The Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life diary!
Updated May 30, 2004.
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April 7, 2004 (Day 1)
So it begins… again. ‘Tis always difficult at first to come to terms with the fact that a new game is really mine… dunno why, guess I’m a bit slow. Intro’s kinda... inactive, but music reminds me of Wind Waker. Memory card loading screen reminds me of an old PC or PC-like device. Ah, a great way to catch one’s attention, like a novel that draws you in by initially confusing you. Direction, ‘tis always a confusing thing to find. Best thing, however, is to remain hopeful. Who is this mysterious narrator? The one who knew my father? Will my father constantly haunt my life? Ah, I see… so he talks to the deceased…on a beach. I think. Takakura… what were they saying about not translating things well? Hunched-back, big eyebrows… wish I actually paid attention to FLCL. Oh well. At least I can make comparisons to K.K. Slider, praps. Found land? Preposterous! Everything has already been found. I should know, my geography teacher says so. Yes, you think you can make some money off of my naiveté, you mean. I think not, old man. These buildings look kinda small from the outside. Not ridiculously so, I guess. Oh, so it’s the chickens who live in the chicken coop! What would I ever do without you, gramps? And I suppose it’s city policy to tie scarves around stray dogs… you know, to tell people whether they’re rabid or just extremely violent. The red scarf must mean all of the above. I can only keep one? Hey, this is MY farm. I’ll keep as many dang dogs as I well please. Dun think you’ll be taking the other for yourself! I chose pointy, just because. He shall forever be known as ‘Ok!’, again, because I can. And if it’s a she… too bad for her. Sure, he picks the nice house… what a jerk. I was afraid he was going to force me to do bad things in exchange for his ‘kindness’ when we went into the barn, but apparently he just wanted to teach me cow-tipping. After that lesson was done, we named her Horsey. Gramps liked it, so there. And so, Crudton Farm was born… I hope. Tutorials usually take too long. This Ruby person has an odd hairdo, to say the least… unless she’s the center one. I decided to refer to myself as Rob, as the name has significance for me… besides, then I’ll say I warned my neighbors when I take their stuff in the middle of the night. I wonder if there’s more going on with Wally and Hugh than meets the eye… his huge noggin and stupid, stupid haircut remind me of the good ol’ days at Nsider. I wonder why I can’t marry this Lumina person… too poor, gotcha. Well, who knows, maybe I’ll hit the jackpot in less than a year. Dang, I though I could start playing… stupid harvest sprites. And besides, they’re clearly polygons, why should I talk to them? Somehow, I dun think Flak fits with the group… guess he’ll die soon.
This Takakura… I wonder if he had more than a friendship with my dad. You never hear him talking about my mom, that’s for sure. Finally, the beginning…. Stop going so fast, clock! Why is there a door I can’t even open on my own dang farm?! I appear to be in the region of Wasuredani… which of course roughly translates to “Who’s your daddy?” And I can jump, which is nice. I think this blueprint of animals will be quite helpful… when I need a burger. Muhahahaha! Learned that R is to whistle, and delivered my first bottle of milk! Yay! …I better get a good price for it. L centers the camera… guess that’s useful. Sheesh, peaches and bananas are expensive… as if I’d even grow them right. Picked some Goddess drops, ate a Mugwort, and found the land of connectivity. Takky, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times… getting married just because that’s what your family would want DOESN’T WORK! Note to self: Turnips=salad. Ok! Dunno how I’d pickle them though. Ahem… those are stairs, not a door. Crazy game. Stalked Nami for awhile, since I found her first. She lead me to a mansion. Helped Lumina with her obsessive compulsive disorder by telling her to have fun. At least SHE likes my flowers. Truly, it is clear that her heart will always be devoted to those piano keys though. So I carried her cats around. Couldn’t seem to milk them though. Dang. Found the beach where the game starts, but couldn’t figure out how to swim back. Oh well. Yes Sir, Carter, I’m the new! And a winner is you, for you set up us the bomb! You know, I’m not used to nearly this many female characters in a video game. Must be because they’re more controversial to shoot and run over. Flora, meanwhile, asks me whether it’s odd that she lives with the professor, and that she often blacks out after having her evening drink. Rain already? Ze cow, she is extremely upset… must not have fed her. Oh well. At least I know the milker gives me more milk than by hand. Good to know. And they tried to trick me into throwing away my watering can, but I was too smart for them! Figured out how to feed Horsey, thanks to Takky’s notes. Then replaced the song inside my house with Quiet Winter. Much more relaxing. After that, called it a fine, if long, first day. I must say, I’m liking the different possibilities for interaction with people if you meet them at the right time. Makes for some fun discoveries. April 8, 2004 (Day 2)
And so I woke from the land of dreams, which is obviously defined by a rippling box of bubbles that takes up about a fourth of my screen… I guess. Wow, a television show about feeding cows… I wonder why people bother to go outside in this town. I was having difficulties with planting my tomato crop until I realized I had to use a hoe… shut up. Do I look like a born farmer to you?! Also figured out how to feel the dog that mugwort stuff while I was at it. Professor Daryl apparently has a formula to ‘woo’ Flora. I should write it down. The girl report went something like this… Muffy’s exactly the type of girl I wouldn’t trust running the farm with my life, let alone raising kids. Chris is apparently taken. Bummer. And Lumina seems to like me, or maybe just my flowers. Not that that’d be a bad thing. I met Murray, who looks far kewler than anyone else here… but unfortunately, had nothing to feed him. Oh well. Nor myself, for that matter, as I ran out of mugworts and nearly starved to death. Found Nami at her usual walking spot, and gave her my old record. She took it ‘begrudgingly’. Interesting… so I have to set up a stand to sell items. Haven’t seen that in video games before. Got lost trying to find Celia’s farm, since I want more seeds and such. Murray followed Lumina home… nuts. I hope I can con that Romana out of a cat soon. I like the orange one best, more fun to pick up and carry around whether it likes it or not. I think I got to Celia’s too late to buy more seeds. Nuts. At least I figured out that I could drink milk to feed myself, but then Horsey fell asleep before I could milk her the second time. Oh well, I suppose I’ll get the hang of things soon enough. Assuming the place doesn’t burn down or I’m not deported, of course. Ze second dream, still very small, has a happy me running through a spiral of psychedelic colors… I think I should prolly eat more traditional foods from now on. April 12, 2004 (Day 3)
‘Twas an unusually busy day today. First, I went to Vesta’s farm, found out they open at 8 am. Bought 5 bags of tomato seeds, then planted them. Was going to show Nami my do Ok!, but he kept complaining that I was carrying him for too long. Blah, what a big baby. Anyways, today was the day Van came to town to sell his wares. I bought a fishing pole and brush, but only managed to use the brush successfully (oh joy, there was a note coming out of Horsey instead of a heart. Our troubles are over.) She sure does make a lot of milk… seems like every time I go back to the barn, there’s another jug I missed. And thanks to them, I wasn’t starving to death today, though food is still hard to come by. Met the K.K. clone Gustafa. He seems… green. Nami commented that she like my tool (brush), so that was an ego-builder. She still seems to think the milker’s kewler, though I never use it. Can’t tell if I’m really making friends with anyone, though I’ve at least managed to talk to Lumina and give her a flower every day. Speaking of which, I dunno if I’m just not looking in the right areas, but the variety of flowers around is rather… unvariety…ish. I really need to find out at what times of the day I can do that fossil hunt if I’m going to win over ol’ Red though. As I was heading home near the end of the day, I stumbled down the wrong bridge and ended up in front of a little doorway in front of a tree. Thinking little of this, I looked down, saw a mushroom, and to get my character to stop grumbling aboot food, I ate it. Then, things got weird… those guys who wanted me to hook up the GBA game… I was in their house… and they all were my friends. It was quite frightening. So I decided from then on to swear off drugs altogether… unless I can make a good profit margin growing them and then selling them to Gustafa… or the son of the Inn people, he seems like the type who might be interested in such. I seem to be upsetting Horsey less and less, so I guess that’s some progress. Grrr at Vesta’s farm though, their plants are already sprouting. I wonder if there’s any FAQs out there on sabotage.
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April 16, 2004 (Day 4)
Woke up at 3 am, no idea why. Found out that Nami travels to Vesta’s early in the morning, then goes into one of the buildings (which I didn’t know I could get into) for no reason in particular. Bought some turnip seeds from Vesta, THEN learned that watermelon and tomato are best for this time of year. That’s how fellow farmers help each other for ya… at least until one runs out of money. Found out that Carter is in the fossil dig at 11, so I finally was able to do that. I wonder why you dun get to have a snack while digging. Anyways, I got myself a coin, human statue, and a fossil skull. Nami, of course, wanted the fossil skull (in her own indirect way) and nothing else. First, of course, I showed the old fossil to Galen to show him what I think of him. Apparently neither her nor Murphy like milk, just food in terms of crops. I gave the human statue to Hardy, since he showed an interest. Van wasn’t willing to pay me even as much as the old coin was worth when it was first created, so I kept it to myself. Apparently Horsey’s normal milk is A quality now, dunno what it was before. I tried giving her a bath with the brush, but I couldn’t get a handle on pushing her in the right direction. Apparently, I’m out of fodder, but I dunno how to put it back in the silo. I mean the sickle does seem to cut the grass outside, but then how do I pick up the remains? Oh well, I guess I can just keep Horsey outside longer until I figure it out. I visited Romana (what is with that name and farms? ‘Twas in Majora’s Mask too, ya know), but she still won’t give me the orange cat, nor even accept my gifts in exchange for one. Hmmmm… maybe I should go through Lumina instead. She’s easy enough to please. Ah, the instruction book explains it all: “Lumina’s too young to marry but if she could she might marry you.” That is kinda hard to tell when everyone in the game has a head taking up 40-50% of their total body size. Watched a bit of tv aboot water monkeys, didn’t learn anything more aboot fodder, and went to bed, dreaming of bubbles as usual. Back to top
April 19, 2004 (Day 5)
Ugh, they really should make ‘New Game’ the second option… I must have hit it accidentally every time I turn on the game. Today was a day for angering people/animals in general. First of all, I spent a bunch of it trying to push Horsey to the water trough so I could wash her. Eventually, she got fed up with me and accidentally trying to milk her, and her happiness rating was lowered. On the plus side, after not being able to find anyone selling seeds outisde, I figured out to go into Vesta’s house and buy stuff there (got 4 more tomato seed bags). Next was searching for fossils, which again, Carter didn’t want for himself. I gave the skull to Nami, and this crystal thingy to Gustafa… I’m sure he can find a good use for it. I talked to Murphy and accidentally gave him some money… I dun think I like him anymore. Also gave Nina a flower, which she seemed remarkably pleased with. Hopefully it’ll be a small consolation for her future widowship, or something. Romana, meanwhile, would not accept any flowers, and then decided she had to go. Bah.
At night, I decided to commit myself to getting into Nami’s room somehow. She spent some time just idling aboot the bridge, looking at the moon and whatnot. Tried fishing, still didn’t catch anything. Then she started heading back, which got my hopes up… but passed the hotel and went into a bar. I guess I shoulda expected that. She seemed far less sociable in the bar, but I guess marrying an angry drunk isn’t too much of a problem. As long as she dun tip the cows over. Finally, I got into her room, but then she sorta hinted that not only did I talk too much, but I was overstaying my welcome. So, overall, everyone in the game hates me, prolly even the underpants gnomes. At least I got to see her gong though. Back to top
April 21, 2004 (Day 6)
Since I had stayed up so late the night before, I ended up waking up around 6:30 am instead of 3 am. Boy, am I one lazy bum. I rushed to do the plant watering, cow milking, and letting Horsey outside, followed by talking to her and being affectionate to try to make up for the day before (wasn’t even going to try washing her agin anytime soon.) NOA Steven apparently needed some more iron in his diet, so he asked for the old coin I dug up, and I gave it to him. Then, later on, some milk to wash it down. Not that I’d particularly like any future offspring to be a jock… they tend to eat more, and who needs that on a farm? Anyways, then I went to Romana’s. She still won’t accept my gifts, but I got into Lumina’s room. Apparently, she thinks it’s quite controversial that she calls her grandmother “Grammy”. Must have been whipped the last time she did in public. And of course, another goddess drop went to her. I bought some more watermelon seeds from Celia. Her girlish giggle pleased me, so I gave her a flower as well. I dun think Nami’ll find out, she’s too busy trying to get into that tent thing and saying how my crystals show I’m too talkative. At least G.G. Stafa’s still finding use for them.
I didn’t make the mistake with Murray that I made yesterday… this time, I purposely gave him 100g instead of accidentally giving him 1 g. So ha! I caught Daryl sneaking into my farm to do Bob knows what, but waving my sickle at him didn’t seem to scare him off. Well, I guess he can experiment on Ok!, it’s not like I’ve found any use for him yet. I watered my plants later at night before I went to bed because a web page said I was supposed to. It might explain why Vesta’s farm has crops in full bloom already and I only have a few saplings. They say the day is a lot longer in this games than previous Harvest Moon games, but I still haven’t found time to do any decent fishing. Bah. Back to top
April 22, 2004 (Day 7)
Dreamt aboot dancing with vegetables agin. I am one sick puppy. Did my usual chores. Horsey changed from fine to ‘just fine’ over the course of the day. Is that a bad sign? Got to the fossil dig a little late, only got a stone coin. Chatted with Gustafa while he was playing a song, but he didn’t give me any of my own. Guess I needed to ask him aboot his guitar. Nami complained that I shouldn’t go up to her just to say hi. Hmmmm… so I’ll just keep showing her items instead. Yes. But ugh, looks like Muffy likes me more than the last time I checked Nami’s diary. That’s gotta change. Hopefully the harvest will bring better gifts to give to people. Found out my character doesn’t do well on mugworts alone when I accidentally shipped all of Horsey’s milk off. I still can neither get her in a position in which I can wash her, nor fish with any success. Romana’s still not accepting any of my items, but that crazy scientist guy isn’t either. Guess he feels guilty aboot impregnating Horsey with a cow/monkey hybrid. Speaking of animals, I found a turtle with a scarf around its neck… which I couldn’t interact with in any way. Hmmmm… a pet turtle would be nice too. I still wish I knew what I can do exactly with the dog. Maybe he herds sheep. I did at least feed him today. I stayed up a little later than usual, but didn’t find much new. Lesson of the Day: If you have a weird cybernetic eye buried in your head that everyone can see, most people won’t realize you’re not wearing pants. I really should try to visit Cody at some point. Back to top
April 23, 2004 (Day 8)
Woke up around 4:30, not too bad. Larger majority of my plants are flowering now, which is of course schweet… but then I look at Vesta’s farm and see that all of hers are almost ready to harvest. Dang that Vesta. Decided not to buy any more crops this season, and instead spent more of the day socializing. I saw Lumina playing piano agin, and Romana finally accepted a flower from me! Yes! Galen, meanwhile, actually liked my mugwort. Weird. Did the usual fossil run, only got a few more skull fossils. Gave one to Nami of course. Not that this has anything to do with my game whatsoever, but I figure someone might make this mistake. You know that little box thing in the barn, the one you don’t get fodder out of? That thing is a trash can. It is NOT used for delivering milk. So errr… don’t try using it for that. Ah heh… dang. Takakura was aboot to explain that to me, when that dumb dog (which I fed today, so he should at least behave himself) attacked Muffy. Realizing the game was trying to push things forward, I decided not to take the bait like so many fish in the river. I gave her the cold shoulder and broke her heart. It’s a bad sign of course that it was Muffy and not Nami, but on the bright side, at least I must have evened things out. Still, bad puppy! And hey, I finally washed Horsey! She was sitting close to the trough, so I did a little manipulation, accidentally milked her again, but finally, after some struggling, got her close enough. And she did indeed turn from dusty brown to black and white agin. I was so proud. Apparently this Rock fellow is not easy to please… assuming it’s a fellow. He’s bothered by how people point out he looks nothing like his parents. Poor guy… prolly is in complete denial. Cody, meanwhile, shows interest in a lot of what I have, but never is willing to accept it. I guess he’s like Romana that way. And Steven/Wally is still eating my coins. I guess the rest of the food in the area just doesn’t give him the iron he needs. I called it a day kind of early rather than further turning Nami against me, noticing as I went back to my house that at least a few of my plants had already sprouted tomatoes. Which I will of course not put in the trash can. Not that I ever did. Ah heh. Back to top
April 25, 2004 (Day 9)
Well, season’s almost over, and it was quite a day. Did my usual chores, putting Horsey’s milk in that smaller fridge thing to be delivered (like always, of course.) Did my usual round of socializing, giving goddess drops to everyone and a mugwort to Galen. He didn’t seem to like the last one. Well it’s not like I’m growing them myself! Sheesh. Romana agin wouldn’t accept my gift, prolly because she was in her rocking chair. Lumina, however, also refused my gift until she started walking, and then only would accept one. Who knew that girls had flower quotas that they don’t exceed? She also wouldn’t let me into her bedroom. I swear, it’s a sad state of affairs when a young man is not allowed into a girl’s bedroom whenever he wants. Two of my tomatoes have ripened, so I went to Takakura’s notes on how to harvest them. Sure enough, this initiated another cut-scene, this time involving Nami! She told me to go aboot my business, so I asked her what was wrong. Then she brushed her hair back and left. That’s the problem with Nami, you never know when you’ve said the right thing or not. Common sense will tell you to show empathy with the other two, but then there are those who hate to show any vulnerability or dependence. Of course, that’s all part of the fun. Anyways, I gave her the first of my harvest as a peace offering, and she called me ‘swell’. Well, it’s a start. I guess.
Finally found something useful to Carter at my fossil dig. In fact, it was a pretty good run. Gave a fossil skull to Nami and Hardy, but couldn’t find Steven to give him his daily source of protein. Apparently the fireworks twins like flowers. They do indeed have a distinct texture to them… they’re just not all that tasty. And I’ll be darned if I still can’t get into Cody’s house. Never did get around to fishing, either. But on the bright side, I stayed up late to get into Nami’s room, and it turns out I’m upgraded to one red heart! Woo hoo! Oh wait… that’s prolly just because Muffy hates me more. Oh well, I’ll take my victories when I can get them. Back to top
April 26, 2004 (Day 10)
Ended up with 5 tomatoes today… not too bad, but then again the fact that the watermelons haven’t bloomed is worrisome. Gave one to Nami of course. She says she gave the first one to Ruby. Well, that’s her decision of course. Don’t see why I should be hurt that she would put it to a good use by giving it to someone else… *sniff* Fossil job didn’t turn up anything good, but Steven got his daily dose of iron. And then I finally dedicated myself to catching some fish. With the advice of a hot Harvest Moon expert and the rumble feature on, after two hours game time I finally got the timing right and pulled in my first one! Showed it to Nami of course, who actually smiled once she saw it. Schweet. Ended up giving it to Daryl though, to tell him I’d gut him like one if he kept coming onto my property uninvited. I dun like the way he’s staring at Horsey one bit. Gustafa seemed more pleased when I commented on his guitar, but still won’t give me a song. After all the weird and exotic flowers I’ve given him… hmmph. Wasn’t able to create a cutscene today… I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not. And Takakura told me to ask Vesta aboot crops, but she just threatened to cut off my seed supply if I was ever successful at competing with her. I stayed up a little later than usual because I never had a chance to give Lumina a flower. Reached her right as she was returning hope, so I guess that was lucky. I’m beginning to think there’s not enough mugworts in this here town for both me and Ok!... so he might have to fend for himself until I get enough crops to live on. It’s not like he seems to waste away to nothingness when I miss a day. Horsey was already asleep when I got back to the barn, so I decided to give her a break. Back to top
May 2, 2004 (Day 11)
‘Twas an incredibly busy day today… prolly almost ¼ as busy as most farmers are during the first day of the season. And to make things worse, my character was continually tired. Hardy said it was because of the heat. I thought it might be because I wasn’t feeding him enough, until I realized it’s in fact because he’s a lazy bum. Went to Vesta’s farm, and decided to buy all my plants for the season at once this time. That included 5 tomato seeds, 5 turnip seeds, and a couple of melon seeds. Of course, Rob got dizzy after every third action.
     I was interrupted twice in my daily routines. First by Takakura, who wanted to give me a horse. Turns out I have to pay for the saddle myself. What a cheap jerk. Anyways, I named him (her?) Bessie to compliment my cow. Bessie does indeed improve my ability to travel, but gets grumpy if I coddle… it too much. The second time was by the underpants gnomes, who decided that because I’m all alone like a pathetic loser, they should give me their blue feather. In this case, however, it did not mean that I would be married to one of them. That’s prolly for the best. My character blushed and was happy, since he knew it was his ticket to getting some action before the end of the year. However, Nami says she doesn’t like it hot, so that might be a problem. It wasn’t until the evening that I got around to doing much socializing. Lumina likes the new flowers just as much as the old ones, and comments how she watches the animals get all “lovey-dovey” during this season. I guess people who live the most sheltered lives often end up the most perverted. Such is the human condition. Romana’s back to not accepting my flowers, but Nami said the usual positive (for her) things when I gave her a tomato and human statue. I wonder if the watermelons are going to sprout anymore... Also gave Steven’s son a crystal I found on my fossil dig. Never too early to start, I always say. Hopefully it’ll be a gateway to some powerful steroids so he can do his father proud. And grow boobies.
     On a parting note, I found a mouse by the fossil dig… with a red scarf around its neck as well. There are some sick monkeys in the world… sick, sick monkeys I say. Back to top
May 3, 2004 (Day 12)
I should prolly milk Horsey, and then water the plants in my daily routine, since she gets cranky otherwise. On the bright side, both she and Bessie seem happier than usual. Guess they must like summer. Though Takky says cows give less milk in the Summer, which he theorizes is because of the heat. I say it’s because they’re lazy bums! I wonder what happened to Horsey’s calf, anyways. Though, knowing Takky, praps I’d rather not know. A whole bunch of tomatoes ripened today, plus my first watermelon. I gave Nami her usual tomato and skull fossil, since when I saw her, the watermelon was still not quite ripe. I’ve got an eye for these things, you know. Just like real farmers, I can be sure the plant is finally ready for harvest by my ability to press the A button and pick the fruit or veggie. I wanted to check on her diary (how nice of me, poking my nose where it doesn’t belong… nah, that prolly wouldn’t work. Noses just aren’t long enough), but she was still out and aboot by the time I visited her room at night. Apparently there’s something aboot the bar that she only likes at night, since she was in and out in a flash during the day. I forget whether Muffy was there when I was in there with her, so maybe that’s the catalyst. Can’t say I blame her.
     The royal bells haven’t grown back for some reason, but I still gave my last one to Lumina. Also gave Romana a flower on her walk, and one of the fireworks twins had one to munch on as well. Romana’s voice may annoy me, but when I finally get my own cat to annoy, dress in clothing, and carry around from place to place whenever I want, it’ll all be worth it. Oh yes. (I was going to do a joke here involving the word pussy, but decided against it. Be thankful.) Van was selling stuff. I almost got him to buy milk for 138 G instead of 115, but then I turned it down, and he didn’t offer agin. Oh well. I wonder what the stuff goes for using Takky, anyways. Rob of course complained every minute about how tired and hungry he was, but at least he can’t complain on Bessie. Hopefully Bessie doesn’t start complaining now. I should prolly do some fishing tamarra, oughta give me the extra boost of gifts to make some close connections with people in town. I just hope I’m going aboot this the right way. Back to top
May 5, 2004 (Day 13)
I’ve learned today that while Horsey always seems to like being coddled, she doesn’t want a bath unless she’s really filthy, even if she happens to be by the bath. Bessie, meanwhile, rarely likes coddling, but is always in the mood for a good brushing. Blah… why’d they have to give animals personalities? I apparently missed my chance at the fossil dig today, since Carter left the site. So instead, I went fishing. Hardy took the smaller fish I had, but no one would take the larger one off my hands (and Lumina was rather disgusted that my pocket would smell like fish. She’s got a lot to learn.) It did at least please Nami to look at it. I gave her a melon for the first time today, which she reacted to the same as the tomato. And I sold a bunch of the two to Van, though he refused to raise his prices. Also went near the underpants gnomes’ house to collect flowers, since I was running low and the red ones still aren’t sprouting.
     Not having any fossils to give out, though, really hurt my socializing skills. Still managed to give Gustafa and the fireworks bros. their flowers, and Carter even accepted some milk from me. I know I shouldn’t reward him for being such a wanderer, but hey, maybe my kid can bring me fossils on his own one day for a nice li’l profit in the sides.
     I had to stay up until 1 am, but I found out that Nami’s diary now lists me with two red hearts. That’s progress to be sure… but dang it, it’s not fast enough! Maybe I’ll just propose to Galen, see how she likes that. Can someone tell me why I didn’t use the field with the richest soil and plenty of room in the first place? Oh, right. Well that may be true, but at least I know not to act like an idiot any longer… hopefully. Back to top
May 7, 2004 (Day 14)
Well, staying up late seemed to have cost me today, since I didn’t get up til 7 am. Both Horsey and Bessie seemed sleepy all day as a result. Dunno why they wait on me to go to sleep. Guess it could just be out of courtesy. A whole bunch of my tomatoes sprouted, so I sold most of those and a fish to Van. Gave Nami the usual stuff, but she still blows me off when I try to chitchat with her. Isn’t she great? My fossil run only ended up with one skull fossil. Guess that’s just how it goes. I did find some time, however, to get a few more fish to hand out to people, since I was stuck just handing out flowers otherwise. Ran into Gustafa singing by a log, told him his guitar was nice. Then, as I tried to open Cody’s door, I thought I might finally get inside his house… but no. Instead, Gustafa invited me to his summer festival… which then started right then. What are the two of them trying to hide? Gustafa played, myself and a group of other villagers sang. I think I found the events in Animal Crossing to feel like more of an accomplishment. Muffy was there… I hope this doesn’t affect my standing with her. ‘Cuz… ugh. And when that ended… I still couldn’t get into Cody’s.
     Those red flowers are blooming agin, so I hoarded them all to myself, after giving some to Lumina, one of the Fireworks Bros., and Nina. Didn’t get to Romana at the right time to get her to accept a flower, though I did at least play with the orange cat. I should buy more crops tomorrow, since they seem to continue to grow as the season changes. And even though I decided to plant them in that more fertile field I ‘discovered’, I used the scythe to get rid of the wilting plants. It makes watering seem like less of a chore… though technically, that’s what it is. Learned my lesson and got to bed before 11 this time. Back to top
May 18, 2004 (Day 15)
Woke up early, did the usual chores. Actually got Horsey to take a bath by pushing her across the field without a problem. Bessie, meanwhile, is constantly asleep on his feet. I wonder what’s up with him… Went fossiling agin, but only got a skull fossil and a crystal. Nami got the skull fossil and a tomato, while Gustafa got the crystal. Also gave Cody a flower and some milk. Hopefully it’ll “inspire” him to open that dang tent. Mistook Carter for Celia’s brother when he was by the waterfall. Guess there’s only so many hairdos in this town. Went to Romana’s twice, but never got to give her a flower. Nutbunnies. Planted 10 turnips in the field with the most fertile soil, then harvested turnips from the other field. Tried to make a soup out of a turnip, some milk, and a fish, but apparently it didn’t turn out so good. I swear, these game designers dunno good cooking when they see it. Did I mention Galen likes the royal ferns as much as the mugworts? Managed to milk Horsey and water the plants for the second time before 9, so that was an improvement. Then I stayed out late fishing and talking to the innkeepers, hoping beyond hope that Nami would go back to her room so I could check my progress with her. I gave up on that soon afterwards. I swear, sometimes it just doesn’t pay to go for the challenge. So… when do I get some sheep, chickens, or ducks? And why can’t I have my dang orange cat already?!? Obviously, he will be named Rover. Or maybe Fido. Unless it’s a she, then it’ll be Butch. Yes, definitely Butch… or Bubba. Back to top
May 19, 2004 (Day 16)
‘Twas a surprisingly typical day today. Bessie is still asleep on her feet… but seems to run just as fast, so no skin off my back. Carter decided to take a walk on the beach all day, which totally screwed up my schedule for delivering gifts to people. I did, however, manage to give flowers to Romana, Lumina, Gustafa, and Nina. Galen got a royal fern, Cody got some milk, and Nami got a turnip. Went fishing in lieu of fossil hunting, told Daryl YET AGIN that if he goes into my house agin, I’m going to gut him like a fish. It’s times like these that I wish the game had something for me to bonk my neighbors with. He said something aboot cow cloning, but wouldn’t elaborate… I knew it! My cooking experimentation hasn’t been going well so far, since I’ve had no successes. However, I did find out that Ruby accepts gifts of turnips… so maybe I could bribe her into teaching me her secrets. I just hope her directions are better than “Light pickles: uses turnips.” I mean… I guess I could just try a salad out of 3 turnips, but what a waste, you know? Speaking of which, I sold some crops to Van, though I’m thinking… this should be the year of experimentation and winning friends, not of making profit. Still, it would be nice to see what a Bodyjizer is… sounds schweet. Back to top
May 20, 2004 (Day 17)
Today, in contrast, was quite eventful. I had a bubbles dream for the first time in awhile. Apparently Horsey’s only giving 2 bottles of milk today, but says she’s fine. I dunno if that’s due to her lying to me, the weather turning even hotter than before, or her lactation period simply coming to a close. Hopefully it’s not that last one. And Bessie’s still constantly sleeping… he’d better not up and die on me. I finally got into what I thought was Cody’s house, but it was actually Gustafa’s! And he gave me a strange sickle he found on the beach. Schweet! It seems to be wielded much faster than the other one. I wonder if I should check other houses for strange events like that that will give me good items… it prolly has something to do with all the flowers and crystals I gave him. He also had a note that says a good salad comes from tomatoes and two types of fruit. I hope he means any two types… ‘cause experimentation is expensive. I picked some tomatoes today, which was lucky, since I gave my last piece of produce, a watermelon, to Nami. I went to Carter’s dig to make sure he didn’t run away on me, but he was just standing outside, admiring things. I got inside his and Flora’s tent though. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it got me thinking… why is it only my character seems to have to marry to get it on? Can’t I just hire a cute farming assistant? One of the fireworks brothers claims he has a weakness for flowers and young girls… I’d better keep an eye on him. I did finally do a fossil run. Carter didn’t take any of my finds, but at least I got restocked. I gave a human statue to Hardy and a skull fossil to Nami. I also showed Hardy the orange cat. He says he likes cat because they don’t care aboot him… that aboot sums up my feelings on the matter. I restocked on flowers by the underpants gnomes’ place, and they went to Gustafa, one of the fireworks bros., and Romana. Lumina, however, was nowhere to be found. Oh well.
     Finding myself with nothing to do, I fished, and caught three in a row. Guess I’m getting better at it. After that, I chopped some fodder and took down the old tomato plants with my new sickle. And, following that, I watched some television, learning aboot tree crops and listening to a fine piece of softcore pornography… which then turned into a story aboot a band for some reason. Blah. With the contents of the tent finally uncovered, I received my new mission from Takakura’s notes: Find that ledger, and figure out how to order stuff. Preferably some fruit trees. Back to top
May 30, 2004 (Day 18)
Woke up at 3 am. Go figure. Apparently my diet of failed recipes is making Rob sick, since he had a weird nightmare about walking through a spiraling dreamscape, and now he has a sad face. Bessie is still asleep on her feet, though not as often as before. Maybe it’s just her attitude. Or so I hope. I found the place to order new things by the milk delivery place, and also found out that I was owed $4500 from milk deliveries. Ummmm… yay! I started off small, ordered a chicken. Note to self: when do finally have eggs, try out recipe at Steven’s place. I picked some flowers early on in the day. Gave some to the fireworks bros., then one to Lumina. Apparently I did something wrong (maybe it was talking to her in her room and trying to get into her bedroom again {persistence is the key to success!}), but she wouldn’t accept the second flower. And neither would Romana, even on her walk! Phooey. Nami, meanwhile, got her usual tomato and skull fossil. I gave a crystal to Gustafa and Hardy, they seemed about as pleased as they usually are. Found out from Celia that I can order tree crops from Vesta’s farm, rather than from Takakura like I assumed. Now to find out which season they grow in. Saw Van walking towards the waterfall. Did I mention he’s a large fellow. Sold him some extra fish, since I really should be thinking about that house upgrade.
     I kinda ran out of things to do around 8ish, so I went to the waterfall to do some fishing. Ran into Carter’s assistant there, who warned me there was some weird guy who was coming around there and that I should be on the lookout. I thought at first she meant Murray, and then that she might mean me and not know it yet, but then I realized the terrible truth as the conversation unfolded in my mind.
“My dear, I’ve got some bad news.”
“What is it, Dr. Carter?”
“I’m afraid I’ve seen a strange person walking around the area, who I’m sure is up to no good. Be on the lookout, my little strumpet, for he may come back at any time.”
“Oh, how awful! Hold me, Dr. Carter, I’m scared!”
“Don’t worry my dear, I will protect you. Just stay by me at night from now on.”
“…is that a pickaxe in your pocket, Dr. Carter?” Back to top
June 3, 2004 (Day 19)
Yuppers, must’ve been the recipes, since Rob dreamt of bubbles again tonight. I wonder what Freud would say that means… prolly something testicle-related. Anyways, my melons were ready to be picked in the morning, and the turnips were ready in the afternoon. After consulting with Vesta about what crops would endure through fall, I bought some tomatoes and melons. I should prolly buy more tamarra though. I also found out that if I wait around Nami’s room at 9:00 pm on the dot, I can get in there! The bad news is, I’m still only at two hearts in her diary. Well, I spose no one said that love was easy, and at least my rating hasn’t gone down. Van was in town agin, sold him some turnips. Also gave Steven his iron supplement and Gustafa his recreational use crystals. Around noonish, Takakura brought in the chicken I ordered. True to form, I named her Quacker, and then realized I didn’t know how to feed her. Takakura’s notes says that I can get bird feed in town, but neither Van nor Vesta seemed to have them. He did also say, however, that they can eat pretty heartily on their own if you leave them outside. So that’s what I did… and, come to think of it, she’s still out there right now. Whoopsie! Well, I spose if she survives, having eggs will help boost my recipe repertoire. Assuming, of course, I ever successfully complete a recipe. Despite the ordeal of searching for bird feed, I still managed to give Lumina her flowers, Cody an old coin, and Romana her flower during her walk in the evening. So, all in all, I’d say it was a pretty productive day. I did kinda neglect to milk Horsey before she fell asleep though. I’m sure I’ll be hearing all aboot that in the morning. Back to top