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Here's where the various people I trade Animal Crossing items with will be posted, so that you can contact them about getting items. If you would like to be listed here, just e-mail me with your town name, character name, what sort of items you're willing to trade and what sort of items you're looking for, and what fruit and NES games you have (you don't have to give up NES games, just order back-ups from your catalog! Also, though some may consider it cheating, Save & Quit after ordering an item, then come back to get it delivered quickly.) Send the info to LouWeeJee@aol.com. Feel free, of course, to send in pictures/drawings of yourself/your avatar as well, as long as they're not too big (in both length and width as well as file size.)

I now have a chat room! So if you want to direct others there to trade more easily, go ahead. Open 24 hours a day! To reach it, go here.
NEW UPDATE: You can now add your own entries to my webpage! (sorta) To do so, go here.
Note: (Thanks to Wariofan63 and his strategy guide) You can't trade Punch-Out!!, Wario's Woods, Soccer, K.K. Music, gyroids, or fossils. There is no Nintendo wallpaper or carpet.
Remember, town and character names are case-sensitive (it matters whether a letter is capitalized or not.)

AMeleco/Player99 ameleco@hotmail.com
Town name: Fairwood Character name: Anthony
Items willing to trade: Prolly willing to trade anything, as prolly has all items by now.
Items looking for: Nothing specified.

Blue Star Vixen/Emmie Emilie_emmie_em@hotmail.com
Town name: Emilie Character name: Hugville
Items willing to trade: Clothes, stationary, furniture, 'cute things.'
Items looking for: various furniture, 'odd things.'

Bowser1989 Mic_Pich_Rocks@hotmail.com
Town name: Pichcity Character name: Mic
Items willing to trade: Colored-furiture, Ranch, Classic, Space, Nintendo, and Household Furniture, Transportation Items, etc. ('something for everyone'.)
Items looking for: All Nintendo-related items

Charizard Extreme/Mewtwo (who is stronger than Mew, btw) CharizardExtreme@hotmail.com
Town name: Fourside Character name: Mewtwo
Items willing to trade: NES Games: Balloon Fight, Excitebike, Donkey Kong, Golf Furniture: Lunar Lander, Satellite Fruit: Cherries.
Items looking for: other NES games, space furniture, 'scary stuff,' fruit-related furniture.

Chris150 chrise150@yahoo.com
Town name: PsiWater Character name: Chris (There's a space before the C)
Items willing to trade: all types of fruit, NES games: Donkey Kong and Pinball, a toilet, space-related items, arwing, N-logo, and various other things.
Items looking for: other NES games, Nintendo-themed items,'neat little knic-knacks.'

Coco Coco8922@aol.com
Town name: Hylia Character name: Coco
Items willing to trade: All items of furniture! (congrats cokes), many types of clothes and stationary, all types of fruit. For the specifics, go to Coco's Site.
Items looking for: None specified.

Eyeballflump/JAD (contact by AOL IM)
Town name: Glove Character name: JAD
Items willing to trade: Regal Bookcase, Slot Machine and Stereo.
Items looking for: Anything else.

Falken41 Falco27@hotmail.com
Town name: Dodger VL Character name: Falken
Items willing to trade: NES Games: Excitebike, Pinball, Tennis, Clu Clu Land, Balloon Fight, and soon Donkey Kong hopefully. Fruit: Pears, Peaches, Cherries Furniture: ranch, and other 'nifty' sets.
Items looking for: other NES Games, Oranges!, any type of music player, especially stereos.

Goofy Rules 007 (contact by AOL IM only)
Town name: Nomali Character name: Alex
Items willing to trade: Apples, NES games: Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight, ExciteBike, Clu Clu Land, Golf, and Tennis.
Items looking for: Basically anything: All fruit but apples, all other NES games.

Jill300000/moocow115 (AIM Names) moocow115@aol.com
Town name: Cheddar Character name: Raspy
Items willing to trade: most blue and cabana furniture, pears, apples, cherries.
Items looking for: oranges, blue table, blue bureau, and blue dresser.

LouWeeJee LouWeeJee@aol.com
Town name: Shitton Character name: LuWigi
Items willing to trade: Pears, coconuts, apples, oranges, peaches, cherries. NES games: Pinball, Golf, Tennis, Clu Clu Land, DK, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, DK JR. MATH!!!! (Yay), N-logo, GCN logo, Master Sword, Arwing, Luigi Trophy, Mario trophy, Master Sword, certain types of parasols, various types of stationary (e-mail for details), dirt model, track model, train car model, grass model regular toilet, super toilet, neutral and blue corner, boxing mat, folding chair, ringside table, speedbag, space shuttle, space station, UFO.
Items looking for: clothing, any other tradeable NES games, Nintendo related items, especially Mario-related (Big Bro shirt!), boxing items, space items.
The other pic was out of date and such.

Maxman3789 Maxman3789@aol.com
Town name: pooptown Character name: max
Items willing to trade: NES games: Excitebike, Golf and Pinball.
Items looking for: NES games, wrestling ring items, paintings.

MikeC MCPagano@msn.com
Town name: ElkGrove Character name: Mike
Items willing to trade: Modern desk, snowman series.
Items looking for: Peaches, oranges, and cherries.

Mud (reliable from a perspective of trading in AC, whether good for anything else is up to your opinion.) mudkillguy@yahoo.com
Town name: Mudville Character name: Mud
Items willing to trade:NES games: DK, Clu Clu Land, Excitebike, Tennis, Ballon Fight. Furniture: Mario Trophy, Robo Stereo, Modern Bed and Couch, Cream Sofa, Kiddie Clock, Neutral Corner, Pinapple Bed, Tiger Bobble-Head, Water Bird (the one that drinks the water?), and others.
Items looking for: other NES games, Modern or Ranch Furniture, Robo items, Nintendo stuff: logos, Luigi Trophy, etc.

neo60290 neo60290@yahoo.com
Town name:Parktown Character name:neo
Items willing to trade: Apples, Pears, Cherries and Peaches very soon, Cabana items, Retro TV, Cabin Chair, NES games (Tennis, Pinball, Golf, Excitebike, Clu Clu Land, DK, Balloon Fight), Master Sword, Luigi trophy, lemon table, Hinangyos?, Mrs. Flamingo, and will check for other things if e-mailed.
Items looking for: space items (floor, wallpaper, all items!) Nintendo items (NES games, Arwing, etc.), Ranch items (other than bed, couch, tea table, and wall), Backyard items!.

Nintendoholic Nintendoholic1@aol.com
Town name: Mogville Character name: Ryan
Items willing to trade: Tennis, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight, DK Jr. Math, Excitebike, all the kinds of fruit, whatever else he has.
Items looking for: Kiddie and Classic Furniture, but especially Nintendo-related items.

Rhyann Brown rhyannbrown23@netscape.net
Town name: Gold&sun Character name: Flip
Items willing to trade: Space set, Boxing set (almost all of both), etc. (170 items.)
Items looking for: Season-themed items (like the Snow Cone Machine and Barbeque) and Chess items.

SerpantSnake Kannu@bellsouth.net
Town name: Hazlenut Character name: Rex
Items willing to trade: All NES games.
Items looking for: All kinds of stationary, DK and Balloon Fight. Full collection here.

TiPpY17231 Tippy1031@hotmail.com
Town name: tangea Character name: yusuke
Items willing to trade: matroyoshka (nesting jars), Naomi Figurine, Elephant Slide, Dark Stone, Frog Chair, Steel Flooring
Items looking for: Balloon Fight, DK Jr. Math, Flying Saucer, Robo-Stereo, Master Sword, Ponderosa Bonsai, Samurai Suit, Candy, Coffee Machines

Wariofan63 wariofreak@yahoo.com
Town name:Bobville Character name: wariofan
Items willing to trade: peaches, stationary, clothing, wallpaper and Dracaenas (good for Feng Shui.)
Items looking for: Island items (coconuts, red and blue Aloha shirts), train station models

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