Various links, Animal Crossing related or otherwise Nintendo related.

Animal Crossing

Nintendo's Animal Crossing site.
Animal Crossing Community . Includes a superior pattern design program, a large collection of patterns and town tunes, and a place for members to put profiles of their characters in the game, items for setting up trades, and any diaries. Free registration is required to view and do most of this, but still highly recommended.'s Animal Crossing message board. Regularly posted on, good place to go to get information, make trades, etc.
Anicro Desapro: Animal Crossing Design Aid Program. Want a quick but effective way to quickly convert a picture on your computer so that it can be manually turned into a pattern in Animal Crossing? Then this is the program for you! Or something. Seriously, though, a great way to turn a complex picture into a pattern in Animal Crossing and still have it look pretty good.
Animal Mafia. Has a catalog of textures and where to find them, as well as some Nintendo-related news items. Mostly here, however, for its Anicro Desapro Tutorial.
Animal Crossing Textures by t_cromis has textures that, using Anicro Desapro, put the ones here to shame.
Animal Crossing Ahead A lot of AC-related content can be found here. Appears to be down. Similar to Animal Crossing Ahead, but I find it slower loading. Appears to be down.

Other Nintendo-related's Nsider area. New format, new message boards, NEW NEW NEW!
Planet GameCube. Regularly updated, good place for news, forums and all content are free!
The Mushroom Kingdom. The top totally dedicated to Mario site, in my humble opinion.
The Luigi Awareness Society. Hasn't been updated in awhile, but I still consider it the top Luigi fan page (perhaps it should go below, since I donated some sound files to the page a looooong time ago.)
NEW:Warp Pipe Project. A tunneling program to make LAN-enabled GameCube games playable online! (with the right equipment)

Sites that are here because people I talk to online made them

AC Trades R Us An MSN group that I'm a part of specifically designed for Animal Crossing trades. Has a message board and chats scheduled every Saturday night. Great thing to join if you want to complete your collections. You'll need to have a MSN passport or hotmail account to join, but getting one is free.
Animal Crossing Resistance. The Headquarters of the Resistance against Nook's tyranny. Also also appears to be down.
Mike C.'s Nintendo page. Update: Same site, new location. All Nintendo related, the specific games featured changes as time goes on. Usually a strong emphasis on Kiby though. Currently does have Animal Crossing content. Post on the message board!
Wariofan63's Nintendo page. Featuring a variety of Nintendo (and Nsider)-related comics.
neo's Quality Site (which, admittedly, completely lacks quality.)
Josh123's site: Proof that to beomce the most well-liked NOA of all, all you need is to hide your face behind a doll with a funny hat.
Babylonian's site:"NOA Alan: The Man Behind the Face See above for my comment.
Eyeballflump (JAD)'s site: Jadville.
SerpantSnake's site: Serpantsnake's SMS Faq/Walkthrough Site Should have some AC-related info very soon.

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