problem with trying to catch bugs that just sit there on flowers is… frankly, the DS’ resolution isn’t high enough to see them until you’re up close anyway. I suppose the issue would be less severe if I had less flowers to check on, but that’s not gonna happen.
Yup, Nook was up to 198 Bells for turnips this afternoon, so I went ahead and sold. Derwin then told me he was away in an exotic land last week. Ummmm… isn’t that the week he moved in? It couldn’t have been that exotic to him if he used to live there, after all. Back to top
April 7, 2006
“Mom” gave away all my old clothes without even asking me. Wow… this person is pretty good at sounding like a real mother. And no, I don’t want my monogrammed undies, but I’ll accept them if it means I won’t catch you sniffing them. What are my initials in this game, anyway? Kapp’n just asked for a first name. Teddy claims he never got my “fancy schmancy” letter. Well then: how did you know I was asking about it, huh tough guy? Crazy jock stereotypes. Hmmmm… did I put that extra blue pansy there, or did it grow there by itself due to proximity to the orange and blue ones? The world, unfortunately, may never know. On an unrelated note: even with the big bro mustache off, it looks like Tortimer and me are kissing whenever we talk to each other. How… leathery. Wow, got Teddy’s photo already. That ummmm… gee, what do I do now? Blue frame, pink background. Ha! Back says that you’ve got to “play through the pain!” Indeed… fine way to make sure you can barely move once you retire. And yes Pinky: I suppose 5,845 points from the HRA is pretty good… for someone who lives in a dinky little shack! Eh, but I shouldn’t make fun of her too much. After all: I used to be in that same boat. Lousy Nook. So, we’ve had a week of April already: where’s the rain? Has the game’s weather system been changed to compensate for how screwed up it is around here?
Signs your town has too many flowers for its own dang good: you hit a rock, a pill bug comes out, but it has nowhere to go and just sorta sits there lethargically. Back to top
April 8, 2006
Decided not to take any chances and put my house in order as soon as I started. So hard to find places to put things that don’t get in the way of access to other things though… stupid limit on number of items in the main room! Hmmm… no Lyle today because of the Flower Fest. Does that mean no Redd next week either? So, I guess my new penpal is going to be Derwin. Hard to say at this point how hard it’s going to be to get him to give me his picture. Still… I pride myself as one who can sweet talk his way into getting people to give up many variety of things very special and personal to them. But I won’t go into detail aboot that. Friga claims that to be successful in the music business, you need opposable thumbs. I find this rather surprising, really. I know plenty of pop stars that haven’t quite figured out how to work them, anyway.
Random thought: if bitter, with a subtle mildness is the flavor of sophistication, then slap a trucker’s hat on me and call me a redneck. Requested The K. Funk from Slider. Yeah… I guess it’s funky enough. Mo-Town and whatnot, or something. I wonder if he calls female fans “man” too. The song’s much mellower on the radio… kinda nice really. Back to top
April 9, 2006
As hoped, I finally got myself a mansion model. Now I can finally forget aboot the HRA completely and design my house how I want it. Hmmmm… personally, I think it needs more toilets. Looks like the Flower Fest is still going on, so no Joan this week. Bummer. And I only have aboot… 8 red turnips to spare in case Wendell comes this week. Whatever shall I do? Bought a Roman helmet from the Ables. It’s been awhile since they’ve had much there that was new… must be the change in seasons. Apparently, “pigeon milk” relaxes Blathers, counteracting all the caffeine in his coffee. Funny… I would think only the pigeon the “milk” came from would be relaxed. I suppose it’s prolly not as good to have him awake all hours for days at a time though, even if it is more convenient to show him fossils while he’s awake. Oh well. Hopefully he’ll choose a time I’m not playing during to go on a murderous axe-wielding rampage. I wonder how many good swings you can get out of an axe onto soft, animal flesh before it shatters. Certainly more than on tree trunks, right? You know, for the next Animal Crossing game… they really should try harder to make the animals know how to pronounce what they’re saying. Hey wait… are the cherry blossoms gone already? Awww, what a shame. They may have been nonsensical, but the colors added some variety at least. Teddy apparently wants to share java with me, but… I’ve never seen him anywhere near the coffee shop. Bah, him and his empty promises. Gardening is apparently why Tortimer is all hunched over and needs a cane. No idea why he gets so excited aboot the Flower Fest, in that case. Trying to relive lost glory? Or is he aware that 80% of the Flower Fest is destroying your neighbor’s garden? Back to top
April 10, 2006
Kiki went ahead and left me, which is depressing, but I’ll get along. Apparently Tortimer told her it was okay since we’re all “on the same planet”. What, you expect me to chase you down the entire Wild World just to visit?! I’m only one giant-headed, pink-haired boy! On the bright side, I did manage to win the Flower Festival. I was a bit worried there, but I guess my sabotage and underhanded tactics paid off after all. Or, and more likely: I just got lucky. “Mom” sent me a cherry. Seems like a bit too little too late if you ask me. Looks like Saharah’s visiting today. It’s not Pascal, but… at least it’s a visitor. I traded her my turban for an extra massage chair. Eh, well I still think it’s neat. Apparently she’s willing to take duplicates too, since I also got a red vase. Schweet. Too bad Redd’s not coming this week though. Message of the Week: Birthdays come once a year. In-laws come all the time.” Personally, I would think that it’d be much better to hang out with what used to be total strangers than spend more time with your own kin, figuring out all the inherent flaws in your genetic code. But maybe parents never do forgive their children-in-law for corrupting their sweet, innocent babies. Or something. Got a new haircut today. Looks quite nice really… with the hat on, you can hardly see the ponytail at all! Apparently the coffee’s blend today is particularly mild, which is good for “unrefined palates”. You say unrefined, I say burnt to the point of numbness. Back to top
April 11, 2006
Just what is a “chain-saw cozy” anyway? Is it some item of furniture? Oh, and I wish “Mom” would stop writing me already. No one cares aboot your acquisition of a cow phone, person. Looks like the hybrids haven’t stopped being produced, despite the end of the Flower Festival. Good to know really. Got another black tulip and a blue pansy, plus a purple one, which I believe is a first for Shi’tton.
Errr… Blanca, what exactly is a “black thumb”? Bah, I hate it when my neighbors try to talk to me while I’m designing a Blanca face. I always feel so… rushed. I’m honestly not sure what I made when I was done this time. I called it “Majin Kitten” since that was what it sort of reminded me of. Brewster says he spent his college days in a café as well, and where he got his idea to open up his own place. I dunno: personally, trying to keep a caffeine buzz going so that I can cram for a midterm is not something I look back upon fondly. Silly Derwin: I never get sick! My immune system is bolstered by my own sense of being superior to everyone around me!
Hullo, Savannah! Didn’t I have you in my last game? Yeah, there was prolly a zebra with your name there at some point.Now I forget whether I ever liked you or not. Oh well, always time for new beginnings, no? The fact that your catchphrase is “y’all” gives me a clue, however. Hoo boy, we’re going to need to change that fast. Back to top
April 12, 2006
I swear, the animals try to gross me out more and more each day with their letters. First reading in the bath, then accidentally eating, then writing in the bathroom. Wait: where the Heck would Derwin keep a bathroom in his house? Bah… Blanca agin? Are we sure she only comes when none of the other visitors want to? So many flowers to water… yet can’t stop myself, no matter how pointless it is! Honestly Kabuki… telling Savannah that Staplers is a good book? For shame. And ummm… Derwin? Bugs don’t eat cheesecake. So, yeah, I dunno how you’re protesting Pinky that way, but you go ahead and be angry. Just give me your picture while you’re doing it.
What? Blathers used to live in a town outside of Shi’tton! Unheard of! Next you’ll tell me that he’s actually worked at other towns’ museums, or even is able to operate in more than one town’s museum at the same time! Anyway, apparently Blathers and Brewster met in the city… prolly the same city Nook went to in order to become disillusioned with the corporate hierarchy and so became a resentful, disgruntled, small-time shopkeeper. Anyway, Brewster owned a café in the city (whose coffee, as we know, was always bitter, like his bitter, blackened heart), and Blathers was a young university student in search of a caffeine buzz, cramming to finish a thesis paper. He had already descended into madness (that explains a lot), and apparently he found logic in the statement, “There’s nothing more bitter or tragic than a rushed cup of coffee”. Ummmm… right. Yes, Blathers, coffee is all about coaxing the flavor from the savory beans. I’m going to go back away now, mmmkay? And I swear you made up the word “barista” just now. Back to top
April 13, 2006
Hmmmm… apparently Redd decided he’s coming this week anyway. Odd, that. Wendell’s here today. Well, time to get another turban or country guitar. Yup, it’s another turban. Maybe I could give one to a friend, who knows. I swear I saw nearly the exact same design on a snake charmer in Banjo-Kazooie though. Dang it Derwin: stop getting sick already! How am I supposed to get a pic out of you at this rate?!
Looks like Kabuki’s moving away. Well, I’m going to miss him like Heck, but he did after all give me his pic. I think when it’s all said and done, he deserves to be able to explore the world. Spreading his insults to the masses, if you will.
Blanca was around later. I copped out on her though, and gave her a Game and Watch Kirby face. …if puts that up on their site, I’m going to scream by the way. On the plus side, I caught a flea off of Frobert. I didn’t think frogs could even get fleas (insert joke here aboot the French being smelly and unwashed), but he seemed happy enough to get rid of it. Then agin: he also seemed happy before I bonked him. Go figure. I suppose it’s not like one flea is going to make that much of a difference either way. And Blathers: stop telling me how to keep myself clean and free of fleas. I get enough of that from Resetti. Back to top
April 14, 2006
Oh sure, Derwin: you can walk around town on the intro screen all you want, but when it comes to me seeing you in game, you hide inside your house! Jerk. But awww… Kabuki called me a chump before he left. I’m going to miss that feline. Redd was here today. He of course liked my red vase. Now you see, Redd? You can get things out of people without being scheming, conniving, and deceptive! Well… some people. Okay, just me. Except I’m giving it to the raccoon just like you wanted me not to. Guess you really can’t trust anyone. Anyway, I got Tom Nook’s pic… not sure why I would want it, but well, there it is, and now I don’t have to quest after it no more. Plus it looks like I can reorder the safe and vase, so it’s all good. Bought a worthy painting from Redd, which was again, surprisingly, legitimate. I wish Blathers had more to say aboot those though. I guess he was never an art critic or ever dreamed of studying the great classics. Prolly too afraid that he’d encounter a painting of a bug or something.
Random thought: it’s interesting that of the neighbor polygon models, there’s two sizes of bears. I mean, I suppose that makes sense when some of the smaller types are teddy bears and some of the larger are panda bears, but still… just odd.
Derwin: the type of duck who rides into a new town, vacuum in tow. I’m not even going to try to wrap my mind around what he needed it for. Back to top
April 15, 2006
Now why is it always the Jacob’s Ladders that are wilting? The town rating is still perfect… And furthermore: when’s it going to rain already? Looks like Derwin threw out my Diver Dan. I swear: I really ought to let the animals know that I check the dump regularly. Though I’m sure they’ll give me an odd look. Dunno why, but I guess that’s their hang-up! OOOH! APPLE!! YUM!
Blathers claims that Brewster had a difficult time making ends meet in the city. Yes. I get it. Small town good, big city bad. Now shut up already. Looks like my new neighbor is Butch, which is an oldy, but a goody. He apparently wants to have a walking competition… I guess in between the GCN and DS game he must have underwent a lobotomy. Meanwhile, Derwin is hitting on me. Really, there’s no other way to interpret “here’s to the image of me reflected in your eyes… Cheers, derrrr!” I’d ask if the whole world has gone mad, but I already know the answer to that one.
Requested Comrade K.K. from Slider. Hey, if he’s going to start suggesting that music should be “free” and shared, he might as well sing the music that goes with it. I swear I’ve heard the song recently though. Kinda melancholy, far more Tetris than Russian dance song. Back to top
April 16, 2006
Looks like my HRA rating is still over 150,000 points. Good to know, I guess. Apparently they’re advertising movies now through bottle mail. I guess the movie studios have been hit hard by the lack of theatres in this wild, wild world. Hopefully the big, scary cities still have them at least. Bought some turnips for the first time in awhile. I hope I can at least make up for lost time by selling them quickly too. By giving Frobert the catchphrase “consumer”, it makes it sound like he’s trying to sell me something every time I talk to him. Heh heh, sweet. Back to top
April 17, 2006
Wow. Two letters from Derwin in one day. Guess he’s starting to become a slacker. Fishing tourney’s this Sunday. Hmmmm… what’s the largest fish you can catch this month, if in fact the ocean sunfish doesn’t come until June? Bought a birdcage, but there’s no way I’m storing that noisy thing in my house. Besides… what if Twiggy came back and came to visit?! And just why am I getting so much bottle mail as of late?! I honestly don’t care what’s going on between Joanna and Lucio. Hopefully thy give their kids better names though. Stupid Derwin… the common butterfly is surprisingly uncommon today, ironically, but I’m betting he knew that. Next time I’m going to get the bug BEFORE he asks for it. Anyway, I got it for him. Now if only he’d come outside so I could get his pic.
I came back from visiting online, and it was raining, so I immediately started bug hunting. Missed my first snail though, and it took me like a half hour to find a second, but at least the rain didn’t let up in the meantime. Neither Blathers nor I agree with escargot, but prolly for different reasons altogether. And of course, he had very little to say aboot the solemn painting that couldn’t be said aboot any of the other paintings I gave him. Typical. Back to top
April 18, 2006
Eh, the rain was useful yesterday, but now it’s just a pain. Dang, Savannah moved out? When did she decide to do that? Eh, whatever. I’ll find her agin soon enough. Besides, now I have Kody, who seems like a kewl little blue bear. Dunno why I’m getting so many bears as of late though. No one visiting today, huh Booker? Yeah… that’s bad. Blanca would be here if there was really no one else. Never tried to shoot Gulliver down in the rain. Yup, no sign of Pascal, so I guess I’ll just sit and wait. I forget: do you have to water flowers when it’s raining? Eh, better safe than sorry. Ha ha… bingo! That got him! He went down and now he’s… dang it Gulliver! I had flowers planted there! Watch where you’re uncontrollably spiraling down for a crash next time, ok?! Jerk. And hey: I may launch those pebbles quickly, but they’re hardly what I would call “flaming meteors”. And furthermore: after all that searching, all I get is another compass?! Well, maybe I can trade it. Oh, and it looks like the towns across the ocean have a good place to get a burger, if this bottle mail is any indication. Lucky…
Dear Neighbors,
I really couldn’t care less aboot what sort of letters you’re getting in the mail.
Yours most sincerely,

Heh heh… Derwin actually put the birdcage I got him in his house. Poor guy. It must drive him mad at night. Blathers claims that traditional coffee cafes don’t draw customers like they used to. Eh, I don’t see why. I would have thought Seinfeld helped popularize the coffee shops, and wasn’t that around when Brewster was operating in the city? Oh yes, Blathers, business is booming! Which is why it’s rare for me to see absolutely anybody at the coffee shop other than me, right? Back to top
April 19, 2006
Well, for what it’s worth, the sun’s back. Redd’s coming tamarra. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know what the password “get milk here” responds to. Meanwhile, Dr. Shrunk is visiting agin today. Eh, I guess I don’t mind that. He taught me how to express blankness, with the leaf going by and everything. Schweet. I went ahead and helped Booker with his Lost and Found problem… I wish he’d figure out to just toss those pitfalls next time though. It’s so much easier on everyone.
Eh. Maybe telling Pinky that I think she’s a hottie was wrong. Maybe it does lead to human-animal relations and the downfall of our society. But hey: if it gets me a new pic, then it’s all good. And you’re right, Friga: having pics of you sold on the black market is indeed very creepy. Which is why I’d do it with your pic in a heartbeat if I ever got a good offer.
My bank account happily tells me that I’m once agin a multimillionaire. Now if only I could find that big ol’ crown or throne thing. Yay! A purple rose! Now I just need another black rose, and I could get one of those mega rare blue ones. Maybe. Gold ones don’t count, right? Pinky and Teddy are apparently fighting. I guess their appearance is too similar for them to ever get along. Since that would, you know, likely cause an identity crisis. Back to top
April 20, 2006
Got a sleeping bag from Wishy. Eh, it’s better than nothing. Redd came by today. I was kinda surprised: his prices weren’t all that ridiculous this time. Got a kiddie pool and wet roadway sign from him. I thought the floating rubber ducky was a nice touch. Oh, and his amazing painting was legitimate too, so I gave that to Blathers. Nook’s buying turnips for 350 Bells today. Yup… I think it’s time to sell. I used some of the extra cash to doll myself up at the hair salon. Now to reorder the Princess shirt, and I’ll be set! In the meantime, I bought a skull shirt from the Ables. I’ve always had a thing for those…
So wait, there are people who specifically dedicate their lives to stealing coconuts? The people who write you letters live in one screwed-up society, Friga. Geez, Kody, you sure do give Pudge a lot of free things… is there something going on there that I don’t know aboot? Caught a tiger butterfly for Derwin, since otherwise he’s been giving me the silent treatment. Well, he can’t hold out forever. Mark my words, that pic will be mine! Back to top
April 21, 2006
Looks like Pinky’s gone… dang it, I knew I should have checked my neighbor’s houses. Well… I guess it’s not that big a loss, but this is the last time I let that happen. Promise. Oh, but hey: Stitches is back! I always wanted a pic from him anyway, so it’s all good. Yay Fairy Princess LuWigi! He’s also got a neat little brick shirt from his original town. Awww… Apparently Pudge has invented a new version of the story of the tortoise and the hair that involves him, Frobert, and a banana peel gag. Silly Pudge: you’re not going to win the race just because you throw up a banana peel at the last second. What you’ve gotta do is save your blue shell until you’re neck-and-neck near the finish line. Gets ‘em every time. Blanca came by to visit today, so I gave her a Phanto face. It’s quick and dirty, but it works I think. Back to top
April 22, 2006
Let’s see… plush carpet in my inventory, nothing else to do with it… yup, it’s going to Derwin. Errr… it’s “crème brûlée”, Nintendo. Get it right. Oh, and Stitches is apparently obsessed with Nook’s tail. Well… to each his own I guess. Dang it Derwin… trying to move out on me, after all the work I’ve put into you?!? I don’t think so!! Well, at least changing his mind was easy enough. Still… bah. And I really need to figure out a more efficient way to collect fruit already. And get Derwin to cough up those pictures. Maybe I could court another neighbor in the meantime? Nah… that would be scandalous!
Requested K.K. Metal from Slider this week. It’s… sorta metal, I guess. Got the right undertones and overall flow I think. Even the lengthy howl of angst, which is a nice touch. Could be even harder rock though, if K.K. tried I’ll bet. I guess it’s better in midi form though. Back to top
April 23, 2006
Ah, there are those birds people were talking aboot… wish I had my slingshot out, though I doubt it’d do anything. No Tortimer out yet, so I guess it’s too early. I wonder… yeah, I think I’ll give him my massage chair, since I’ll be for sure using one of those scallops once Pascal shows up, so might as well have an extra. Heck, maybe I can give both to him at once. Kody and Frobert are apparently hitting it off like only two exercise-obsessed jock freaks can. How sweet. You know… I’m thinking Brewster doesn’t have anything new to tell me anymore. How sad. Oh Kody, you know you’ll always be my bud… that just doesn’t give you a right to rip me off regularly.
Oh, so now Sable is going to give me the dirt on Blathers? Dang, was everyone in this town just sleeping around with each other left and right whent hey were kids? Except K.K., of course. Because no one likes a voice of Reason. Anyway, Sable is sure that Blathers came from the city, and that I’m not from around here either. Was it the pretty blond hair or the crown that gave you your first clue? Apparently she dun take kindly to our type ‘round here none. She doesn’t feel like she can trust them… ah, there it is. Well, let me assure you, Sable: I would never abandon you to pursue my fortunes in the big city, leaving you to take care of our porcupine/raccoon hybrid kids in your poor, family-owned shop. Unless I, you know, really wanted to.
Oh great. Now my “aunt in the country” is stalking me through bottle mail. Just what I need. I tell you what: how about you try wedging an onion slice in your nose first, and see if my cold gets better by association? Ugh, really Derwin? Pudge and Friga? Wow. Just… ew.
I suppose it’s a cute touch that Tortimer randomly talks aboot his aching back during the fishing tourney. You know, since that’s the most common reason he would be around for you to give him a massage chair and all. Bah, isn’t that typical. The one time I’m actually actively looking for a sea bass and it’s nowhere to be seen. Ah, there we go. Back to top
April 24, 2006
Well, I managed to win the last fishing tourney, despite only coming up with a sea bass. That’s a nice little perk. Derwin also informs me that he’s “hot”. That’s… well, frightening. Booker claims there’s no visitors today… bah, I hate it when he says that. Always gotta be on guard. No sign of Pascal either. At least if I had opened my gate last night, I could be sure if Gulliver’s coming. But that’s neither here nor there I guess. The Message of the Week demands that I fight stereotypes, since some wrestlers hate tights. I dunno, I always thought they just wore them so they weren’t at risk for being strangled by their own belt buckle.
Wow. Nook’s buying turnips for 125 Bells already. Guess I’ll wait an hour and see how it goes, since I paid a bit more than usual this week anyway. Awww… down to 46. Well, there’s still time for it to climb back up. Oh, and Butch? You really don’t look so good in the Vegeta muscle shirt, no matter what Teddy tells you. Just FYI. And Frobert? Having a cowlick sorta requires, you know… hair. Back to top
April 25, 2006
“Mom” informs me that “she” overflows the bath every time she steps in. Yes, thank you. Another utterly useless tidbit of non-information. Gracie came by today for the first time in awhile. She says my shirt smells, but apparenty liked my fashion anyway. Since I knew what to do with her for the first time in awhile, I got myself a ladybug shirt and grandpa hat. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that hat too, so bonus. On the plus side, Derwin is out in the mornings now, which is quite useful. On the minus side: he still won’t give me his pic. But you saw that coming, no doubt. Apparently, Stitches thinks that liking clothes with fringes is a “dark secret”. I don’t get it at all… unless he’s trying to tell me he’s Jewish. Also, he thinks he looks like Frobert. Ummm… those are eyes, Stitches, not ears. Looks like Teddy’s going to move out. Well, I sorta liked him at all, but at least I got his pic. So… ciao buddy! Take care of yourself! Be sure to show off your neat shirt! Back to top
April 26, 2006
New neighbor today is Camofrog. Neat, I suppose. And he’s got an interesting catchphrase to boot. Dang, I thought I had copyrighted the “animal catchphrase that hits on the person he/she is talking to.” Booker claims no one’s visiting today, which is of course concerning. And no Pascal, but I expected that. Got a wrestling mask from the Ables. I was wondering when that would show up in my town. You know… I’m starting to think there is no right answer to that “Have I taken a shower this week” question. After all, the animal never actually names what it’s going to give you.
Sable claims that Blathers came by the shop the other day. Blathers? Leaving the museum? Ha, not likely! She claims he was scared nearly to death by an insect. That part I can believe at least. But just what is she insinuating aboot “women’s clothes”?! If I want to wear a pretty princess shirt, that’s my prerogative! Jerk. Back to top
April 27, 2006
Ah, so that’s how it is. The birds go by before you even have a chance to whip out your slingshot. Sneaky. Looks like Pudge is sick. I suppose it was only a matter of time until it happened to one of them. Redd’s visiting today. Got a medicine chest from him. It looks pretty, at least. Still: Redd was so much more exciting when he had NES games to sell. Oh well. Derwin, of course, still isn’t giving me his picture, but is exploiting my generosity in buying overpriced carpet off of him. Typical. Maybe I should stop talking to him altogether for a week… but I won’t. Back to top
April 28, 2006
Hmmm… Forest stationary. Nice touch, Derwin. Not that it makes up for you not giving me… well, you know. Booker says no visitors today. Nuts to that. Oh wait… yay! Pascal! Aboot dang time too. He claims that the scallop has his name written on it in ink that only he can read. Then why do I have two, Pascal? Why do I have two? He says, when in doubt, get it gold-plated. But hey, I got the golden axe! …what happens if I say I want the silver one though? Praps that is a question for the great philosophers of our day. Or praps I’ll find out the next time he visits. Gah, now K.K. Metal is annoying me. Guess I’d better request something more relaxing the next time he visits. Got a kitschy clock from the spawn. Not that I’d ever be caught dead with it hanging around my house. And oh good: the Ables had a wrestler shirt to go along with my mask from yesterday. I gave it to Derwin, just because.
Dang it, Butch! You can’t move away already! You’re still waring my shirt! Do you want to have your first impression in your new town be that you’re a total dork? Yeah, Camofrog: my one regret in my house is the lack of giant garden gnomes. The regular-sized ones are okay, but they just don’t have that same oomph. The hybrid flowers seem to have stagnated, so I rearranged them a bit. Then again, I guess I can’t expect to have 5 new ones every day or something. Back to top
April 29, 2006
Hey Lyle. Let’s try Redd on Friday this week, mmmkay? Oh Nook… 134 turnips? Why must you continue to tease me so? But no! I shall remain strong! On the other hand, I am already starting to buy things from Nook that I’m pretty sure I already have catalogued, just to upgrade my membership already. Hmmmm… that reminds me: what happened to all the other miniature models from the last game? I can’t make a miniature Shi’tton from the museum, mansion, Nook’s and post office alone, after all.
Sable says Blathers came by here yesterday. He’s buying presents for his sister… how adorable. Now if only he would teach her not to be so… isolated all the time. I’m really not teasing her aboot being cute!! Oh, why won’t she join me in the coffee shop? Anyway, apparently his kindness has taught Sable the error of her prejudice. Yes indeed, the bond that keeps family close are the same no matter where you are… except when one of you suffers from DEATH. Yes. I know that was utterly tasteless. Awww, Butch… a miniature car? For me? That’s so sweet! Now to sell it.
Random message on the bulletin board: Anonymous is surprised to learned that Blathers thinks of himself as a left-brained person. Well… he does work at a MUSEUM! Honestly, if people would just think every now and then. Hmmm… looks like the jack-in-the-box is no longer a Halloween exclusive item. Still got a pumpkin though. Looks like Stitches is sick. Poor li’l guy. Tuna salad clearing up my pimples? But Kody, I don’t have any… oh yeah! Well your face ain’t so great either! Jerk. Come on Camofrog, have a heart. The Able Sisters didn’t major in drama. They had drama thrust upon them. Or rather, thrust upon their parents in the form of a speeding vehicle driven by Gracie. Or so I’ve heard. Requested K.K. Rally from Rider. It’s a lot slower-paced than I expected. Still good though. You know... If they’re gonna have that piano there, someone ought to use it. It’s just common sense. Anyway, it sounds more like a tribal dance in my house. Go figure. Back to top
April 30, 2006
Rain today. Eh, can’t let that keep me down. The HRA has taken to calling me “darling” for some reason, and “Mom” claims to have been steamed like a boiled lobster in the steam room. Wait… she has a what now? Why would I choose to move into Hicksville when I had such nice commodities waiting at home? Oh right. The insanity part. The bulletin board says that “Swamp Delight” is something you eat. I always figured it was an activity that you don’t engage in unless you’ve had all of your shots. Finally got Derwin’s stupid pic. Geez… with all that effort, it hardly seems worth it anymore. Not that I won’t hoard it like a madman, mind you.It’s got a tan border, and pink background. Ha… that’s so Derwin. He claims that everything should be in moderation. Except for snacks. Yeah… he either has a high metabolism or his feathers cover his snacking problem well. Anyway, I think I’ll try Stitches next. He should be rather grateful after I nurse him back to health, after all. I finally started on my plan to get rid of some pine trees and replace them with fruit trees. Apparently the first hit of the axe on a tree is the same as shaking it. Hmmmm… that’s not good for trying not to get stung by bees methinks. Nope… not at all. And I think I might have gotten rid of all the pine trees in Shi’tton. Eh, it’s not like that’s gonna come back and bite me in the ass one day. No Sir. Back to top
May 1, 2006
Town hall says that I have 13,510 in accumulated interest. Neat. Let’s see… new month, so new bugs and fish. Flea market’s this Saturday, so I guess I’d better start collecting fossils. The Message of the Week is an ode to pitfalls. No wonder they’re freakin’ everywhere. And the new fruit trees seem to be growing just fine. Looks like I missed a pine tree or two, but that’s prolly for the best. Schweet… four-leaf clover is mine! I knew I didn’t have to time travel for that. Didn’t even have to put away my watering can. Hmmmm… in bookcase or on my head? I’ll go with… head. Yup. Heh heh… it can be replanted too, and my character acts just as excited to find it the eighth time around.
Yes, hullo Blanca. Phoenix in Miyamoto, you say? Interesting name for a town, now isn’t it? Anyway, I gave her a Pac-Man face, which I think turned out well all in all. As usual, it’s simple, yet elegant. Dang it, Kody! There’s no way I’m letting you leave anytime soon, so unpack and get comfy. Meanwhile, Stitches is sending me “good-bye” gifts through the mail. Come on, buddy. You know you’re not that sick. Don’t say such crazy things!
I came back in the evening to do some fishing and bug hunting, since it’s a new month and all. Found out that you can tell a frog’s in the holding pond because of its croaks. And no, my character: a frog is not a lizard. But thanks for playing! Blathers apparently wants to wax poetic aboot them. Eh, I suppose there are days where it feels like my youth has drained from me like a forgotten pond though. Other days though… well, it’s best not to go into detail. Anyway, Blathers, I’m pretty sure the poet wasn’t talking aboot frogs because he or she particularly liked them. Hmmmm… so moths are attracted to light, and therefore I should go… around people’s windows? Yup, windows will do it all right. I wonder why my character’s so creeped out by them though. They’re just like ugly butterflies, after all. Even Blathers agrees that they’re equally grotesque. Stupid pond… can never maneuver myself around to get at a fish without traveling halfway across town. Didn’t my old town have a pier? Back to top
May 2, 2006
Stitches apologizes for his handwriting in his letter. Funny. It looks exactly like mine… and everyone else I’ve ever gotten a letter from. Hmmm… nope, no Pascal. Booker says no visitors today. How… worrisome. Camofrog’s wearing my Waluigi shirt. Well, at least someone likes it. Then he passed it on to Frobert, so bonus I guess. Really though: whoever heard of a “cake shirt”? I think those Ables are just running out of ideas, to be honest. Lucio and Joanna are still writing each other through letters in a bottle. Well, Joanna is. Lucio apparently found someone more local. Honestly, Joanna: you knew that was just a matter of time. More often than not, these things simply don’t work! Stitches is all healed, so that’s good. Who knew that viruses could live in stuffing? Shoot… I’ve been forgetting to save my fossils this week. Well, it’s not like I don’t have enough cash as it is, but I’ll try to remember from now on. Back to top
May 3, 2006
Wendell’s visiting today. Good, I needed to get rid of some of these red turnips. Yup, got another turban. I should give this one to a friend I think. Depending on what items I can reorder… I should check that. Yay! New pink rose! Geez… this Waluigi shirt fad is getting out of control. Looks like Derwin’s leaving. Actually… that’s pretty much perfect for me, so see you! He’s lying when he tells me “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon” though. Yay for getting random gifts for answering questions on how I sleep at night! And they aren’t even trying to criticize me!
Stupid angelfish and catfish. Show up already! Back to top
May 4, 2006
So long, Derwin, and thanks for all the fish! Or something. Errr… that means you leave, mmkay? Okay, so I miscalculated a bit when the new trees would sprout fruit. Solution? I’m going to split the town into thirds, taking from one third each day. I lose profit in the short-term, but in the long-term, I save time and hassle I think. Even if I have less excuse to go searching for fossils/watering the plants. Yeah Stitches… I could prolly make my house more hip if I tried. But, if the HRA is happy, I’m happy I guess. Redd’s coming tamarra. Kewl beans. Looks like Camofrog’s now wearing my old shirt… I’d prefer if that became a fad I think, but it ain’t gonna happen. Crap. Missed the UFO. I gotta get this touch screen fixed. Well, you never mind aboot that. The important thing is… the UFO is rigged against people with towns that don’t have anything interesting going on in the top acres.
Yes Friga: I am, in fact, the mortal enemy of fun buttseckz. Glad you noticed. And Stitches claims that rumors are spread that Nook is actually a guy in a raccoon suit, though he personally has never seen the zipper. This is a natural reaction, Stitches, but keep in mind: just because Nook and his Spawn are pure evil doesn’t mean that you have to hate all raccoons. After all, if Kody started calling me “li’l one”, would I bonk you with a net? …don’t answer that.
Yay! Catfish! Where have you been all my life, you… ugly, tasteless, bottom-feeding thing? And now I know what to cook Blathers for his birthday: deep-fried rock. For the last time, my animal neighbors: I neither know nor care whether you took a shower this week! Does it look like I have a smell pak to you?!? Random thought: Pudge and Stitches look aboot the same from the back. It’s scary. Kody says that scorpions and tarantulas will attack anything carrying a net. Hmmm… well, that certainly makes things interesting. Back to top
May 5, 2006
That’s a good Derwin. See you! And frankly, I don’t remember any of our good times revolving around eating. You must be thinking of when you were alone. Dang it Redd! I don’t need a flowery painting! Now stop wasting my time! And no, I don’t need a candle. Obviously. “Mom” wants to know if I’ve grown any taller since I left. Nope, I’m pretty sure I’m still the same giant-headed freak with the comparatively scrawny body. Hmmm… Stitches threw out his Master Sword. How odd of him. Eh, his loss is my gain. So ummmm… this new method I have for collecting fruit is saving time, yes? Eh, I guess it was even worse before, so yeah. Looks like I correctly guessed the distance between Stitches’ and my hearts. It was pretty close to full too, so hopefully that picture is quickly forthcoming. Got my first pink cosmos today. Can’t say I’m a fan of the color, but it does seem to spice up the flower garden. Back to top
May 6, 2006
Well, Nintendo was nice enough to send us a little gift over Cinco De Mayo. It’s nice to know that they’re supportive of the whole immigration issue going on in this country, but… would it hurt to give us an exclusive item instead of just the sombrero? I mean, it’s been almost 5 months now since launch, and all we have to show for it is the dang coin. All right: might as well start with the flea market, get it out of the way and whatnot. Pudge was my first visitor. Scram, Lyle. You’re getting in the way of my flower-watering. The weather says that the rainy season should be coming in June. Hmmmm… more coelacanth opportunities? Stitches is playing with my head, pretending to having something neat to show me (like his pic) and then not doing anything at all. Bah… if only I could blackmail him somehow. Bah, even worse. He glitched up and thinks I already got his pic. Oh well… Kody then?
Yeah, looks like I’m gonna have to sit on these turnips another week. Bummer. On the bright side, someone left a miniature car in the dump, so that certainly helps with the flea market. In the end, I ended up with aboot 250,000 Bells today. Which, considering I delayed in collecting fossils, certainly isn’t half bad at all.
Requested K.K. Lament from Slider. Yeah, it was aboot as melancholy as I expected. Good tune though, just depressing. Back to top
May 7, 2006
It appears that my town has been cursed by the undead presence of the one known as Coco. Frightening, but… we’ll adjust. Actually, she seems kind of nice for an ungodly freak of nature. Somehow. “Mom” got me a Chinese shirt for some reason. I guess “she” wants me to expand my culture? Started off the day by rearranging my house. At least the fact that I have so many pictures that I dunno what to do with them all is of some comfort to me. La-Di-Day is this Saturday. Huzzah. Tortimer doesn’t come out that day, does he? Found a regular dandelion today. Neat! Well, today’s supposed to be the day that my plan of collecting fruit in thirds pays off. Hard to tell whether it’s cut down on time though, since there’s so many other things to do at this point. And who knew Stitches was so picky aboot clothing? But, apparently he’s an old skool basketball fan, as he accepted my No. 23 shirt. Back to top
May 8, 2006
Mmmm… another rainy day. Not that it lasted long. Not that it hardly ever does. Dang it Kody: why aren’t you writing back?! Have you no respect? Didn’t they teach you any of that in the other town? The message of the day is that Joy is received, not taken, and ends with a call for “Peace!” Lousy hippies. You know… I’m glad I get so many varieties of rare flowers in my town, but I have to wonder why I don’t get black roses anymore. It’s not like I don’t have enough red roses next to each other. Praps too many then? Dear Brandi: Trees are nice, but they hardly serve as a adequate new face for Blanca. Still, I’m glad that you’re thinking. I guess.
Bought a captain’s hat from the Ables. It’s quite nice, but I don’t think it really goes with my sailor uniform. You know, what with the frilly dress and all. Pudge is apparently taking orders now from the pie fairy in his dreams. That’s… worrisome. Butch wants to move out agin. Come on man: I can’t be expected to get you to open up to me if you’re always hiding inside your house? Anyway, it took a few tries, but I managed to talk him out of it. Back to top
May 9, 2006
“Mom” thinks that having ribbed patterns marked onto your face might become a new fad. Nah, I hear that Hostel movie pretty much bombed. Gracie’s around today. Neat, I suppose. She liked that I was wearing one of her exclusive outfits, but thought I was too much of a mouth breather. Huh. Never noticed. Anyway, I gave her my usual, and got a barber shirt in return. Errr.. ick.
Looks like Nook is ready to go on another rant. This time aboot Harriet. Apparently she had the nerve to ask whether he wanted to change her hairstyle. Can he even do that? It’s only fur, after all. Still, he trims his hair every day… can’t figure out why, but I guess they do the same thing at animal shows. Though they do a lot of insane things there. Ah, Coco’s sick. To the rescue!
Came back to do some fishing, and got Pudge’s pic. At least these last few weeks weren’t a total waste, then. He says to “keep it real” on the back. Ummm… very unique, Pudge. Congratulations. Also, finally caught an angelfish in the evening. Blathers noted that it would give the fish exhibit a heavenly glow. Seems to me that if he wanted some more light in there, all he’d have to do is actually, you know, turn on the lights. Also finally got around to getting that Mother’s Day gift from Nintendo. A daffodil. Oh wow. Our troubles are finally over. Back to top
May 10, 2006
“Mom” informs me that she’s having a girls’ night out, whether “Dad” likes it or not. Yes yes. Have fun with your male strippers, whoever you are. Just please: stop writing me, ok? Well, Booker says no one’s visiting, and I opened up the gates last night… oh good. It’s just Pascal. The note in the bottle today is from the Animal Crossing team, who tell me that they’re offering 800 Bells an hour for people who are willing to pick fruit, fish, and much more. I’m sure they’re kidding, but I’m also sure that someone’s going to flood message boards asking where they sign up for this deal. Because, as we all know, 800 Bells an hour is a great deal in Animal Crossing.
Random thought: So, in the first Animal Crossing, we had an obviously drunk named Gulliver who would wash up, clearly hungover, right onto your beach. Now he’s been replaced by Pascal, the ultimate pothead. Anyway, he calls me a liar when I ask for a silver ask (THE NERVE!), but gave me his picture when I just asked what he meant. Anyway, he wants me to contemplate what would happen if the ocean was filled with pepper instead of salt. Yeah… whatever he’s on, he needs to get off of it before he becomes comatose. At least the back of his pic gives us some insight: “The more you learn, man, the less you know.” Which, conversely, would make Pascal a genius.
Nook’s buying turnips for 122 Bells each. Darn you and your mind games! Ah, Friga… were it not for your catchphrase, I would loathe you so much more.
Awww, looks like Pudge is planning to move. Well, admittedly, his timing couldn’t be better. Okay, you win Pudge. It’s been fun, but I hope you can brighten up someone else’s town now. I really am sick of neighbors telling me that they’re “not planning to leave anytime soon” when the boxes are right in front of me though. It really sucks for Butch though that someone is stalking him too, this time pretending to be “Dad”. Those egg jokes must get really annoying. Kody claims that everything is pretty much “wide open” for him. Ummmm… that doesn’t really mean anything for us guys, bud. Back to top
May 11, 2006
Kody admits that the only reason he gives me gifts is because the recycling bin won’t take the items. I, on the other hand, put much thought into the gifts I give him. For instance: I wonder if he’ll mind if I re-gift this doghouse. Yes, Blanca. Your face looks fine. Now stop getting in the way of me watering plants. At least Redd comes tomorrow. Anyway, with the acquisition of Pascal’s pic, and the ability to reorder massage chairs, I decided to sell all my extra red turnips. So yeah, that was an instant boon to my bank account right there. I just wish Nook would stop teasing me and sell turnips for more than 150 Bells already. It’s really getting annoying. Yup, he was just playing around with my head. And to think: I had almost forgotten why I loathed him so much. Back to top
May 12, 2006
Yup, Pudge is gone. I wonder if I can send him back to his original town. Redd’s here today. Pros: Yay! White Katana! Cons: 73, 600 Bells?! Eh, well… I do have the cash. And I got a rocket, since it helps my space set. “Mom” complains aboot all the fad diets on television. Eh, people are stupid. It’s a fact of life, and it’s usually best to just accept that. They’re really ought to be a better way to water flowers. Have the option of setting down a sprinkler system, I dunno. So, Kody: is “Dr. Smartsalot” my new nickname? Does that make me both an English knight and a doctor? Do I therefore have to fight Dr. McNinja for supremacy? Anyway, apparently Kody’s no stranger to the electric cage match. Funny… I didn’t see any obvious scars or burnt skin, missing teeth, that sorta thing. …how is it that the animals know it’s going to rain even before the first drop comes down? Darn their crazy intuition. I keep trying to tell those animals: if they really mourn the lack of ninjas in their world, then all they have to do is bribe me into wearing the ninja hood and striking when they least expect it. Got a sales receipt through bottle mail from “Nak’s Krunny”. Dang, I wish I could visit that. They apparently have invisible shirts and Floorless rugs! What more could you ask for? Plus… well, you know, it’s not Nook.
Yay! Purple tulip! So… purple. Back to top
May 13, 2006
Oh, that’s right. It’s La-Di-Day. For whatever that’s worth. Kody got in the way of my money rock today. Yeah, he’s starting to try my patience. I figure it’s best for him to just give me my picture and get out so that we don’t have to have a confrontation. I’m glad he agrees. His border is pinkish purple (ha!), and his photo demands that I drop and give him twenty. I’m not sure if he’s trying to be my coach or trying to mug me, to be honest. Anyway, I think I’ll try for Butch next. “Mom” claims to have found my motivation to go and live with the animals through a bowl with a picture of a teddy bear. I suppose the bowl itself represents that Wild World out there, or something. Looks like my new neighbor is Lucy, who’s already out and aboot. I’ve encountered her as a neighbor before, but I dunno where. She seems nice enough for a pig though.
Nook’s ranting agin. Apparently Harriet thinks he should get a petriperm, though no one’s exactly sure what it is. I think it’s when she makes your hair take on the qualities of petrified wood. Anyway, I got a new haircut myself, since I wanted to update my outfit. Seemed to turn out how I wanted it to. Hmmm, the sky appears overcast today. Weird. Stitches claims that I’m a social butterfly. Does that mean he’s going to rip out my wings? And if so, will that be metaphorical or not really? Geez, so many things to dig up today… I wonder if there’s a relationship between that and the strength of the storm in the previous day. …nah.
Came back at night, and Nook was still selling for 126 Bells, so I decided to sell and start fresh tomorrow. Might as well, you know? Then requested K.K. Reggae. Sounds like a combination of Reggae and some tropical, island tune though. Back to top
May 14, 2006
Now really… why would a game like Animal Crossing have any issues with framerate? I’ve always wondered that. “Mom” apparently wants me to write “her”. Yeah, I’m going to use the excuse that my address book doesn’t include her address, rather than, you know… wanting nothing to do with this insane stalker. Apparently my HRA score is approaching 200,000 points. Neat, I suppose. The bottle mail apparently says that an invisible guy is wanted for running a red. Well, I guess when the Neighborhood watch has no real problems to worry aboot, this is what happens. Meanwhile, my dandelion turned into a dandelion puff. I guess I should have expected that. I should probably just store it the next time. I’m trying a new method of watering all the flowers before I start collecting fruit. It does seem to save a little bit of time, since I don’t end up watering things twice. I also gave Butch a new, insulting catchphrase that I can’t reproduce here, but it seems to give his gift of a waitress shirt a rather sinister connotation to it. Odd. It seems surprisingly like the princess shirt. Back to top
May 15, 2006
Looks like Frobert’s gone. Bummer, but at least it’s not a crisis now that I’ve got his pic. Apparently Butch works the night shift. Where, I have no idea, but it would explain the weird hours he keeps. Fishing Tourney’s on Sunday. Oh good, I can get a replacement scallop. Also, the message of the week states that lunch is at noon, but breakfast is anytime. Didn’t use to be that way, you know. Stupid IHOP. Awww, Kody and Butch are friends! I dunno how their personalities could possibly be compatible, but I’m very happy for the both of them regardless. Ah, there you are. Hullo, Mr. Royal Crown. While I may regret the loss of cash in the short run, in the long run, you are a possession that I cannot possibly live without. Guess it’s gonna be awhile ‘til the bank rewards me for storing 5 million Bells though. And is that a cross on top of you? Hmmm… eh, I guess technically that could mean anything. It’s not like I’m going to crucify a mouse on it anytime soon.
Not so random thought: You know… when a town visitor sends people fleeing into the safety of someone’s home so that they don’t get caught unaware by his flying overhead, and in doing so they still risk missing the guy, there’s a real problem. Stupid, stupid Gulliver. How I loathe you, great Nintendo references or no. I think next week I’m just going to constantly open my town gate for Blanca, then dedicate a full hour to waiting for that stupid bird. He shall not get past me agin! Real life commitments be darned! Back to top
May 16, 2006
Apparently, Butch likes to rub his face in letters that have been soaked in soap. Well… I suppose that could help keep that glossy shine on his fur.
No Nook! I will NOT forgive your woolgathering! Whatever that means. Anyway, he confirms that I was right, and a petriperm is in fact a shortened version of a petrified perm, which, in turn, is short for a petrified permanent, so it seems kinda redundant. Anyway, he’s worried that that would make him look like a clown. I have nothing to comment aboot this that could possibly be of any help. Anyway, this whole fiasco caused him such duress since he doesn’t want to play the fool of a “big city girl”. Really Nook, you have to get over that idea that the Big, Scary City ruined everything that was good in your life by denying you that loan. You had already done that yourself, after all. The city was just confirming that your so-called “dreams” were nothing but selfish, shortsighted desires, the desires of an immature mind. Back to top
May 17, 2006
“Mom” is writing me to ask about names of movies we supposedly had seen. Something aboot a guy with an eyebrow. What, K.K. Slider Live!? Butch, meanwhile, apparently won a toilet in a racquetball match. Yeah… I guess he has some weird opponents. Dunno why I’m having such luck finding fossils as of late. Maybe the plant watering? Guess it’s not really important though, as long as it keeps up. Hmmm… Nook’s buying for 144 turnips today. Darn his tempting ways! Oh good, now we’re up to 185. Sold! Did I mention that Butch still isn’t giving me his pic? Also, I still don’t have a new neighbor. Hmmm… odd. I thought my town was pretty and everyone loved it. How could I have been so delusional?! Darn you Pelly! You and your false hope! Back to top
May 18, 2006
Dang it, Twiggy! Can’t you leave me well enough alone already?! I know we had some good times, but those are in the past! She claims she got into walking as sort of a Zen thing. Eh, I guess whatever gets you to Enlightenment is a good thing. I prefer Tantra, personally. Redd’s coming tomorrow. His password is “high prices”. Prolly has something to do with a comment aboot Nook, and so I support that. Meanwhile, Katrina’s here today. Neat, but ultimately useless. She showed me the MOUNTAIN symbol, in its natural state. This apparently means that a salamander is trying to frantically ignore its belly’s rumble, since the longer he waits, the more delicious his food will be when he eats. True… up to a certain point. Anyway, Katrina sees Hardship, Endurance, and Vain Waiting. Story of my life… and probably everyone else’s. And, now I’m tripping wherever I go, so whoop de doo. “Mom” wants me to tape her story that’s broadcast on the radio aboot how we have no legs. Yeah, ummm… Nook doesn’t sell tape recorders, so that’s the excuse I’m going with. Kewl, a pink tulip. Almost makes up for all the rare flowers I’ve lost as of late. Apparently Camofrog has designs to do horrible things to Shi’tton. We really have so much in common that way.
Well, it’s raining now, and the animals have managed to depress each other. Typical. Though, in Butch’s case, that’s one less opportunity to get his pic. Bah. Back to top
May 19, 2006
Butch is apparently giving me presents now out of pity, since I don’t have feathers or fur. Yeah, ummmm… it’s kinda too warm for those to come in handy anyway. Redd had a well, warm painting, and cabana chair, so I cleaned him out. I’ve got no regrets though. Unfortunately, the warm painting turned out to be counterfeit, but I guess I had that coming after a streak of legitimate ones. At least it still fits in the art gallery/armory room. Yay! New dandelion! I am so keeping you inside. Hmmm… apparently there’s a magazine called Ms. Nintendique. Do you suppose when Peach poses on the cover of it, they airbrush her any? Coco wants to move. She claims that there’s a family crisis… the gyroids have finally decided to rise up? Back to top
May 20, 2006
“Mom” apparently deals with the doldrums of being a housewife by making meals for three. No wonder people feel like their parents are trying to use food as a substitute for love. Nobody knows how dry my flowers are… what’s with all the pool ball shirts at the Ables as of late? Is it a spring thing? Yes Coco: I’m afraid that everyone in this town but you is, in fact, crazy. I blame our pupils, seeing as how we have them and you apparently don’t. Requested K.K. Love Song from Slider. Seems uplifting, but not necessarily romantic. I guess I could see it as an ending theme to Inuyasha or something though. Yeah, that would prolly fit. Hmmmm… I wonder how many months I have before I’ve finally given in and given Nook enough cash to get a discount. 27? 30? Back to top
May 21, 2006
Butch: For the record, you look absolutely horrid in that shirt Twiggy gave you. Just thought you should know.
Heard in Shi’tton: “Friga, you’re always so blunt and truthful with what you’ve got to say. I’d like to be like that, but I think I’m too polite. Can you teach me how?” “Your hair looks dumb, Coco.”
Yeah… I think I would be a good addition to the Animal Crossing localization team. Lots of hybrid flowers around today. Aboot time really. Ah, decisions, decisions… do I want the treasure chest in the main room or the raccoon figurine? And if I have the raccoon figurine, then obviously I also need the men’s toilet. I mean, that’s just common sense. But what about the jukebox? Where do I put it? Stitches is trying to move out. Well… I’ll probably never get his pic from him. On the other hand… maybe if I get him to stay, he’ll forget that he thinks I already got it?
Came back for the fishing tourney, and beat Coco’s record… by .1 inches. Eh, I’ll take what little victories I can get when all I have are seabass. Back to top
May 22, 2006
Yay! New fish trophy! Now… where am I going to put it? Looks like Gracie’s here today. At least she’s a sure bet to getting something new now that I know how she operates. Got a grape shirt, so can’t complain. Seems to fit my crown in a very Persian sort of way. 127 Bells a turnip. Geez, Nook. You’re off to a quick start, aren’t you? Apparently it’s Yay Day next Sunday. Oh joy. But, I guess it’s no skin off my back or anyone else’s if I choose not to participate. Back to top
May 23, 2006
I swear: every day, more and more flowers are wilted. Yes, Friga: I suppose saying “buttseckz” a lot might have some contribution towards you boy trouble… or actually help, depending on the boy. Butch was of course trying to leave agin, but I think I talked him out of it. It was raining when I started the game, but dried up before I had a chance to try for the coelacanth. Figures. Back to top
May 24, 2006
Wendell’s here today. Do I even have much of a use for him at this point? I certainly dun want to waste valuable room for my own patterns, after all. There was a new dandelion out today, but I already have one in storage, so I decided to just plant it. Dandelion puffs are good too, after all. Stitches: I’m sure that Nook doesn’t actually have a little creature living inside his machine telling you your point balance. Not that he’d object to that on moral grounds, mind you, but I think he can afford a computer to do that. Coco seems to think that Lucy and Butch might be dating. No offense to Lucy (or Coco’s powers of perception coming from her empty eye sockets), but I think Butch has better taste than that. Ah, finally. Thank you, Butch. I shall treasure this pic like it was… something I could show off to others and make them jealous. Indeed. Hmmm, who should I go after next? Coco? Maybe I’ll give Stitches another go too, just in case. Blue border, green background. It says that he’s watching me… I’m not sure if he’s a stalker or just a fan of Sting sometimes. Hmmmm… the machine at Nook’s says I upgraded my membership to silver, but I haven’t received any note or gift from Nook yet. Is it because my mailbox was full? That better not mean I’ll never get the next store model. Back to top
May 25, 2006
Okay, no Guliver today. Whew. Redd tomorrow though. Password is “ask for change”. Seems like a good life philosophy to me. “Mom” wants to see a UFO, apparently. Silly fool. It’s not the seeing that’s important: it’s the shooting down. Ah. Nook finally got me my gift for being a Silver Member. It’s signed by the TNPS… since when does Nook have his own Postal Service? Is he paying Pete off? Does that mean he steals the letters I send to other people too? I knew it! No wonder no one can understand a word I write! He must be blacking out the important parts! Oh, you scum… I will have my retribution! Awwww… Butch thanked me for all I taught. Mostly aboot manipulating and controlling others, no doubt. Back to top
May 26, 2006
Hey, remember when foreign neighbors would sometimes set up a tent in your town? I miss those days. Oh good. Lucy’s birthday is on the 2nd. I was worried that she was writing me to let me know that she was leaving before I could get her pic. Oh wait… I did already get hers. Nevermind then. The wilted Jacob’s Ladders are in a diagonal shape for some reason. Odd, but ultimately coincidental I’m sure. Coco’s sick agin, so I guess it’s up to me to nurse her back to health before I get her pic. Oh well. I wonder… do you think Nook’s medicine works on the placebo effect, or is it just a general pick me up? He… he did have that mushroom business in the last game. Back to top
May 27, 2006
“Mom” tells me that I should always do my own laundry. Geez, how old could my character be? 10? And she’s already sick of doing it herself? What a lazy bum. I decided to talk to Lyle this week, had him set Redd to Thursday. Yeah… Thursday should be pretty smooth sailing, and hopefully it won’t just be Blanca on the other days. Oh, the simple joys of Yay Day… or lack thereof. No Stitches: you didn’t just buy that outfit. You got it as a gift, remember? From ME?! But yes, Friga: I’m afraid the “overstuffed sausage” look is indeed in this year. I swear, that can’t be utterly unintentional. Bought a vacuum cleaner from the spawn. Looks very… Poltergusty. Apparently, the correct response to questions of slackishness apathy. Or, at least according to Camofrog it is. He looks good in my Waluigi shirt. It’s almost… purple artic camo, or something. Nope… looks like Stitches still thinks he’s given me his picture already. Dagnabbit. Well… I guess there’s always the possibility that a third will somehow move in… maybe.
Nook was still selling turnips for slightly over what I bought them for Saturday night, so I decided to sell and restock tomorrow. Also got Go K.K. Rider! from Slider. Funny how you need that exclamation point for him to understand the request, but at least it was an enjoyable, upbeat tune. Back to top
May 28, 2006
Or… maybe today is Yay Day. Eh, either way. Coco… why would you respond to my letter by writing me one that says you’re waiting for my letter? I swear… I could tell her head was hollow, but this is ridiculous. Blathers is depressed yet agin. Errr… we’ve discussed Brewster and the coffee shop before, buddy. I know you’re happy that it brings in new business, but this is getting ridiculous. And creepy, for that matter. Ah, but he’s also worried about the “undesirables”. I didn’t think Lyle knew how to make his way to the bottom half of Shi’tton. Odd. Bought a propane stove from the spawn. I’m sure the Hills would be very proud of me, if I hadn’t sold it right back to them. Joan was selling turnips for 107 Bells. Not great, but acceptable, so I bought the usual amount. Well, Stitches is leaving, and while it pains me to do so… I think I have to let him go. I’m sorry it didn’t work out where he got it through his stuffing-filled skull that he hadn’t given me his picture yet, but that’s life I guess. Back to top
May 29, 2006
Hmmm… apparently Camofrog’s birthday is on the 5th. Why so many June birthdays? Just a coincidence? Flea market is this Saturday. I’ve already started saving up a few fossils, so I should be ready. The Message of the Week is that greasy wheels are gross. Maybe so, but they’re also dang effective, thank you very much. Lucy tried to get in the way of my money rock today, but I managed to get it done just in time. So ha! Stitches hasn’t moved out yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Still, this gives me time to… plan. Yes. Bah. Still can’t believe I’m still under 4 million Bells in the bank. Nook had better hurry up and raise the price he’s buying turnips for. Hopefully the flea market will help though. Coco’s still sick, but I think I managed to make her better today. It’s aboot time, if you ask me. Back to top
May 30, 2006
Hmmm… still no visitor other than Blanca. Bummer. Oh, and apparently Pudge moved back in. Well, he’s nice too I suppose. And I guess it’s a nice sign that my old neighbors keep wanting to move back in, or something. Stitches offers to send me a sandwich or something from his new town… I’m guessing he doesn’t quite understand the concept of things “going bad”. Got a li’l bro’s shirt yesterday, so I changed my hair back to better go with it. Looks like fruit trees can house spiders after all. Good to know, I guess. I swear, the amount of wilted flowers that appear each day is growing exponentially. Stupid summer. At least the weeds remain low. I guess.
Random thought: Could “Shway! The fish are biting! I like fruit…” be some sort of haiku? Either way, kudos to my friend for his beautiful poetry. Hey… how did Coco know aboot my geeky role-playing games? And why can’t I buy any books on that from Nook, for that matter? Back to top
May 31, 2006
Last day of May. Better make the most of it… whatever that means. Dr. Shrunk’s visiting today. Found out you can just press x to learn from him. Good to know. He didn’t really have any I was looking for, though. Too many downers. Redd will be over tomorrow. His password is “one ugly fellow”… I’ll bet he’s talking aboot Nook. “Mom” seems to think that my experiences in Shi’tton will be a “harsh life lesson” that will lead me running as I fast as I can back into “her” arms. Believe me: whatever crap I’m put through in this town is 100x better than whatever that stalker has in store for me. Awww… Twiggy looks just adorable in her little Sheik outfit. Dunno why Coco sticks with the mayor’s design though. Camofrog, meanwhile, admits that he’s crazy about the first shirt I made. Yeah… I’m not sure how to take that. Nook keeps approaching, but never actually reaches 150 Bells for turnips. Kinda annoying, that. Back to top
June 1, 2006
Well, I guess I’ve got some fishing and bug catching to do. Apparently I earned 18,870 Bells of interest this month. Not bad, not bad. Meanwhile, Coco tells me that she was fixing spaghetti for dinner. I wonder why that’s such a popular meal with my neighbors. Well, most of them don’t have stoves or microwaves… maybe it’s in freeze-dried sandwich form or something. Yup. Redd’s password was to diss Nook. I love this guy. He didn’t have anything I needed though, unfortunately. Got myself a darner dragonfly. No idea where that name comes from, but meh.
Gah… why does this always happen? You’re not getting out of giving me your pic that easily, Coco! Stop trying to move away! Why can’t someone I don’t need around anymore move away? Like… Friga. I mean, how long does she plan to stay in this town?! Blathers apparently met another strange customer. Some pilot type with a woman at his side. I’d guess Kapp’n, since he mentioned Chowder, but… I honestly don’t see Kapp’n as the type to ever be with a woman. He informs me that dragonflies lay their eggs in the water, and that nymphs gross him out as well. Yeah… I don’t think Blathers is the type to be caught with a woman by his side either. Anyway, he informs me that a birdwing butterfly is a type of tiger butterfly. I don’t really see the resemblance, but meh.
My God… peacock butterflies everywhere today. And I used to be proud to have caught one. Pudge told me again that my face reminds him of Turkish coffee. No wonder my friend was worried that Pudge would eat him.
Random thoughts as I come back at night to do more hunting/fishing: those fireflies are quite pretty, though I’ve always wondered just what purpose that glowing serves exactly. Also, the shark looks highly cartoonish in my hand for some reason. Did they do a different method of texturing it due to its size? And yes, my character, I would have to agree: that’s one freakin’ big beetle. And believe me, Blathers: if you’re so poor that you have to read by the light of fireflies, the repulsiveness of the insect is the least of your worries. Back to top
June 2, 2006
Saharah’s visiting today. At least that gives me something new. Potentially. “Mom” claims to have met “Dad” through a bus stop by giving him her umbrella. Personally, I think that’s one reason that men and women alike should always carry around a can of mace. Dang, looks like my red turnip is wilting. I could have sworn I watered it yesterday. This game is far too picky aboot that, considering how hard it is to maneuver the water stream directly over the plant. Eh, but no big loss. Okay, so I walk up to a beetle hanging on a tree, aim my net carefully, it hits the tree trunk, and then the beetle flies away? What kind of crap is that? Errr, Saharah? I can’t take that to Phyllis. It’s ummm… not her shift? Crazy animals. At least Pelly was kind enough to accept it on her behalf. Hmmm… I didn’t know the two of them were sisters. Interesting. Anyway, I was only offered duplicates for some reason. What a disappointment. Well, maybe I can trade it. Finally caught myself that emperor butterfly I missed yesterday. Blathers believes that you must rip the butterfly’s body from its wings to keep one as a proper specimen, or else the wing color will be ruined by its body oils. I’m sure Blathers would feel a lot of pity over having to do that all right. Also got a piranha. Yeah… I think I’ll donate that before it gets free. Blathers informs me that some restaurants serve piranhas as a tourist attraction. Random thought: I wonder if they’re Kosher.
Well, it took three conversations with her, but I finally got Coco’s picture. Let’s see… I think that leaves Camofrog, until someone new moves in. Anyway, her frame is blue, background is pink, and the back says that she’s “feeling kind of blank today”. Cute. Back to top
June 3, 2006
Heh heh… gave blood at work. Cute. Except that I quit that job months ago! Stupid Nook, thinking he can enslave me. Still, those mosquitoes sound too much like UFOs for my tastes. Sure, I’ll never encounter a situation where both will be around, but it still gives me bad flashbacks. At the flea market, Lucy pretty much cleaned me out on her own… while wearing a pattern that I had designed as a hat, no less. I got some more fossils through shopping, digging, and as gifts though, and Twiggy was far less stingy on what she was willing to pay. I guess I should have waited for her first. Oh well though.
Hmmmm… Nook’s buying for exactly 150 Bells a turnip. Well, it’s Saturday evening, so that’s good enough for me. Bought a firefighter tee, a bodice, and a frog shirt from the Ables. Dunno why they were selling so many things I hadn’t bought yet, other than the change in seasons. I really gotta wear that bodice around and show it off some though. Nah… I’ll give it to Camofrog.
Friga: the catchphrase “Feel free to browse, but try not to carouse” is NOT amusing. In fact, Nook’s just a generally bad role model all around.
So, Mr. Tarantula: thought you could hide by the Able Sister’s shop? Nice try. Are they really poisonous though? I had heard otherwise. Blathers, of course, has no sympathy for it, despite its propensity for eating other insects, because it’s “hairy”.
Finally caught myself one of those stupid ocean sunfish. It looks just like the shark from the ocean, despite being like twice as wide, if not more. Blathers says it’s not good for canning. Too bad: it looks like it could feed a small army.
Note to self: during the flea market, try not to put down a fossil directly blocking the door just as someone tries to come in. Had to save and quit just to escape that situation. Bah.
I think I ended up depositing 400,000 Bells in my account today, and considering that a lot of my fossils were like amber and a lot of my fish were like red snappers, I’d say that’s not too shabby. Finished off the night by requesting K.K. Blues from Slider. It’s not bad, but almost sounds more like soft jazz than blues. Back to top
June 4, 2006
Looks like Pudge’s birthday is on the 11th. Man, the June birthdays just keep coming. And tomorrow is Camofrog, so I should keep that in mind. Started the day off by putting stuff back into my house, and doing a bit of rearranging to save space while I was at it. Twiggy: when the catchphrase you’re most likely to say at any given point is “Yaaay me!”, there’s prolly a problem. Ahahaha…. Seriously, seek help. Blathers tells me that the museum collection has grown faster than anticipated. I can’t believe he won’t give me anything until I complete the whole thing though. Anyway, he complains that a lady from the big city went and visited the other day. I didn’t think Gracie even cared for any sort of art and history other than what can be worn on one’s body. Oh, and then Blathers let it slip that he thinks we’re all a bunch of hicks. Why am I not surprised? What is aged Stilton, anyway? But Blathers is apparently now in love with Gracie… yeah, those are gonna be some weird children.
Bought my usual amount of turnips from Joan. She seems to be gradually upping the price, but… meh. New bottle mail spam: test fine cosmetics for over 3,000 per hour. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could do better fishing, but maybe if I could put the game into sleep mode while they ruin my face with horrid, untested chemicals… might be worth it.
Apparently Lucy and Coco aren’t getting along all that well at all. How odd. And hey: isn’t anyone planning to move out anymore? It used to be such a regular occurrence. Oh, here we are. Friga wants to move out. Well, what can I say, other than… aboot freakin’ time?! Meanwhile, Kody and Pudge are in some sort of rock metal contest against each other. I tend not to ask aboot the details. Back to top
June 5, 2006
Friga says that I was a real handful while she was in Shi’tton. Well then: why didn’t she leave earlier?! It’s Camofrog’s birthday today, so I should really visit. Because… ummmm… it’s a nice thing to do. For an imaginary character. Lucy decided to as well for whatever reason. Anyway, Camofrog cried with joy that we actually came. Well, it’s his party and… you know. Then he called me a slack-jawed cheese hugger. That didn’t take long. The Message of the Week was that money is the root of evil, and therefore we should “Dig! Dig! Dig!” To be fair, no digging is involved in the stalk market. Also, I doubt Nook is willing to get his paws grubby that way. That’s what he has me around for. I visited Katrina today, who had the “SHOOTING STAR” symbol for me. Oh good, it’s been awhile since I’ve had an encounter with Wishy. Apparently, he was first seen by a tired camel, who watched it go around in circle before turning around and going in the opposite direction. The “Happy Happy Star”, they call it. My new neighbor is Pierce, a majestic blue eagle. I hope that doesn’t make him full of himself. Well, he’s wearing my Sheik shirt, so he’s off to a good start at least.
How does a fan get sweat stains? Wow… nicely done, Kody. Just… don’t kill yourself or anything with your workout.
Good things about having it rain all day: a chance to catch another coelacanth.
Bad things about having it rain all day: No chance of catching any rare butterflies or dragonflies. But luckily, I seem to have gotten all I need for this month. Not that they aren’t sometimes worth a pretty penny anyway. But hey, at least the bugs that appear on trees are still here.
Donated a gar to Blathers. He claims they grow a lot faster than you’d expect if you feed them enough. I guess he’s a bit afraid of fish too? Large ones, at least. Back to top
June 6, 2006
“Mom” wonders if I’ve seen any fireflies yet. I have. W00t. Wendell is visiting. Eh, I don’t need him. Pierce doesn’t seem to be warming up to me anytime soon, plus he changed his outfit to my WarioWare hat design that Lucy must have given to him. Bah. Guess I’ll need to start sending him letters once Camofrog gives me his pic. Which he of course can’t right now, since he’s still asleep. Lazy bum. Back to top
June 7, 2006
Raining again I see. Bummer. Redd’s coming tomorrow, password is “is often empty”. What, you mean your wallet? Dang it, Camofrog! You just had a birthday a few days ago! This is hardly the time for you to try to move out! But then again… that’s prolly why you’re doing it, isn’t it? Well, poo on your head too. Gah… where are those stupid black roses?! What more do I have to do?! It’s not like they don’t have room or opportunity to grow. Nevermind, there’s one. Finally! Now to put it by the purple ones and pray. Except… that it disappeared as soon as I picked up a purple one to replace it with? The Heck? Oh, nevermind. Just stored the wrong thing in a letter. Whew. Pierce now greets people by asking them “HOW U MINE 4 FISH”. It amuses me, so don’t judge me.
Blathers met someone with a large helmet who implored him not to get a big head. Yeah.. that doesn’t sound like Gulliver. Maybe Pascal? Though that’s really more of a hat than a helmet. He also claimed that Blathers position is solely due to the hard work of his parents. Oh… now I understand. Honestly, how did Resetti get into the museum without ruining the floor? And why would he come out of his underground labyrinth without me first resetting? Anyway, he congratulates me for “finally” catching a dorado. I didn’t even know I was fishing for one. Anyway, apparently that means I’m part of the club of fisher folk. W00t and such. Back to top
June 8, 2006
‘Twas a typical day, basically. Camofrog still won’t give up his picture, though he seemed happy that I changed his greeting to exactly what it was before. He seemed less happy that I still refuse to listen to his new nickname for me though. Yeah, get used to it. Did my usual fruit run, then did some fishing for more cash and to see if I could nab any more rare fish. Ended up with a giant snakehead, and coincidentally got a fish with the same name after I was done taking care of that. Blathers suggested that the best way to cook it was the way that the natives usually do, coated in chili powder. He then told me that if the natives coated me with chili powder, I should run. I’m not sure if he’s forgotten I’m not a fellow owl or is just a giant bigot. Prolly a little bit of both. The nice thing aboot rain is that you get to dig up gyroids the day afterwards. The bad thing aboot it is that it seems like all the fossils are even more difficult to find on that day. Back to top
June 9, 2006
“Mom” reminds me that relationships only start with fights in romantic comedies. My theory disagrees, but I can see where she would be disillusioned. Poor “Dad” though. The Message of the Week asks how salsa can be a kind of dance, a kind of music, and a kind of dip. Simple: particularly uncultured, American swine thought that it could be used to refer to anything that was spicy, and this trend caught on with their compatriots. And Lucy: if it’s our secret greeting, how come all the other neighbors are using it by the end of the following week? Hmmm? Geez, Lucy and Coco really depress each other almost constantly. Who knew? No wonder: Coco tries to sell her old junk to Lucy almost constantly. Hmmmm… two buried items right next to each other. Never seen that naturally occurring. One was a pitfall though, and so a waste of my time.
Curse you, common butterfly! Sacrificing yourself to my net just to protect your precious longhorn beetle! Not that I don’t already have the other, but… I’ll bet Nook will buy it for more.
Doesn’t look like anyone’s moving out today. Odd, that, but not to be a source of worry or disappointment. Back to top
June 10, 2006
You know, it’s the little things in our virtual lives that make them special. Like the surprise of not having to water almost all of your rare flowers so that they don’t disappear forever the following day. On the minus side: it still irks me how much mosquitoes sound like Gulliver’s spaceship. Where is that guy lately, anyway? Looks like Camofrog’s sick. Yup, another roadblock on my path to getting everyone’s pic. Bah. Heh heh… stag beetle, fun at parties… I dun get it. Still, at least I can cross it off the June list. Blathers says its bite is quite painful. Considering its jaws are like half its body, I’m not surprised. Still no sign of anyone moving out. Maybe Pudge is waiting until after his birthday?
Requested K.K. Dirge from Slider. Sounds like a mix between a haunted mansion, Egyptian tomb, and a funeral. I think I like it. Of course, K.K.’s howling works well with it in any case. But, it’s a duplicate, so I guess I’ll have to trade it tomorrow. Shame, but that’s life sometimes. Back to top
June 11, 2006
Ah, there’s that pond skater. Tricky little devil, isn’t he? But Blathers: I don’t think shaving one’s feet gets rid of the oil there. Just to let you know. The Message Board wishes Pudge a happy birthday and hopes that he’ll stick around for a long time to come. Yeah… I don’t see that happening, to be honest. Well, the Ables are selling a royal crown. Somehow… I’m not quite sure what I’d do with an extra, but it’s a nice thought. They even included the king’s beard as another item they’re selling.
Where is Camofrog getting chimichongas, and why won’t he share them with me? Looks like Coco’s moving out. Eh… I know she’s going to a better place. Wherever that is. I still dun get how she manages to cry without any visible eyes or tear ducts.
Twiggy visited for Pudge’s birthday. He seemed pleased with the wet roadway sign I gave him, as I apparently know him better than he knows himself. Ummmm… yeah, that’s it. Made another deposit in my bank account. Yup… should be up to 5 million Bells early this week. Schweet. I forget if I get anything for that, but… I should. Back to top
June 12, 2006
Looks like Gracie’s visiting agin today. Dang it, the Luigi outfit needs no fashion first aid! Stuck up little Longneck. Plus, I don’t get why Resetti and her are always dissing my hygiene. It’s not like I could use the tub if it were in my room, and Nook doesn’t sell toothpaste or soap! Bah, duplicate grape shirt. Eh, I suppose that’s how it goes sometimes. Not that it should, mind you. Meanwhile, the Bug-Off is finally this Sunday. Better grab me some beetles I guess. Ah, finally got Camofrog’s picture. It’s aboot time, as usual. Well… I guess that leaves Pierce, until Coco’s replacement moves in. And yet, the grumpy neighbors always say that their pictures will be watching me… I swear, Sting must be outraged at the infringement. Assuming… he has any idea what Animal Crossing is. Which is prolly a big assumption to be making, come to think of it. But Camofrog has a rather glum expression in his pic. Well… glum or highly confused, it’s hard to say. Green background, pinkish purple border-yeah, that would explain it. The writing on the back says “You can’t see me”, thus making him a top candidate for the next Invisible Wrestler/Gangsta Rapper gimmick.
Dear Message of the Week: You still only get one chance if you have amnesia. You’re not just not sure why people won’t let you take your “first” try.
Came back to go after rare insects and the arowana, but came up empty handed. At least the eels allowed me to boost my bank account to 5 million finally. Back to top
June 13, 2006 New neighbor today, named Maelle. She appears to be one of the island animals, a duck stripped of her neat little hat. Poor thing. Looks like I won’t be getting another gift from the Town Hall until 10 million. Figures, but at least that’s not quite as far away now. Maybe I should look into alternate forms of getting some cash though, should they be available.
Came back to do some fishing, and caught myself an arowana finally. Apparently it’s considered a golden fish too. Go figure. Blathers thinks they’re prolly more valuable for viewing than for eating. Which is precisely why some eccentric nut would try to. Also managed to nab a rainbow stag beetle. Blathers didn’t have much to say about it, other than that he hates them. Big surprise there. Back to top
June 14, 2006
Yup, it be raining agin. Woo hoo. Saharah’s visiting, and Redd’s tomorrow. His password is “no way Nook”… hee hee, I love that guy. Got the tatami floor from Saharah. I’m pretty sure that’s new this time. Meanwhile, Butch and Camofrog are apparently patrolling the town. For what, I’m not sure, and they prolly aren’t either.
Hmmmm… I really need to steal some of Maelle’s lovely furniture the next time there’s a flea market. Assuming she’s a seller and not a buyer (why can’t they be both?!). Sigh… of course it’s Pierce who’s trying to move out. It’s always the person I’m trying to get a pic out of. Back to top
June 15, 2006
Apparently “Mom” now feels the need to write me when her biggest piece of news is that birds are chirping outside. Bah. Well, I have to hand it to you Redd. I would have never guessed that the set up to the password “no way Nook” is “Someone to wed”. Yeah, that’s just… wow. Pierce still seems to be in hiding, and won’t respond to my letters. You can’t avoid giving me your pic indefinitely, eagle scum! Or... is it too much to assume he’s literate? He’s just hiding in his house, in any case. It still irks me that the animals know it’s going to rain and pull out their umbrellas even before the first drop comes down. Show-offs, with their… “instincts” and such.
So yeah… apparently the most popular fashion in the history of Shi’tton is now my Wario hat design. Which was designed, you know… to be a hat? STUPID ANIMALS! Maelle teases me with information that she gives her picture to her friends, but of course won’t give me hers yet. Bah, I’m used to such bait and switch, but it’s still annoying. Finally caught that dang oak silk moth, who my character apparently reviles as much as the originals for some reason. Bah, species-ist. It’s not as bad as Blathers, but still. Apparently they’re Japanese in origin. Odd… I could have sworn I saw something that big on the side of my house one night. My real one, I mean. Anyway, they’re known for having a wing pattern that imitates owl’s eyes. Blathers, of course, was not impressed. But then I’m sure he gets upset when prey animals whisper behind his back that all them owls look alike. Or something. Back to top
June 16, 2006
It’s ironic, really. Having to turn in my golden watering can for a regular one just so I don’t accidentally make my withered black rose gold and miss a chance at getting a blue one. Eh, that’s life though. Apparently, the guy who talks to himself on bulletin boards is worried that his sister is going to hotels just to eat from the free buffet. I wonder if Pelly is the author. She does work close enough to the board, after all.
Hmmm… how does a random fossil find its way into the recycling bin? Unless… someone’s moving away. Well, it’s not Pierce or Maelle, so we’re good here. In fact… it doesn’t seem to be anyone. How odd, then. Well, I did do a few trades yesterday. Maybe someone needed to clear up space after receiving the new item. Back to top
June 17, 2006
Started the day off by having someone visit, but fortunately they weren’t too much of an intereference, and I got some new paintings to boot. Hmmm… that’s the first time I’ve seen a seashell in the dump. Must have been a gift given to a neighbor. Yup, looks like Pudge is making his escape. See ya, buddy! Be sure to take your odd shirt with you! Mmm… new black tulip. It’s not a black rose, but eh, I’ll take it. Pierce was surprisingly moody tonight. First, Kody made him angry (which I’m sure isn’t too hard, considering how much testosterone is pumping through his veins), then he got depressed when I admitted I blew off his imaginary training regimen (maybe he burned himself out at that point). Also, he apparently mixes up Gracie’s real name with his own, which prolly says more aboot his level of scatterbrained-ness than her name. Hey, remember when Nook used to give you balloons on special occasions? They were impossible to collect, and ultimately pointless, but you know, I really miss them.
Requested Imperial K.K. from Slider this week. ‘Tis very… imperialist Japan, which I suppose I should have expected. Good tune overall though, and catchy.
Ummm… Lucy? Didn’t I already get a pic from you? Well, ok, if you really want me to have another… and yet Stitches never gave me a single one. What an ingrate. Not that my other neighbors were any better. They’re all talk, you know. I see them pull out watering cans all the time, but do you ever see them actually stopping and watering the flowers? No! It’s always my responsibility, and mine alone! Bah. Oh, and when are they going to get it through their heads that there’s no need to cut fur and feathers? I dunno what Twiggy cut recently, but I’m sure it wasn’t her “bangs”. Donated a lantern fly to Blathers, who says they drink the sap of the lychee… is that some kind of tree, or a Native American tribe? Anyway, I think that takes care of my bug and fish catching for this month. Aboot time too. Nook was buying turnips for a bit over what I paid for them, and since it was Saturday night, I went ahead and sold them. Feels good really. Back to top
June 18, 2006
Still no replacement for Pudge yet, as predicted. Well, I’ll be darned. “Dad” actually took the time to write me. Unless it’s just “Mom” under another pen name. Scary, really. Oh good, the Ables are stocking the li’l bro shirt. Hopefully the big bro one will be forthcoming. Ah, good ol’ Pierce. One of the few creatures I know that will give you a shirt as a gift, say that he’d like you to go clothes shopping for him, and then act all surprised when you give him that same shirt right back a few seconds later. I love that guy.
Looks like Joan’s finally dropping turnip prices a little. Only 101 Bells this week. I was worried for a little bit that she wouldn’t even be visiting due to the Bug-off. Twiggy tried to compete with me in that, using the peacock butterflies that I managed to get into our town against me! But, in the end, I’m pretty sure she was no match for the birdwing butterfly I caught. Serves her right. Back to top
June 19, 2006
Looks like Katrina’s visiting. Well, better than nothing I suppose. She says that when raccoons run around a field under the hot sun of high summer, playing eternally… until Nook yells at them to get back to work, of course. As hoped for, I won the bug-off, and Tortimer even took the time to call my insect size “insane”. He would make a good girlfriend for someone with ego issues I think. Anyway, I think I’m swearing off bug catching until next month. Too much hassle. The Message of the Week is “easy come, easy go”, and then asks whether the writer is coming or going. If you’re not sure whether you’re doing the former, I think there’s a serious problem. Back to top
June 20, 2006
Another day of rain that’s on agin, off agin. Pierce is using it as an excuse to hide inside his house, though I think I still scored points with him when I gave him that rainbow shirt. Maelle, meanwhile, still teases me with her description of her picture without giving me one. Twice today, in fact. There is a term for ducks like her, but I don’t believe it is appropriate for this diary. Oh, and I’ve got a new neighbor today. His name’s Benedict, and he’s a red rooster (“Get it? Eggs benedict? Ha! We kill ourselves!”-Animal Crossing Localization Team). He seems kinda boring to me, so hopefully he’ll just give me his pic and get out to make room for someone more interesting. Dr. Shrunk visited, and he taught me the “Aha! I’ve found Solid Snake!” expression. Or something. Could come in handy, in any case. Apparently he learned it when he realized that his dad was a dirty liar or a schizophrenic who believes mimes are actually travelers from a black and white, silent future. Rover came by around noon, even though Dr. Shrunk was still around. He says he prefers Shi’tton to other towns because the air and water is better. Is that what makes those Jacob’s Ladders grow?
You know…mosquitoes wouldn’t be half as annoying if you could get some decent cash by catching them. But nooooo. Dang it Nook, stock some bug spray already. Or better yet: Raid. Maximum strength. Hmmm. Two fossils within 5 feet of each other. Dun think that’s ever happened to me before, but I hope it does more often. Back to top
June 21, 2006
Redd’s visiting tomorrow. Some password aboot mice shopping. I dun get it, but that’s normal. Bah, is there ever a break from the rain? Not that it matters much, but… bit of a downer, you know? And no, Benedict: this rain would not be better if it were made of cola. You’d just be stickier. Surprisingly, the shirt I gave Pierce seems to match his umbrella choice quite well. Then agin: maybe rainbow goes with anything. Hard to say. Dang it Lucy! Sick again?? Are you dancing around in the rain? Unless… maybe it’s S.A.D.? Well, in any case: Lucy, the reason you’re not still in bed is that you have no bed. You should prolly remedy that soon. Back to top
June 22, 2006
Hmmm… doesn’t seem to be that many wilted flowers today. That’s a plus. Rain as usual today, but I guess I should expect that. Made some painting donations to Blathers, despite Redd’s lack of help. Should almost be done with that wing of the museum soon, so huzzah and such. You’d think all these buried gyroids would decrease my chances of finding all the fossils each day, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Odd, but beneficial for sure.
Note to self: Honesty (I really dunno if my character has any siblings) + Support (You go, girl!) = Maelle’s picture. Schweet.
Looks like Twiggy’s moving out. Agin. Well, so long, and dun let the town gate hit you on the way out! Though… she was pretty nice and helpful, all in all. Oh well. Back to top
June 23, 2006
Well, here’s a nice change of pace. First it was raining, now it’s not. Twiggy’s gone, and immediately replaced with Nibbles. Oh good, I like squirrels. Good eatin’. Started off the day by putting my snowman furniture into storage (the Post Office), thus giving me more room to redecorate later. For instance: I had the royal crown, the king’s beard, and the royal shirt, but without putting the super toilet out, how could the King have his throne? Pierce claims that he needs a rugby shirt, since all his old shirts are torn from when he “hulks up”. Is he really allowed to use that term? Meanwhile, four of my neighbors gathered around town hall for no apparent reason. If they were attempting to create a protest, I’d gladly join them. But whatever. Hmmmm… Nook’s buying turnips for 166 Bells apiece. Eh… it’s Friday already, that’s good enough. Plus that puts me to 6 million Bells saved, which at least makes me feel special. Back to top
June 24, 2006
Actually decided to talk to Lyle today, and told him to have Redd on Monday. Might as well get it out of the way, I figure. Maelle was sick, but luckily I had some extra medicine on hand. In talking to her though, I realized… she has no flower in her hair anymore. As such… her supposed “pic” is actually a pic of the islander from the original Animal Crossing. What a gip. Speaking of pics, none from Pierce yet, though I went ahead and gave him the rugby shirt he specifically asked for and I had to order from Nook. His gift for all my trouble? An afro wig. Ummm, w00t and such. And then there’s Benedict, who already wants to move out. I managed to talk him out of it though, but geez: he just got here. Give it some time, buddy.
Requested Señor K.K. from Slider. Seemed almost too cheerful for the sort of thing a mariachi band plays at a Mexican restaurant in the movies, but otherwise fit quite well. Back to top
June 25, 2006
Redd’s coming tomorrow, and his password is “one ugly fellow”. I’m pretty sure we can assume that relates to Nook somehow. …did a yellow butterfly just fall down into a pitfall with me, or am I imagining things? Pierce thinks that Camofrog needs to trim his nose hair in order to properly run a marathon. Yeah… I didn’t know frogs had those. 97 Bells for turnips today. Not bad at all. I really need to change Benedict’s catchphrase. “Uh-hoo”? What does that even mean?! The psycho who scribbles on the bulletin board argues with himself over whether he talks to himself. Then again… it could be a her. Pierce now wants a lemon gingham… typical. Oh well, off to Nook to order it for him. Back to top
June 26, 2006
Flea market’s this Saturday. Guess I better get shark hunting. Meanwhile, the Message of the Week suggests adding mayo if one can’t live on bread alone… are they really allowed to quote that guy in this game? Oh, and by the way Redd: his kids are ugly too. Nook’s, I mean. Too bad Redd didn’t have anything I was looking for though. I’m sure he has his own little foxes that are still waiting on his alimony payments. I wonder: is “wee dingloid” supposed to be a euphemism for… nah.
I’m not sure what annoys me more: the constant rain in the game, or the constant rain outside my window. At least the real stuff comes later in the day though. To this day, I have yet to break a neighbor’s trust and read a letter meant to be seen only by someone else. Considering the sorts of letters they write me, I’m guessing I’m not missing much. Still, just thought I’d point that out. Camofrog claims that he and Benedict go way back… how long ago did he move in agin?
Looks like Lucy has plans to move out. Eh, she’s given me what, two pictures now? I think that entitles her to go if she wants to. Back to top
June 27, 2006
Rain, rain, that never goes away. Well, I guess this is the month to catch coelacanths. Actually did yesterday, so the flea market should be interesting. I swear: Pierce purposely doesn’t talk to me just to get me upset. Well… it’s working, and when I’m upset, Mr. Net is upset too. And when… well, you get the idea. “Hey! Puppet Pal Pierce! Why did the Nun, the Rabbi, and the Imam go waterskiing? Give up?! BONK!!”
Random thought: I still have to learn how to give neighbors noogies when visiting other people’s towns. Sounds like fun. Back to top
June 28, 2006
Looks like Wendell’s visiting. Eh, he’s useless to me now. Lucy’s gone, since she says she’s sick of being normal. Hey, your beef is with the Animal Crossing programmers, not with me. She’s been replaced with… Punchy. Lovely name, that. Sounds like such a polite, soft-spoken animal. On the bright side, he is a cat. Kokaberg, huh? Don’t think I’ve visited there personally. The person on the message board did the “seven ate nine” joke, thus proving that he or she has been mutated into a horrible zombie clown. How horrid. Another day, another stupid shirt request from Pierce. What’s he need with a vegetarian shirt, anyway? But, blindly chasing after his picture, I fulfill his lame requests. Oh… there it is. Well, forget him then! I really hope he’s lying about it being scratch and sniff of his musk though. Let’s see… why don’t I try Punchy next? Pierce’s has a green background, tan border, and claims that no one likes flabby wings. Actually, as I remember it, people like it much better when the meat is dripping off the bone. But I suppose Pierce never looked at it that way. Oh good, a pink cosmos. I was starting to think that the land would no longer produce rare flowers. Dunno why we’re getting so many dandelions, in any case. And apparently too many flowers leads to slowdown, or something.
I wonder what the Ables are doing selling a polar fleece at this time of the year. Looks like someone threw a skeleton into the dump… a skeleton model I hope. Anyway, that’s good, since I still needed one. Back to top
June 29, 2006
Well, the good news is that I shot down Gulliver, and got a plate armor from him after much searching around for that last spaceship part (as usual). The bad part is that he killed part of my red rose garden as he crash landed. Eh… still worth it though. Punchy complained to me that I never write him, even though he responded to the letter I wrote him this morning. Crazy neighbors. Looks like Butch is moving away, but it’s the usual case of yes-I’ll-miss-you-but-you-gave-me-your-pic-so-you-can-go. Also, I was kinda relieved that it wasn’t Nibbles, since I didn’t see her earlier. Benedict is his usual oblivious self, and doesn’t look like he’ll give me his pic anytime soon. And Punchy challenged me to go get him a yellow butterfly… and so all the yellow butterflies chose that moment to disappear. Sure, I can get an emperor butterfly, no problem, but not a yellow one. To use an overused and passé phrase, bah. Next time though, I’ll be ready. First: get yellow butterfly. Then: talk to Punchy. They never see that coming. Back to top
June 30, 2006
I was kinda hoping I’d have more time before July started up and I’d have all new fish and bugs to catch. Oh well. Maybe it’ll at least mean a cessation of all this rain. Punchy: it’s best not to end your letters to guy friends with “shake it”. Just to let you know. Started the day by rearranging the stuff I’ve got stuck at my house. Again. At least the flea market’s tomorrow. Butch hasn’t left yet, but I’m in no hurry to see him go. He was fun, really.
Benedict tells me that he no longer does all that “kiddy” stuff, but Tom Nook used to and it makes him cry. Hmmmm… this is related to the mushrooms Nook used to buy in the original AC somehow, I just know it. It was raining most of the time I was playing, so there was little chance to get a yellow butterfly for Punchy. At least I got a barred knifejaw while fishing though. That should help with tomorrow. Besides: he ought to learn a little patience. Goodness knows I learned a bit preparing all these fossils and fish for tomorrow over the stretch of this week. Back to top
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